Shiprocket Tracking

Track your Shiprocket delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Shiprocket Tracking

Shiprocket is India’s #1 eCommerce delivery agency, serving over 100k brands and business owners. They ship internationally to over 220 countries, and they offer quality Shiprocket tracking for every package. 

How do they do it? Shiprocket offers maximum security protection for packages and keeps their costs low. They also offer integration with 17 partners to keep their coverage as dynamic as possible, even internationally!

When you keep an eye on your Shiprocket tracking, you will find that Shiprocket offers a variety of ways to stay up-to-date with your order’s progress. You will also learn the various pickup locations for your order so that the process is convenient for you. 

If you're not sure how to check your Shiprocket tracking information, here's how you get started.

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Shiprocket tracking

Keeping updated about your orders doesn’t have to be complicated. Shiprocket offers a simple method for checking the status of your package. These are the basics to get the information you need about your package or order.

How to find your Shiprocket tracking number

When you sign up for an order with Shiprocket, you must give an SMS number and an email address. That makes it easy to find your tracking number! While our initial correspondence includes your tracking number, it also allows you to get automatic updates about your order.

Make sure to check your email or your text messages to find where you got the order number. Locating the number is easy! Its location is alongside the brand of your order and an estimated delivery time.

How to track your Shiprocket package location

Once you have gotten your Shiprocket tracking number, keeping up-to-date on your order is a breeze. All you have to do is visit the Track Your Order page on the Shiprocket website.

After you find the tracking web page, choose whether you will check your status update by AWB or Order ID, and then enter the information in the dialogue box below. Use Track Now to get real-time updates on the progress of your order.

Every time the status of your order changes, you’ll get an automatic update too! Making the process easy and streamlined helps keep your packages tracked and accounted for. 

Lost Shiprocket tracking number

If, for some reason, you have lost your Shiprocket tracking number, make sure to double-check all of your emails and SMS messages in case you overlooked an essential correspondence. 

More often than not, you can find the necessary information in Shiprocket's initial messages to you. Fortunately, if you still cannot find your number, you can still track your package.

How to track a Shiprocket package without a tracking number

There are a couple of places to double-check your Shiprocket tracking information. If the initial correspondence is missing, try to find your order invoice. The order or batch number is above the barcode on the invoice.

If you still can't find your package's tracking information, you may have to contact the website or seller directly. They can check the order manifest, package label, or order invoice to find the number you need. 

Since they have more direct access to the order manifests, they can track down the information that you need. That way they can confirm the status of your package right away.

Solving Shiprocket tracking issues

There might be a time where, even if you stay updated about your Shiprocket tracking number, you’re unable to find the exact information for its progress. 

Several factors can impact your package’s tracking information or status, including damage, loss, or problems with your order's barcode. Here are a few reasons why you might experience technical difficulties.

Why you can't track your Shiprocket package

There are a few common reasons why you can’t track your package. Most generally, if you can’t find tracking information for your order, it’s because there was an issue with the barcode on your package.

One example of a barcode issue is if the seller or warehouse forgot to scan the barcode on your order. Forgetting to scan the barcode means that information on the order can't automatically update in the system.

Likewise, if the barcode on your package is damaged, it might be un-scannable. Even an issue as simple as mishandling your package can lead to a delay in tracking your order. 

While the fault isn’t in forgetting in these instances, it has the same result: the package isn’t updated in the system. 

Why your Shiprocket package is not updating or moving

Although packages are supposed to be scanned at every checkpoint while they’re in transit, sometimes that doesn’t happen. 

Even if the barcode scanned easily at the outset of sending your package, during transit it can become damaged. That can keep it from being scanned at subsequent checkpoints. 

If the barcode is smudged, torn, or even difficult to read, it can impede the scanning process. Additionally, since every checkpoint is operated by a different team, one team may forget to scan the package when it arrives. 

These factors can impact how or why your package’s status is the same. It doesn’t usually show a permanent problem with the order. If you’re concerned that it might be a more permanent problem, however, you should contact the seller or website to check in on it. 

Shiprocket tracking status explained

There are a few different status updates you’ll get while you’re watching the progress of your Shiprocket tracking information. 

While some of these statuses may seem self-explanatory, it's vital to understand what they mean for your order and what is their cause. 

The following are your status updates and what they mean for your package.

In transit

Simply put, when a package is in transit it means it’s on the move. That’s great! It’s essential to bear in mind that just because a package is in transit, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the package is moving in a vehicle.

When your order is on its way to its final destination, your status update is vital to keep you updated! In transit means that your package is moving toward you!

Why your Shiprocket package is still in transit

When a package is still in transit, even after a while, it probably just hasn’t reached its next checkpoint yet. It may not mean there has been any delay. 

By keeping an eye on your order, you can know as soon as your Shiprocket tracking status updates. So make sure to pay attention to your automated SMS and email updates. 

If your order is still listed as in transit and your expected delivery date has come and gone, it may be for a few reasons. Your package may have been lost, damaged, or even misplaced, mislabeled, or just forgotten.

Fortunately, if your order is still in transit and you suspect any of these issues happened, they’re usually simple enough to fix. Contact the seller or website and let them know your concerns. That’s usually all it takes to get an order back on track.

Once your order is back on its way, its status will update at its next checkpoint. From there all you must do is watch your automated messages and make sure it stays on track.

How long a Shiprocket package can stay in transit

How long an order stays in transit depends on what delivery speed option you chose. The delivery times for Standard and Express delivery are different, so it’s vital to account for your choice as you wait on your package. 


