Overseas Tracking

Track your Overseas Logistics delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Overseas Tracking

Overseas Logistics is a company based in India that offers logistics and supply chain management solutions to international businesses. They offer services such as:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Package tracking

The company has a strong global network of partners and agents, allowing them to give seamless and efficient service to their clients.

This degree of attention helps clients better understand their supply chain while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

This tracking company is dependable and professional. It's known for its dedication to customer service. Each client has an account manager to make sure they get the best service possible.

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Overseas Logistics tracking

Overseas Logistics offers cutting-edge tracking technology to make sure the company tracks and manages orders in real time.

Every order uses GPS tracking and digital documentation from the point of origin to the final destination.

Clients can also access a web-based tracking portal through Overseas Logistics. This feature offers clients real-time order status information.

These features give clients with greater visibility into their supply chain, allow them to track the location of their goods, and allow them to download and send documents.

Customers can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make more informed decisions by using Overseas Tracking.

How to find your Overseas Tracking number

The tracking number comes from Overseas Logistics or the courier company in charge of the order. You should have the information in your sending confirmation email or on the invoice.

If you don't find the number in your email, contact your account manager at Overseas Tracking. They can give the tracking number for your order.

Overseas Logistics gives a web-based tracking portal for clients, where you can track your order by entering the tracking number.

If you are still unable to find your tracking number, contact Overseas Tracking's customer service team for help. They will give you the tracking number and help you track your order.

Keep your order reference number or order number handy in case you must check the status of your order.

How to track your Overseas Logistics package location

Note that tracking information may not appear for all orders or stages of the order. To track the location of your order, go to the Overseas Tracking website and find the tracking portal.

Once you are on the tracking portal, enter the tracking number for your order. Overseas logistics or the courier company responsible for the order will give you this number.

After entering your tracking number, you will find detailed information about your order, including its current location, expected delivery date, and any updates or delays.

Employees update the order as it moves through the supply chain. You can find exactly where your order is at any given time and monitor its progress.

You can also opt-in to get notifications by email or text message about your order status, so you don't have to keep checking the website.

If you have any problems or questions about your order, please contact Overseas Logistics' customer service team.   

Lost Overseas tracking number

If you have misplaced your Overseas tracking number, you can retrieve it in several ways. First, check your email and invoice for the number.

You might not find the email at first, so check your spam folder and junk mail to discover if it went to the wrong folder.

If you have the sending confirmation number or the order number, you can use that to track your package on the Overseas Logistics website, even without the tracking number.

It's also a good idea to keep a copy of the sending confirmation email or invoice because it contains the tracking number and other vital information.

If you are unable to find the tracking number in your email, contact your dedicated account manager at Overseas Logistics. They can find the information you need.

You can also bypass your account manager and contact customer service. They will give you the tracking number and help you track your order.

How to track an Overseas Logistics package without a tracking number

If you don't have a tracking number for your Overseas package, there are other ways to track its location.

If you can't find your tracking number, contact Overseas Logistics' customer service team for help. They can give you the number and help you track your order.

If you have the sending confirmation number or the order number, you can use that to track your package on the Overseas Logistics website, even without the tracking number.

The sending confirmation email that you got from Overseas Logistics when they sent your order may contain a direct link to track the package.

If you're the recipient of the package, contact the sender and ask them for the tracking number or for any update on the package's whereabouts.

If all else fails, you can check with the courier company responsible for the order. They can give information about the package's location, even without a tracking number.

Solving Overseas tracking issues

It's important to remember that many diverse issues can cause tracking problems, such as technical difficulties, sending delays, or incorrect information.

To solve your tracking issues, you should follow the steps outlined above.

Why you can't track your Overseas Logistics package 

There can be several reasons why you can't track your Overseas Logistics package.

Make sure that you have entered the correct tracking number and that there are no typos or errors. If you have the tracking number in an email, copy and paste it to prevent mistakes.

If your package is experiencing a sending delay, employees might not update the tracking information in real-time. Your package is moving, but you won’t notice the progress.

If the merchant hasn't yet sent your package, there's no tracking information available. You have to wait until the package enters the Overseas Logistics system.

The website or the tracking system may experience technical difficulties. This issue can prevent you from accessing tracking information, even if the package is moving to the destination.

If the merchant sends the package to the wrong address, it's difficult to track. You have to wait and find out if the recipient will send it back to the manufacturer.

Some sending methods or courier companies don't give you tracking information. In this case, you can't track the package and just have to wait for it to arrive by the estimated date.

It's possible to lose a package during transit, which can make it difficult or impossible to track them. People can also steal your package while it's traveling to the destination.

If you think you have a lost or stolen package or the manufacturer sent it to the wrong address, you'll have to file a claim with the merchant for a refund.

Why your Overseas package is not updating or moving   

Sending is unpredictable, and various issues might cause your package to hit a delay. There are several common reasons your Overseas Tracking package may not update.

f your package is experiencing a sending delay, tracking information isn't updated in realtime.

This type of delay can happen because of inclement weather, customs clearance, or a high volume of packages sent at the same time.

The website or the tracking system may experience technical difficulties, which prevent you from accessing real-time tracking updates.

If customs don't release your package, they'll hold it until they clear the contents and destination. Tracking information won't update until they have the necessary clearance.

