SpotOn Tracking

Track your SpotOn delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever got a package from a business within India, chances are you’ve used SpotOn couriers. The leading logistics service sends shipments to every state.

With SpotOn tracking, you can stay informed in real time about the location of your order. No more constantly checking and worrying, just peace of mind.

This guide will walk you through SpotOn tracking and the difference between status updates. You'll also learn how to find any issues and resolve them.

About SpotOn couriers

Founded in 2012, SpotOn has grown to become a successful courier company with nearly 2,000 employees and locations all over India.

In 2021, SpotOn joined forces with Delhivery, an international courier. Not only do they ship within India, but they also partner with other couriers to reach businesses outside the country.

With SpotOn tracking, you'll never have to worry about where your packages are again, whether you're a business owner in India or elsewhere.

SpotOn logistics tracking​​

If you've ordered a package from India and got a SpotOn tracking number, you might have issues activating it. However, as long as you know how to track your package, you will find the courier's path from the origin to your location. 

Whether you are ordering in India or from outside of India, you can use SpotOn tracking for the local leg of your package s journey. Once it leaves the country, SpotOn will hand your package to an international courier to complete the job. 

​How to find your SpotOn tracking number​

You should get two separate emails when you order a package through SpotOn. The first email will include your order information and payment confirmation, confirming that the company has the order and will fulfill it. 

The second email you get will contain your sending information and tracking number. If your seller uses SpotOn's tracking system, you will copy and paste that number quickly. However, some companies choose to use their tracking system. 

If this is the case, you will find a link for tracking your package. You won't need the SpotOn tracking number because clicking that link will take you to a tracking page. 

​How to track your SpotOn location​

Once you've found your tracking number, you must copy and paste it into an online SpotOn tracking site. You can use the tracking system on the SpotOn website if you wish 0 this will only track SpotOn packages through the system. 

However, if you have an international package or multiple packages, you should use a different type of tracking website. Several external tracking websites work well for tracking couriers, like SpotOn. 

​Lost SpotOn tracking number​​

If you've lost your SpotOn tracking number, you'll have to ask for a replacement before tracking your package. Like most international couriers, SpotOn does not allow tracking by address. 

Instead, you'll have to contact your seller and ask for another copy of the tracking information. Most sellers will keep copies of this information and send you your tracking number easily. If this doesn't work, contact SpotOn customer service for more details. 

​How to track a SpotOn package without a tracking number​

You won't continue tracking your order if you don't have a SpotOn tracking number or pin. To protect customers' privacy and help streamline the sending process, SpotOn does not track packages using personal information such as an address. 

It can be challenging to track your package location if you have or lose your SpotOn tracking number. Contact the sender or SpotOn customer services if you need to find it. 

Solving SpotOn tracking issues​​

Despite their excellent history of well-timed and efficient deliveries, SpotOn, like any courier company, may have tracking issues from time to time. Here are some of the most common and how to fix them.

​Why you can't track your SpotOn package​

If you have a tracking number but need help tracking your package, you could have the incorrect one. One digit off could entirely change your package's location or existence from human or computer error. 

Double-check that you have copied the correct number in, and ask the seller to double-check. If right, talk to customer service about your tracking number problems. They will find a solution. 

​Why your SpotOn package is not updating or moving​

Your SpotOn tracking status changes each time a worker scans your package along its route. Sometimes it can appear as if your package isn’t moving when it is in transit.

  • First, your package will stop outside the facility until SpotOn workers unload the truck. Your package may sit there for a while if the workload is high.
  • Next, SpotOn workers will sort your package. You will get a tracking update when they scan the barcode.
  • Finally, SpotOn workers will load your package onto another truck. Afterward, your package may pass through many more facilities until it reaches its destination.

Delays can also happen while SpotOn couriers drive your package through a crowded and busy country like India.

SpotOn tracking status explained​​

When SpotOn collects your package, the tracking number will automatically update. There are several tracking statuses available. The first is “sent," followed by "in transit." After a package is in transit, it should update to "out for delivery" and "delivered." 

However, some tracking status updates last longer than others. Certain statuses mean that there have been complications with your package. Here is a brief guide to tracking your package through SpotOn. 

​​In transit

If SpotOn couriers have marked your package as "in transit," it simply means it is on its way. Usually, this status comes when the box is on a long leg of the journey. 

Packages get scanned at every stop, but as long as they are still moving, the official status will be "in transit." You will likely get multiple location updates while your package is in transit. 

As long as your package is in transit and sending you regular location updates, you don't have to worry about it being lost or delayed. However, packages can stay in transit for a while. 

​​​Why your SpotOn package is still in transit

If your SpotOn package has been labeled as "in transit" for several days with no location update, you might start to worry. However, this could be for several reasons, and you can wait to contact customer support. 

A package can be in transit and not get scanned if it's on an extended part of the journey.

If your package is in the back of a truck or on a plane or boat, it may only be scannable once it reaches its location. It's still moving toward you, but a SpotOn worker needs to scan it. 

​​How long a SpotOn package can stay in transit

A SpotOn package will stay in transit for as long as needed, depending on where you live. Packages will be labeled "in transit" until they reach your destination. 

