Nova Poshta Tracking

Track your Nova Poshta delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta is a global delivery business with over 32,000 employees, 7500 delivery points in Ukraine, 13,500 automated package drop-off points in Ukraine, and more than 370+ million packages delivered yearly.

This Ukrainian-based package delivery business first came about in 2001. This new company offers Ukrainian citizens and worldwide customers delivery services, logistics services, and financial applications that give comprehensive solutions for varying customers.

Nova Poshta offers business-to-business customer solutions, business-to-consumer services, and consumer-to-consumer services that help many customers.

Nova Poshta allows citizens to send packages to virtually any country in the world. By giving service points or contacting a local courier, customers can use Nova Poshta to connect with a service point in Ukraine through a simple and fast delivery process.

Let’s find out the basics of utilizing Nova Poshta tracking tools and why this innovative company is good for customers who want an optimized, streamlined, and frugal service. 

Nova Poshta tracking

Nova Poshta offers a tracking tool for customers who want to keep an eye on their package through the pick-up and delivery process. 

Note: The best option for quickly and accurately tracking your Nova Poshta package is to download the Circuit Package Tracker app for free. Then all you have to do is enter your tracking number into the app and you'll find your Nova Poshta package instantly.

How to find your Nova Poshta tracking number

Customers who use Nova Poshta must find a tracking number to keep an eye on their package through the pick-up transit, delay, and delivery process.

The easiest way to find your Nova Poshta number is to find the invoice. The tracking number is at the top of the invoice. You can get an invoice after you book a courier collection online or by visiting an in-person location in Ukraine.

If you are ordering a delivery online, follow these steps to create an order:

  1. Visit the Nova Poshta home page
  2. Register as a new customer or enter your log-in and password information
  3. Choose the type of order (ex: International)
  4. Create the order 

Once you create the order, you will get a tracking number on the email receipt.

The next way to book an order and find your tracking number is to do the following:

  1. Bring your package to the closest Nova Poshta location
  2. Give the customer service representative your personal information (first name, last name, and phone number)
  3. Give the employee the recipient’s country, first name, last name, phone number, and email
  4. Tell the employee the type of delivery service required (parcel vs. home delivery) 
  5. Give the agent the contents of the package (ex: clothes, shoes, personal items, etc.) 
  6. Pay for the order — your tracking number will be on your physical receipt and sent to your email 

How to track your Nova Poshta package location

The easiest way to track your Nova Poshta location is to visit the homepage. Then, use the menu bar in the top right-hand corner of the room. Once you use the menu button, use the ‘Tracking’ button to visit the tracking page.

Once you are on the tracking page, enter your tracking number in the ‘Enter the parcel number’ search bar. After entering the number, use the ‘Trac’ button to continue. 

Lost Nova Poshta tracking number

Customers can still track their package without a tracking number by using other methods. Although you can’t use the online tracking tool on the home page, you can still use other in-person or online methods to find your package’s status. 

How to track a Nova Poshta package without a tracking number

One of the easiest ways to track a Nova Poshta package without a tracking number is to contact the sender or recipient to find the status of the package.

Customers can also track their package by calling one of the local depots to find out if the package is being held at a location or if they have any further information.

Lastly, if you are expecting a package, Nova Poshta will contact the recipient by phone on the day of delivery. However, customers should be aware that stipulations and rules will differ in each country. 

Solving Nova Poshta tracking issues

Customers who use Nova Poshta need other methods to find their package if a tracking number does not work or does not update the online system. 

Why you can't track your Nova Poshta package

There are many reasons why you can’t track your Nova Poshta package using the online tracking tool.

One of the main reasons why you can’t track your package is that it is not in the system. In this case, check to make sure your package is still in the delivery pick-up space. If not, consider waiting a few hours and contact a customer service representative or use the tracking tool to find out if there are any updates.

Another reason why you can’t track your package is that the courier did not update the system. In this case, we recommend calling a local depot to ask if there are any tracing issues.