When the package goes to the wrong address, it will be difficult to track. It might say delivered, but you don't know the address, so it takes longer to reach the correct destination.

In some cases, the courier can lose packages during transit. People might also steal them while they travel to their destination. This problem makes it impossible to track the package.

The courier company responsible for the order may have internal issues that impact the package's movement, like labor strikes, vehicle breakdowns, or other operational problems.

Overseas Tracking status explained   

Understanding the different statuses that your package may go through during its transit can help you know what to expect and what actions to take.              

In transit           

"In Transit" is a tracking status that shows your package is in the hands of the courier and on its way to its final destination.

It could still take some time to arrive at its final destination. Employees sort, scan, and load packages onto various modes of transportation, such as trucks, trains, or airplanes for transit.

The "In Transit" status can last several days or longer, depending on the sending method, courier, and destination.

It may take longer in some cases due to factors such as bad weather, customs clearance, or a high volume of packages sent at the same time.

Why your Overseas Tracking package is still in transit

Several issues can cause your package to stay in transit:

  • Sending delays
  • Courier company issues
  • Package held at customs
  • Incorrect sending address
  • Package rerouted
  • Transit hubs and transfer points

How long an Overseas Tracking package can stay in transit

The "In Transit" status usually lasts a few days, depending on the method of sending.

Standard delivery methods, such as ground or economy delivery, can take up to 7 business days to reach their final destination. The package would be "in transit" for the duration.

Some destinations, particularly international destinations, may take longer than others. International options can take longer due to customs clearance and other related processes.


A "Pending" status on Overseas Tracking shows that the package hasn't reached the courier or that the merchant is still preparing it for its journey.

Why your Overseas Logistics package may be pending

There are many common reasons your Overseas Tracking package is pending.

The courier might not have picked up the package yet. During this time, it's still in the sender's possession.

It takes some time for the sender to process a package, so it's marked "Pending." The courier could also take time to schedule a pickup.

The pending status appears if the courier has the package but hasn't yet updated the tracking information.

The sender has to pay for the package before Overseas Tracking takes it. The courier keeps the package on hold until they confirm payment.

Sometimes the merchant doesn't create the sending label right away. The system marks the package as pending until it generates the label.

If information like the recipient's name or address is incorrect, the system classifies the package as pending until they get the correct information.

Employees may flag the package for inspection by customs or any other relevant authority. It stays pending during the process and will update once they complete the inspection.

Overseas Logistics delivery times  

Overseas Logistics package delivery times can vary depending on several factors, including the sending method, courier, and destination.

Economy sending, for example, can take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to arrive at their final destination. Expedited delivery methods, on the other hand, can take 1 to 2 business days.

International delivery times can also vary depending on the destination country's regulations and the service area of the courier company.

Overseas Logistics delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The exact delivery time for your Overseas Logistics package will depend on a number of factors, including the method of delivery, courier, and destination.

The courier company usually offers a delivery time window, such as 8 am to 5 pm.       

How late Overseas Logistics delivers      

Packages are usually delivered between 9 am and 9 pm local time by Overseas Logistics. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination and service the merchant chose.

International Overseas Logistics delivery times   

Overseas Logistics offers several international delivery options. Air freight delivery times usually range from 5 to 14 business days and sea freight delivery times range from four to eight weeks.

Lost and missed Overseas Logistics deliveries 

Customers can report lost or missed deliveries with the company Overseas Logistics through their online portal or by contacting their customer service team.

When you make a report, the company investigates and takes the necessary steps to find the package.

If they find the package, they will arrange to re-deliver it to the intended recipient. If they don't find the package, they refund the customer.

What happens if you miss an Overseas Logistics delivery  

If you miss an Overseas Logistics delivery, contact them directly to arrange for a new delivery date or to have the package collected from their depot.

The delivery company may also charge an additional fee for re-delivery or package collection if a package is not delivered on time.

How long Overseas Logistics will hold a package   

Overseas Logistics usually holds a package for up to 30 days before returning it to the sender. If an item is not picked up within that time frame, they return it to the sender.

What to do if you haven't received your Overseas Logistics package   

1. Contact the sender first. They may have specific information about the status of the package that they can give. 

2. Contact the courier that is responsible for delivering the package. They can tell you the status of the package and when you can expect it to arrive. 

3. File a claim with the courier if they lose or damage your package. They will investigate the matter and give you a resolution or refund.

4. Contact your local post office if you believe the courier delivered your package to the wrong address. Your local post office might help you find the package.

5. File a dispute with the sender if you still haven't found the package after taking all the other steps. They will send a replacement or issue a refund.

Overseas tracking FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about tracking your Overseas package.         

Is Overseas Logistics delivery fast?

Yes, the company Overseas Logistics offers fast and reliable service. 

Can I track Overseas Logistics package by address?

Yes, you can track packages by address with Overseas Tracking. Enter the package's destination, and the company will give you updates on the package's progress.

You can also track packages coming to your address through different couriers based in the United States.

How do I know if my Overseas Logistics package is stuck in customs?

If you think your package with Overseas Logistics is stuck in customs, the best way to find out is to contact their customer service team directly.

You can also contact Customs and Border Protection in the United States. They can check information about your package status with the tracking number or sender data.

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