SMSA Tracking

Track your SMSA Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

SMSA Tracking

SMSA Express has developed into a unique courier that covers orders ranging from door-to-door services to cargo sent by sea and air.

About SMSA

Founded in 1994, SMSA Express has become an industry leader in courier services to over 200 countries worldwide.

Many companies, industries, and governments rely on SMSA to send documents and other sensitive items securely and quickly. The company even has the proper accreditation to handle dangerous goods.

SMSA tracking

SMSA package tracking works the same as most of the other tools on the internet. If you have used one of these tools before, you probably already know that a tracking number is the only method that works.

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How to find your SMSA tracking number

You will get the SMSA tracking shipment number in a few different ways depending on whether you are the sender or the recipient.

The sender pays to have the package sent and gets the receipt, invoice, and possibly other paperwork. An invoice should have the tracking number above the barcode with “Trk #” written before the code.

The sender may attach or take a picture of the label on the package. The tracking number will be above the barcode there as well.

Usually, one of the sender’s responsibilities is to give the tracking number to the receiver. The sender should already have the contact details, so the receiver gets an email and an SMS text message.

Never delete any messages about your order because even if a message appears to be a bunch of boring legalese, the tracking number may be in that message.

How to track your SMSA package location

To track an SMSA shipment, you will use the tracking tool on the website. The tool is easy to find and does not have a dedicated page. Instead, when you land on the homepage, scroll down below the lead banner and find the tool.

If you have other questions, the tool is between a rate calculator and a service center finder. All you have to do is copy and paste your tracking number into the field. Use commas if you have multiple numbers.

Lost SMSA tracking number

The good news about SMSA shipment tracking is that people rarely lose tracking numbers because of online communication. So as long as you do not delete messages, you probably have the number.

How to track an SMSA package without a tracking number

When you want to tell the tool to track my SMSA package without a tracking number, the effort hits a wall quickly. The tracking tool does not have a method to enter other information.

Since you need your tracking number, your two best options are to contact support or the package sender. Contacting the sender is the best option in most cases.

The reason is that the sender usually runs a small business that relies on good customer service as part of the day-to-day business strategy.

With so many ways to vote and comment online, small businesses cannot get hit with too many complaints and survive. However, attention to good customer service means that the sender should respond quickly to your message.

You should contact the sender if any other problems arise. You might as well take advantage of the opportunity as long as you have such a good resource to resolve problems.

Solving SMSA tracking issues

With modern technology, genuine tracking issues are rare and usually happen because of human error. Sometimes everything is correct. The issue is only a misunderstanding of how a sending schedule works.

Why you can't track your SMSA package

The first two simple reasons to rule out are incorrectly putting in the tracking number and having an incorrect number. Make sure you do not copy your tracking number with extra spaces.

With those two possibilities out of the way, the most likely reason you cannot track your package is that tracking has yet to start because no one at SMSA has scanned the barcode yet.

A package usually only gets a barcode scan after arriving at a facility or an office. However, you can get your tracking number before these events happen.

The person sending your package may print labels or schedule orders for pickup. You will usually get the tracking number soon after the sender gets the code.

Even though the tracking number exists, sometimes the package has not moved yet. Most senders collect orders each day and send packages the following working day.

If you include a weekend, you could have a tracking number a few days before SMSA gets the package and transit starts. After you get your tracking number, always allow at least two business days to find the first status update.

Why your SMSA package is not updating or moving

Sometimes a package starts tracking normally and appears to stop moving because no more updates come in. The reason is usually similar to the above explanation of not being able to track a package.

In this case, the package reaches the first facility, gets scanned, and tracking starts. Throughout the journey, the package sometimes reaches a hub or facility and gets another scan, one in and one out.

Suddenly, after the last outbound scan, no arrival scan happens for many hours or maybe more than one business day. So the recipient usually finds no arrival, quickly calculates the hours between cities, and decides something went wrong.

Most of the time, nothing is wrong. However, various types of normal delays happen to orders, so couriers give estimated arrival times of two to three or three to five days.

Delays can happen because of normal congestion, accidents, natural disasters, and more. A common congestion delay happens because of the courier process combined with congestion.

Sometimes a delivery truck pulls into a busy facility and waits in line behind other trucks. The cargo bays are full, and everyone is working as fast as possible.

Inside the facility, trucks get unloaded, and packages get sorted and stacked before any barcode scans. The combined wait outside and inside can add up to multiple hours.

Finally, somebody inside who scans packages gets to yours, and you find the tracking status update. Nothing was ever wrong. The delivery process just has to work through delays sometimes.

Contact the sender if you do not find a new tracking status update for at least two business days.

SMSA tracking status explained

SMSA uses simple tracking statuses that are easy to understand. Each status update tells you what happened, the time, and the location (usually a city name).

In transit

SMSA uses the word “transit” as a category that applies to your order, but you will not find that word in a tracking status. Instead, SMSA likes to use words such as “departed” and “arrived.”

When your package departs from somewhere, transit starts. However, there is a pause in transit upon arrival at the next hub or facility. Then, another departed status shows up, and your package is in transit again.

Why your SMSA package is still in transit

Transit delays are similar to not finding a new tracking status for a long time. However, a customs department can stop a package on international orders, which delays transit.

The customs department may want to collect duty (tax), or the country may not allow the contents of the package to enter.

During the process of finding out what happened, your package might appear to be in transit for a long time. Contact the sender for help if no updates happen within two to three business days.

Alternatively, the customs department holding your package might send you a notification.

