Yun Express Tracking

Track your Yun Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Yun Express is a reputable package forwarding company in China. They offer numerous logistical services for online merchants who sell products across borders.

There are also multiple stations in the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. 

With such a large network of warehouses in prominent popular HubSpots on various continents, Yun Express has made it possible to get packages as efficiently as possible from anywhere in the world. 

Here is a thorough guide on how you can go about tracking your Yun Express package online and get updates constantly as it moves from place to place. We've detailed how to deal with potential problems you may encounter along the way.

About Yun Express 

Understanding Yun Express package tracking in terms of how it works and what details you'll need to find your delivery helps to know what the company specializes in and where they deliver. 

Yun Express, a logistics service provider in Shenzhen, China, partners with prominent e-commerce businesses and last mile carriers like eBay, Amazon, DHL, Shopify, and more. They serve as a liaison between Chinese merchants and local carriers around the globe. 

Therefore, they transport the package to the destination country and hand it off to a local carrier for the final part of the delivery. 

Yun Express is a reputable company with nearly a decade of experience in delivery. They offer international express delivery package postal services, and they have recently developed a personal international express line of their own. 

Yun Express package tracking

The first step to tracking a Yun Express shipment is to understand where to find the tracking number and where to use it to find the location of your package. 

You can track your Yun Express shipment anywhere in the world. Their tracking numbers usually start with "YT," and there are 16 digits following those letters. Here's an example: 


How to find your Yun Express tracking number

After purchasing something from the online store, you can find the Yun Express tracking number either on the shipment information pages on the e-commerce website or through the order confirmation.

If you cannot locate your YunExpress package tracking number, contact the e-commerce customer support department for more tracking information.

An order confirmation email will be sent to you with an order ID after you check out with the e-commerce store. Then, shortly after your package has been dispatched, you'll get another notification email. Inside the email, you will find a shipment ID, your YunExpress package tracking number.

How to track your Yun Express package location 

After you have your unique Yun Express tracking number, enter it into our online system, and you'll be able to see the entire delivery journey for your package from start to finish. 

That includes the latest status update as well as the estimated delivery date. In addition, the Yun Express shipment tracking update comes in various languages for your convenience. 

Since Yun Express partners with many e-commerce sites, you can usually track your packages through their websites. 

Lost Yun Express tracking number

If you've lost the Yun Express tracking number and you don't know how you can find out details about your shipment's location, begin by searching your emails and order confirmation first. 

If you've scoured your online receipts and the confirmation and you can't find the tracking number, there are steps you can take to determine your package status. 

How to track a Yun Express package without a tracking number 

It's generally impossible to locate your package without having the tracking number. Plus, as the recipient, you need to have the tracking number assigned to your specific package for any system to identify its location as it travels from warehouse to warehouse and gets scanned into their database. 

Also, you might try calling Yun Express directly and providing them with your details such as name, address, destination country, email address, and so on. With this information, they may be able to identify your package and give you the tracking number they have on file. 

Solving Yun Express package tracking issues 

Since Yun Express is more of an intermediary between the merchants and the carriers in each destination country, there could be a few reasons that you're experiencing issues when tracking your packages through Yun Express. 

Why you can’t track your Yun Express package

If you wondered, "why can't I track my Yun Express package even with the tracking number?" don't worry; it's likely a logistics issue. It takes time for your information to get uploaded into the system. 

Sometimes you cannot track your Yun Express shipment because there's not yet a package to track if the number isn't traceable. 

It can take a few days after the shipping company gets your package for them to enter the details into their database. This factor is probably why you can't track your package right away. 

Why your Yun Express package is not updating or moving

For several reasons, your Yun Express package may not be moving or hasn't been updated.

The first reason could be that transferring your package from one location to the next takes days. The company that gets your package could have been inundated with more packages than they can input at once. 

Therefore, it takes them time to get your information into the system, which produces an update because of the location change. Additionally, weather conditions, customs issues, and slow transportation methods can cause a package that hasn't been updated for a few days. 

Yun Express package tracking status explained 

Once the tracking information gets entered into the system, there are a few statuses that you'll see when you check your package location. Here's what two primary statuses mean, along with additional information to help you stay on top of the updates you get. 

In transit 

This notification signifies that your package is on its way; be patient and wait for it to be delivered. For more information, contact the last mile delivery service.

Why your Yun Express package is still in transit 

There are multiple reasons that your Yun Express package may still be in transit. For example, if there is a holiday, inclement weather conditions, or another delay, it can hold the package in one place for longer than usual. 

Also, sometimes there may be a problem with customs because of fees that must be paid before receiving the package. It may take up to one day for this delay to reflect in the system when you search for the whereabouts of your package using the tracking number. 

Another problem could be the transportation method chosen. For example, packages transported by air arrive quicker than more economical, such as by boat or motor vehicle. All these factors explain why your package might still be in transit. 

How Long a Yun Express package can stay in transit 

The specified transit time for the standard shipping method is about three business days, express shipping can be the same day up to one or two days, and economy shipping is the cheapest option which takes four to six days.


When "Pending" is reflected as the status of your package, it means that the package has not arrived at the destination branch to be delivered.

Why your Yun Express package May be pending

The holidays are when major carriers such as UPS, Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL, and others cannot process all the packages they pick up.

When this happens, the carrier will indicate it with a " Pending " tracking status. That typically means that your package is waiting for a label scan.

