Meest Tracking

Track your Meest delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Meest Tracking

Meest is part of the Meest Group, which is a courier conglomerate that also has logistics services. In this article we'll explain how to track your Meest package.

About Meest

Founded in 1989 by the international Meest Corporation Inc., Toronto, Canada, Meest started later as a courier link between Poland and Ukraine.

Today Meest has branches worldwide and is one of the leading couriers for deliveries to Europe, CIS regions, Israel, and Kazakhstan.

Meest tracking

Meest package tracking works just like most other trackers with other couriers. All you have to do is copy and paste your number into the field and get the results.

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How to find your Meest tracking number

Meest tracking shipment numbers arrive in different ways depending on whether you are the sender or receiver of an order.

The sender sets up the order, pays the price, and Meest automatically generates an invoice. The invoice includes the tracking number. The tracking number is also under the code anywhere you find a barcode.

The receiver never interacts with Meest, so the sender must give the tracking number to the recipient. In many cases, the buyer has used an online shopping site similar to Amazon.

The sender automatically gets contact information when you make the order. The contact information is probably an email address and a phone number. The sender will use these to give the tracking number.

The receiver should never delete any messages having to do with the order. Whether you get one confirmation or more than one, the tracking number should be in the message somewhere.

How to track your Meest location

There is only one track Meest shipment option, so the process could not be simpler. When you land on the homepage, find the tracking field on the upper right permanently embedded.

As you scroll through the website, the tracking field always stays on top in the same place. You will also find the links to their Facebook and Instagram above the tracking field.

Lost Meest tracking number

Meest shipment tracking relies on the tracking number because the field does not accept anything else. Ensure you do not copy any additional spaces when you get the number, or the tool might not work.

How to track a Meest package without a tracking number

When you wonder, “How do I track my Meest package without a number?” the answer is that you must get the number. The tracking tool has no buttons or options, and only a valid tracking number will work.

Firstly, as long as you did not delete any messages concerning your order, the odds that you do not have the number are low. People rarely lose tracking numbers anymore because online messaging saves everything.

If you search through your messages and do not find a tracking number, there is always a chance the sender forgot to give you the number. Simply contact the sender to get the number.

Contacting support is also an option, but the sender usually responds faster and gives better service. If your order has any problems, you will do well to remember that the sender usually solves problems better than support.

The reason is that the sender is a lone entrepreneur or a small business, and giving top-notch customer service is critical to the business. The average sender cannot take the hit of a few low ratings and negative comments.

You might as well take advantage of this great problem-solving resource if anything goes wrong. After all, good service is why people choose the senders with the best ratings.

Solving Meest tracking issues

While accidents sometimes happen, most tracking issues come down to human error. Sometimes somebody at Meest makes a mistake, and sometimes the receiver does not understand the timetables and how tracking works.

Why you can't track your Meest package

The first thing to understand about tracking a package is that you do not find anything new until somebody scans the barcode on the package. GPS is not tracking orders in real-time for people to find the actual location.

The other possibility is that you cannot track your package because you entered the number incorrectly or got a bad number. Make sure to enter the number only, without spaces.

Contact the sender for help if you try everything and suspect you have a bad number.

With the less likely possibilities out of the way, the most likely reason you cannot track your package is that nobody scanned the barcode yet. Your package might be traveling to the facility or office to get the first scan.

Another common situation is when nobody scans the barcode because the sender still has the package. Many senders have orders coming in every day, so they collect orders for a day or two and send everything out.

Non-working days such as weekends and holidays may also delay the sending of your package. Senders can go to a Meest office, a package locker, or use the pickup service. This information is all on the Meest tracking FAQ page.

Why your Meest package is not updating or moving

When packages appear to have stopped moving because of no new updates, the reason is similar to not being able to track a package.

You know your Meest tracking number works if you started tracking, so the only thing you have to rule out is making sure you copied and pasted the number correctly.

The primary reason the package seems to stop is that no one scanned the barcode. The difference is that, in this case, a delivery truck may finish a long journey and pull into a busy facility.

Sometimes facilities and hubs get so busy that the cargo bays fill up with trucks for unloading while more trucks line up outside. A driver might wait more than an hour to unload.

After unloading, the packages still do not get their barcodes scanned right away. The process of unloading includes sorting and stacking packages according to their destinations.

More time passes, potentially another hour, and somebody finally starts scanning the stack of packages with your order. Sometimes hours pass after the truck arrives at the facility before a barcode scan happens.

The two things to be aware of are to not worry about a few hours of tracking delays and remember that couriers factor these stops into their schedules.

Most couriers give estimated delivery times that say something like 5-7 days, which means the package will probably arrive in five days. However, if major delays happen, you might wait seven days.

Take into account business days as well. If your package starts traveling on a Monday and takes seven business days, Saturday and Sunday might not count. 

You could get your package on Tuesday the following week for a total of nine normal days.

Meest tracking status explained

Meest uses tracking statuses that sometimes appear in English or one of the Cyrillic languages. Despite multiple languages that make the tracking statuses seem daunting, the main statuses number between 10-12.

In transit

Mees does not use the word “transit” in their statuses. Instead, they prefer “arrived, departed,” and “delivered.” Using these statuses allows a departure to imply transit and arrival to mean transit ended.

Why your Meest package is still in transit

Sometimes orders stay in transit longer than people think. Many factors can cause a longer transit time. The most likely are standard delays or a security stop at a customs department.

Sometimes a customs department must collect duty (tax), or they will not release a package.

