Poland Post Tracking

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About Poland Post

Poland Post (or Poczta Polska) is the national postal service of Poland. It's been around since 1558 and is one of the most efficient and effective ways to deliver mail throughout Poland, Europe, and the world.

The State Treasury of Poland runs Poland Post and monitors the quality of mail, delivery, and packages. Polish taxes go towards keeping the postal system running, and it's been running smoothly for over 450 years.

If you've ordered a package from Poland, you might get it through the Poland Post.

Although it's relatively uncommon for Polish outgoing mail to use Poland Post (international couriers are often cheaper), you might track your package using Poland Post. 

Note: If you want to track your Poland Post package instantly without the hassle, simply download the Circuit Package Tracker app for free, and find your package immediately.

Poland Post tracking​​

If you've recently made an order from Poland, you've likely gotten two emails. The first email was a confirmation email and included your order details and payment information.

The second email will include tracking information, including the name of the courier that will send the package.

Like any major post office system, Poland Post uses tracking numbers to trace locations on packages. These numbers simplify tracking and sending and also prevent fraud or package stealing based on personal information.

Once you get your tracking or confirmation email that they have sent your package, you can start your Poland Post shipment tracking.

However, you might need clarification if you don't speak Polish and need help finding the official website. Here's a guide on everything you need to know about Poland Post package tracking. 

​How to find your Poland Post tracking number​

So, how do I track my Poland Post package? The first step is to find your Poland Post tracking number. Without this, you can't track a Poland Post shipment's location.

Usually, the person you ordered the package from will send you a tracking number as part of the confirmation.

If your seller still needs to send you a tracking number, contact them and ask for one. They would have gotten a tracking number if they sent the package through Poland Post.

It's likely in their records, and they will be willing to send you a copy. 

​​How to track your Poland Post package location​

Once you have a tracking number, you can track the package in several different ways. The first is to put it in the Poland Post website tracker.

Although this site is the most direct way to track your package, it's also in Polish, which could be confusing if you can't speak it. There is an option to translate the site to English, so no worries there.

The second, and probably the most hassle-free solution is to enter your tracking number into Circuit Package Tracker

Lost Poland Post tracking number​​

If you've lost the email containing the tracking number, you will have difficulty tracking your package. Like most post offices, Poland Post does not track by address, so you will need a tracking number to track your package.

It is possible to find your tracking number again, especially if your seller keeps organized records.

Do not contact Poland Post if you're trying to find a new tracking number, as they will have no way to find your package for reference. 

​How to track a Poland Post package without a tracking number​

You cannot track a Poland Post package without a tracking number. To track your package again, you'll have to contact your seller and ask them for a copy of the tracking number.

If the seller has also lost the tracking number, you can attempt to contact the courier and use your personal information to find out where your package is.

Be aware that most postal companies do not allow this. So you may have to be patient and wait for your package to arrive. 

​Solving Poland Post tracking issues​​

Of course, no postal service is perfect, and Poland Post is no exception. Although it's a reliable postal service for Poland and Europe, there can be tracking issues for trans-continental packages.

If you're having tracking problems, there are some solutions.

Common tracking problems for Poland Post packages include not being able to track the packages and packages that aren't updating or moving.

However, much of this is due to the package courier system. Here's what to do if you have either of those issues. 

​Why you can't track your Poland Post package​

If you can't track your Poland Post package despite having a tracking number, you might have the wrong tracking number for the package.

When this happens, it could be an issue on your end, the seller's end, or the postal service's end.

Double-check your tracking number and ask the seller if it's correct. If this is the case, contact Poland Post.

There's a chance that the outside of the package got damaged, and the post office gave the box a new tracking number. You can track it using this tracking number. 

​​Why your Poland Post package is not updating or moving​

If you can track your package, but it is not updating or moving, it's not an issue with the tracking software or the number. Instead, something is going on with the package.

Usually, this is simply because the couriers last scanned the package a while ago. It's still moving, but the barcode still needs to get updated.

Occasionally, packages will get behind when there are delays. If this is the case, you will likely get a notification with a new expected delivery date.

However, a moving package that has yet to get scanned will only send an update once it gets scanned again. 

Poland Post tracking status explained​​

Once you've put in your tracking number, you will find exactly where your package is. In addition to this, you will likely find a few statuses.

The first is "confirmed," which is the status you get after buying a product. After that, your package will be "shipped" and then "in transit."

Those are the normal tracking statuses to find on a package tracker. After that, the words "out for delivery" and "delivered" might appear.

With no complications, these will transition smoothly, and you will get your package. However, there are a few parts that need clarification. 

​In transit​

Although "in transit" is a common status, it can be concerning to users who have not found it to change for a long time.

You should find that your package is in transit from when it gets sent until it reaches your local post office. There will usually be location updates in addition to this. 

​​Why your Poland Post package is still in transit

If your Poland Post package is in transit longer than you would like, don't worry. It could be on an especially long leg of the journey or in a spot where it's impossible to scan the barcode.

Once it makes it to the next official postal stop, the workers will scan the code, and you'll find the location update.

It's also possible that the package has been static for a while because a worker forgot to scan it. That doesn't mean it's headed toward you - it just needs to get updated online. You can't tell, but your package is likely still on its way to you. 

​​How long a Poland Post package can stay in transit

A Poland Post package will stay in transit as long as needed. It should be in transit from its origin in Poland until it reaches your hometown.

