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Track your XDP delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About XDP

XDP is in Curdworth, England. Starting in 1995, XDP is now the UK's largest privately owned package courier.

With over 500 employees and 60 depots in the UK, XDP strives to get your packages delivered on time, every time.

XDP tracking

XDP offers a range of services to its customers, including same-day delivery, overnight packages, a two-man delivery service for larger packages, and pallet delivery of up to 500 kilograms.

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How to find your XDP tracking number

If you're a customer with XDP, you'll get a confirmation email of your order with your XDP package tracking number.

Note that XDP calls tracking numbers 'consignment numbers,' so watch for a consignment number to track XDP orders.

If you're a merchant who sends packages with XDP and you're searching for a tracking number, you can log into your client account and search through all your past and present XDP orders.

Alternatively, as a merchant, you can download the XDP app on your mobile device to log into your client account.

How to track your XDP package location

As a consumer, once you get your tracking number and use the XDP tracking tool, you can find the location of your package.

Similarly, if you're a merchant, you can find the location of your sent packages through the client portal on the XDP website or the XDP app on your mobile device.

Lost XDP tracking number

If you've lost your XDP tracking number and you're wondering, "how can I track my XDP package?", you may have some trouble.

As a consumer, you cannot track a package without the tracking number. That said, there are a few workarounds you can try to get your tracking number:

  • Contact the Merchant: The merchant has access to order information, and they can likely give you your tracking number.
  • Check Your Email: You'll get an email with your tracking number. If not, check your spam folder and deleted messages folder in case it's in the wrong spot.
  • Contact XDP: As a last resort, you can contact XDP. With your information, they may give you your tracking number.

If you've lost a tracking number as a merchant, you can recover it using the client portal on the XDP website or by logging into the app on your mobile device.

All of your orders will be in a list under your account until you remove them. It's wise to keep track of all orders until you confirm the delivery in case your customer runs into any issues.

How to track an XDP package without a tracking number

You can't track XDP orders without a tracking number.

Solving XDP tracking issues

Anyone who has ever tracked a package knows that orders can sometimes run into issues.

If you need help with your XDP order, don't fret! Below are some ways to resolve common tracking issues.

Why you can't track your XDP package

If you're entering your tracking number on into the XDP order tracking tool, but nothing is coming up, there could be a few reasons why:

  • Incorrect Tracking Number: Make sure that you've entered your tracking number correctly. Sometimes, it's as simple as a missing letter or number.
  • Incorrect Character: Some characters are hard to tell apart. So make sure all your zeros are zeros (not the letter 'O'), a capital 'I' is not a lowercase 'L,' and so on.
  • Too Early: If you've just placed your order, you'll need to wait between one and three business days for tracking updates.

If you've tried the above resolutions and nothing works, then it's best to contact the merchant or XDP directly to ask about your order.

Why your XDP package is not updating or moving

When you first get your tracking number and enter it on the XDP website, the update you'll get is that the merchant has created a label for your package.

If you've waited a few days and you're not receiving additional updates, then a few things could have happened:

  • Delays: The most common reason your package isn't moving or updating is due to a delay in sending your package, between sorting facilities, or with the courier.
  • Package Not Scanned: Couriers make mistakes and sometimes forget to scan your package. While this won't disrupt its arrival, there won’t be updates until it's scanned.
  • Busy: Package delivery is growing in popularity with each passing year. If you ordered something during a peak time, such as Christmas, internal systems can overload and miss updates for your package.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to wait until the estimated delivery date.

If the delivery date comes and goes and there's still no update, and you haven't gotten your package, then contact the merchant or XDP to find out what's happening.

XDP tracking status explained

There are tons of tracking statuses, and delivery companies use different terminology. Below are some common tracking statuses with XDP and what they could mean for your package.

In transit

If your XDP package is showing 'in transit,' it means the package is traveling between destinations.

'In transit' could mean the package is going from the merchant to the first sorting facility, between sorting facilities, or on a delivery truck on its way to you.

You'll have to find context to glean which of the above situations your package is likely in.

For instance, if 'in transit' is one of the first updates, you can assume it's traveling from the merchant to a sorting facility.

On the other hand, if this status is one of the last updates, you will probably got your delivery soon.

Why your XDP package is still in transit

There are a few reasons why your XDP package is still in transit. Below are a few possible explanations and what you should do in these circumstances.

Package did not scan

If a sorting facility has not reported your package for over 24 hours, it will appear as 'in transit.' This is because the internal system has not gotten any other information.

If this is the issue, you simply need to give it a few days for the package to update or for the courier to deliver it. If not, contact XDP.

Stuck at customs

If you are expecting a package from another country, it may get stopped at customs. Customs may flag it or it may not comply with regulations.

This issue needs no action on your part. Generally, packages will move through customs in a few days or go back to the sender if they're undeliverable.

That said, sometimes the courier will need more information from you to get your package through customs.

So if your package has been in the same spot for a few days, contact XDP to ask about the information you must give them to recover your package.

Delivery delays

Sometimes courier trucks get overloaded for the day, and the delivery person cannot deliver all the packages. This means your package will stay 'in transit' for longer than expected.

Additionally, if there is adverse weather in your area or the courier runs into unexpected traffic, your package might not be on time and stay 'in transit.'

This is another issue that will resolve with time.

Undeliverable package

A few things can make your package undeliverable.

First, it could be too large. If it's larger or heavier than stated, your package might not be deliverable. In this case, you should wait for the courier to contact you for additional information.

