FedEx UK Tracking

Track your FedEx UK delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

FedEx UK Tracking

FedEx is the largest courier in the world and sends 3.9 million orders each business day.

About FedEx UK

FedEx UK started as Federal Express in the US. The company expanded to Europe in 1984 and now delivers to over 220 countries worldwide.

In 2006 FedEx bought ANC, a domestic UK courier. The acquisition made FedEx UK a subsidiary of FedEx for UK domestic deliveries.

FedEx UK tracking

FedEx UK package tracking works the same as online tracking tools you may have experienced with other couriers. Once you have your tracking number, you can paste the number into the field and find the location of your package.

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How to find your FedEx UK tracking number

Finding a FedEx UK tracking shipment number will work differently depending on whether you are the sender or the receiver. The number is easy to find in both cases.

The sender is the first person to come into contact with the tracking number because that person creates the order with FedEx UK. The tracking number will be on the receipt, a confirmation message, or a printed invoice.

The sender has to give the tracking number to the receiver. The receiver has probably used Amazon, or a similar site, where their account contains contact details.

The contact information should give the sender an email and a phone number for an SMS text message. The receiver must never delete any messages concerning the order because there may be more than one message.

How to track your FedEx UK location

You can use the app or the website to track a FedEx UK shipment. Either way, you want to find a button labeled “Tracking.” If you land on the website homepage, there is a big purple bar at the top.

The left side of the bar has a FedEx button, and the middle has “Shipping, Tracking, Support,” and “Account.” The tracking button has a drop-down menu where you can paste your number.

Alternatively, you can find “All Tracking Services” at the bottom of the menu, which leads to a dedicated tracking page with some more helpful information.

The tracking field also lets you enter a door tag number, which you get if you miss a delivery. Find everything you must know about missed deliveries below. The door tag may also have an Office Order number you can enter.

Lost FedEx UK tracking number

A lost FedEx UK shipment tracking number is rare as long as the sender remembers to send the number in a message. Remember not to delete any of your messages and take screenshots or photos as well.

How to track a FedEx UK package without a tracking number

Since telling support to track my FedEx UK package is not a practical method, you will have to get a working number. Contacting support is an option, but the sender is better.

Sometimes, you can also track using a reference number if you have one.

By contacting the sender, you are unlikely to wait for an available support agent. The sender just sent your package and can quickly return your message with the number. 

If you did not get a working number, the sender could work with FedEx to fix the problem more efficiently than you can. Always rely on the sender to fix any problems that arise.

The sender usually has a small business that relies on merchant accounts with high ratings and comments from satisfied customers. In other words, they have to help you and keep you happy.

Solving FedEx UK tracking issues

Tracking works as intended most of the time. Whenever the tool does not give results or seems to stop getting new statuses, the reasons are almost always a misunderstanding or human error.

There is always a small chance that a package gets lost, stolen, or destroyed, but most orders get delivered with good tracking from start to finish.

Why you can't track your FedEx UK package

While some packages go missing occasionally, no tracking status usually means nobody has scanned the barcode. There is always a chance that you get an invalid tracking number too.

You can ask the sender to get another tracking number if you think the number given is not working.

Barcodes only get scanned during transit when packages reach offices, facilities, and hubs. If you made your order within the last 1-2 working days, and there is no tracking, FedEx probably does not have your package yet.

There is a chance that your package is in a FedEx truck. Your order will arrive at the facility where the scan will happen later.

Why your FedEx UK package is not updating or moving

Many packages have long transits between hubs or facilities where the barcode does not get scanned for up to 24 hours or more. Not finding new tracking details for so long makes many people nervous.

In reality, the problem is usually similar to the above, where there is no status. Something could happen to the package that causes loss during any transit, but barcode delays are more likely.

All that has to happen is for your package to get a departure scan and for one of any number of delays to happen before arrival. Culprits are accidents, bad weather, heavy traffic, natural disasters, and other delays.

Sometimes delays like heavy traffic blend with something like a large workload, and one delay extends into another. For example, a late flight or truck may arrive at a busy facility where a backlog of work is piling up.

All the workers will be processing pallets and stacks as fast as possible, but your package may sit and do nothing, without a barcode scan, for a long time.

The good news is you can often expect your delivery within the estimated time. Top-tier couriers like FedEx know how to experience delays and still give an accurate estimated delivery time.

FedEx UK tracking status explained

FedEx UK uses a simple set of tracking statuses with good explanations so that they are all easy to understand. They also uniquely use the statuses “transit, arrived,” and “departed.” Most couriers do not use the three together.

In transit

With FedEx, a transit status only means that your package started moving and could be in a vehicle or a sorting hub. The use of arrival and departure statuses gives you more details about the location of your order.

Why your FedEx UK package is still in transit

A package might stay in transit longer than expected due to any number of various delays. A stop at a customs office on international orders is the most likely.

Customs offices are the primary dividing line that makes international orders differ from domestic. Domestic orders do not tend to have security stops where progress could cease suddenly.

Stay vigilant about the status of your package in a customs office. The package could stay for a while because the office is slow, but they might want to collect duty (tax).

If the customs office is waiting for you to pay the duty, your package will not move further until the office gets paid. You could lose the order after about 30 days if you are unaware that the office wants money.

After about 30 days, the office may return the package to the sender, destroy the contents, or consider your package unclaimed and up for grabs. However, destroying items that do not clear customs is common.

