Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking

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Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking

Suppose you've recently ordered a package from Malaysia or any of the surrounding countries and gotten a Ninja van Malaysia tracking number. In that case, you might wonder how well the tracking works for Ninja Van Malaysia. Is it a dependable courier? How soon will the package arrive?

Here is a complete guide to Ninja Van Malaysia, including estimated arrival times, how to track your package, and how to tell if your Ninja Van Malaysia package is stuck in customs. With this guide, you can track your package from the store to your door. 

About Ninja Van Malaysia

Ninja Van Malaysia is a premier courier and logistics company in eastern Asia. Based in Malaysia, this company has partnerships with over 2,000,000 businesses. Although it focuses on business-to-business deliveries, local and international tracking is also huge.

If you have a package sent through Ninja Van Malaysia, you will likely find your package arriving quite soon. The courier is known for excellent delivery times and reliable tracking. Here's a complete guide to Ninja Van Malaysia tracking. 

Ninja Van Malaysia tracking​​

If you order a package through Ninja Van Malaysia, you will get two emails from your seller. The first will be an order confirmation with order details and the expected arrival date. However, this doesn't mean that the order has been fulfilled yet.

Once the seller fulfills your order and sends it through the courier, you'll get a second email. This will have a tracking number and information on how to track your package. Here is a guide on tracking numbers and how to use them. 

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​How to find your Ninja Van Malaysia tracking number​

Finding your Ninja Van Malaysia tracking number should be the easy part. Once your seller has sent your item through the courier, you will get a confirmation email with the tracking number and information.

If you don't get a confirmation email or your email doesn't have a tracking number, you can ask for one from your seller. You shouldn't contact Ninja Van Malaysia unless you have an active tracking number, as they won't find your package any other way. 

​​How to track your Ninja Van Malaysia location​

Once you have your tracking number, there are several ways to track your package's location. The quickest way is to copy your tracking number and paste it into the Ninja Van Malaysia website. This will give you immediate updates.

However, if you want to save your information, you can use a third-party tracking app. Certain third-party apps or websites will track the location of your package and remember your information whenever you return to the site. 

Lost Ninja Van Malaysia tracking number​​

If you lost the receipt or can't find your confirmation email, you might be worried about your package's status. Without a tracking number, it's nearly impossible to find your package's location or when it will arrive.

The easiest way to deal with a lost package tracking number is to contact your seller. They should have a record of the original number and can send you a copy. Because Ninja Van Malaysia does not offer address-based tracking, contacting your seller is the best bet. 

​How to track a Ninja Van Malaysia package without a tracking number​

If you don't have a tracking number, you have limited options for tracking your Ninja Van Malaysia package. Sometimes, a seller won't offer a tracking number but will instead give you a link to track the package through their website. If this is the case, you don't need the number.

However, if you've lost the number or don't have a link, you should ask for a new tracking number from the seller. That way, you can track your package's location from the original country to your hometown. 

Solving Ninja Van Malaysia tracking issues​​

Like any international courier, Ninja Van Malaysia has some issues. Although it's one of the most reliable couriers in Eastern Asia, Ninja Van Malaysia has had reports of bad tracking numbers, packages that don't update, and confusing tracking status updates.

Here is a guide to solving issues with Ninja Van Malaysia tracking, from finding a proper tracking number to making sure that your package doesn't get lost on the way. These troubleshooting solutions should help you rest easy as you wait for your package. 

​​Why you can't track your Ninja Van Malaysia package​

If you have put in the tracking number and it isn't working, double-check to make sure you have the right tracking number. Sometimes, these issues are due to human error, either on the customer's part or on the seller's.

However, if it still doesn't work, you can contact Ninja Van Malaysia and ask for a new tracking number. If the label was damaged and the company replaced the tracking number, the old one won't work, and you'll need access to the new one. 

​Why your Ninja Van Malaysia package is not updating or moving​

Sometimes, packages don't get updates for several days. As the person waiting to get items, this can be frustrating. However, it doesn't always mean that the package is lost or delayed.

In some cases, your package has not been scanned in a while but is still moving toward you. Once it reaches the next leg of the journey, a worker will scan the barcode, and you will get an update. You shouldn't worry unless it's been several days without an update, and the company hasn't contacted you. 

Ninja Van Malaysia tracking status explained​​

Once you have your tracking number and everything is updating well, you must wait until the package arrives at your house. On the way, you'll notice various tracking statuses, from "in transit" to "out for delivery."

While some of these are self-explanatory, a few tracking status updates might be confusing. Here is a brief guide to two of the most common tracking status updates you should check: in transit and pending. 

​In transit​

If your package is marked "in transit," it means it's on the way to you. A package in transit is moving, even if there are no other updates at the time. However, most in-transit packages will occasionally have location-based updates.

Ideal package delivery will start with an "in-transit" tag and punctuate that with location updates. It will stay in transit until it arrives in your home town. Once your package has been delivered to your local post office or warehouse, the status will update to "out for delivery." 

​​Why your Ninja Van Malaysia package is still in transit

If your package is still in transit after a week, keep in mind that international deliveries can take a while. However, you should find location updates when you enter the tracking number. The package might be stuck if it's been a while with no location updates.

For the most part, staying in transit is totally normal for a package. Even if there aren't location-based updates for a day or two, you don't have to worry about the package being lost. A package can stay in transit for a while. 

​​​How long a Ninja Van Malaysia package can stay in transit

Because transit just means that the package is heading toward you, a Ninja Van Malaysia package can stay in transit for as long as it is necessary to get from Malaysia to your home. If you live far from Asia, this could take a few weeks.