Another reason your package could be undeliverable is an incorrect address. Be sure to check the address on your receipt to make sure that it's correct. If your address is incorrect, contact XDP to give them the correct information.

Finally, your package could contain prohibited items. This is especially true if you're getting a delivery from another country. If this is the issue, customs will destroy or return it to the sender.

Changes to the order

If you've asked the merchant to redirect the package to a different address, it will take a few days to process the changes.

In this case, you'll need to wait for the package status to update. If it's been more than three days, then you should contact XDP to ask about your package.

Unsuitable packaging

This will only apply if you've ordered something that could be hazardous to those handling the package.

For instance, suppose you've ordered something that can leak or something sharp. If the courier notices a leaking package or any sharp items poking through, they won't handle it.

If this is the case, the courier will usually destroy the package.

Lost package

Mistakes can happen, especially when companies deal with hundreds to thousands of packages daily. Sometimes, some of the packages slip through the cracks.

All is not lost, though. You can contact XDP to start a claims procedure to get a refund.

How long an XDP package can stay in transit

How long an XDP package can stay 'in transit' depends on the delivery service you buy.

If you chose standard delivery, your package could stay 'in transit' for around three business days.

If you chose same- or next-day delivery, it shouldn't be 'in transit' for longer than 24 hours.

If your delivery is international, it can stay 'in transit' for four to six business days.

If your package stays 'in transit' for longer than these respective periods, you should contact XDP.


“Pending” is a tricky status, as it can appear at various stages of the delivery process. A “pending” status can mean a few things, covered below.

If your package status is “pending,” there's no need to worry. The “pending” status usually will resolve itself in under 48 hours. If it doesn't, then you should contact XDP.

Why your XDP package may be pending

There are a few reasons your package may be showing as “pending.”

The package has not yet sent

The merchant has created a label for your package and sent it electronically, but they haven't physically sent it out yet.

This type of “pending” status will appear early in the package's journey. So, if it's one of the first statuses you find, this is likely to be the cause.


If you had a package delivery scheduled for a certain date, but delays at the distribution facility have interfered, the package may or may not arrive by the specified date.

This status usually appears in the middle or near the end of the delivery process to notify you that there has been a delay in some part of the process.

Courier Couldn't Deliver Package

If the courier attempted to deliver your delivery order, but no one was there to take it, they will most likely have kept the package for safety.

This “delivery pending” status appears after the order reaches its destination. If they cannot deliver your package, the courier will either try again or deliver it to a nearby pick-up location.

XDP delivery times

In a time of instant gratification, it would be amazing if the things we bought arrived right when we hit “buy.” Though that's not possible, XDP aims to deliver packages promptly.

If your package is domestic, you can expect to get it within two to five business days.

XDP delivery times: What time will your package arrive

XDP delivers Monday through Friday during business hours. You can also schedule a delivery if you need your package delivered at a specific time.

Scheduled delivery options are 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. These signify the latest time XDP may deliver your package.

How late XDP delivers

XDP makes deliveries between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. unless you ask for a scheduled delivery. So, your package could arrive any time between those hours.

International XDP delivery times

XDP international deliveries usually take around seven days. But several things could delay your delivery and take up to 14 days.

If you haven't had a package delivery within 14 days, then you should contact XDP to find out when your package will arrive.

Lost and missed XDP deliveries

Sometimes you're not home to accept a delivery. It can be concerning, especially if you need the package on a specific date. What's even more concerning is when you are unable to find your package.

But fear not; below, we'll cover what to do if you miss your delivery or your package gets lost.

What happens if you miss an XDP delivery

If you haven't scheduled your delivery and you work outside of the home, it's pretty easy to miss a package. In that event, a few things may happen:

  • Courier Will Leave Package: If you don't need to sign for your package and it's under a certain value, the courier will leave the package at your doorstep.
  • Courier Will Reattempt Delivery: The courier may keep the package and try to deliver it the next business day.
  • Your Package Will Go to a Local Pickup Location: The courier will take your package to a pickup location where you can collect it.
  • Your Package Will Return to the Sender: This only happens if the courier has attempted a delivery multiple times or you haven't picked up your package from the pickup location.

How long XDP will hold a package

If the courier can't successfully deliver your package, they will take it to a pickup location. The location will hold it for up to 14 business days.

If you don't pick your package up within those 14 days, it will return to the sender.

What to do if you haven't gotten your XDP package

If you believe your package went missing during transit, you should contact XDP to discover what happened to it. If they verify that they have lost the package, you can send a claim for reimbursement.

It's best to contact XDP by phone in this case, as you will need to give a lot of information and it will make things less complicated to speak to someone.

XDP tracking FAQs

Do you still have some lingering questions about XDP tracking? Below are some of the most common questions with answers to give you more information.

Is XDP delivery fast?

XDP delivery is on par with most package couriers. The average time for a package delivery is between two and five business days.

Of course, you can get faster delivery by upgrading to next-day or same-day delivery, but this will be at an additional cost.

Can I track an XDP package by address?

You cannot track an XDP package by address. To track an XDP package, you'll need your tracking number and postcode.

If you've lost your tracking number, refer to the section above on lost tracking numbers or contact the merchant or XDP to find if they can help retrieve your tracking number.

How do I know if my XDP package is stuck in customs?

Your package status will be 'in transit' if your package is stuck at customs.

Since “in transit” could mean several things, there's no real way to determine if your package is in customs unless you contact XDP.

The best thing to do is wait it out. XDP will contact you if they need additional information for your package to clear customs.

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