Qatar Post Tracking

Track your Qatar Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Qatar Post Tracking

When using Qatar Post delivery services, you have to understand the delivery process thoroughly.

It's imperative that you know specific details, such as when your order should arrive and how to reach the company should any complications arise with your package.

Please keep reading and learn more about Qatar Post tracking and how they operate. 

About Qatar Post

Qatar Post tracking refers to finding your package at any point during the delivery process.

Qatar Post stands as the national courier of postal services in the country of Qatar. The company's headquarters has been stationed in Doha Corniche since 1988.

Qatar Post endeavors to connect Qatar's population with the rest of the world through their Qatar Post delivery services, simultaneously representing the country through building relationships with partners and consumers internationally.

The company got founded in 1950, and it started very small. Through Qatar's dedication and support of the people, the company currently ships to more than one hundred countries.

Qatar Post offers a plethora of international delivery options, from Bangladesh to as far as the United States.

The company has strategically installed over 130 mailboxes throughout Qatar, where mail gets collected daily.

The courier prides itself on speedy and efficient services that emphasize customer satisfaction. 

Note: If you want to track your Qatar package quickly and accurately, simply enter your tracking number at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can download Circuit Package Tracker for free.

Circuit Package Tracker can accurately identify packages across 2000+ carriers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, JT Express, Yun Express, China EMS, and many more. 

Qatar Post package tracking

Tracking numbers are usually between 8 and 15 characters. Depending on the service that you choose to use, the digits can vary.

Additionally, the tracking numbers may be a combination of both letters and numbers.

Usually, your Qpost tracking number may resemble the following:

  • ( A# *** *** *** QA )
  • ( C# *** *** *** QA )
  • ( R# *** *** *** QA )
  • ( V# *** *** *** QA )
  • ( L# *** *** *** QA )
  • ( E# *** *** *** QA )

Make sure that you keep your tracking number readily available to check the status and location of your package at any time. 

How to find your Qatar Post package tracking number

There are a few ways to go about finding your Qatar Post shipment tracking number.

After purchasing your item, the company will notify you by sending you a  confirmation email telling you that your order is getting processed before it's out for delivery.

Once a few days have passed, you'll receive a notification that your package got sent and is on its way to its intended destination.

Next, the online merchant will use your documentation to hand off your item to the proper networks within their delivery system.

Once Qatar Post acquires your packages, they will send an email with your tracking number included.

Additionally, if you use a self-service mail label or kiosk, your tracking number will be printed on the receipt.

How to track your Qatar Post package location

The company has an official website with a tracking service allowing you to track your package conveniently.

From the start of the journey until it reaches its end, you can track the status and location of your package the entire way.

Moreover, the information you'll get will always be up-to-date and accurate.

Whether you use airmail, express services, or post office services, you can get the necessary details concerning the whereabouts and status of your package.

You can track your Qatar Post delivery through Circuit Package Tracker as well.

You don't have to create an account or disclose your personal information, which is always suitable for those who value their privacy.

You can track your package seamlessly regardless, regardless of where the courier happens to be at the time.

By choosing the best options, you can get automatic notifications and updates to your email or phone address, which only takes minutes.

Lost Qatar Post tracking number  

If you've lost your Qatar Post shipment tracking number, the first place to search for it would be your emails from the online merchant.

Also, if you have an online account at the store, you'll have access to your tracking number from this site.

If you still can't find your number, try contacting your online seller directly and ask for their help.

How to track a Qatar Post package without a tracking number 

Remember that without your tracking number, it's nearly impossible to find your package. With that said, there are some avenues that you can take to remedy the problem.

It would be best if you began by contacting Qatar Post customer service. They may have the wherewithal to help you with your package.

Please have your personal information handy because it will be needed to find your package. You'll have to include details such as name, email, and home address.

If they are somehow able to give your tracking number to you, don't forget to write it down and store it for safekeeping. You want to know the status and location of your package until it arrives at your doorstep. 

Solving Qatar Post package tracking issues

Since Qatar Post delivers locally and Internationally, you may have to take different steps to solve problems depending on which you choose.