How long a FedEx UK package can stay in transit

Domestic and international transit times often differ a lot. Most domestic transits finish in 1-3 business days. Some places are more challenging to travel through, and domestic deliveries take 5-10 business days.

In most cases, international delivery times should only take between one to a few more days than domestic transit. The exception is when a package gets delayed at a security stop or a customs office.

While extremely long international transit times are not the norm, there have been cases where delivery takes up to 40 days. Certain countries experience huge delays at customs offices, and couriers warn people about waiting 2-3 weeks.

Long international delays are uncommon for most packages, and receivers can expect delivery within 5-10 business days.


FedEx UK only has one status that equals pending. Two more statuses let you know that your order is no longer pending customs clearance.

Why your FedEx UK package may be pending

The only status that amounts to pending is “Operational Delay.” The explanation for the delay is unforeseen circumstances, which could mean anything from a flat tire to a natural disaster.

If you find this status, you will probably know the delay has ended when your status updates with an arrival at the next hub.

The other two pending statuses say almost the same thing. FedEx tells you that there has been an international release for either export or import. 

Export means the order clears customs and leaves the country. Import means the package arrives in a new country and clears customs.

Pay close attention to your tracking statuses if you are waiting on an international order with FedEx UK. No tracking status tells you your order entered a customs office.

Your status will say that the package landed in a country, and the next status will say that the order cleared customs. Contact the sender if you find that your package landed and nothing happens for several days.

The sender will probably get back to you and hopefully know why your package is still in the customs office.

FedEx UK delivery times

FedEx tends to stick to estimated delivery times in terms of days rather than the time of day. Some delivery locations are close to hubs and can easily get a morning delivery, but others have to wait until later.

Some options have a delivered-by time, but the delivery could be any time from morning until the latest delivery time.

FedEx UK delivery times: What time will your package arrive

You can easily get a quote by going to the FedEx “Get Rates & Transit Times” page. The quote will tell you which service does what and the price.

Domestic deliveries usually take from 1-5 business days. An overnight option is almost always present, followed by a 2-day option, and then an economy option that gives a 1-5 day delivery range.

International orders are also quite fast. For example, you can choose between a range of next-day sending types from London, UK, to New York, USA. Alternatively, the economy choice says the package will arrive in six days.

In general, FedEx can complete most international orders in 1-7 days, but the best solution is to use the sending tool, where you can choose the best option that agrees with your budget.

How late FedEx UK delivers

FedEx will use different times depending on the country and city. For most locations, their latest delivery time is around 4:30 pm. However, if you use the tool, you may find an option that delivers as late as 8 pm.

Some countries in Europe routinely send and get packages late, while others shut down much earlier. By using the tool, you can find what the latest delivery times are from place to place.

You can find the latest times based on location if you want the pickup service.

International FedEx UK delivery times

The international delivery times are impressive. FedEx UK can deliver to many international locations in one business day for a premium price. The more economical choices fall off to 1-3 business days on many routes.

Despite many delivery routes having 1-3 day delivery times, there are plenty of options that are not that fast for people who want to pay less. For example, FedEx International Economy takes six days from London, UK, to New York, US.

However, for just a little bit more money, the package can arrive by noon on the next business day with FedEx International Priority. 

The amazing thing is, if you start comparing different American cities, you will find that delivery times and prices barely change.

Lost and missed FedEx UK deliveries

FedEx is one of the most successful couriers in the world, so they rarely lose orders. Although, losing a package can sometimes happen. Missing a delivery should not cause problems since you can get the package later.

What happens if you miss a FedEx UK delivery

FedEx UK leaves a door tag when you miss a delivery. The door tag tells you where the package is if a neighbor accepts the delivery.

The tag will also have instructions if FedEx needs a signature or has to hand the package to you in person. You can also use the instructions to find where you can pick up your package.

How long FedEx UK will hold a package

You must move quickly if you miss a delivery, and FedEx UK is waiting on your instructions about what to do next. FedEx will only hold the package for seven days before returning the order to the sender.

What to do if you haven't received your FedEx UK package

Your first moves if you have not gotten your package are to check your tracking status to ensure a customs office is not holding the package and to wait longer.

You should wait for two reasons. One, you might get a delivery status and have the truck arrive several hours later. Two, you may find a new tracking status one or two days later that explains what happened.

Wait 2-3 more business days and contact the sender. The sender can launch an investigation to find the problem.

FedEx UK tracking FAQs

You may have many more questions than the ones covered below. FedEx UK gives a thorough set of FAQs for your reference.

Is FedEx UK delivery fast?

Yes, FedEx UK is very fast. If you want to pay premium prices, you can even get next-day delivery on many international orders. Domestic orders are complete in 1-3 business days.

Can I track a FedEx UK package by address?

No, using an address is not an option, but the tracking number is not the only option. Some orders will have a reference number you can use. If you miss a delivery, you can use a door tag number.

The same tracking tool accepts every kind of number. Contact the sender to get a working number if you do not have anything in an email.

How do I know if my FedEx UK package is stuck in customs?

You should get a notification when a customs office holds your package. The problem is that sometimes offices do not make contact promptly.

Use your tracking status to find out if your order is in customs, and allow seven business days to pass before taking action. Contact the sender for help after the waiting period.

Sometimes the easiest thing is to contact a customs office personally and pay duty to get your package released.

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