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Track your China Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending a package to or within China, chances are you’ve thought about China Post. The leading delivery service sends packages to every state in China and worldwide.

With tracking from China Post, you can find out exactly where your package is and decide whether or not to collect it yourself.

Below, I’ll define what Delhivery tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

China Post package tracking guide

You can send many items with China Post—including letters, packages, magazines, stamps, newspapers, and international mail. So it's essential to know how to track your packages so you always know where they are.

Tracking China Post packages is pretty straightforward. Here's what you need to know about each tracking status and how China Post package tracking works in general.

How to find your China Post package tracking number

As with most other courier services, you need to use a tracking number to track your package with the Circuit package tracking tool. 

When you register a package with the China Post, it is assigned a unique tracking number that corresponds with the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union.

The tracking number, or Shipment ID, consists of 13 digits. The tracking number typically begins with the letters “R”,”LF”,”C”, or ”U,” and ends with the letters “CN”. 

The sender or China Post will send you a confirmation email or text that contains this tracking number. You might also find it in your purchase history on the seller’s website. 

How to track your China Post package location

It is simpler than you think to track your China Post shipment with Circuit package tracking. Simply type your tracking number into the search bar and select the “track my package” option. 

Once done, you have the might of Circuit’s powerful package tracking system at your fingertips. You will know what delivery stage your package is at and its exact location in seconds. 

Lost China Post tracking number

Though it can be disheartening when you lose your package’s tracking number, you can take steps to solve this frustrating problem. 

Most online tracking tools cannot track a package without the tracking number, but there are alternative ways of recovering a tracking number that can help you track your package.

How to track a China Post package without a tracking number

China Post shipment tracking relies on a tracking number to accurately pinpoint your package location and estimated delivery window. 

If you previously had a tracking number but lost access to it, you can contact China Post with the information available to you, and they may be able to recover your tracking number. 

Just be sure to give accurate information to receive the correct tracking number.

If you are looking for your confirmation number on your confirmation email and cannot find it, it may be located on your receipt instead.

Even if you cannot find the tracking number there, the information in your receipt can help China Post find the location of your package. 

Solving China Post package tracking issues

No matter how well you plan things, there is always the possibility that your international shipment could face some common issues or hiccups along the way. 

Below you can find some common China Post package tracking issues, along with tips on how to solve them. Read on to save yourself a big hassle and an even bigger headache. 

Why you can't track your China Post package

If you are having trouble with Circuit’s track my China Post package option, there are many reasons you might run into a snag. 

If you filled out your tracking number in Circuit’s tracking tool but cannot retrieve any information, it could be due to several issues: 

  • It has just been ordered and needs a few days for tracking information to become available. 
  • The sender sent you a tracking number but has yet to send the package. 
  • The tracking number you received from the seller is incorrect or expired. 
  • The seller’s platform only allows the seller to track the package.
  • China Post does not support tracking for your specific package. 

For most of these instances, you can solve the problem by contacting the seller to confirm your shipment details and iron out any issues you might face. 

You may have also entered your order number instead of your tracking number, which is a common mistake. You might even be typing in your tracking number incorrectly. It is a long and complicated sequence to get correct.

Why your China Post package is not updating or moving

It can be unnerving to suddenly discover that your China Post package has not moved or had an update for a while. 

That happens due to a delivery delay or a delay in China Post’s tracking system and is usually nothing to worry over. With international deliveries, small delays are common and should be expected from time to time. 

If your package has passed its expected delivery date and has stopped updating or moving, you should contact your seller and find out why the delay is so long. 

China Post package tracking status explained

When you track your China Post packages using the Circuit package tracker, you could experience a couple of different tracking statuses for your packages. 

For some, this might be confusing to understand. With a little context, it makes much more sense. Here are some simple explanations about your China Post package tracking status and what it means for your delivery. 

In transit

In transit is a tracking status for most courier companies. If your package is in transit, the shipment is moving along a delivery route as planned. 

An in-transit status could indicate the seller recently shipped the package or that it is in between postal hubs. It could also mean the shipment is already on the way. 

When your China Post package is in transit, that indicates that the shipping process is working as it should, and your package is on the way. 

Why your China Post package is still in transit

Sometimes a package gets stuck in transit for a long time, which might alarm you. 

While in transit means your package is on the move, several factors can cause this phase of delivery to stretch on longer than you would like. 

Sometimes packages get stuck in China. This unfortunate circumstance can happen due to different reasons. 

There could be a backlog of deliveries shipped before yours, and you just have to be patient until your package ships. 

It could also get stuck in export customs because the seller owes the Chinese government taxes, or they did not declare the shipment beforehand. 

Sometimes your tracking information shows that your package arrived at an airline, but its status has not changed since. This status could mean the shipment is ready to travel, but it has to wait for airspace to become available. 

