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OCS Tracking 

OCS is a worldwide Courier and Logistics Shipping Network. It was founded in 1957. OCS now has over 250 offices around the world that are all crafted with a single goal: to handle your shipping and delivery needs wherever your package has to go.

If you have questions on how to track your OCS package, here are some tips to help you.

About OCS Tracking

When you are waiting for a package to arrive from OCS, you may want to track it. Tracking tells you when your package was sent out, where it is, and when it will arrive. To track your OCS package, you will need to start with your tracking number.

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How to find your OCS Tracking number

When you buy something online, your package gets a unique identifier known as a tracking number. To find your OCS tracking number, there are a few simple things you can do.

The first place to check is your email inbox. After you have bought something, many merchants send a confirmation email. This email has your order, along with the tracking number. You can print out this email or write the tracking number down to have it on hand.

If this email is unavailable, do not worry. You can go directly to the website you ordered from. Once there, you can log in to an existing account that you made before or during your order. This account will show you all your orders and their tracking numbers.

How to track your OCS Courier package location

Once you have your tracking number, finding out where your package is currently will be simple.

Entering your tracking number directly into the OCS website will give you details such as when the package was sent out and where it is currently.

Another quick and easy option is using Cricut Package Tracker. You can enter the tracking number into the Cricut Package Tracker similar to the OCS website. Within minutes you will have all the information on your package, like its location.

Lost OCS tracking number

Sometimes we misplace our tracking number. If this has happened to you, don’t worry, it happens. There are ways to get it back. This will be very similar to the tips on getting your tracking number.

Usually, the merchant will send an order confirmation to the email you gave them. A quick search for the merchant’s name using the search bar in your email inbox should list all emails from that merchant.

How to track an OCS package without a tracking number

If you do not have your tracking number, you may be unable to track your package.  

There are different ways to find a lost tracking number, which are listed here. Try these tips to get that tracking number to help find your package.

The tracking number is usually a long line of text, a mix between numbers and letters. Keep your eye open for anything like that.

If you believe you may have deleted the email, you can often get it back by going to the trash folder in your email browser. Find the email with the tracking number and restore it to your inbox.

In cases where the email is nowhere to be found you still have options. Going directly to the site where you placed your order is an excellent option.

Most sites have the option to create an account when making an order. Try logging in to the account you made with them. This account will show all your orders with that merchant and will often have the tracking number listed too.

If the above options have left you empty-handed, do not worry, there is another option. You can contact the merchant directly. Many sites have their contact information listed at the bottom of the page. Send an email to the merchant requesting the tracking number so you can track your package. Provide them with your information, like your email, what you ordered, and any other pertinent information.

Solving OCS tracking issues

Sometimes you may run into different issues when tracking your OCS package. Weather can cause delays, sometimes information can be unavailable, tracking may lead to zero results, and so on.

There are some things to do when you run into these types of problems that may help you get back on track, or in this case, tracking.

Why you can’t track your OCS package

If you have your tracking number, but results are not turning up when you use it, this is usually indicative of a possible system issue.

To start, make sure you are entering your tracking number correctly. A typo within the number will tamper with your tracking results. Double checking on the tracking number is a good idea if you get a system error like 'Tracking Number Not Found' or others.

Trying to use a tracking site when your internet connection is weak or not working can also cause you to get less-than-ideal results. Check your internet connection to make sure it is working. If not, try using another device or going to another location to try and track your package.

If you have entered the tracking number correctly and yet no results are coming up for your package, it could be a courier error. They may have forgotten to scan the barcode on the package before sending it on its way.In other cases, the barcode could have damage. This would make it impossible to scan the package throughout its travels. This would cause the tracking information to be unavailable. If the barcode became damaged at some point during transit, you could also find a halt in progress. Again, because the barcode is unable to be scanned.

Why your OCS package is not updating or moving

If you have found a halt in progress, like the package showing it being at one location for an extended period, this could be because of the barcode mentioned above. The package could also be stuck at the sorting facility.

A delay in tracking progress can be a common occurrence for packages sent internationally. This is because couriers tend to only scan in the barcode when the package has reached a significant landmark- like a big country.

It is common for these types of packages to display only the country they have reached, as opposed to an exact location or city.

Extreme weather conditions can also influence the status of your package. If a severe storm happens where your OCS facility is, this can cause delays such as your package being in one location for several days.

If your package has appeared in one location for an extended period, you can reach out to that OCS location, and they will have more information on your package. As well as when you can expect movement in the tracking.

OCS courier package tracking explained

While tracking your OCS package, you may come across a few different status words that describe what your package is doing.

In Transit

The phrase 'In Transit' is one of the most common labels found while tracking a package. What does it mean? The definition can vary a bit from Courier to Courier. When talking about the OCS Courier, it simply indicates that OCS has your package and is on its way to you.

To say it is in transit is not to say it will be delivered that day. Instead, it means that OCS has picked up your package which has begun its journey to you. ‘In Transit’ is a good way of saying it is moving.

This could mean moving from its original location to the OSC facility. It could also mean being loaded onto a plane or boat to start the next stage in its journey. In Transit is used to describe this movement.

Why your OCS package is still in transit

A package can be under the ‘In Transit’ label throughout its journey. This does not necessarily mean there is an issue. It could mean that it is moving, heading in your direction.

