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Yunda Tracking

If you've ordered an item from China and gotten email notifications from Yunda tracking, you might wonder how reliable they are at delivering packages. Will you get your items soon, or will there be a customs delay? How do you track Yunda packages?

Here is a complete guide to Yunda tracking, including information about the company, how to track your Yunda package, and what to do if your package goes missing or gets lost. With this guide, you can keep track of your items from the store to your door. 

About Yunda

Yunda Express is a logistics and delivery courier founded in China. The company has national and international deliveries and is a go-between for other national couriers. Founded in 2015, Yunda is a standard courier for less expensive international deliveries from central China.

Yunda delivers worldwide and often takes international deliveries for local or national postal services. If you have a Yunda express package, you might notice a change in the tracking number when it leaves the country. However, this only means Yunda is partnering with another company to get it to you. 

Yunda package tracking​​

If you've ordered a package from China and you get an email with a Yunda tracking number, you might wonder how soon your package will arrive. While Yunda is a reliable and speedy delivery service, it is an international service and may take longer.

Here is a complete guide to Yunda tracking, how to find your package, and what to do if your package is delayed, gets lost, or is stolen. With this guide, you can get your items as soon as possible and track the boxes easily. 

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​​How to find your Yunda tracking number​

The first step in successfully tracking your Yunda package is finding your tracking number. Usually, you'll get two emails from the seller. The first will be a confirmation email letting you know that they are preparing your order.

After that, you'll get a second confirmation email, including a tracking number or an alternate tracking method. If your mailing confirmation email doesn't include a tracking number, you can ask for one from your vendor. 

​​How to track your Yunda location​

Once you have your tracking number, you have a few tracking options. The first way to track it is to go to the Yunda website and put the tracking number into the tracker. While this is the fastest way to get your tracking information, it can be difficult to find the server for the site.

Using a third-party tracking app or website to track your package might be more reliable. With a reliable third-party tracking app, you can track your package and keep tabs on multiple packages from different couriers at the same time.

Sometimes, a vendor doesn't supply a tracking number. Instead, they give you a link to track your package through. If this is the case, you won't need a number, and you can simply follow the link in the email to track your package. 

Lost Yunda tracking number​​

Once you have a valid tracking number, everything is smooth sailing. However, if you've deleted the email or lost your receipt, you might not successfully find the tracking number for your Yunda package. There are ways around this.

It is challenging to track a Yunda package without a working tracking number, as the company offers very little support and doesn't track personal information. The best way to track your package is to find that missing number. 

​How to track a Yunda package without a tracking number​

Once you realize that your tracking number is lost, the first step is to contact your vendor. A seller or official business will keep track of all the postal service and courier receipts and can give you the information you're looking for.

If your vendor doesn't have the tracking number either, you'll have to be patient. Trust that your package will arrive on time because there's no easy way to track it without the original tracking number. 

​Solving Yunda tracking issues​​

Of course, no courier is perfect. Although Yunda generally doesn't have tracking issues, there are a few common problems. Some customers report not being able to track their package or their package not updating.

Here are some issues that several Yunda customers have reported and how to deal with them. If you are having issues with your tracking number or with the updates, contact your seller first to resolve any potential problems. 

​Why you can't track your Yunda package​

Once you've put in your tracking number, status updates should pop up almost immediately. However, if your tracking number isn't accurate or is off by even one number, you won't find accurate tracking updates on your package.

Ask your vendor for an updated tracking number - there's a chance they sent you the wrong number. Also, double-check yourself and make sure that you copy and paste the number exactly. If it's not right, you can't track your box. 

​​Why your Yunda package is not updating or moving​

If your package is delayed or caught in customs, it might stop moving. Although you shouldn't expect a status update every single day, a few days without a location or tracking update might cause some worry.

If your package isn't moving, it might be lost, stuck in customs, or delayed for some reason. However, it could also be on a long leg of the journey, and it simply hasn't been scanned in a while. Don't worry too much unless it's been several days with no update. 

Yunda tracking status explained​​

Of course, every courier has different tracking systems and labels. Once you successfully add a tracking number to the website or app, you might find a series of different tracking statuses. These range from "just shipped" to "out for delivery," but the more confusing ones are in between.

Here is a brief guide to some of the more confusing status updates that Yunda Express tracking uses. Although some are completely normal parts of the sending process, others mean a slight delay in getting your products. 

​In transit​

Once your item has been sent, one of the first status updates you will find is "in transit." Although this is vague, it just means that your package is on the move and headed toward you. It's normal, and it means that everything is going well.

With a normal route, a package will stay in transit the entire way, with location-based updates. You will still find an "in transit" tag, but you can tell where the package is and how close it is to you. However, this doesn't always happen. Sometimes, things get a little more complicated. 

​​Why your Yunda package is still in transit

If your Yunda package has been in transit for a while with no location updates, you might start to worry that it's stuck somewhere or caught in a customs snag. While this might be happening, it's not likely.

More likely, your package is slightly delayed by a normal international traffic issue. It could also be on a ship or on a plane, unavailable for scanning. It won't be updated for a while if postal workers can't scan the package. 

​​​How long a Yunda package can stay in transit

A Yunda package will stay in transit as long as necessary. Without any unnecessary delays, the package will be in transit until it arrives in your hometown and the status updates to "out for delivery." Depending on how far you live from the origin point, this could take a few days or weeks. 