Once the package reaches its destination country, it could be delayed in import customs if you have not declared it or paid the proper customs tax. In this case, you will need to contact your local courier to see when it will release from customs. 

Remember that once the package has made it to the destination country, China Post no longer has any part in its delivery. Any local logistics issues or diminished mail capacity could further slow your delivery time.

How long a China Post package can stay in transit

In-transit status depends on the factors mentioned above and several others. 

Each China Post package route is unique. Many situations justify your package being stuck in transit for a long period. 

If your package is still in transit past your delivery date or has been stuck for more than 30 days, you should contact the seller to find a solution. Otherwise, you must be patient and remember that overseas shipments take much longer than domestic ones. 


While an in-transit delivery status is normal and usually has no cause to worry about, a pending status can be a bit more frustrating for those of you waiting patiently for your China Post packages.

Why your China Post package may be pending

If you see a pending status on your China Post package tracking, this could mean that the delivery schedule for your package is not ready yet. 

Sometimes this happens because delivery commitments change or there is some delay involved with getting your package shipped out. 

Just because it is pending does not mean it will not come, it just means you have to wait a bit longer before the package begins its delivery journey. 

China Post delivery times

While it is difficult to pinpoint any definite answers about China Post Delivery times, some estimates can help you understand the delivery timetable for your packages. 

Delivery times vary wildly based on the shipping methods involved and the destination countries the package is shipped to. 

Generally, it takes between 14–30 days for economy-level courier service from China. Premium services can speed up your delivery time, but even these orders are subject to surprise delays and shipment issues.

China Post delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Typically a seller will ship your package 1–5 days after you have placed an order. 

Sometimes the seller delivers your package directly to their local China Post and sometimes they might have to travel a bit to utilize an express agency instead. 

Once China Post gets the package, it is sent to an International Service Center where it goes through customs and a security screening, then it is sent via airplane. This can take 3–5 days. 

When the package arrives in its destination country it can take 5–20 days to get through customs, sent to a local post office, and delivered. 

Delivery delays can make these waits even longer. They inclined holidays address errors, inclement weather, missed deliveries, and more. 

How late does China Post deliver?

Usually, your packages will be delivered on or near the estimated delivery date you receive them. While delays can and will occur, the packages usually arrive around the time you expect them to.

If the package is sent by air, it takes between 7–20 business days to arrive. If it is not shipped overseas and sent by surface mail it can take 40–70 days to reach its destination. 

International China Post delivery times

Estimated delivery times vary by transportation method, but here are some general averages to help you better understand international China Post delivery times. 

  • Countries bordering China: 5–10 days
  • Europe and the United States: 7–16 days
  • Latin America: 10–20 days
  • Africa, and other countries or regions: 15–30 days

Lost and missed China Post deliveries

Nothing is worse than waiting forever to receive a package and learning that it got lost in the mail. Waiting forever to receive a package and then missing the delivery is a close second. 

Read on to find out how to deal with lost and missed China Post deliveries so you can keep from losing your cool while you wait. 

What happens if you miss a China Post delivery?

If you manage to miss your China Post delivery for any reason, you will see a message on your tracking that indicates a failed delivery attempt. 

Typically your local postal service will either attempt to deliver again or will hold your package at their office until you can retrieve it. 

How long will China Post hold a package?

If you check your China Post package tracking and the status claims that delivery has failed, this means there was a delivery attempt made that was unsuccessful. 

In this case, China Post will keep your deliveries for 2 weeks before returning them to the seller. 

If you miss the 2-week window, contact China Post as soon as possible to have another package delivered. 

What to do if you haven't received your China Post package

If you have waited longer than your estimated delivery date and have yet to receive your package, it's best to contact the seller immediately. Have your details ready, including your tracking number. 

If your package has been lost, China Post will inspect and estimate your package's value. If your delivery passes inspection, they will compensate you for the estimated cost. 

Your registration fee is nonrefundable, but China Post will refund you 2 to 3 times the shipping fee. 

China Post tracking FAQs

Whether you are waiting for or sending mail through China Post, there are a lot more questions you might have.

Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions you may have on China Post tracking. You can also check the China Post general FAQs for more help.

Is China Post delivery fast?

China Post and the USPS have an agreement between them, which has helped speed up deliveries to the continental United States.

Alternatively, if you want an even speedier delivery, you can contact the seller about choosing ePacket shipping for an even faster package delivery service. 

Can I track my China Post package by address?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your China Post package with an address through either China Post or USPS. 

Some local postal services in other countries may allow this, but this process is hit or miss and cannot be guaranteed like a tracking number. 

How do I know if my China Post package is stuck in customs?

If you are using China Post package tracking, any package that is detained by customs will show up on the tracking page. 

The reason for detaining may not be available, but you can see the status of detained packages. In the United States, customs will send a letter explaining why it was detained. 

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