If you live outside of India, your package might stay in transit or transfer tracks to a different company to complete the journey. Either way, you will get an update on your tracking number and further instructions. 


While an in-transit tracking code is a regular status update, you may find a "pending" tracking code—meaning that the item has stopped moving for some reason. 

There are several reasons why your package may be pending. Sometimes, a box is pending because of order delays outside of the company's control. However, you should wait a few days and find out if the tracking code clears up before calling the company. 

​​​Why your SpotOn package may be pending

If your SpotOn package is pending, it isn't moving. This could be because of customs, package loss, or another reason entirely. However, pending tracking codes are rare and usually get cleared up within a day or two. 

If your package has been pending for more than three days, it's time to contact customer support. SpotOn has excellent, 24-hour support available. With your personal information and tracking number, you might get more information and next-step instructions from customer support. 

SpotOn delivery times​​

Once SpotOn couriers mark your package as "out for delivery," it's made it to your hometown and will arrive on the following local delivery truck. SpotOn delivery times depend on how close the destination is to the SpotOn warehouse and the truck's route. 

Usually, a truck's route follows the most convenient way to and from the warehouse, and they will schedule deliveries on a particular day. However, it takes more work to estimate a time more specifically than during certain hours. 

​SpotOn delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

SpotOn, as well as its mother company Delhivery, runs local trucks within regular business hours. If you live within the city limits, you will likely get your package within standard working hours. 

You can expect your package within city limits between 8 am and 8 pm. This depends on the local warehouse and SpotOn office and the hours they run shipments. However, most are the same. 

These hours are to respect the delivery drivers' schedules and your privacy. However, some urgent and priority mail shipments might arrive outside regular business hours. 

​How late SpotOn delivers​

Although SpotOn delivers as soon as possible, the couriers won't make evening runs. Most delivery trucks are done with their rounds by 8 or 9 pm on weekdays and earlier on the weekends. 

If you need your package by a specific day, you should pay for express sending when you check out. This will make sure that you get the fastest order possible and that you will be on time by early delivery times. 

​​International SpotOn delivery times​

If you live outside of India, you might have different delivery times. These times depend solely on your local courier schedule. In most cases, SpotOn partners with international couriers to help complete their deliveries. 

Once your SpotOn package leaves India, it will switch hands and become part of another company's deliveries. You will get an email with an updated tracking number (if needed) and information on your new courier. 

Depending on where you live, the new courier will deliver during regular business hours. You might get an evening or weekend delivery or live near the warehouse if you paid extra. However, you should check local couriers' schedules to find their delivery hours. 

Lost and missed SpotOn deliveries​​

Here is a complete guide to what to do if you've missed a SpotOn delivery or think your package got lost or stolen. 

​​What happens if you miss a SpotOn delivery​

If you are away when SpotOn attempts to deliver your package, they will either leave it on the porch or leave you a note saying they tried delivery. You will get a message or email if your package needs a signature (most international packages do). 

Once you've got the note, the delivery driver usually attempts to deliver your package the next day. However, if you're still away, they will return your package to the local warehouse and hold it for you to pick up. 

If you've got a note on your door or notification that a SpotOn courier tried to make the delivery, this will include instructions for collecting your package. 

​​How long will SpotOn hold a package​?

SpotOn generally holds a package for up to two weeks before disposing of it. If they haven't heard anything from you in two weeks, they will have to get rid of your package to make room for other packages. 

However, if you know you will be out of town for longer than the allotted time, you can contact your local SpotOn warehouse and ask them to hold your package for longer. Most likely, they will be willing to have your package until a specified pickup date. Set up the date and pick up your package on time. 

​​What to do if you haven't got your SpotOn package​

If your package tracking says that your package was delivered, but you haven't found it on your doorstep, ask your neighbors and check surrounding doorsteps to make sure that it didn't get left by the wrong door on accident. Often, drivers are in a hurry and can mix up packages. 

The next step is to contact the delivery courier and find if they have evidence of drop-off, such as a picture of your package. If this is the case, you might be a victim of porch bandits. Report any theft to your local authorities and the seller.

If you insure the package contents, you could get a replacement at no extra cost. 

However, if you think SpotOn lost your package en route to your home, discuss this with customer service. They will tell you what to do next. You can also talk to your seller about a replacement item. 

SpotOn tracking FAQs​​

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SpotOn. We hope they answer your questions and help you track your packages more easily! 

​Is SpotOn delivery fast?​

SpotOn delivery is one of the fastest delivery systems in India. While it is slower for international deliveries because of weather, customs, and other issues, SpotOn remains one of India's most reliable business-to-business couriers. 

​​Can I track the SpotOn package by address?​

 SpotOn does not allow address-based package tracking. If you've lost your tracking number, contact customer service on the SpotOn website or talk to the item's seller. They should have another copy of your tracking number for you. 

​​How do I know if my SpotOn package is stuck in customs?

If your SpotOn package is stuck in customs, it might have the status of "pending." However, you should get an email or notification about where your package is and why the local customs office delayed it. After a few days, customs should clear up, and your package will return to you.

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