Zeleris Tracking

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Zeleris Tracking

If you order a package from Spain and receive a Zeleris tracking number, you might wonder how do you track a Zeleris package? Is the company efficient and safe? Does a Zeleris tracking number work on any tracking website?

Zeleris is a Madrid-based package courier and logistics company. Although a Spain-based company, it offers courier logistics and tracking numbers for packages worldwide. 

About Zeleris

Zeleris is primarily online and partners with international couriers to give quick and effective delivery services. Whether you live in Madrid or across the world, Zeleris can help you track your package and get it safely to your house.

Zeleris offers services that include transportation solutions, express shipping, and international transportation with the ability to print shipping labels, initiate returns, and send shipment tracking notifications. 

Zeleris tracking​​

The first step in finding your Zeleris package is locating the tracking number. You can't track your package's location without having a tracking number. Usually, couriers use a number and bar code system to keep the tracking up to date, and Zeleris is no exception.

Like most couriers, you'll have to wait until you get an email confirming that your item shipped. At this point, it will have left the seller's hands and entered the courier's. Then you can track it using the tracking number. Here's how to find and use a Zeleris tracking number.

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​How to find your Zeleris tracking number​

Once you purchase the time, you will receive a confirmation email from your seller, including your order number and any information you might need to cancel or edit your order. However, the seller will soon fulfill and send the order through the courier, and you will get a second email with a tracking number.

Some sellers choose not to use a standard tracking number or don't offer it in their second confirmation email. They might send a link with an in-house tracking website that doesn't need numbers. However, you can ask for a tracking number from the vendor if you'd rather. 

​​How to track your Zeleris location​

Once you have a tracking number, there are several package tracking options. You can find which international courier Zeleris is partnering with and use that website, although the Zeleris tracking shipping number might not work.

Alternatively, you can track your Zeleris shipment package through the Zeleris website. It can be difficult to find and connect to the website if you live outside of Spain. The easiest option is likely to use a third-party tracking app and enter your Zeleris tracking number. 

​Lost Zeleris tracking number​​

Every Zeleris package comes with a tracking number, making it simple for you to track your package and get location–based updates on it. However, if you've lost track of the confirmation email or you never got one, you might worry about your package’s location.

It is challenging to track a package without a number, but there are ways to determine your items' location. Here is a guide on how to track your Zeleris package with a lost tracking number. 

​How to track a Zeleris package without a tracking number​

If you didn't get a second confirmation email or lost your tracking number, the first step is to talk to your seller. The person who sent the item through Zeleris will have a record of the tracking number and can give you a copy; this is the easiest way to fix the problem.

However, if your vendor doesn't have a copy of the tracking number, they will have to contact Zeleris to ask for a new one. Zeleris doesn't offer address-based tracking, so the company cannot give you personal or package information based on your address. The person who sent the item will have to contact the company. 

Solving Zeleris tracking issues​​

Of course, no tracking courier is perfect, and Zeleris has had some tracking issues in the past. Common problems are the inability to track the package due to faulty tracking numbers and packages that sit still for long periods.

If you are experiencing these issues, there are several troubleshooting tips you can follow to solve the issue and get your package back on track.

​Why you can't track your Zeleris package​

If you try to enter your tracking number into the website and it doesn't work, you likely do not have the correct tracking number. This could be due to human error or a mistake on the part of the courier. Double-check that you are entering it correctly before you contact Zeleris.

Once you've double-checked it, contact Zeleris and give them your tracking number. They may have given you an incorrect number or replaced the number on your package and not updated the confirmation yet. With a new tracking number, you should find package updates. 

​​Why your Zeleris package is not updating or moving​

If your tracking number works and you can find the status of your package, but it's not updating or moving, this could be an issue with international traffic. If your package is stuck behind heavy delays, it might not update your status.

However, it could also mean that your package is moving towards you, but the bar code hasn't been scanned in a while. For overseas journeys, your package might not get an update for a few days until it reaches the next port. Either way, wait a few days before contacting Zeleris about any delays. 

Zeleris tracking status explained​​

Now that you have your tracking number, you can easily find where your package is at all times. Even if it doesn’t receive frequent updates, you can check in whenever you like and get location-based updates.

However, every courier has slightly different tracking updates. Zeleris usually starts with "not shipped" and then updates to "en route" or "in transit." Finally, you will find "out for delivery" and "delivered." Here is a guide to some less obvious tracking updates you might get. 

​​In transit​

Once your seller has sent the package, you will likely get an "in transit" update on your tracking number. This update is normal to receive and means the package left the shipping facility and is on its way to you.

You should look for "in transit" as the official label for normal international delivery, punctuated with location-based updates as the package reaches various stops on the journey. However, there can be some complications with in-transit packages. 

​​Why your Zeleris package is still in transit

If your Zeleris package tracking remains in transit for several days and there has been no major location updates, something could be wrong. After a few days of being stuck in one place, the courier will usually change the status tag to "pending." However, it could be a regular traffic jam or a standard delay.

If you can’t find location updates, the package could be on a boat or a plane, and the workers cannot reach the bar code. It will be updated when it reaches the next port. In either case, a day or two with no update is standard for international deliveries.

In some cases, packages do not receive progress scans and so the shipping status will continue to say, “in transit” until newly scanned. 

​​How long a Zeleris package can stay in transit

In an ideal situation, a Zeleris package will stay in transit until it reaches your hometown. Then, the package will update to an "out for delivery" tag. However, traffic and other delays can make the journey longer.