When it gets to the closest warehouse or post office to your home, it will likely change to "out for delivery."

Poland Post is a relatively fast delivery service, so this could be only a few days if you live in Europe. However, it could take over a week if you are farther away and have more complicated borders to cross. 


A pending package means that the box has stopped moving for one reason or another. This status is hardly ever a good thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean something terrible.

Pending packages are still at the location where they were last scanned and are no longer on the move.

Usually, you will get an email when your package gets marked as pending. It will either tell you precisely what is wrong or tell you that the company will clear up the issue in a few days.

Either way, the email will give you a new delivery estimate. 

​​​Why your Poland Post package may be pending

There are several reasons why your Poland Post package might be pending. The most common one is likely a customs delay or traffic backup that caused several loads of packages to get delayed.

If this is the case, you'll simply need to be patient and wait for the system to clear.

If your package got damaged, it could be pending until the postal workers fix the box and ascertain that the contents are not damaged.

Then, they will repackage it and send it to you. In the worst-case scenario, a package marked pending could be missing.

If this is the case, the tracking will update to "canceled" or "missing" if the workers cannot find the box. 

Poland Post delivery times​​

Once your package updates to "out to delivery," it's in your hometown and on its way to you. Usually, "out for delivery" means the package is on the truck headed toward your house.

The delivery times could vary depending on the route of the truck and your location.

If you have a package that you must sign for, it's important to try to be home when it arrives (although there are instructions in the next section on what to do if you miss a delivery).

Here are the standard delivery times for Poland Post and how late the courier will deliver on a weekday. 

​Poland Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

Like most postal services, a department of the government runs Poland Post. Because of this, postal workers and courier drivers have very standard hours.

You will get your Poland Post package with the rest of your daily mail or between regular working hours if you live in Poland.

However, things change outside of Poland. Because Poland Post uses international partnerships to complete deliveries, the timing of your delivery will vary depending on which global partner they use and the standard operating hours in that country. 

​​How late Poland Post deliver​s

If you're hoping to get your package in the evening, you might be in luck. In Poland, Poland Post will deliver as late as 7 pm or 8 pm, depending on the time of year and the post office's schedule.

Internationally, it still depends on the postal service's global partners. The hours will likely be earlier if they have paired with a local post office. However, a partner such as Amazon, FedEx, or UPS will deliver later in the evening. 

​International Poland Post delivery times​

If you live outside of Poland, the delivery time depends mainly on who will deliver it. You might still get your package from a Poland Post truck or partner in the closest European countries.

The further the package needs to travel, the more likely it is that you will see a switch in couriers halfway through.

The tracking will not change if you switch couriers, and you will technically still get it from Poland Post. However, the delivery times might vary.

Most couriers, international or otherwise, usually deliver their goods between regular working hours. 

​Lost and missed Poland Post deliveries​​

If you weren't there when the courier arrived with your Poland Post package, you might have missed the package.

This scenario is especially true for packages that need a signature, such as fragile or expensive items.

If you missed a package or think it might have gotten lost in the mail, there are some steps you can take to get your package delivered or get a replacement. Missing packages aren't common, but they do happen occasionally. 

​What happens if you miss a Poland Post delivery​

If you miss a Poland Post delivery, you will likely get a note on your door or mailbox telling you they attempted to deliver your package.

This note will contain further information, including instructions on what you should do next.

In most cases, the postal service will attempt delivery again the next business day. After a second failed attempt, the package will be sent to the nearest warehouse until you can pick it up.

This information will get emailed to you or included in the note in your mailbox. 

​How long Poland Post will hold a package​

Poland Post will generally hold a package for up to two weeks. However, the standards might be different if you live outside of Poland. It depends on which international partner your package is staying with.

Either way, it's a good idea to pick up the package as soon as possible. If you are out of town and unable to go, contact the warehouse and arrange a pickup date.

They will likely be willing to hold it for you until that specific date, even if it's outside the two-week mark. 

​​What to do if you haven't received your Poland Post package​

If you got a "delivered" notification but still haven't gotten your package, it may be that your package got delivered to the wrong address or stolen off your porch.

Check any video cameras you might have and report a package thief to the police.

With package insurance, you might get a refund or replacement if your items were stolen from your porch or lost in the mail.

Some companies offer a delivery guarantee and will replace your order for free if the package arrives after that date. 

Poland Post tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Poland Post tracking of shipments.

​Is Poland Post delivery fast?​

Poland Post is one of the best options for in-country deliveries. If you live in Poland, you likely already know that Poland Post is an efficient way to deliver packages. It also works well internationally, barring any customs issues or delays. 

​​Can I track a Poland Post package by address?​

Poland Post does not offer address-based package tracking. To protect customers' privacy and streamline the tracking and delivery process, only barcodes and tracking numbers get used. 

​How do I know if my Poland Post package is stuck in customs? 

In most cases, Poland Post will send out an email notification to let you know that your package got delayed because of customs. However, if you find a "pending" tag near a border, it very well might be because of something customs-related. 

Final Thoughts on Poland Post Tracking

Although using the official Poland Post website to track your package is the most efficient way, it can be inconvenient if you don't speak Polish.

However, there are plenty of external package trackers available. Track your Poland Post package from the store to your door and download the Circuit Package Tracker app for free now.

Circuit Package Tracker allows senders and receivers to track their package across over 2000+ carriers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, JT Express, Yun Express, China EMS, and Poland Post, of course!