In almost every case, Qatar Post will be an intermediary to help you if there isn't a branch in your city or country.

If you have complications locally, the most likely reason this is occurring is due to a wrong address.

The process will take longer because the courier has to contact the previous delivery company to retrieve the correct information.

Qatar Post transports deliveries to your destination country and hands them off to the local courier for delivery.

From this point forward, Qatar is no longer responsible for what happens to the package.

International deliveries are a bit more complicated and, therefore, more challenging to ascertain the precise problem with packages.

Why you can't track your Qatar Post package 

There are many potential reasons why you aren't getting updates concerning your package.

After waiting patiently and it doesn't seem like your package is arriving any time soon, you may ask yourself, "why can't I track my Qatar Post package?"

It may all stem from an issue with the courier's system. It usually takes about three days for problems like these to resolve themselves.

So what happens when you cannot trace your package immediately after getting the delivery confirmation from the sender?

Usually, you'll have to give the courier time to register your package into their system.

This process can take up to seven days; however, it usually takes one to two business days before you begin to get updates.

Without any issues, it can take approximately three days to register all of your information into their database as long as there's no issue with customs.

Why your Qatar Post package is not updating or moving 

Your package may stop updating or moving for a bit of time. There aren't many reasons for this, the chief of them happening with international deliveries.

Local deliveries usually don't encounter these problems because the package remains with one courier the entire time.

On the other hand, international packages get passed off from courier to courier, and you may have to wait until the operations can update their systems.

Additionally, once the package enters the destination country, it will get handed over to the local courier. At this point, you won't receive updates until the day of delivery.

With a bit of patience, both will usually resolve themselves in a week or so.

Qatar Post package tracking status explained

There are several statuses that you will come across when you track your Qatar Post package. Some statuses can be confusing; however, we can help clarify the meanings:

In transit 

An update that reads "in transit" is a good sign that there aren't any problems with your package as it makes its way to you.

If your notifications indicate that your package is moving from one place to another seamlessly, then you likely don't have any problems.

Why your Qatar Post package is still in transit

While it's usually a minor issue, there are a couple of reasons why your Qatar Post tracking shipment still shows that it's in transit.

It depends on multiple factors, such as the transportation method and delivery service the sender chose.

For example, express delivery is quicker than standard delivery, just as sending a package by plane is quicker than by boat.

International delivery also falls under a different category in that there are several unexpected delays that you might experience along the way.

That includes the customs office holding your package because of insufficient information, unpaid fees, and more.

Sometimes inclement weather can cause the order to take longer to reach the recipient because of elements outside of the courier's control.

In case of bad thunderstorms, snowstorms, hail, and more, your package may not arrive during the anticipated window.

Nonetheless, it's usually a minor issue related to the courier registering your package into their database.

Contact the Qatar Post customer service team if you have doubts, and they can help you understand if there's a problem with your order.

How long a Qatar Post package can stay in transit

The answer to this question can vary, depending on whether you're waiting for an international or a local package.

It should take more than five days to get your package if it's local, but an international package could take a few weeks.

Consider only working days to count toward how long it's taking to get your package. Remember that proximity from the country of origin also significantly affects transit time. 


"Pending" packages are similar to packages that are still in transit in terms of the reasoning as to why they aren't moving.

If your package stays in this status for more than a few days, you should contact the courier for help.

Why your Qatar Post package may be pending

Usually, your courier has to scan your package into the system, and that'll change the status from "pending" back to in transit or out for delivery.

Sometimes your package goes from one courier to the following; other times, it goes directly to your door.

It can be frustrating having to wait, but the problem usually resolves itself within a few days. 

Qatar Post delivery times 

Qatar Post is a reliable company that delivers packages domestically and internationally.

Consult your local Qatar Post Office for more information, as business hours may vary depending on the region.

The company offers multiple sending solutions to many countries around the world. 

Qatar Post delivery times: What time your package will arrive  

It usually takes two to five working days for Qatar Post to deliver a package locally. For international delivery, it can take up to three weeks, depending on various circumstances.