How long an SMSA package can stay in transit

Delayed transit times work very differently for domestic and international orders. Domestically, there usually are no security checks or stops that are pending approval. However, internationally, these stops are normal.

With domestic orders, if your delivery time is two to three business days and four business days pass, your package is late. The reason may come down to delays, but various accidents can happen.

When an international delivery stays in transit for an unusually long time, the culprit is a customs department most of the time. However, accidents happen on international orders too.


SMSA does not use the word “pending” either, but they have statuses that allude to pending. Pending is similar to transit because, after a departure, the arrival is pending during transit.

Why your SMSA package may be pending

The closest status SMSA has to pending is “Shipment on Hold.” Usually, an employee is just validating an address or something similar. Transit resumes after validation.

The other type of pending happens because an order needs approval. Needing approval happens at customs stops or any security checkpoint along the way. Approval can happen domestically but is more common internationally.

SMSA delivery times

SMSA Express does not give delivery times in terms of times of hours. However, delivery times usually coincide with office hours, at least roughly.

SMSA offices close at different times, but many offices close at 9 pm. Some offices close as late as 11 pm. Based on office hours, SMSA seems to deliver quite late.

SMSA delivery times: What time will your package arrive

SMSA guarantees delivery by 9 am on the next business day with their next-day service. This service is the only one that includes a delivery time.

SMSA calculates delivery times in days for all other services. Most standard domestic deliveries take between two to three business days. International orders usually take three to six working days.

SMSA gives many options that can speed up delivery or expedite cargo through customs. You can choose the delivery method that works for you and your budget.

How late SMSA delivers

As stated above, SMSA does not post delivery times. Based on office hours, delivery times seem to go quite late, possibly until 9 pm.

In some cases, especially with international orders, a local courier may take over control of your package. In this case, once you find out who the courier is, you can find their delivery policies and search for times.

International SMSA delivery times

Just like the other times, SMSA gives international delivery times in terms of days. For most people, there are two options—SMSA International for Documents and Non-Documents and SMSA International Economy.

SMSA International is a bit more upscale than Economy. Businesses and governments usually use this option when vital paperwork or similar items need to get delivered. SMSA claims that this method arrives at any city within three days.

The Economy option works well for important deliveries that are not urgent sensitive documents. The Economy option claims to arrive anywhere within three to six days.

Depending on the location, SMSA may turn over the final delivery to another courier. Most couriers are fast and efficient, or they go out of business, so changing couriers should not affect transit time.

You can try to find out which courier will get your package from the sender or SMSA support. Once you know the courier, you can hopefully learn more about delivery times and how fast your package should get to your door.

Remember that whatever the courier says about delivery times only applies once you find that your package arrived at a hub or facility after arriving in the country.

This detail is important because getting to the next hub means your order got through customs, and the new courier has the package and is handling the final delivery.

Lost and missed SMSA deliveries

Losing a package sometimes happens, but quality couriers who become successful through efficiency rarely experience this problem. In many cases, missing delivery will not be an inconvenience.

What happens if you miss an SMSA delivery

Most couriers deal with missed deliveries in one of two ways: Either they hold the package for pickup or make redelivery attempts. SMSA does the latter.

You have two options, wait until the next business day for SMSA to make another delivery attempt automatically, or you can schedule another delivery.

Try to promptly do what works best for you because SMSA will only wait so long before sending the package back to the sender or seller.

How long SMSA will hold a package

The holding period for companies that make redelivery attempts depends on the policy. Some couriers make multiple delivery attempts on successive working days, while others schedule another delivery.

SMSA has a flexible policy and either attempts multiple deliveries or lets the customer schedule another delivery. In section 14.10, the terms are not specific about how many delivery attempts SMSA makes.

Their terms do make clear that they will return the package to the sender after an unspecified number of attempts.

What to do if you haven't received your SMSA package

First, scrutinize your tracking status because you might determine that your package is with a customs department or something related to security.

Next, wait a few more business days because your package might arrive late. Ensure that you count your estimated delivery time in business days.

For example, say you have a maximum of three business days for delivery, and Thursday and Friday have already passed. Depending on the local practices, Saturday may or may not count.

To be safe, count Monday as the next business day. Then, wait until Thursday or Friday to contact the sender. The sender can launch an investigation into what happened more easily than you.

If you discover that SMSA lost your package, the terms lay out clear steps under article 19, titled “Claims.” You have 30 days from the initial sending day to file a claim.

SMSA tracking FAQs

Couriers have to answer many questions, so SMSA gives an extensive list of FAQs on its website.

Is SMSA delivery fast?

Yes, SMSA can move a package as fast as you like if you choose next-day delivery. The longest international orders usually take between three to six days.

Can I track an SMSA package by address?

No, the tracking tool only works if you give a valid tracking number. If you do not have a tracking number or cannot get yours to work, contact the sender to get a working number.

How do I know if my SMSA package is stuck in customs?

The most reliable way should be when a customs department notifies you that they have held your package. The problem is that customs departments are often inefficient and get around to sending a notification slowly.

Since customs departments can be slow, the best method for you is to use your tracking status to find out if customs stopped your package. 

The most reliable method is finding that your package arrives in a country and does not move to a hub or facility. Wait up to seven business days because the customs department may clear your package after a delay.

You will have to deal with customs directly if you have to pay duty on your package. Contact the sender for help to find out the reason your package never moved on to a facility after arriving in the country.

As usual, the sender is the most efficient option for launching an investigation.

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