Finally, you can’t track your Nova Poshta package if you incorrectly entered the tracking number. Double-check the number to make sure it is typed correctly into the search box.  

Why your Nova Poshta package is not updating or moving

Your Nova Poshta package might not be updated or moving if there are certain issues with the online system or driver error.

One of the main reasons why your package is not moving is that there are unforeseen circumstances. If your driver goes the wrong way or there are road closures in transit, the delivery date will be pushed back.

Another reason why your package is not updating or moving is that it is stuck at Customs. Suppose your package is immobile during the Customs Clearance process. In that case, this means that there is a delay with the security clearance or border checks.

The final reason your package may not be updated is that the courier did not enter the package into the system correctly or did not update the latest tracking status. 

Nova Poshta tracking status explained

Customers need to know the different tracking status definitions to find out where their package is in the delivery process. Understanding the meaning behind if a package is in transit, pending, or delivered can help give customers important information about their package’s location.

In transit

If your package is ‘in transit, it is currently in the delivery process after being collected at the sender’s location. 

Why your Nova Poshta package is still in transit

Your Nova Poshta may be in transit for longer than initially thought if there are delays in the process. Some common delays include weather conditions, road closures, political unrest, driver error, or package damage.

Your package might still be in transit if the delivery location is farther away. For example, delivery from Ukraine to a domestic location will be shorter than in another European country.

Finally, you might find that your Nova Poshta package is in transit longer than intended if it was stuck at Customs for a few hours or days longer than you thought. 

How long a Nova Poshta package can stay in transit

Your Nova Poshta package can stay in transit for up to 16 days on average for international deliveries. 


Your package might be ‘pending’ if it is stuck or delayed through the delivery process. 

Why your Nova Poshta package may be pending

Your package may be pending if it is stuck at customs.

However, Nova Poshta can help speed up the customs process in the destination country. The duty-free customs list for personal items in the EU is up to 45 euros, so personal items do not have to go through Customs before continuing to the final country.

For customers who order or send personal items with a higher value, you will have to pay the import fee, pay an export fee, or give the required documentation.

Another reason why your package may be pending is that there are prohibited items within the package. Suppose your package contains dangerous items, flammable liquids, or unlawful items. In that case, the package may be stuck longer at security or the border.

Some of the most common items you cannot ship are foodstuffs, cigarettes, cash, medicines, antiques, postage stamps, vitamins, alcohol, military goods, seeds, or sowing material.

The final reason why your package may be pending is that the driver made a mistake during the delivery process. If your driver delivered the package to the wrong address or package locker, it might no longer appear in your tracking tool. 

Nova Poshta delivery times

Customers need to find the average delivery times for countries around the world to find out where their package is in the transit process.

Nova Poshta delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Nova Poshta offers varying delivery times that can work for your unique needs. However, statistics show the average delivery time for Nova Poshta when shopping online takes around eight working days.

Customers can calculate the sending fees on the online website to find out the average delivery time. Use the shipping calculator tool to figure out the delivery costs for transportation between the ordering company and the recipient company.

Customers can choose the order type (cargo or documents), actual weight, dimensions, and bulk weight. Then, use the ‘Calculate’ button to continue.

Shopping in foreign online stores, such as the USA, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, and other European countries, usually takes up to 8 days.

Direct delivery from online stores to Ukraine has varying delivery days based on the specific store and the delivery choice (branch vs. home address).

Sending new goods and documents can take upwards of 16 days for those who use global delivery to one of the included 200 countries in the world.

Sending personal items to someone else in an EU country can take up to 14 days, depending on the product type and the destination country. 

How late Nova Poshta delivers

Nova Poshta Global usually delivers packages between 9 am and 6 pm on working days. 

International Nova Poshta delivery times

Nova Poshta offers international delivery services to over 200 countries and regions around the world. After being founded in 2015, Nova Poshta has continued to offer import and export services by cargo freight, sea, and truck delivery.

