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21 Jun, 2024
Move stops between routes

Choose to move or copy stops between routes

Previously, dispatchers could only copy stops from one route to another. A copied stop could be added to an alternative route and would also remain on the original route unless manually deleted.

Dispatchers can now move stops between routes. When a stop is moved from one route to another, it is automatically deleted from its original route.

Depending on their needs, Dispatchers may want to keep a copy of stops on their original route and they can do this by toggling the relevant settings on or off.

How to move stops

  • When creating/managing a route click > Move stops
  • Turn the setting on/off if you want to keep stops assigned to the same drivers
  • Turn the setting on/off if you want to keep a copy of the stops in the original route
  • Select the route you want to move stops from
  • Select an existing route or create a new route to move stops to
  • Click > Move Stops
  • Selected stops have now been moved to the chosen route