The first thing to do to understand a long transit time is to check the maximum number of days in the estimated delivery time. Most international orders arrive within a couple of weeks, but they can take several weeks with delays.

There are probably delays if you are still within the estimated delivery time. Regardless, packages usually get delivered on time.

The next step is to scrutinize the most recent tracking status that came in. There is probably a delay if that status was a hub or facility. There is a small chance that you will have to file a complaint because your package got lost.

If the last status update was arriving in a new country, and the order appeared to stop moving, a stop at the customs department is likely. Sometimes packages take a week or more to clear, and normal transit will resume.

Contact the sender if you deduce that your package has not cleared customs for at least seven business days. The sender can launch an investigation and get more information than you can.

A delay at a facility should take no more than two business days to clear; you can contact the sender much sooner in such a case.

How long a Meest package can stay in transit

How long a package can stay in transit, based on estimated delivery times, depends on the country of origin and destination.

Domestic packages inside Ukraine take 2-4 business days to arrive. However, if the order stays inside the European Union, the delivery time only ticks up to 2-5 business days.

Packages sent to the US and Canada take up to 7 business days.

Everything changes when an international package comes to Ukraine. Upon arriving in Ukraine, expect delays due to customs offices. The delivery period is between 8-14 business days.

When you choose delivery options when placing an order, you will get a more specific estimated delivery time.

Always wait at least two business days if your transit time exceeds your estimated delivery time. Delays can happen that make packages slightly late. Contact the sender if too many business days pass without a delivery.


Meest only has one tracking status that uses the word “pending.” However, many other statuses imply pending, such as the time between departure and arrival or arriving in a new country and going to a customs office.

Why your Meest package may be pending

The only pending status Meest uses is “Pending Customs Clearance.” Several other statuses mention customs and mostly have to do with arriving and clearing. “Customs Clearance Completed” is a common status.

Outside of procedures at customs offices, many statuses imply pending, such as “Arrived at local hub.” The package status is pending until a delivery status shows up after further sorting.

The same goes for departing and arriving at facilities and any other hubs or sorting centers along the way.

Meest delivery times

Meest does not give specific delivery times. They only list deliveries in terms of days. However, you can infer the latest delivery time by finding the office hours in the area.

Meest delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Meest has websites for different countries and regions, but most of their business goes through their EU and US/Canada sites. These sites allow you to search for a local office on a map.

Once you find the closest office, you should find office hours. 10-7 pm Monday through Friday are common hours, with shorter hours on Saturdays. Most offices close on Sundays.

The value of knowing the office hours lets you know that delivery schedules will roughly align with those hours. You can also contact the office and ask questions.

The system is not perfect, but at least you have an idea of the latest time your package will arrive.

How late Meest delivers

When you start checking different offices to figure out the latest time your package might arrive, 4-7 pm Monday through Friday are the hours at many locations.

However, some locations have offices that close as early as 3 pm. Other locations have offices that close as late as 11 pm. The later closing times tend to be in larger cities.

As towns get smaller, offices close sooner. There are also many locations without posted times inside markets. Check the market hours to get an idea of the hours.

International Meest delivery times

Internationally, Meest delivers most orders within 2-7 business days, depending on the country. The exception is a package coming into Ukraine where the delivery time goes up to 8-14 days.

The delivery time increases because of Ukraine customs offices, but that delay can happen anywhere, even though Meest says otherwise.

European Union deliveries usually take 2-4 business days.

Use the maps discussed above to find office hours near you if you want to contact the office about delivery or ask some questions. Otherwise, use the tracking tool to gauge how many days your order should take.

Lost and missed Meest deliveries

Lost deliveries are always a concern, but the good news is they rarely happen. Missed deliveries are rarely a concern because there will be more chances of getting the package.

What happens if you miss a Meest delivery

Meest has an interesting missed delivery policy. Since they partner with DHL for international orders, they seem to have found the procedure for each country.

All the countries have their flag on a large icon along with the name of the country. So, for example, when you choose Germany, the information says that the delivery days are Monday through Friday for most people.

The next section says that there is a second delivery attempt if the first one fails. You should also find a written notice with instructions after a failed delivery attempt.

How long Meest will hold a package

Since almost all of the policies use the redelivery method, the holding period lasts only as long as redelivery attempts take. Follow the instructions on the note as soon as possible to avoid problems.

What to do if you haven't received your Meest package

First, ensure your estimated delivery time has expired in terms of business days. Check your last tracking status to deduce whether or not a customs office stopped the order.

Wait 2-3 business days longer than the delivery period, and contact the sender if nothing happens.

Meest tracking FAQs

Since a few FAQs can never answer every question, Meest FAQ page gives questions and answer sections for websites that vary by country.

Is Meest delivery fast?

Yes, Meest does many deliveries to Europe that usually take between 2-4 business days. However, the delivery time increases to only seven days for the US and Canada.

The only slow delivery time is for international orders going into Ukraine, which takes 8-14 days due to delays caused by customs offices.

Can I track a Meest package by address?

No, the tracking tool only works if you use a tracking number. Check any messages concerning your order because you probably have the number in a confirmation from the sender.

Likewise, the sender can give you the number if you do not find anything in your messages.

How do I know if my Meest package is stuck in customs?

A customs office should send you a notification, but they can be slow. Instead, use your tracking status, and if you find that the last status was arriving in a country and all movement stopped, the customs office probably held your order.

Sometimes you have to deal with customs directly to pay a duty. You can also contact the sender for help.

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