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6 Sep, 2022
Copy incomplete stops to a new route

Copy incomplete stops to a new route

Drivers often finish their day with unassigned, unattempted, or failed stops. To make sure these stops are completed on the next try, dispatchers need to reassign them to new routes. 

Manually completing this process can be time-consuming and confusing. We’ve developed our Copy Stops feature to quickly handle this process.

How to use the Copy Stops feature

  • Select 'copy stops' from the 3 vertical dots menu on an existing route
  • Click the 'copy stops from previous routes' button when creating a new route
  • Choose the route you wish to copy stops from and to on the Copy Stops page
  • Choose the stops you wish to copy from the displayed list
  • Clicking the Copy Stops button will create a new route based on these stops
  • Add to and edit stops in this newly created route as usual