DX Delivery Tracking

Track your DX Delivery delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About DX Delivery

DX Delivery is a parcel and mail courier service that delivers hundreds of packages daily throughout the UK and Ireland. DX offers its customers several affordable and customer-oriented options for freight and express shipments of all dimensions. DX Delivery also offers high-class international shipping options designed with the customer in mind.

With over 45 years of experience in courier services, DX Delivery focuses on reliable service and customer satisfaction. Each team member handling your shipments has gone through several high-measure security checks to ensure the safety of your merchandise. DX is passionate about delivery logistics and offering the best service to its customers, which is why the company also partners with several shipping and delivery consultants worldwide.

DX Delivery tracking

DX Delivery uses state-of-the-art technology to track your shipments worldwide. Each package comes with a unique identifier known as the tracking number. Depending on the type of delivery, DX may also require a delivery code, consignment number, or PIN to track and retrieve your packages.

Additionally, some shipments with DX may receive a calling card with an additional tracking number or consignment. Alternatively, some services at DX do not offer tracking capabilities.

For services that provide tracking capabilities, simply enter the tracking number into the DX Delivery website's tracking section to find your shipment's location.

DX Delivery offers the following service options for shipping:

  • 1-Man Freight Delivery
  • 2-Man Freight Delivery
  • DX Secure Flex
  • DX Secure Business
  • International Freight Delivery 
  • Document Exchange 
  • Tracked Specimen Delivery 
  • Downstream Access (DSA) and,
  • Logistics Partnerships

Many of the services provided by DX Delivery offer next-day shipping with full GPS tracking capabilities.

Additionally, DX Delivery offers regular mail and parcel service. However, the regular mail and parcel service does not include tracking capabilities. If you would like to track your order door to door, you will need to select a DX Tracked service.

Note: If you want to find your DX Delivery package quickly and easily without the hassle, simply download Circuit Package Tracker for free.

How to find your DX Delivery tracking number

When you order a delivery from DX, the recipient should receive a text or email with the tracking number attached. Alternatively, you may receive a calling card or a consignment number that can track the location of your shipment.

How to track your DX Delivery location

Once you’ve located your DX Delivery tracking number, go to DX Delivery’s website's tracking section and enter the tracking number in the tracking box.

If you run into any problems tracking your shipments, DX Delivery’s customer service staff can help you solve them. Call the customer service line or speak to an expert online for all your tracking problems.

Lost DX Delivery tracking number

Once you receive your shipment's unique tracking number, you’ll want to keep it in a secure location until your items arrive. If you lose your tracking or consignment number, you won’t be able to track your shipment from DX Delivery.

DX Delivery’s customer support staff is available online or by phone to help locate your shipment’s tracking information. Contact the customer service helpline for any problems with your shipment’s information.

How to track a DX Delivery package without a tracking number

DX Delivery won’t be able to locate your shipment without a unique tracking identifier. Therefore, you should keep your tracking information secure until your delivery has arrived.

If you do not have a tracking number for your shipment, you should contact the original sender or the customer service helpline. Additionally, if you encounter an error with your tracking or consignment number, you should call or go online to DX Delivery’s customer service helpdesk.

Solving DX Delivery tracking issues

During your delivery, several factors could cause delays, including:

  • Severe weather
  • Technical errors of malfunctions in the tracking software and,
  • Delays due to customs

If you believe there is a problem with your delivery, you should contact DX Delivery’s top-of-the-line customer service help desk. The customer support staff can assist you with any of your shipment-related concerns. 

Why you can't track your DX Delivery package

Several services at DX Delivery do not offer tracking capabilities. First, you should contact the original sender to confirm which tracking service applies. The original sender can also provide you with the tracking number if applicable.

Check that the tracking number you entered is correct for the shipment in question. If you are still experiencing errors with your package's tracking number, contact customer support for help. The customer support staff can assist you in locating your shipment or notify you of any delays that may have occurred.

Why your DX Delivery package is not updating or moving

Delays can occur throughout the shipping process for several reasons. Your tracker should update at the end of each business day with a new location. Each update shows the last facility that scanned your shipment.

If your tracker has not updated with a new location for more than 1-2 business days, it could indicate a delay or error has occurred. Delays can occur due to technical malfunctions in the tracking software or severe weather conditions.

Alternatively, if your shipment is international, your package could be delayed by the customs department.

If you believe there is an error with the current reading of your package tracker, be sure to contact customer service, either online or by phone. The customer support staff can assist you in identifying the cause of the delay. 

DX Delivery tracking status explained:

As your package travels to its destination, the tracker will cycle through several status updates to help you monitor its location. Some status updates you may see can include the following:

  • In Transit
  • Pending
  • Out For Delivery and,
  • Delivered

Each status update indicates where in the shipping process your items are. The tracking software should update daily with the latest location your package arrived.

In transit

One status update you may see for most of your shipments journey is the “In Transit” status. The “In Transit” status indicates that your shipment is moving between facilities on its way to you.

The “InTransit” status should regularly update with a new location each time your shipment arrives in a facility.

Why your DX Delivery package is still in transit

Your tracker will likely display an “in transit” status for most of the duration of your shipment. This status means your shipment is moving between facilities as it travels to its destination.

At the end of each business day, your tracker status should update with the last known location your package arrived. If your tracker’s status has not changed for more than 1-2  business days, it could indicate an issue occurred during transit. Contact the customer service helpdesk for more information and assistance regarding tracking status issues. 

