Kerry Express Tracking

Track your Kerry Express delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Kerry Express Tracking

Kerry Express is the fastest express service company in East Asia. Starting in 2006, the Kerry Logistics company became the pioneer in private express services. Kerry Express package tracking services include am service, cash on delivery, and self-collection.

You can track your package on Kerry Express tracking through four channels, their website, live chat, official number, and mobile application. The company started in Hong Kong and offers services in Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

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About Kerry Express tracking

Kerry Express tracking is among the services that Kerry Express offers. This company started in 2006 and offers package delivery services in Asia. Kerry Express has different departments, including delivery, tracking, and online claims. It serves countries in East Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Kerry Express founders started this company in 2006. At the start, they offered parcel delivery services in East Asia. The business has grown over the years, increasing its services. Today, the company has over 500 distribution centers and over 2000 service locations in East Asia.

The company boasts 10,000+ employees and over 9,000 vehicles that help it deliver packages. You can get urgent delivery, cash on delivery, and economical delivery services from Kerry tracking.  

Kerry Express tracking    

Kerry Express tracking helps you to monitor your package from different destinations. To use this service, you need a Kerry Express package tracking number which you obtain when a company or individual sends you a package. Individuals and eCommerce companies use this service to ensure safe package delivery.  

To track goods, you can visit the company's website and use the track package tab. Your package's tracking number will give you information about its delivery status.

The tracking feature also notifies you when your item is open or delivered to a different address and can help you recover lost items. Furthermore, you can use the tracker to claim compensation for damaged goods.            

How to find your Kerry Express tracking number 

Your receipt contains the number when you send a package through the post office. You can use it to check how far away your package is or whether it is ready for collection. Your confirmation email should have the number if you bought the goods from an eCommerce store.

Whenever you are expecting a package from an online shop, you should ask for the tracking number and use it for follow-up. You can also check the number in your payment records or sending notifications.

How to track your Kerry Express package location 

The tracking number can help you find your package location. You can use the tracking number to find your package location.

  • Visit the Kerry Express website and, go to the location bar, enter the tracking number for more information. You can also use the track package bar to track your goods.
  • Visit a global tracking website site such as Circuit. Use the ‘package tracker’ box on the homepage and enter the number. Tap on the blue button with a ‘track package’ notification and find the location of your item.

There are many international tracking sites, but not all are reliable. So, research and pick a reliable one.

Lost Kerry Express tracking number   

It is easier to track Kerry Express shipment with a number, but sometimes you can lose it. This is common when you must place your receipt or delete the email with the tracking number. However, this should keep you from continuing to track your item.

The simplest way to get your lost number is by contacting the sender. They can retrieve the number from their receipt books and send it to you. 

If you back up your emails to the cloud, you can access the number from any browser, even after losing your device.  However, this method is tedious, so you should take care of your receipt for easy retrieval.

How to track a Kerry Express package without a tracking number

If you have yet to get your package number or lost the receipt from the post office, tracking your item can be challenging. “How do I track my courier package without a tracking number?” you may ask yourself.

Try to access the shopping receipt. Visiting the post service office for a copy of the receipt can help you recover the details.

You may wonder what to do when the company fails to send you the tracking number. If this happens, access your order form and check out the order number for your goods. Although you can not use it to track goods, this number will help you obtain the tracking number. 

Contact the eCommerce shop or package sender and give them the order number. This will help them trace your item’s tracking number.

You can also visit the Kerry Express website and contact customer service through live chat. They will use your order number to follow up on the status of your item. Note that this method takes longer and is less effective.

Solving Kerry Express tracking issues

Every client hopes for a smooth Kerry Express shipment tracking experience, but that is only sometimes the case. Sometimes you may experience delays in response after asking for help. Being an international courier company, Kerry Express serves many customers, and giving them feedback on their queries in time takes a lot of work.  

Besides, the company contacts most clients online, and communication failure is common. However, this should still track your item after shopping. 

Many issues arise during shipment, such as failure to track your items or delayed package movement updates. When you experience these issues, try to solve them as follows.                         

Why you can't track your Kerry Express package 

Kerry Express offers tracking numbers to clients who avail of their services. But sometimes errors happen that make tracking shipments difficult. Here are reasons why you can fail to track your items.

  • The company sent you an item but failed to send the tracking number
  • The delivery company gave you a wrong tracking number
  • You made an error when entering the tracking number

With the above issues, it is difficult to monitor your package movement. You can solve the problems above by contacting the sender for details. If Kerry Express sends you the wrong tracking number, they can rectify it and help you monitor your goods.

Before contacting your company or Kerry Express for help, ensure you correctly enter the tracking number in the tracking bar. Before sending the goods, you should also confirm your tracking details with the company.

If the issues arise after shipment, contact Kerry Express through their website, mobile app, or official number. You can also send customer support a text through their live chat.    

Why your Kerry Express package is not updating or moving  

Another common issue customers experience is failure by the system to update the movement of goods. This problem results from goods held at the customs department's warehouse.

When you track your item and realize it’s not moving or get no update, contact Kerry Express to help you. The main causes of package movement not updating include the following.

  • International travel restrictions leading to goods overstaying at  the port
  • Items left behind, and so they have to wait for the next flight or truck.
  • Failure of the staff to scan your item to their system and, so, it fails to reflect.
  • Items lost during transportation.

Apart from the rare loss of items, the above issues are usually short-lived and should not alarm you. But you should always keep the tracking number and other transaction details safe for future follow-up.

Ensure you check for goods delivered to your address before the courier returns them to the sender. If your package lacks a tracking number, returning it to the sender may lead to additional costs.

Note that international sending may take longer, but you will get your package promptly.