If your package status updates to "pending," it means that your package is no longer moving. For some reason, your box was stopped and will be delayed for a few days. Although this is never ideal, the package is usually only delayed for a couple of days until the issue is sorted.

A pending tag reflects awareness - it means that the tracking company knows something is wrong and is actively working on fixing it. Don't contact Yunda or your vendor about a pending tag unless it's been there for several days with no updates. 

​​Why your Yunda package may be pending

In most cases, Yunda will send out an update email after a day or two of a "pending" tag. However, if you don't have that, your package will likely be caught in some traffic delays or customs. Neither of these things is in the company's control and will clear up as soon as possible. 

Yunda delivery times​​

Once you've finally made it past tracking and to "out for delivery," you know that your package is at the local warehouse or post office. It will show up at your house within the next day or two. However, if you have to sign for your package, it's crucial to know what time of day it will arrive.

Here is a guide to Yunda delivery times in China and internationally. If you miss the package, there are other opportunities to pick it up your package. It's ideal for getting it on the first delivery route. 

​Yunda delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

When it's finally time to get your package, the status will read "out for delivery." However, there's no specific time frame for this, as most Yunda couriers have a long route. It depends on the specific local route and how close you live to the nearest warehouse or office.

You can count on your package coming between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. Couriers don't drive later or earlier than that on workdays to preserve their schedule and privacy. In special cases, you might get a later delivery. 

​How late Yunda delivers​

In general, Yunda won't deliver past 8 pm, locally or internationally. However, rush deliveries and priority packages might involve a later evening dropoff. If this is the case, you've already paid extra for priority mail time, and you will get a separate email with details.

For most packages, however, Yunda stops delivering after 8 pm. If you want to be there when the package arrives, make sure you work from home that day or have a friend wait at your house to sign for the box. 

​International Yunda delivery times​

Because Yunda partners with several international and national postal services and mail couriers, it can be difficult to know exactly when the company will deliver your package. If you live outside of China, you will likely rely on your own local courier to leave the Yunda package at your door.

However, most couriers work within standard office hours, so you aren't likely to get your box before 8 am or after 6 pm. In some countries, mail routes are in the evening and on the weekends, so keep this in mind. Yunda will follow the local customs and hours when delivering boxes. 

Lost and missed Yunda deliveries​​

Even with an accurate delivery schedule, it can be difficult to gauge when your package will arrive. If you were at work or out of town when your package got to your home, you might wonder what to do next.

Here are a few steps to take if you've missed a Yunda courier delivery or you think your package might be lost. If this is the case, the first step is always to decide on the exact problem before contacting your seller. 

​What happens if you miss a Yunda delivery​

If you aren't home when Yunda drops off the package, the local courier will likely leave a note on your door or in your mailbox. Alternatively, you will get an email with instructions on what to do next.

However, most couriers will attempt delivery one or two more times before holding the package at the local warehouse. If this is the case, you will have a few weeks to pick it up before they dispose of it. Your email or the note on your door will have specific instructions. 

​​How long will Yunda hold a package​?

Yunda will usually hold a package for up to two weeks. If you haven't stopped by to pick it up by the end of that time, your package will be thrown away. The company isn't responsible for loss in this case, as they completed their contract.

If you are out of town or unavailable to pick up your package, you can contact the local courier and ask for an extension. As long as you set a pickup date and show up for your package, warehouses and post offices will probably honor that query. 

​​What to do if you haven't received your Yunda package​

If you find a "delivered" notification but don't find your package, check your neighbor's porches first. Then, contact your local postal service and ask for proof of delivery. If they haven't seen your package, it might have been stolen by porch pirates or delivered to the wrong address.

In this case, you can contact your vendor and ask for a replacement. Yunda might be liable, but the company is hard to get a hold of. If your package was missing or lost in the mail, you are likely eligible for some kind of compensation. 

Yunda tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Yunda tracking and their answers. Hopefully, they answer your questions and help you track your package successfully. 

​​Is Yunda delivery fast?​

Yunda is a cost-effective international delivery system and is reliable in delivering packages. However, the packages might not get to your home extremely quickly, depending on how far away from China you live.

If you order from Yunda and live in China, Yunda will deliver within a week or two. However, customs and other delays may cause international deliveries to take several weeks or a month, depending on the distance and the items themselves. 

​Can I track the Yunda package by address?​

Yunda does not allow address-based package tracking. It is not as efficient as tracking number and barcode tracking systems, and address-based tracking can lead to customer security breaches.

If you don't have a tracking number, you should contact the seller and ask for a new one. Otherwise, it will be difficult to track your package and discover where it is. You might have to wait until you get the package and not use tracking at all. 

​​How do I know if my Yunda package is stuck in customs?

One of the issues with international couriers is getting a package caught in customs. If you are worried about that, here are some helpful clues. If the package stops moving near an international border and gets a "pending" label, it might be stuck in customs.

Of course, many couriers send a tracking update about customs. Because it's not under their control, you'll get an update as soon as they find out about your package and another update with a new arrival date. 

Are there faster ways for Yunda package tracking?

Of course, it doesn't have to be that complicated. Instead, you can use a reliable third-party tracker to find out where your package is, no matter where it was sent from. Follow your Yunda package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.

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