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About Delhivery

If you’ve ever considered sending a package to or within India, chances are you’ve thought about Delhivery. The leading delivery service sends packages to every state in India and worldwide.

All you need to do is select the type of service you need, and you’ll get Delhivery tracking to know exactly where it is. It also means you’ll always be available to collect your package.

Below, I’ll define what Delhivery tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Delhivery tracking

Delhivery package tracking is easy. Regardless of what point you're at in the Delhivery tracking process, you can find a clear explanation of where your package is and what it's doing.

How to find your Delhivery tracking number

Your Delhivery tracking order number should be in your seller’s confirmation email. As a sender, the number under the barcode is the tracking number.

How to track your Delhivery location

Delhivery asks for your tracking number to find your delivery. Handily, they also offer two other ways on the Delhivery website.

  1. With your mobile number; or
  2. an order/reference ID and a Less than truckload (LTL) order for shipping freight.

Lost Delhivery tracking number

Tracking numbers are difficult to lose, but it does happen from time to time. Following the steps below, you can easily track your package without a Delhivery tracking number.

How to track a Delhivery package without a tracking number

The best way to track your Delhivery orders is with your tracking number. If you do not have this, you can also try your mobile or cell phone number on the Delhivery website.

In any case, finding your Delhivery tracking number is simple! Just message the sender and let them know since that's probably your fastest option.

You can also contact Delhivery support if the sender cannot help.

Solving Delhivery tracking issues

Why you can't track your Delhivery package

If you can't track your Delhivery package, it's usually because either the delivery driver has not yet scanned it into the tracking system. Either at pickup or between destinations on its route.

Why your Delhivery package is not updating or moving

Sometimes packages seem to stop moving midway. More than likely, everything is okay, but Delhivery may be busy.

Suppose your package has to pass between different Delhivery delivery facilities on its way to you:

  • First, your package will stop outside the facility until Delhivery workers unload the truck. If the workload is high, your package may sit there for a while.
  • Next, Delhivery workers will sort your package. You will get a tracking update when they scan the barcode. The status will say, “Package arrived at Delhivery facility.”
  • Finally, Delhivery workers will load your package onto another truck. Your status will say, “Shipment left Delhivery facility.” After which, your package may pass through many more facilities until it reaches its destination.

Delays can also happen while Delhivery couriers drive your package through a crowded and busy country like India.

Delhivery tracking status explained

Delhivery’s tracking statuses are pretty easy to understand. Here, we define the most common status updates and how to fix any issues.

Package arrived at facility and Shipment left facility

Delhivery tries to be transparent with customers about timings by telling you when your package arrives and departs each facility.

The statuses “Package arrived at facility” and “Shipment left facility,” mean that Delhivery has your package and it is on its way.

Delhivery package arrived at facility

The Delhivery tracking status of “Delhivery package arrived at facility” means that your package has arrived at a scheduled facility on its route.

Most of the time, your package is traveling, stopping at a facility, and traveling again. India is a geographically large country, so packages often stop at Delhivery facilities.

Delhivery shipment left facility

As the name suggests, “Delhivery shipment left facility” means that your package has left one facility and is on the way either to another facility, or the final destination.

When your Delhivery tracking status is “Our executive is out for delivery,” it means the package is on its final route and your delivery will likely arrive that day.

How long a Delhivery delivery can take

Most domestic Delhivery deliveries happen within 72 hours. However, Covid-19 interruptions can increase the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

You can use your Delhivery tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker to find the reason for any delays with your delivery and get the latest ETA.

Why your Delhivery tracking is delayed

There are several reasons why Delhivery may delay your delivery, including poor traffic and weather in the destination location, or customs holding the package.

Delhivery tracking statuses for delayed packages

If your delivery is delayed due to poor traffic and weather, Delhivery will update the status from “shipment left facility” to “package arrived at facility” when it has moved.

If you find the status “order unloaded,” Delhivery may find your package is too heavy or there are “serious circumstances” to move on.

For example, if Delhivery, or one of their global courier partners, considers the goods hazardous or dangerous or Delhivery finds the contents against their terms and conditions.

You can contact Delhivery Customer Support for help if a delay is longer than expected.

Customs delay

Customs will likely contact you if they hold your package for any reason. Your tracking status will also let you know if customs has your item. Check your Delhivery tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker and contact your local customs office for help.

Delhivery delivery times

Not knowing when your package will arrive can be frustrating and Delhivery delivery times vary throughout India and internationally.

Below, we cover the delivery times for your domestic and international Delhivery shipments, so you don’t have to worry.

Delhivery delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Domestic Delhivery delivery

Within India, you can expect Delhivery delivery between 10 am and 8 pm, from Monday to Friday, and not on public holidays or bank holidays. You can use your tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker to get an accurate estimated delivery time.

International Delhivery delivery times

Outside of India, Delhivery turns packages over to a partner courier or local postal service to complete delivery.

Most mail and courier companies work at a minimum of between 9 am and 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. The partner courier service will contact you with more information on your estimated delivery time. You can also use your tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker.

Lost and missed Delhivery deliveries

Sometimes deliveries go missing—although uncommon, Delhivery is no exception. Here’s what you need to do.

What happens if you miss a Delhivery delivery

Missing a delivery is no problem. For domestic packages, Delhivery attempts another delivery on the next business day.

If Delhivery has handed your package to an international courier partner, the partner will have their own terms and conditions on redelivery and how long they will hold your package. The best thing to do is ask the courier partner if you miss their delivery.

How many delivery attempts does Delhivery make?

Delhivery will attempt to redeliver your package three times. They will return your package to the sender if you miss it on the third try.

Delhivery prefers not to hold missed deliveries. You must contact Delhivery Customer Support and create a support ticket with your tracking number to ask them for this.

What to do if you haven't got your Delhivery package

Delhivery tracking means it is unlikely they will lose your order. Use Circuit Package Tracker to check customs aren’t holding the package or that you did not miss the delivery.

Contact the sender first if your delivery is lost. If they cannot help, contact Delhivery Support.

Delhivery tracking FAQs

Whether you are waiting for a package or are a merchant wanting to open a Delhivery business account, there are a lot more questions you might have.

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions you may have on Delhivery tracking. You can also check Delhivery's support pages for more help.

Is Delhivery delivery fast?

Within India, Delhivery delivery times range between one and 72 hours, which is extremely fast for such a congested and large country.

For international deliveries, Delhivery will hand your package to their courier partner network. Most delivery companies work from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays as a minimum.

The exact Delhivery partner courier will update you on a delivery time once they collect your package. You can also use your tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker.

Can I track Delhivery packages by address?

Unlike most couriers, Delhivery has an alternative to using your tracking number—using a mobile or cell phone number. However, using an address is not an option.

If you lose your Delhivery  tracking number, first contact the sender. You can also contact Delhivery Customer Support If the sender cannot help.

How do I know if my Delhivery package is stuck in customs?

Your Delhivery tracking status will state if customs has your package. You can check this using your tracking number and Circuit Package Tracker.

Customs usually clears packages within hours and sends you a notification if they choose to hold your package for longer. Contact your local customs office for help if they hold your package for longer than two business days without sending you notification.

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