Serpost Tracking

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Serpost Tracking

If you've ordered a package from Peru and got a Serpost tracking number, you might wonder how the shipping service performs. As the person waiting, it can be difficult to know what's going on with the items you ordered.

Here is a complete guide to Serpost tracking, including how to track your package and what to do if your package gets lost on the way. You'll easily track where your items are and how soon they will arrive. 

About Serpost

Serpost is the national postal service of Peru. The government-backed company is the primary postal service in the nation and offers national and international courier services for all of Peru. In addition, Serpost offers money orders, post boxes, and other postal services.

Because there aren't many options other than Serpost, a package ordered from Peru will likely get a Serpost tracking number. The only other options are FedEx and UPS, both international shipping giants. However, most Peruvians will choose the local post office. 

Serpost package tracking​​

When you order a package from Peru, the company or individual you've ordered it from will likely use Serpost. Serpost uses a tracking number attached to a barcode like most tracking systems.

This way, every postal worker can scan the barcode when they have the package, and that information will be automatically uploaded to the associated tracking number. If You have the tracking number and an accurate tracking website, you can find out where your package was last scanned. 

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​​How to find your Serpost tracking number​

Once you've ordered your package, you'll have to wait until the vendor sends it through the postal service. However, once they've sent the package, they will get the tracking number on their shipping receipt.

You are likely to get two emails. The first is an order confirmation email confirming that the vendor got your order. The second will be shipping confirmation, containing your tracking number or a method to track your Serpost package. 

​How to track your Serpost location​

Once you've received the email with the tracking number, you will likely have a few options. The first is to use the Serpost website, which offers support and tracking help – this is an excellent option if you want to know exactly where your package is from the start.

Of course, if you live in a different country, accessing an external website isn't always easy. You can also use a third-party tracker app to easily track your package and save your information.

Sometimes, a vendor offers their own tracking system. Instead of giving you a tracking number, they will give you a link to track the package through their website – this works just as well (although you can ask for the tracking number instead). 

​Lost Serpost tracking number​​

If you lost the email with your tracking number, the easiest way to get a new number is to contact your vendor. They should keep a copy of the shipping receipt for their records, and you can track it with the number they've saved.

Otherwise, it's very difficult to track a package without the proper tracking number, especially since you are the person who is receiving it and not the person sending it. However, there are some ways to find out where your package is if you've lost the tracking number. 

​How to track a Serpost package without a tracking number​

A tracking number is crucial to find out where your package is, but sometimes the number gets lost. The first step to take is to contact your courier. Ask them for a replacement tracking number and show them your order number. That should solve the problem.

However, if it doesn't, you can contact Serpost directly. Although they might not have the information to help you, some branches can track your package by your address or other personal information. Be cautious doing this, as it won't get you a new tracking number. 

Solving Serpost tracking issues​​

Sometimes, even the best postal service can have tracking issues. Serpost is reliable within Peru but often has issues with international deliveries (especially if they are farther from South America).

Here are some common troubleshooting solutions if you are having issues with your Serpost tracking number. Of course, you should always contact your vendor first to see if they have an alternative tracking method for you. 

​​Why you can't track your Serpost package​

If you've entered the tracking number and it's not pulling up a package, there are several things to try. First, make sure you're using a website supporting Serpost tracking numbers. Some tracking websites only track certain companies.

Next, double-check your tracking number and enter it again. If it's still not working, contact your seller. There's a chance that they accidentally gave you the wrong number. Most of the time, this is a human error issue and is quickly solved. 

​​Why your Serpost package is not updating or moving​

Sometimes, tracking a package takes a little patience. If your package isn't updated for a few days, it could be an international shipping jam or another issue outside of Serpost's control. However, there is also the chance that the package got lost.

Most likely, your package is on the long leg of the journey. It might still be moving toward you, but the bar code hasn't been scanned in a while. This might be the case if it's on a ship or an airplane. Wait a few days before contacting anyone. 

Serpost tracking status explained​​

Of course, every postal service is different and has a unique way of tracking packages. Although most use the barcode and tracking number technique, the labeling system often varies.

Here are the details on your Serpost tracking status updates and what each of them means. Some are obvious, like "shipped" and "out for delivery." However, the updates in between can be a little confusing, especially if it doesn't seem as though your package is moving. 

​​In transit​

If your Serpost package is labeled as "in transit," you have nothing to worry about. It has been sent and is on its way to you. Most likely, your package will get location-based updates as it stays in transit.

The transit stage is usually the longest part of a package's journey. However, your package is moving as long as you keep receiving location updates. You don't have to worry that it is stuck somewhere or hasn't ever left the original location. 

​​Why your Serpost package is still in transit

However, you might see a status change if your Serpost package stays in transit with no location updates. Most likely, it's just been a while since the last scan. However, there is a possibility of package delay. You'll simply have to wait for the next update. 

​​How long a Serpost package can stay in transit

A regular Serpost package should stay in transit from the day it leaves its original location until it's dropped off at your local post office. Once the package arrives in your town, the status will change to "out for delivery," and you will know it's close by.

However, a package can stay in transit as long as necessary to get there. It could be several days or several weeks, depending on how long the trip is and the distance between you and the box’s origin. 