If you start to suspect that your package is stuck ‘In Transit’, after an extended period, this could mean that there is an issue. Contacting the OCS courier may give you the answers you are searching for about the actual status of your package.

How long an OCS courier package can stay in transit

Because OCS is usually sending packages internationally, this can cause the package status to stay ‘In Transit’ for what can feel like a long time. International sending usually has a mailed-to-delivery time of approximately 1-2 weeks.

This is because of the different ways the package may be traveling. Cross-continental travel means the package will have to move by plane or boat, possibly more than once. Big journeys like this take time. ‘In Transit’ will apply to all those big moves.


Another package status label you may come across is Pending. The OCS will usually use this term when they have not gotten your package yet.

Pending is a term that can also mean that OCS does have your package, but they have not been able to process it for some reason. This is a status used when there is a type of delay.

Why your OCS package may be pending

A few things can cause your package to get a ‘Pending’ status. These usually all have to do with a delay of some sort.

One reason you may be getting a ‘Pending’ status is OCS does have your package, but they are behind in sending out packages. They may wait to scan your package while they sort through the current inventory.

This is common around busy times of the year like the holidays. OCS workers may wait to scan your package in until they are ready to send it out so that you have the most accurate tracking information possible.

OCS Courier delivery times

OCS prides itself on being fast and efficient. How soon your package will arrive depends on where you are ordering from and where you are sending the package.

What time will your package arrive?

OCS Courier states that their deliveries usually take approximately 5 to 7 business days nationally and internationally. This can vary depending on where you are and where you ordered from.

How late do OSC Couriers deliver?

The hours of operation for OCS hubs vary by location. Generally, they deliver between 6 am and 6 pm. You can contact your local OCS Courier to get exact delivery hours.

International OCS Courier delivery times

International delivery times are going to vary from national delivery times.

Usually, for international delivery, the OCS Courier will drop the package off at a local delivery company near you. For example, in The United States, the OCS has a partnership with the USPS. The time that the package will arrive to you then is determined by the USPS hours of operation.

Holidays, weekends, and other days when the OCS and local delivery companies may be closed will also change the exact date and time your package may arrive.

Lost and missed OCS Courier deliveries

Sometimes, packages get lost on their way to you. Your package may have missed its delivery time or says it is out for delivery but doesn’t show up.

Luckily you will still usually get your package. There are a few different ways to figure out what is going on. And there are people there to help you.

What happens if you miss an OCS Courier delivery?

Some items need your signature to be delivered. If you miss the OCS delivery person, they will generally leave a slip on your door or in your mailbox. This slip will contain information such as when they were there and when they plan on trying to deliver to you again.

All packages delivered internationally directly from OCS need a signature. This brings peace of mind to the sender and the one receiving the package.

If you cannot be there for the delivery, you can contact your local OCS substation or the local delivery place they handed off your package at. This information can often be found when you track your package, so it is important to keep an eye on your tracking status. You can then reschedule your delivery time or a time for you to pick up the package from the facility.

How long will the OCS Courier hold your package?

How long OCS will hold onto your package will depend on where you are and who has the package. Because OCS deals with international sending, they often give packages to your local delivery offices (like the USPS).

OCS will often hold onto a package for approximately one week. If unable to contact you or arrange to pick it up, they will send the package back to their warehouses. From that point, it may be sent back to the original sender.

To avoid this, arrange a pick-up time, or another option that will work for you. This will help you get your package.

What to do if you haven’t received your OCS Courier package

Occasionally your tracking status will say delivered but you have not gotten a package. There could be a few reasons for this.

Having a delivered status, but no package could be that the courier scanned in your package but hasn’t made it to your home yet. In this case, you would need to wait a bit for it to arrive.

There is also the possibility that you may have a problem. Your package may have been delivered and then stolen from your porch, or delivered to the wrong home.

In these rare but possible cases, you will need to contact the OCS Courier (or the delivery office they transferred the package to) directly. From there, they will tell you what has happened with your package, and where it is. This will hopefully result in your package arriving promptly.

OCS Courier FAQs

You may still have questions after reading all the information above. Here is some extra information to help answer other questions you may have.

Is OCS Courier Delivery Fast?

How quickly your package will get to you through OCS Courier Delivery depends on whether you are ordering nationally or internationally. OCS Courier appears to be fast when matched against other International Delivery Couriers.

For deliveries close to OCS substations and offices, package delivery can be as quick as 1 to 3 days. The OCS claims a 5 to a 7-business-day period for international deliveries.  

Can I track an OCS Courier package by address?

The answer to this is mostly no. Usually, you can only view your OCS package tracking using the tracking number, reference number, or Courier waybill number. For international orders, there is also a number called the Air Waybill Number used to track packages.

The numbers listed above will give you the most detailed tracking information.

The OCS does have a partnership with the USPS. The USPS offers a membership on their website where you can track packages you have sent or are coming to you, by using your address.

How do I know if my OCS Courier package is stuck in customs?

If you have noticed your package has arrived in your country but has been stuck in one place for a time, it may be in customs.

There are different ways to find out if your package is stuck in customs. The first would be by tracking the package. OCS usually updates its tracking information to show when an international package has reached customs offices.

You may get a Customs Detainment letter in the mail. If this is the case, you will need to follow the instructions in the letter to get your package.

If you suspect your package may be stuck in customs, you can also contact OCS. They will give you the information on your package. As well as how long you can expect it to be in customs.

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