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Track your ePacket delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever placed an online order from China, chances are you’ve used ePacket. The logistics company from China Post helps online retailers in China reach customers worldwide.

But it’s critical to know where your ePacket deliveries are so you’ll always be available to collect your package. 

Below, I’ll define ePacket tracking and cover the difference between status updates.  Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About ePacket

EMS, also known as ePacket, was created by China's leading postal transit, China Post. 

This express delivery service changed the eCommerce industry in 2011 after an agreement between the Hong Kong Post and the United States Postal Service

The two postal services became partners to develop more efficient, faster transit options for sellers and customers in China and the United States. 

ePacket has quickly become the most popular delivery method for e-tailers in Hong Kong and China.

For small and light product sellers who want to get delivered by air, ePacket is the premier choice for fast international deliveries. 

ePacket tracking

ePacket tracking numbers differ depending on whether your package is for logistical or express delivery. 

In general, the format is 13 characters, starting with a capital letter such as L (Standard or Logistics) or E (Express), followed by nine numerical digits and ending with CS or CN. 

Here are two examples:

  • ET846285927CN
  • LR748592729CS.

How to find your ePacket tracking number

After you buy something through an online retailer, you get an order confirmation and a quick note letting you know that they'll send another email or notification when your package gets sent. 

This step usually takes a few days for the seller to send your package to the courier. The sender will share your tracking number once the delivery worker retrieves the order. 

If you can't find your tracking number in your email, try your online account with the merchant. 

Websites such as AliExpress, which use ePacket sending quite often, display the tracking details in your account's "Order" section. 

Contact the merchant directly if you still have trouble finding your tracking number. 

How to track your ePacket location

With ePacket order tracking, it's easy to find your package, no matter what step of the delivery process. 

The website you choose should be reputable and able to detect couriers from all around the world. 

Remember that your tracking number may become undetectable at a certain point during delivery when it passes through customs to the last-mile courier. 

For the most efficient ePacket tracking, you won't have to worry about these kinds of issues with Circuit Package Tracker. 

Circuit Package Tracker promotes a universal tracking system that can determine where your package is at all times. 

All you need is your tracking number to get started. You can choose to sign up to keep track of all your packages in one central location, or you can skip this step. 

If you want to enter your tracking number and get instant results, there's no hassle or pressure to create an account. 

For consistent updates, feel free to type in your email address and phone number for texts and notifications when your package moves from one place to the next. 

Lost ePacket tracking number 

Go through your emails to find your tracking number if you can't seem to find it. Don't forget to search your spam folder and the trash file. 

If you still can't find the code, contact the merchant or China Post for help tracing your package and reissuing your tracking number to your email. 

It's easier for smaller packages to get lost in transit, so keep an eye on your package tracking because sometimes these orders slip through the cracks. 

How to track an ePacket without a tracking number 

ePacket allows package tracking by using the hotline number: 11183. You'll get an automatic update on your order status and location. 

They don't explicitly state whether you need your tracking number to sign up for this service, but if so, you'll need to contact the seller. 

Solving ePacket tracking issues

ePacket handles international deliveries, but their involvement stops at customs. Tracking issues may be easy to resolve depending on what point they happen. 

Here are a few resolutions to help you get your package should any problems arise. 

Why you can't track ePacket

There are two primary reasons you can't track ePacket orders. You may have entered the number incorrectly, or your package is not in the courier database. 

Make sure that you typed the number accurately. If you get one digit wrong, your package will not be traceable.

Also, it takes time for your package details to get processed once a seller sends your package through the courier. 

If you wait two to three days, your package should start showing updates and movement. 

Why ePacket is not updating or moving 

Are you asking yourself: "How can I track ePacket?"

Here are the most common reasons your package seems stagnant:

  • Rough weather
  • Remote location (hard to reach)
  • Incorrect address
  • Stuck in customs
  • Getting transferred between hubs

Many of these issues, except for the wrong address and customs delays, will self-correct within a few days.

It's also possible that the company has too many packages to process because of peak seasons for sending packages, such as the holidays.

Contact ePacket courier customer service for help if it seems your package will be late.

ePacket tracking status explained 

Here are two statuses to keep an eye on when tracking your package with ePacket:

In transit 

When a package is "in transit," it progresses as it should through the delivery process. 

This status usually changes when the courier arrives at the destination country, and customs clearance begins. 

Why ePacket tracking is still in transit

Your ePacket tracking order can stay in transit for several reasons. 

Those who choose a slower method of sending their order can experience inevitable delays because of the proximity of your country to the country of origin. 

Though ePacket sending is generally fast, it can take up to thirty days. 

The time it takes to travel is usually included in the estimated delivery time frame, but other delays happen that are out of the courier's control. 

Also, if your package passed customs and still says it's in transit, it should be with your local courier. 

You might not get any more updates until the status changes from "in transit" to "out for delivery."

How long ePacket tracking can stay in transit

Your ePacket tracking can stay in transit for up to a month or more. It seems like a long time, but it is decent considering it's a service that transports goods worldwide. 

This time frame is average for companies that deliver internationally. Here are a few other reasons you could be experiencing delays:

  • Your package got lost
  • The contents got damaged
  • The package has not gotten scanned into the next depot

It's also possible that the tracking system is malfunctioning, and your package is further along than you think.

After a week has passed, contact ePacket customer service for help with your delivery. 


If a package is in the process of getting traded from one courier to the next, it can display as "Pending." This status changes once the new courier scans it into their system. 

