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What Is a 1Z Tracking Number?


When you have a package number that begins with “1Z,” you can be pretty sure that it’s a tracking number for the United Parcel Service (UPS). 

UPS assigns a tracking number to each package that goes through its system, and most of their tracking numbers begin with 1Z (some are a bit different, but more details are below).

The tracking number is the ID code to enter when you’re finding the status of your delivery, either on UPS.com or through a free tracking app like Circuit Package Tracker. 

Keep reading to learn how UPS tracking numbers work and how you can get the most up-to-date status on your UPS packages. 

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What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is a unique identification code or barcode made up of numerals or letters, which is assigned to a single package or group of packages by the shipping company.

You can typically find it on the shipping label or in an order confirmation email or receipt. 

Tracking numbers are primarily used to track packages through the shipping system. 

Different delivery companies use their own form of tracking numbers, and couriers may also use multiple number formats to differentiate between various services.

When you search a tracking number, you’ll typically find various tracking details, like a general location update, the package’s travel history, and an expected delivery date.

What are some common tracking number formats?

You’ll find different tracking number formats throughout the shipping industry. 

Here’s the basic formatting for tracking numbers at some of the biggest delivery companies.

  • UPS: Most UPS tracking numbers appear in four standard formats, including the common 1Z tracking number for ground packages. Several specialized UPS services have unique tracking number formats.
  • USPS: United States Postal Service (USPS) domestic mail, Priority Mail, and Certified Mail services use 22-digit tracking numbers that begin with the number nine. Other USPS tracking number formats are used for less common services, like Priority Express and Priority International.
  • FedEx: FedEx’s standard Ground and Express packages usually have 12- to 15-digit tracking numbers. Less common services may use longer numbers, and you might find master FedEx tracking numbers to multi-piece shipments.
  • DHL: Tracking numbers for DHL packages vary quite a bit from service to service. Tracking numbers usually start with 3S, JVGL or JJD, but other format patterns are pretty inconsistent.
  • TForce Freight: The LTL shipping company that now runs UPS Freight uses two tracking number formats – PRO or BOL numbers

What carrier uses tracking numbers starting with 1Z?

UPS is the only major shipping carrier that uses tracking numbers starting with 1Z. 

If you come across another 1Z number, you’re probably dealing with a scammer

There are no other major package delivery companies that use tracking numbers starting with 1Z. 

UPS 1Z tracking number examples 

UPS tracking numbers use the following formats, including the 1Z format:

  • 1Z-999999-99-9999999-9
  • 999999999999
  • T-9999999999
  • 999999999

These are a few real-world examples of old, inactive UPS tracking numbers that start with 1Z:

  • 1Z-3RA349-20-0158956-5
  • 1Z-X62777-03-1002089-6
  • 1Z-0X6W74-12-9801050-9

Notice that, in the middle of each tracking number, there’s a two-digit service code

The service code in the first tracking number listed, code 20, stands for “UPS Canada Standard (Ground).”

Most UPS ground packages are assigned 18-digit 1Z tracking numbers. 

The number starts with 1Z, followed by a six-digit alphanumeric carrier code, then a two-digit code indicating the specific UPS service level assigned to the package, followed by a seven-digit package identifier, and finally, a one-character checksum variable.

How to track a UPS package online

The simplest way to track a UPS shipment is to visit the UPS online tracker or use a third-party app like Circuit Package Tracker and enter your UPS tracking number.

If you can’t find the tracking number, you can also enter an order number, package ID number, reference number, or the UPS Delivery Notice Number on any delivery notice left at your door by a UPS driver.

You can find UPS tracking numbers in a few places, including your order email or text confirmation, your UPS My Choice account, on the package label itself, or on a physical receipt from a UPS location.

Other ways you can find the tracking status of a UPS package include:

  • Log into UPS My Choice. If you sign up for a free or premium account, you can track all of your UPS deliveries online without tracking numbers or reference codes. You can log in through the online portal or the UPS app.
  • Text UPS. Text “TRACK [Your Tracking Number]” to 69877, and UPS will reply with your tracking information.
  • Sign up for Quantum View or UPS Flex Global View. These two high-volume enterprise shipping services help larger businesses track and manage hundreds of shipments.

FAQs about UPS delivery services

We give some answers to a few of the most common questions about UPS delivery services.

What is a UPS InfoNotice? 

A UPS InfoNotice is what UPS calls those little paper delivery notices that UPS drivers leave at your door when you miss a parcel delivery or scheduled pickup.

The notice tells you that an attempt was made to deliver or pick up your package and explains the next steps for completing the process. 

Every InfoNotice includes a unique UPS Delivery Notice Number, which is sort of a secondary tracking number that you can use to go online and manage your package.

What is UPS My Choice? 

UPS My Choice lets you take advantage of UPS’s online services. It’s available for personal and business use, with different supporting features for each.

  • My Choice for Personal Use: Your personal My Choice account lets you manage your home UPS deliveries through UPS.com or the UPS app. There are two membership options: Basic (free) and Premium ($19.99 per year). 
  • My Choice for Business: UPS My Choice for Business is the main UPS solution for eCommerce businesses that need a full-service shipping partner. It gives you an online dashboard showing your overall delivery operations, along with simple tools to manage deliveries, returns, and shipping claims. 

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a budget shipping option that uses USPS mail carriers to finish the final few steps of the delivery process instead of UPS drivers. 

It starts with a UPS store handling and transporting your SurePost package up until that package arrives at its destined USPS location nearest to the customer’s address. 

The recipient’s everyday USPS mail carrier will then finish the last-mile phase of the delivery process.

What is a UPS Access Point?

UPS Access Points are local businesses that act as both package pickup and dropoff spots for UPS customers.

Access Points are also alternative mailing addresses for UPS customers.

Going away on a trip? While you’re traveling, you can send your packages to a UPS Access Point for secure storage until you return.

Or, if you’re a busy professional and you need to pick up a UPS delivery on your way to dinner, you can schedule a pickup at an Access Point near the restaurant instead of your home across town. 

What happened to UPS Freight?

UPS Freight is now TForce Freight.

The UPS sold its less-than-truckload (LTL) division, called UPS Freight, to TFI International Inc. for $800 million.

When TFI bought UPS Freight, they rebranded the division as TForce Freight. 

The UPS and TFI continue to work together, as TForce gives limited LTL services to the UPS, and the UPS supplies last-mile delivery services for TForce.

The UPS website offers a form that shippers can use to schedule freight pickups, which are routed to TForce.

TForce also offers UPS Ground with Freight Pricing, an all-in-one solution that combines their freight service with the UPS’s last-mile delivery service.

If you need tracking information on a freight shipment sent through UPS/TFI, enter your tracking number into the TForce Tracking page or the free Circuit Package Tracker.

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