If your package is labeled as pending, it means that it is no longer moving toward you. The postal service has had to hold it back for some reason and doesn't want you to think that you'll get it on time.

Although this is unfortunate, packages can be labeled as pending for multiple reasons. Usually, the issue is cleared up within a few days, or you will be contacted with further information on your package and the updated delivery date. 

​​Why your Serpost package may be pending

If your package is labeled as pending, it could be stopped for any number of reasons. International customs can delay packages and not give reasons why, and weather or traffic issues can cause deliveries to delay.

The postal service could have lost or temporarily misplaced your package in more serious cases. If this is the case, they label it as pending for a few days to make sure they can find it. For most missing packages, it will be found and updated to "in transit" in a few days. 

Serpost delivery times​​

Once your package has made it through all the tracking updates and to your local post office, the final status update will be "out for delivery," when this happens, you know that you will see your package sometime today or the next day.

However, it depends on the local post office's hours and route. It's crucial to know when to expect your package, so you can be ready to sign for it and prevent anything from going wrong in the last few steps. Here are the details on Serpost delivery times. 

​Serpost delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

If your package is out for delivery, you can expect it during normal working hours. In Peru, Serpost delivers between 8 am and 6 pm, with earlier weekend thresholds. This schedule allows postal workers a regular evening with their families and protects their privacy.

Although you can expect your package with your regular mail, you might not be home when it arrives. It depends on where your house lands on the postal driver's route and how late in the day they will finish that route. Check your mailbox at the normal hour for your package. 

​​How late Serpost delivers​

Because of regular working schedules, Serpost doesn't deliver past 8 pm at the latest. If you are hoping to be home from work to get your package, you might not have control over when the package is delivered.

Serpost usually delivers within regular business hours, except on weekends and holidays. If you are in Peru, you will likely get your Serpost package with your regular mail. However, it could be delayed and get there in the early evening. 

​​International Serpost delivery times​

However, the delivery times might change if you live outside of Peru. This depends on what company Serpost partners with to deliver in your area. Serpost delivers internationally by partnering with global delivery companies or other countries' postal services.

However, no matter where you live, you will likely get your Serpost delivery sometime within regular business hours. Once your package is labeled as out for delivery, you will likely get it with your regular mail or sometime between 8 am and 8 pm. 

​Lost and missed Serpost deliveries​​

However, not all Serpost deliveries are smooth. Sometimes, you miss a delivery because you were out of the house or at work. In that case, there are several ways to get your package back and make sure you can get your items.

In other cases, a delivery gets lost or stolen. If this happens to you, there are several steps you can take to get compensation or a replacement for your package. In any case, you'll get your items or contact your seller for a replacement. 

​​What happens if you miss a Serpost delivery​

If you aren't home when your Serpost package is delivered, you might get a note in your mailbox or on your porch. This note will let you know that you missed delivery and will give you instructions on picking up your package.

In general, a delivery courier will try to deliver the package one or two more times before holding it for pickup. Make sure you are home the next day, or go to the post office or warehouse and sign for your package. 

​How long will Serpost hold a package​

If you've missed delivery for a few days in a row, you might need to pick up your package at the local post office or warehouse. You will get a note in your mailbox and a tracking update with this information.

However, if you're out of town or unavailable for pickup, Serpost will generally hold a package for up to two weeks. You can contact your Serpost location and ask for a specific date for pickup. That way, they won't dispose of your package before you have a chance to pick it up. 

​​What to do if you haven't received your Serpost package​

If you check your tracking and it marks the package as "delivered," and you don't see the package, it might have been taken back to the post office or delivered to the wrong house. Contact the local postal service to see if they have it using your tracking number.

Every once in a while, packages do get lost or stolen. If this is the case, you can report it to your vendor and ask for a replacement. You might need to give proof that it was lost. Contact Serpost and see if they have any information. If your package was stolen, contact the local police as well. 

Serpost tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Serpost and their answers. Hopefully, they will answer your questions and help you get your package as soon as possible! 

​​Is Serpost delivery fast?​

Within Peru, Serpost is relatively fast and reliable. It's a great way to ship your packages from one city to another, as it's the country's national postal service. Serpost is the fastest way to deliver mail and packages within Peru.

However, getting a package outside of the country can be a little more difficult. This isn't because Serpost is unreliable but because international shipping can be difficult for any small postal service. Depending on where you live, Serpost is reliable but might not be fast. 

​Can I track the Serpost package by address?​

Serpost doesn't usually allow address-based package tracking. This is to make it easier for them to track packages quickly and efficiently and for customer protection. If you don't have a tracking number, you likely won't track your package very well.

However, you can talk to the seller and ask for the information on the package. They will either have a tracking number for you or can find one by contacting the local post office. It's much easier to track packages you have sent than packages you are waiting for. 

​How do I know if my Serpost package is stuck in customs?

Even with the most reliable international couriers, packages sometimes get stuck in customs. If you think your package is stuck in customs, you can contact the postal service to see if they have any additional information.

However, some helpful clues are these: if your package is labeled "pending" and is at a country border, it is likely in customs. Also, most couriers will send you an email update if your package stays in customs for long. 

Quicker Serpost tracking?

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