Nova Poshta offers the ability to send new goods, documents, and cargo to one of 200 countries in the world in an average delivery time of up to 16 days. Customers can use international sending through an in-person branch and sending to a home delivery address. 

Lost and missed Nova Poshta deliveries

If you missed your Nova Poshta delivery, there are certain steps you can take to relocate and find your lost package, missing package, or damaged package throughout the transit process. 

What happens if you miss a Nova Poshta delivery

If you miss a Nova Poshta delivery, there are a few things you can do to find your package in the transit process quickly.

The best thing to do is to first use the online tracking tool to find out if you missed the delivery or if the package is still in transit. Although it may be the intended delivery date, delays could have pushed back the delivery. Checking the online tracking tool can help avoid any wasted effort.

If you find that the status says ‘delivered’ but the package is not at the recipient’s address, you should consider contacting Nova Poshta through the phone number or email.

Another option for customers is to visit the local depot to find out if a package is located at the locker or another destination.

Suppose you are collecting a package at a local depot. In that case, you will have to bring your government ID so you can prove you are the person who is the intended recipient. If you are receiving a package at an address, you do not need to show an ID. 

How long Nova Poshta will hold a package

Nova Poshta will hold a package in a mailbox for up to 3 days. Customers cannot choose to extend the storage period for held items.

Suppose you sign up for a storage service for your packages. In that case, Nova Poshta will hold products in one of their local warehouses for up to 30 calendar days. However, customers must sign up for this service before ordering a product online. 

What to do if you haven't received your Nova Poshta package

One of the best things to do if you can’t find your Nova Poshta package is to use the tracking tool. Enter your invoice number into the search bar to find the location of your package.

Contact the customer service team if you need a tracking number. Head to the home page and scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the phone number and corporate email to discuss your concerns.

Another option you can do if you do not have your Nova Poshta package is to visit one of the local terminals in the surrounding area. Check the closest terminal to your destination address to find out if a customer service representative can identify your package in one of the storage lockers.

Finally, you can contact the sender or the recipient to find out if they can give you more information about the status package. 

Nova Poshta tracking FAQs

Customers should find out the most common questions about Nova Poshta before using this Ukrainian service.

Is Nova Poshta delivery fast?

Nova Poshta offers quick delivery for domestic deliveries and close-by geographical locations. Plus, Nova Poshta offers quick international delivery for most countries compared to other companies. 

Can I track my Nova Poshta package by address?

If you lost your tracking number, you can track your Nova Poshta package by the sender’s address and recipient’s address.

How do I know if my Nova Poshta package is stuck in customs?

Your package is stuck in customs if it says ‘pending’ for a long period of time.

You will also know if your package is stuck in customs if you get a customs letter through email or mail that you must pay an export or import fee. Understanding the Customs clearance information for Ukrainian packages is key to speeding up the customs process. 

Should I use Nova Poshta?

Nova Poshta is a Ukrainian-based delivery, logistics, and commercial business offering domestic and international deliveries for professionals and personal customers.

Customers can use various sending services that work for their unique needs, whether an individual needs to send a package to a locker in Ukraine or an international delivery to a foreign EU country.

Nova Poshta offers fast delivery times for a wide range of services, averaging around 14 days for most international deliveries and up to 8 days for online shopping deliveries.

But, if you are concerned about the status of your package, don’t worry — you can use the tracking tool offered by Nova Poshta to keep an eye on your package’s status through the pick-up, pending, in transit, and delivery process.

However, some consumers may want more information during the entire delivery phase. In this case, consider using a third-party app or website to get more updates. 

Quicker ways for Nova Poshta tracking?

Follow your Nova Poshta package from the store to your door and download the Circuit Package Tracker app for free now.

Circuit Package Tracker allows senders and receivers to track their package across over 2000+ carriers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, JT Express, Yun Express, China EMS, and Nova Poshta, of course!