While "in transit” may seem self-explanatory, watching your Shiprocket tracking status switch to “pending” may make you feel concerned. However, the explanation for this status update is often simple, so you don’t need to worry. The following are some of the reasons you may have gotten this status update.

Why your Shiprocket package may be pending

The update “pending” on your order shows that something about the order’s delivery expectation has been modified. Usually, this means that there has been a delay during the delivery process.

When your courier changes your order’s status to “pending,” however, it doesn’t mean the order is lost or forgotten. Instead, it means that an effort is taken to help overcome the delay. 

So, even if there will be a delay, they’re doing all they can to get your order to you as close to the original delivery expectation as possible. 

Shiprocket delivery times

Every package is different, so it’s no surprise that delivery times may vary. By keeping updated on your Shiprocket tracking times, you can know your progress at all times. What about the specifics of the delivery process? 

You may have some questions about how to know what time your order will arrive. You also may wonder how late Shiprocket delivers and how your international location might affect timing. Here’s the information you must know about the specifics of Shiprocket delivery. 

Shiprocket delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

The delivery times of your orders depend largely on which option you chose when you ordered your package. The two types of delivery options are Standard and Express.

Although exact times will vary, when you order Standard delivery, it takes roughly two to eight days for your order to reach you. Express delivery is usually the next day.

The difference between the two is the courier method. For Standard delivery, all surface couriers complete all orders, which is why the delivery time is a larger estimated window.

Air couriers perform Express delivery. Since they can travel faster than their surface counterparts, they can get to checkpoints more efficiently. This ability gives delivery a faster turnaround time, sometimes up to same-day delivery!

How late Shiprocket delivers

How late a package arrives to you depends on many factors. Different services have different delivery times. Generally, the latest your package can get to you can be anywhere between 5-9 pm. 

Make sure to check delivery times for partner couriers on your Shiprocket tracking status updates. 

International Shiprocket delivery times

The most popular option for Shiprocket international delivery is Economy International. When you choose this option, your deliveries can take between five and twelve days to arrive. 

There’s a larger window for estimated delivery time on international delivery due to changes in time zones and the accessibility of different regions. The less accessible the region, the more time that delivery of your order will take.

Additionally, since Economy International uses surface couriers, external factors can affect delivery times. Marine and inclement weather have a key impact on your courier’s route!

Lost and missed Shiprocket deliveries

Sometimes life gets in the way of getting an order at the time of its delivery. Missing a delivery doesn’t have to be a permanent missed opportunity, however! 

Here’s what you must know about missed deliveries and what to do if your package has failed to appear. 

What happens if you miss a Shiprocket delivery

Missing a delivery doesn’t mean the delivery process has to start all over. By watching your Shiprocket tracking status updates, it’s easy to find if you’ve missed a delivery time or location!

Shiprocket allows up to three attempts at redelivery for missed or mislabeled deliveries. If you were unable to get the package or it attempted delivery to the wrong address, all you have to do is reschedule the delivery time. 

How long will Shiprocket hold a package?

If one of your customers happens to refuse their order delivery, you can still reschedule it. Sometimes customers forget their order, so it's vital to contact them in the event of a delivery refusal.

Shiprocket will hold a package for up to 30 days for free.

What to do if you haven't gotten your Shiprocket package

If the estimated delivery window has passed and you still haven’t gotten your Shiprocket package then you may be wondering about what your next steps are. 

The first step you should take is to check your Shiprocket tracking status updates. These can let you know if your package is in transit or pending. If the cause of delay is either of these two reasons, you must contact the website or seller to bring the issue to their attention.

If you have a failed delivery registered on your order, however, you’ll have to reschedule the next one. Be sure to pick a time and location that will work for you, as you only get three total delivery attempts.

Shiprocket tracking FAQs

Do you still have questions about Shiprocket tracking and how it works? Fortunately, there's a helpful support staff to help you with any part of the ordering and delivery process. The following are some frequently asked questions about your package and its progress. 

Is Shiprocket delivery fast?

Based on average delivery times, Shiprocket is fast! Having an Express option that has next-day, and sometimes even same-day, deliveries allows you to get your order quickly. Their options for international delivery are also quick! 

Can I track Shiprocket packages by address?

To use Shiprocket tracking, you must give your AWB or order identification number to get tracking information.

How do I know if my Shiprocket package is stuck in customs?

If you check your order status and it seems like it's stuck in transit or pending past its delivery date, you’ll need to contact the logistics manager of your package. They’ll tell you the cause of the delay.

If the cause of your package’s delay is that it’s stuck in customs then you'll need to make sure you’ve paid the duty and taxes due on your order before it can be cleared and sent out for delivery. It can take between one day and one month to clear customs.

How do I know if my Shiprocket package has forbidden items?

At each checkpoint during transit, logistics officers scan your package multiple times to make sure that there are no forbidden items. Some forbidden items include lithium batteries, sharp objects, certain liquids, and others. 

If the courier believes that your package has any of these items, they may open your package to remove them. If you think an item might be forbidden then make sure you don’t include it in your order. 

Can I get early COD for my Shiprocket orders?

Running an eCommerce business means that sometimes you have to take a risk in delivering to your clients. Shiprocket has options for delivery, including early COD.

COD stands for Cash-on-Delivery, and it demands that the person who gets the package pays for the delivery. Choosing an early COD payment option lets you set the timing of receiving your customer’s payments from the delivery. 

There are options for early COD available, starting from two days and going to four. These different options guarantee that you’ll get your payment within the allotted timeframe. 

How to track your Shiprocket packages with ease

Whether you’re sending a single order or a mass one to your customers, you’ll need an efficient way to access all the essential information on your orders. Follow your Shiprocket package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.

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