Kerry Express tracking status explained  

 Kerry Express offers you tracking numbers for all packages. Every tracking number comes with an update on your shipment status. When you send an item through Kerry Express, you will get either of these two statuses. 

  • In transit
  • Pending                 

In transit  

As the name suggests,  a package in transit is on the move. When your package is in transit, you will not get tracking updates. This is because the company staff scans goods when transferring them from one truck to another.  

Goods in transit are moving from one destination to another, and your next update will be at the next stop.      

 Why your Kerry Express package is still in transit

There are two reasons your Kerry Express package is in Transit.

  • Kerry Express has sent your package, which automatically gets a default label of ‘in transit.’
  • Your package has yet to reach the next destination, where the staff will scan it before you get an update.

Kerry Express has a default label for all the items in transit before their dispatch. Whenever your package is among the items, it will show this status. In any case, if you observe the status for a prolonged period of time, you ought to contact your company.

How long a Kerry Express package can stay in transit

There is no standard time that your item should stay in transit. This status holds for as long as the goods are on the move, so your package will read ‘in transit’ for most of the journey.

This implies that the time the status takes is almost equivalent to the transportation time apart when transferring it from one truck to another.

Ordering your package from within the country will hold the status for a shorter time. For international shopping, the status lasts longer because the journey lasts more days.


Your package has the status pending if you have not cleared payment or the transporting company has not picked it up. 

When the courier company goes to pick up the package, the label disappears immediately. The pending label is a temporary one on your package.      

Why your Kerry Express package may be pending

There are many reasons why your package may be pending. The common ones are:

  • Incomplete payment for the goods and transport costs.
  • Delays at the port or border.
  • Many packages are at the port awaiting scanning, which may take time.

Although Kerry express sends you a tracking number immediately after they get your items, their status stays pending until their dispatch.

If your package reads pending for too long, contact your company to ensure everything runs smoothly, such as uncleared balances.

Kerry Express delivery times 

The delivery times for Kerry Express differ depending on the region. The time is shorter for packages delivered in their home region where the courier uses its trucks. For international package delivery outside Asia, delivery time is longer. 

For example, Kerry Express hires UPS to deliver packages in America and the Express standard in other international deliveries. Note that delivery by air takes 1-3 days, while delivery by truck takes 5-7 days.                          

Kerry Express delivery times: What time will your package arrive 

If you are in Eastern Asia, your item can arrive within a day because of the short distance. However, clients in neighboring countries may wait longer since the courier uses trucks. The vehicles deliver mail in 2-4 days.

In the US and UK, where the company hires Express standard services, packages arrive in 2 days. However, you can get your goods after two days because Kerry has yet to have delivery trucks in countries outside Asia. 

The delays arise from the local couriers who should deliver your item to the final destination, and they work on different schedules. UPS and DHL are among the local couriers in America that Kerry Express hires to deliver your items. They work from 9 am local time to early evening.  

How late Kerry Express delivers  

Kerry Express offers different delivery services. It usually takes 2-5 days for economy deliveries, while urgent deliveries will take place within the same day. For local deliveries, the company trucks work up to 9 pm for urgent package delivery.

Economic package delivery is available during working hours. If you don't get your item by early evening, you get it the early morning the following day.    

International Kerry Express delivery times

The times for international deliveries differ. After the company delivers your package in the destination country, it hires local couriers to deliver the items. Although the delivery time should be during working hours, it may take longer.

The varying delivery times result from different working schedules by local couriers and the distance to your delivery point.

With the tracking number, you can monitor your package movement progress. If it is ready for delivery, you should expect it by early evening or morning the following day. Should the package take more than two days to arrive, you can follow up with Kerry Express.

Lost and missed Kerry Express deliveries   

You can miss your package if the courier delivers it when you are not available. For example, early morning before you reach the delivery point or midday at work.

The company leaves you a message that you missed your delivery. In this case, you should follow up when you arrive. If you contact Kerry Express or your local courier company, they will direct you where to pick up your item.

Note that there is a difference between a missed and a lost item. For the latter, you should contact the local courier or Kerry Express and give the necessary details, like the order number for compensation or replacement.             

What happens if you miss a Kerry Express delivery

Kerry Express will leave you a message at your house if you miss a delivery. Additionally, they email you a tracking update.

Two things happen when you miss a delivery.

  • The local courier can try  to deliver your item  to your home
  • The company will hold the item until you follow up.

If the first home delivery attempt fails, the local courier will hold your item until you pick it up from their office.

You should always follow up on missed deliveries to avoid additional sending costs on goods returned to the sender.

How long will Kerry Express hold a package? 

Kerry Express attempts to deliver your package at least three times, after which they notify you to pick it up from their office. They will hold the item for a few days before discarding it. 

If you are far and cannot pick it up within the specified time, you can ask for the courier to keep it longer until you pick it up. 

What to do if you haven't received your Kerry Express package 

When this happens, start by contacting the local courier. They may be holding your item for the missed delivery.

Contact Kerry Express if you lose an item for a refund or replace goods.     

Kerry Express tracking FAQs

Here are the FAQs about Kerry Express tracking. Read them and get the answers to your concerns before availing of their services.             

Is Kerry Express delivery fast?  

Yes. Kerry Express delivery is fast, especially when you choose the urgent or same-day delivery service. You will get your package within 24 hours.      

Can I track Kerry Express package by address?  

No. Kerry Express does not give tracking services by address. Instead, you should ask for a new package number with a tracking or order number.      

How do I know if my Kerry Express package is stuck in customs?

If your tracking status reads "pending," your package may be stuck at customs. You should contact the company for clarification.

You should make constant follow up when you hire their services to avoid losing your items.

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