Why your ePacket tracking status is pending

The reasons for your package still pending are similar to why your package could get stuck in transit. 

If there are a lot of packages to process, it may take a day or two for the courier to get caught up. 

Also, if your order reached the destination and is getting prepared for delivery, it may say it's "pending."

We advise that you wait a few days before contacting customer service for help. 

ePacket delivery times 

Choosing the EMS ePacket service guarantees a safe, fast, and efficient sending method. It's perfect for merchants who want to offer international sending options to their customers.

The EMS ePacket is responsible for light packages, and they have certain limitations on their packages, including the following:

  • Products cannot weigh more than 2 kilograms 
  • Packages have a size limit of 24" x 36"
  • The product cannot cost more than four hundred dollars

Although ePacket delivery offers many different sending options, the service will not go further than customs inside your destination country. 

Afterward, your package will be the local courier s responsibility in the destination country, such as Canada Post and Royal Mail

They are responsible for completing the final part of the journey. Consequently, the ePacket service doesn't guarantee a delivery time because it is out of the courier's control.

Remember that as an ePacket user, each courier will have its fees and package regulations.

ePacket will return for free any mail that they cannot deliver. This setup makes it much easier for merchants to refund customers who fail to get their products.

ePacket delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

With ePacket, delivery time to the US can take between ten and 20 days. 

Other countries are likely to find similar estimations or slightly longer sending times.

It takes approximately half that time to reach the specified destination, and the other half gets spent being routed to the appropriate facilities before it reaches the customer in the destination country.

Sending times can vary according to holidays, customs, the kind of package, and other unforeseen delays. 

However, ePacket sending is a consistent option concerning sending times compared to other mailing options in China.

How late ePacket delivers 

The ePacket delivery time will significantly depend on your postal office.

Packages change hands from the ePacketcourier to your local courier, each of which can have varying business hours.

International ePacket delivery times 

EMS ePacket services offer services to many countries worldwide while promising short lead times.

However, an EMS ePacket delivery time will vary by the destination.

Compared to China's sending methods, EMS ePacket is one of the safest and most reliable options in logistics.

This service spans over 40 countries and regions and about 2000 cities in China.

Delivery times vary according to the destination country:

  • Delivery time for the USA: 10 to 20 business days
  • To Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Russia: 7 to 20 business days
  • Other countries: 7 to 30 business days

Your package may meet the average time or take a bit longer. You can account for this by considering the countries' infrastructures.

Some countries have a smoother transition because of their infrastructure, so your package will reach you faster. 

Also, delivery times get affected by other factors, such as public holidays, customs, and poor weather conditions.

Lost and missed ePacket deliveries

If your ePacket delivery goes missing or gets lost, it will likely result in your package getting returned to the sender, even if the recipient misses the delivery continuously.

So, planning is crucial if you're aware you won't be present for the delivery. 

Contact the local post office or courier for international deliveries and make the proper arrangements.

What happens if you miss an ePacket delivery?

If you miss the first ePacket attempt at delivery, the company will likely contact you to notify you of a second delivery attempt the next business day.

The company will tell you to pick up your package if there's a second failed delivery attempt. 

Concerning international packages, ePacket won't hold them. 

Once your package arrives at the destination country, ePacket gives your package to local carriers, and the responsibility is no longer theirs.

However, your local post office may be willing to hold your package longer.

Because they handle local packages regularly, they may feel comfortable securing them for a specified timeframe if you're on vacation or at work.

How long will ePacket hold a package

ePacket won't have local packages after the second delivery attempt. 

However, you should ask about the possibility of ePacket holding your package, especially if you know you won't be available to get it during the scheduled delivery.

What to do if your ePacket delivery is missing

If your ePacket delivery is later than expected, here are some actions you can take to resolve the situation.

First, check the tracking information to find out if there are any updates about the whereabouts of your package.

If you don't find any new updates, contact the local courier, give them your tracking number, and ask them if they have any information about the whereabouts of your package.

If they claim that they do not have your package, contact the sender directly and ask them if they can investigate the possibility that your package got lost in transit; there may be an avenue for reimbursement.

ePacket tracking FAQs

Here are some of the most common responses that customers ask when sending and receiving packages through ePacket: 

Is ePacket delivery fast?

ePacket allows merchants who place their products on platforms such as Aliexpress to offer an affordable and fast sending option for small packages, which is essential for retailers with a dropshipping business.

Speed is everything when it comes to delivering packages, and ePacket boasts a great average delivery time that ranges from 7 to 15 business days.

Can I track ePacket by address?

It is impossible to track your ePacket order with your address; you need an order tracking number to identify your package anywhere in the world—without it, you can't find it.

However, you may find your package using your personal information, such as your name, address, email address, and more. 

By giving ePacket your personal information, they may retrieve your tracking number that they have on file.

How do I know if my ePacket delivery is stuck in customs?

The information your tracking number offers when you check the status of your package will reflect that your package is stuck in customs

If your package doesn't clear customs, you should contact your local customs branch to find out if there are any unpaid fees or missing documentation.

Once the above issues get resolved, your package will start moving through the delivery process as usual. 

However, there's a chance this could take a bit longer during the holidays due to the influx of packages.

TLDR; ePacket tracking

If you want to track your ePacket orders, entrust Circuit Package Tracker to give you the most accurate updates.

Remember that some delays may happen during the delivery process. However, it is wise to wait some days before reaching out to a courier company for more information about possible complications with your package.

ePacket tracking is simple; it takes minutes to find out what's happening with your products.

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