Zeleris is a dependable and efficient international courier. The average estimated time for American and Canadian deliveries is six business days from sending. If your package is in transit with no location updates for much longer than that, it might be time to contact the company. 


Transit is a normal part of the delivery process. However, if your package gets a "pending" tag, the box has stopped moving and is no longer on its way to you. This pending status could be for several reasons.

There's generally no reason to panic and cancel the order or contact the company if you find a pending tag. Usually, Zeleris shipment tracking will send an email update within a day or two, updating you on the status of your order and explaining the pending tag.

​​​Why your Zeleris package may be pending

A Zeleris package can be labeled as pending for multiple reasons. The most common, especially for international packages, is a customs delay outside of Zeleris' control. If this is the case, you will likely get an email with an updated arrival date.

Other reasons for pending packages might be a missing box, delayed deliveries, or product damage. If Zeleris damages or loses your product, the company should be liable for replacing or refunding you. Otherwise, the vendor might offer a replacement package. 

Zeleris delivery times​​

However, most Zeleris packages arrive without a hitch. Once it's hit your local warehouse or post office, the tracking status will update to "out for delivery," and you will know to expect your package within the next day or two.

If you must sign for your package, it's crucial to know when it will appear at your door. Most couriers deliver during regular business hours, making it difficult for those with work schedules to be at home for the delivery. Here's a guide to Zeleris delivery times. 

​Zeleris delivery times: What time will your package arrive​?

If your Zeleris package is out for delivery, it's on the truck, and the driver is en route to your home. However, the delivery time will depend on a few factors: the driver's route, your home's location, and the local courier's delivery hours.

Zeleris partners with international couriers to ensure fast delivery, so the delivery times might vary. However, you will likely find your package between the regular business hours of 8 am and 8 pm. When exactly your package arrives depends on how close your home is to the warehouse and where the courier's route takes them. 

​How late Zeleris delivers​

Zeleris generally only delivers packages during regular business hours, so if you're hoping for evening delivery, you might be out of luck. However, if your house happens to be at the end of the route, you might get a package as late as 8 pm local time.

The delivery hours depend on the local courier's route and schedule, as courier drivers also have homes and families to get home to. Some express packages might have wider time ranges, but Zeleris usually only offers standard cargo and delivery times. 

​International Zeleris delivery times​

Delivery times are essentially the same if you live outside of Spain, which might vary depending on which local courier Zeleris has partnered with. However, the international options usually also deliver between 8 am and 8 pm.

Zeleris promises to complete the delivery within 6-8 business days for American and Canadian deliveries, which is an excellent delivery window for Spanish couriers without accounting for customs or other delays. However, there is no such guarantee for other countries. 

Lost and missed Zeleris deliveries​​

You might not be home for the entire day, and if you miss a Zeleris delivery, it can be annoying. However, there are several ways to recover your missed package. If you think that your box got lost in the mail, here are some things you can do to get it back.

In the unfortunate situation of a lost or missed Zeleris package, you don't have to panic. Instead, follow these steps to ensure you get your package or compensation from the proper parties. 

​What happens if you miss a Zeleris delivery​

If you're at work or away from home when your package is delivered, you might get a note on your door or in your mailbox saying that delivery was attempted. This note will usually give you information on what steps to take next, including where to pick up the package and whether Zeleris will attempt delivery again.

If you don't get a note, check your tracking notifications or email. The company usually attempts delivery twice before holding the package for you to pick up. 

​How long will Zeleris hold a package​

Zeleris will usually attempt package delivery two days in a row before holding the package for you to pick up. However, no warehouse or post office has unlimited room, so the package will only be available to pick up for a certain amount of time.

Although this varies based on regional standards, most Zeleris courier locations will hold a package for up to two weeks. If you are unable to pick it up before the end of that time and haven't arranged for other pickup methods, the package will be disposed of, and you can’t get it. 

​What to do if you haven't received your Zeleris package​

If your package tracking states “delivered,” but you cannot find it, check with your neighbors to ensure that it wasn't accidentally delivered to the wrong address.

If not, your package could be missing or stolen from your porch. Report theft to the local authorities and contact Zeleris and your seller. If it was lost in the mail, Zeleris is responsible for it and should offer refunds. 

Zeleris tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Zeleris and courier tracking to explain your package’s location and time in transit.

​Is Zeleris delivery fast?​

Zeleris delivery is a standard international and Spanish national courier. You can expect your package within a few days to a week in Spain and European countries.

Zeleris makes a 6-8 business day promise for the United States and Canadian addresses. However, the company can't control traffic patterns or customs, and it sometimes takes up to two weeks to get a package from overseas. 

​​Can I track the Zeleris package by address?​

You may be wondering, can I track my Zeleris package by address? Zeleris does not offer address-based package tracking. Barcode and number tracking is more convenient, less prone to mistakes, and more respectful of the customer's privacy. Address-based package tracking is no longer standard in the courier industry.

If you've lost your tracking number, you can contact your seller and ask for a new one. However, you won't find your package's location based on your address alone. 

​​How do I know if my Zeleris package is stuck in customs?

With international couriers, customs can delay even the most efficient delivery method. It might be difficult to tell if your package is stuck in customs. However, the best clue is that it hasn't been updated in a while (or has a pending tag) and is near a country border.

Customs are unpredictable, but usually, these issues are solved within a day or two. If it's longer than that, you'll get an email from Zeleris explaining the situation and giving you an updated timeline on your package. 

Are there quicker ways to do Zeleris tracking?

Of course, finding and tracking your package doesn't have to be complicated! Follow your Zeleris package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.