Usually, packages are scanned again in just one or two days. On the other hand, a shipment can be pending for as long as ten days during the holidays and peak shipping periods such as Black Friday.

If the pack is "Pending" for more than ten days, the carrier may label the package as lost, and you will have to file a lost package claim with your carrier.

Yun Express delivery times 

With Yun Express, packages do not adhere to a guaranteed delivery time. Delivery can take anywhere from 10 to 30 days.

Additionally, delivery timeframes are ultimately affected by the weight, size, destination, and origin of your package. Below you'll find a breakdown of what to expect based on your location in China.

Yun Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

There is no precise time that Yun Express can deliver your package to the destination country. Once it reaches the country and the subsequent delivery company takes over, it depends on how quickly they can scan and process the package. 

When the package reaches the next company, it is treated as a standardized delivery.

In countries like Germany, standard delivery is from Monday to Saturday. For other countries, deliveries may only occur between Monday through Friday. Typically drivers are on the road from 8 am to 6 pm.

Delays are likely to occur during holidays because the volume of packages is very high during this time. So during holidays such as Christmas and Easter, delays are more common because the packages are ordered online at a higher rate than in other months.

How late Yun Express delivers 

Since Yun Express is not the carrier that will bring the package to your door, how late the delivery comes out will depend on your local post office or courier. 

In general, once Yun Express has gotten the package to the local delivery company, it takes one to two days for the package to reach the recipient. 

International Yun Express delivery times

Remember that delivery times are contingent on the second part of the delivery when the package has entered its destination country.

The estimated delivery times only account for the approximate time it will take for the package to reach the recipient country. Once there, the package will be given over to the local transport service in which the times can vary from one region to the next.

Once the seller in China drops off the package at your local post office for shipment, the process begins.

This point in the process can take three to five days since sellers often group their shipments and visit the post office just one to two times per week to drop off packages that have been ordered from them.

Most international deliveries will take between five and fifteen days to be delivered; the time varies depending on what kind of package you're receiving.

For instance, Yun Express works with various carriers in the USA, which will take control of your package at a certain point. In this case, standard shipping will take approximately seven to fifteen days.

From their facility, the package is transported by UPS, FedEx, USPS, or some other local carrier to the recipient.

Standard shipping mode in Europe takes approximately seven to twelve days. Similarly, the package is transferred to a local carrier who will deliver the product to the intended recipient.

In the United Kingdom, it takes four to seven days to get a package, three to five days if you live in a nearby Asian country such as Japan, or Canada and four to ten days if you reside in Australia.

Remember that these are estimates; many variables can impact delivery times, such as poor weather conditions, customs delays, and holiday seasons.

Lost and missed Yun Express deliveries 

If your package somehow gets lost or held up while in transit from the Yun Express warehouse, you can exercise a few options to find out what happened. 

What happens if you miss a Yun Express delivery?

If you miss a delivery, it won't come directly from Yun Express. Instead, it would come from your local carrier. If you weren't home and missed the package, you could contact the postal center and ask to have the package re-delivered the next day. 

The postal worker may also have left a note informing you that they tried to deliver the package, which may already have a time and date when they'll try to deliver it again. 

After multiple failed attempts, the local carrier will return the package to the sender, and it'll likely take up to one month for the package to be delivered to you again. 

How long will Yun Express hold a package 

Yun Express won't hold your packages, as their goal is to deliver them as quickly as possible. They are tasked with getting your package to the local delivery company in your country as cost-effectively as possible.

Other companies, such as DHL, FedEx, Royal Mail, etc., may hold your package, and you'll have to confirm such information with that specific company.

What to do if you haven’t get your Yun Express package

Contact Yun Express directly if you have yet to get your Yun Express and have difficulty retrieving your information by entering your tracking number online. They will work together with your local carrier to begin an investigation into the whereabouts of your package.

Yun Express FAQs 

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Yun Express tracking shipment services:

Is Yun Express delivery fast?

Since Yun Express packages involve cross-border shipping, delivery times are not guaranteed. Your package will arrive between 14-30 days, depending on where the package is traveling. There are some situations where it can take up to one and a half months to get a package.

Can I track a Yun Express package by address?

You cannot track your Yun Express shipment by using your address. The tracking number identifies your package and lets you know where it is, regardless of its location worldwide. 

The company's system generates this specific number and is the only way to track the package regularly. While you may be able to call the company directly to see if they can help you find the number by using your address, the tracking number itself is necessary for continual updates. 

How do I know if my Yun Express package is stuck in customs?

Generally, you'll get a notification if your package is stuck in customs. You'll be able to use your tracking number, which will tell you when your package enters customs. If it passes, the update reflects a message similar to "package has cleared customs."

If there is a problem, depending on the tracking service you use, it'll also tell you the reason, or it will say there is a problem that has caused a delay. 

At that point, check with the customs office and ensure there aren't any unpaid taxes issues. If so, pay them, and customs should release the package for reception by the delivery company. If not, contact the shipper to see if they can verify any information that might be prohibiting the package from moving through.

Yun Express final thoughts 

Yun Express makes shipping easy and serves as a middle man, making it less expensive for customers to get international packages at affordable rates. Begin entering your Yun Express package tracking number to check the package's status. 

Remember that delays can occur, but you should wait a few days before reaching out to the carrier or Yun Express, as your package usually gets scanned into the following company's system in that time frame. 

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