While a package will stay in transit until it's in your hometown, you should find some location-based updates. These will help you know how close the package is while it's still moving toward you. 


While in transit is a totally normal label to find on your package tracking, a "pending" label is one you're less likely to find pending means that your package isn't moving anymore. It's been delayed for some reason.

While there are several reasons your package may be pending, Ninja Van Malaysia will update you with a new estimated delivery date and relevant details after a few days. If nothing has changed after a week, you should contact the courier. 

​​Why your Ninja Van Malaysia package may be pending

There are a few common reasons for a pending package. The most common is that the package was delayed due to standard courier delays and a customs issue. Both of these are usually solved within a few days, and your items will return to you.

However, there are a few more serious reasons that a package might be pending. If the package is lost, the company might add a pending tag to try and find it before letting you know. A lost or damaged package might be labeled as pending until they can confirm the status. 

Ninja Van Malaysia delivery times​​

Once the package has made it to your hometown, the status will update to "out for delivery." This means that your package will show up on your porch within the next day or two, depending on the courier's delivery route and your location.

However, most international deliveries need to be signed for, so you won't come home from work and find your package. You'll have to be there to get it, but what time does Ninja Van Malaysia deliver? Here is a guide to delivery times. 

​Ninja Van Malaysia delivery times: What time will your package arrive​

Once your package is in your town, it will be assigned a delivery driver and sent to your home. Ninja Van Malaysia has its own fleet of trucks and drivers for most Asian countries, and they deliver between the business hours of 8 am and 8 pm (local time).

For Malaysian deliveries and any country with Ninja Van Malaysia locations, you will get your package between those hours. However, the exact time depends on where you live in relation to the warehouse and the driver's delivery route. 

​How late does Ninja Van Malaysia deliver?​

If you live in an Asian country or in Malaysia, you won't get your package past 8 pm. However, international deliveries might vary, depending on which courier Ninja Van Malaysia partners with.

Customers who pay for express delivery might have the option to pay extra to get their package in the evening or on the weekend. If this is the case, it will be listed in your confirmation email and on your tracking page. 

​International Ninja Van Malaysia delivery times​

If you live outside of Asia, Ninja Van Malaysia will partner with an international courier (such as FedEx or DHL) to ensure you get your package on time. Depending on where you live, this could change the delivery times.

However, most couriers operate between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm, so you can count on getting your package sometime during the day. Some couriers might operate later hours or on the weekend - contact your local courier to find out the delivery schedule. 

​Lost and missed Ninja Van Malaysia deliveries​​

Of course, it can be difficult to stay home and wait for your package. If you have to go to work and miss your delivery, what do you do next? What about if you think your package was lost on the way or got stolen from your front porch?

Here's a guide for lost or missed Ninja Van Malaysia deliveries. To get your package back, you might need to contact the local post office, the courier, or your seller. However, it depends on the specific situation. 

​What happens if you miss a Ninja Van Malaysia delivery​

If you aren't home when the courier stops by your house, you will likely find a note in your mailbox or on your front door. This note lets you know that the driver attempted delivery and will tell you what to do next.

Most couriers will try for delivery twice before holding onto a package for you to pick up. However, you should follow the instructions on this note or check your tracking status updates to find out whether you should pick up the package from the warehouse. 

​How long Ninja Van Malaysia will hold a package​

If you missed your package, you should have a note letting you know what to do next. However, some warehouses don't do this but simply take the package back to the warehouse or post office for you to pick up.

If this is the case, you will have about two weeks to pick up your package. If you can't make it in time, the company will dispose of your package to make room for other storage. However, some warehouses will extend this time if you contact them and ask. 

​What to do if you haven't received your Ninja Van Malaysia package​

If you think that your package was lost in the mail or stolen, you should contact Ninja Van Malaysia and your seller. For stolen packages, talk to local authorities as well. However, if the package was lost by Ninja Van Malaysia, they should reimburse you.

First, check your neighbor's porches and make sure that it wasn't delivered to the wrong house. Then you can contact your seller and discuss a replacement, and talk to the courier about where your package might be. 

Ninja Van Malaysia tracking FAQs​​

Here are some frequently asked questions about Ninja Van Malaysia and courier delivery in general. We hope they answer your questions and help you get your package sooner! 

​Is Ninja Van Malaysia delivery fast?​

Ninja Van Malaysia is one of the fastest and most reliable east Asian couriers. Within Malaysia and the surrounding countries, most packages will arrive within a few days to a week.

However, deliveries farther afield can take a little longer. Due to traffic, distance, and customs, deliveries to Europe, Africa, or the Americas might take up to two weeks to complete. Of course, this is still a pretty quick turnaround for international couriers. 

​​Can I track Ninja Van Malaysia packages by address?​

Ninja Van Malaysia operates solely by barcode and tracking number. You cannot track Ninja Van Malaysia packages by address because it is an inefficient way to track packages and opens the door to scams and stolen packages.

If you don't have a tracking number, you should talk to your seller first because contacting Ninja Van Malaysia with anything other than a valid tracking number will likely not work. You can't find out where your package is just by the address. 

​​How do I know if my Ninja Van Malaysia package is stuck in customs?

Sometimes, packages get stuck in customs. This usually isn't the courier's fault but is simply part of the bureaucratic red tape that comes with international deliveries. If your package is stuck in customs, you will likely get an email from the courier letting you know.

Otherwise, you might find a "pending" tag attached to your package, with the last listed location at a country's border. This is also a good indicator that your package is delayed due to customs. However, it should clear up within a few days.  

Are there faster ways for Ninja Van Malaysia Tracking?

Of course, tracking a package doesn't have to be complicated or take up too much time. Follow your Ninja Van Malaysia package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.

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