The customs office dramatically affects how long an international package sits. Sometimes it can take as little as 24 hours, whereas other times, it can take over a week.

Make sure that you have done everything necessary to facilitate the clearance process. 

How late Qatar Post delivers

Qatar Post has the following business hours:

Monday: 7 am to 8 pm

Tuesday: 7 am to 8 pm

Wednesday: 7 am to 8 pm

Thursday: 7 am to 8 pm

Friday:             Closed

Saturday: 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday: 7 am to 8 pm

International Qatar Post delivery times 

There are multiple sending options available through Qatar Post. Anyone can take advantage of several overseas delivery services for businesses and individual customers alike.

You begin by choosing the best choice for your budget and desired arrival time, as each one covers various regions, prices, and transit times.

If you're sending a package as an individual, you can choose between 190 countries.

For businesses, there are more choices, as owners can send to over 220 countries. We'll break down the most popular options below.

Key logistics partners for Qatar Post include the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The most economical delivery option is the cargo service for businesses, but it only covers four countries, and it takes nearly 30 days on average.

Businesses can use the Global Priority service, delivering the package in just four days to over 220 countries.

For individual customers, there's the Global Standard, which covers 190 countries and reaches the recipient within two weeks.

The Global Express service also extends to 190 countries, and delivery is within seven to ten days. 

Lost and missed Qatar Post deliveries

Dealing with a lost or missing package is frustrating, but you should understand how the company handles those situations.

This way, you know what recourse you can take if you aren't home when the package arrives or if it gets lost in transit. 

What happens if you miss a Qatar Post delivery?

For missed deliveries, the company doesn't mention a specific way to handle these circumstances.

The standard protocol for many couriers is to call the customer to confirm that the delivery has arrived.

If no one is available to get the package, the courier usually leaves a note to tell them about the delivery attempt, and they'll come out again the next business day.

If another adult, such as a neighbor, is available, they may ask for a signature and give the package to that person.

Some policies allow the courier to leave the package in a discreet location on the property.

Contact Qatar Post directly to understand what'll happen if you can't accept the package when they arrive.

After two to three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the courier may send the package back to the sender or hold it at the local postal office for you to pick up during a specified timeframe. 

How long Qatar Post will hold a package

Anyone with an eligible address can ask Qatar Post to hold their mail. They will not have the package without a formal submission.

You can use the mobile app or the official Qatar Post website to turn in the document to hold the mail.

Remember that you'll have to create an online account to execute the process. They'll hold the package for no more than 30 days if your plea gets approved. 

What to do if you haven't received your Qatar Post package 

If you didn't get your order from Qatar Post, check the package status to check if it's pending, in transit, or has any problems.

Always contact Qatar Post customer service representatives if you're not sure. 

Qatar Post FAQs

Here are a few quick answers to common inquiries about Qatar Post package tracking:

Is Qatar Post delivery fast? 

Qatar Post is a relatively fast delivery service. You can get your package as quickly as two days after it gets handed to the courier if you're in a location in or near Qatar.

For international deliveries, the packages arrive, on average, within two weeks, which is on par with and, in some cases, better than many other couriers worldwide. 

Can I track a Qatar Post package by address? 

You can't engage in Qatar Post tracking with the unique code issued to you by the sender. It helps you find out what's going on with your package no matter where it's in the world.

Contact Qatar Post to ask them for help finding your package if you misplace the tracking number.  

How do I know if my Qatar Post package is stuck in customs?

You should get an update if your package isn't moving through customs. The most common reasons this happens are:

  • Unpaid fees
  • Missing documentation
  • Illegal products
  • Incorrect address

 If you cannot fix the issue within seven days, the office may send the package back to the seller.  

Are there faster ways for Qatar Post tracking?

Get up-to-date information when you track Qatar Post shipment with Circuit Package Tracker. You can also receive updates whenever there's movement or a problem with your order. 

For easier Qatar Post tracking, download Circuit Package Tracker for free now!