How long a DX Delivery package can stay in transit

Your DX Delivery shipment will likely display “In Transit” on its tracker status for most of the shipping process. Shipping times can vary depending on the type of shipping service selected.

However, most of DX Delivery’s shipping options include overnight or next-day shipping. If your package tracker’s status is not updating regularly or you believe an error has occurred, contact the customer service helpdesk. 


Another status update your package tracker may display is “Pending.” You’ll likely see the “Pending” status displayed at the beginning of the shipping process at the shipping facility. Once the initial processing is complete, the tracker should update to “In Transit” as your shipment begins its journey to you.

Why your DX Delivery package may be pending

The “Pending” status indicates that your shipment is currently processing through a facility. This means you may see the “Pending” status at any point throughout the shipping process. However, this status typically appears at the beginning of the shipping process.

Additionally, you may see the “Pending” status more often on international deliveries as your shipment processes through customs in other countries. If your tracker displays the “Pending” status for an unusually long time, it could indicate a delay with your shipment.

Contact customer support if you believe there is an error with the displayed status on your package tracker.

Out For Delivery and Delivered

Another status that could appear on your package tracker is “Out For Delivery.” This status will likely appear on the day a delivery attempt occurs. “Out For Delivery” means your shipment is not the delivery truck for delivery by the end of the business day.

Once delivery is successful, your tracker may update a final time to a “Delivered” status. This status update may include photographic proof of delivery or proof of signature.

If your tracker updates to “Delivered,” but you haven’t received your shipment, contact the customer service help desk, as this may indicate an issue with your shipment or an error in the tracking software. The customer support staff can help you find your shipment or instruct you on how to file for reimbursement of missing items.

DX Delivery delivery times

DX Delivery offers several options for parcel and document delivery. Arrival times may vary depending on the shipping service selected. DX Delivery services and times are as follows:

  • 1-Man Freight Delivery: This service offers door-to-door tracking with next-day delivery on most packages, including irregular dimensions.
  • 2-Man Freight Delivery: This service offers fast delivery for large and bulky items, including furniture, garage, home, and garden. This service will also remove large or bulky items from your property.
  • DX Secure Flex: This is a premium delivery service that offers next-day delivery with a full range of security checks in place, including photo proof, GPS tracking, and calling cards for unsuccessful deliveries.
  • DX Secure Business: This is a premium delivery service for businesses that offers next-day delivery within business hours. This service includes the same security checks as DX Flex.
  • International Freight Delivery: This service focuses on international deliveries. DX partners with several other companies to provide a range of delivery options for any size shipments worldwide.
  • Document Exchange: This service offers secure and reliable document exchange business-to-business. DX Delivery also has an online document and file exchange system, similar to the cloud.
  • Tracked Specimen Delivery: This service is available for medical professionals and businesses shipping specimen samples to labs. DX specimen service is fast, secure, and reliable, with next-day delivery.
  • Downstream Access (DSA): This service allows companies to send up to 30 items overnight for fast and reliable 3-day shipping.
  • Logistics Partnerships: This service caters to businesses interested in partnering with DX Delivery.  

Most of the services provided by DX Delivery include next-day, fully tracked delivery and include two delivery attempts with calling cards.

DX Delivery delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The time of day that your shipment will arrive will depend on what type of shipment it is. However, several shipping services offered by DX allow you to choose a time that works best for your schedule.

If you haven’t chosen a specific time for your delivery, DX Delivery works between 8 am and 6 pm. Your shipments should arrive before 6 pm on weekdays. Additionally, some services offered by DX allow delivery on Saturdays.

How late does DX Delivery deliver?

DX Delivery operates between 8 am and 6 pm. Your shipments should arrive before the end of business on the day of delivery.

If your package was scheduled for delivery and hasn’t arrived, it could indicate a delay. Contact customer service if you believe there may be a delay with your delivery.

International DX Delivery delivery times

International delivery times can vary depending on the destination and type of shipment. Standard delivery for international mail is 3-5 business days.

DX Delivery offers services for large freight and pallet shipping, as well. Delivery times may differ for larger shipments, especially if the shipping is via sea.

Lost and missed DX Delivery deliveries

DX Delivery goes to expert lengths to keep your items safe and secure while in their hands. However, accidents can still happen. If you believe your shipment was lost or damaged while in the care of DX Delivery, contact the customer service help desk.

The customer support staff may require several forms of proof, including photographic documentation of the damage and receipt of the order. Each contract with DX Delivery will outline the reimbursement owed for your specific shipments. Remember to review the details of your contract before contacting the customer service department about missing or damaged deliveries.

What happens if you miss a DX Delivery delivery

Many services offered by DX allow you to schedule a delivery time that fits your schedule. However, if you choose not to select a specific time, your delivery can arrive any time during business hours.

If you are unable to accept your delivery, the driver will leave a calling card in its place. The calling card will have information regarding the next delivery attempt and instructions on how or where to retrieve your shipments from a local facility instead.

How long will DX Delivery hold a package?

DX Delivery will make two delivery attempts. The first missed delivery will receive a calling card with information about your delivery, including a tracking number and a new delivery date.

After the second missed delivery attempt, your local facility will hold your shipment for up to 5 business days.

What to do if you haven't received your DX Delivery package

Most services provided by DX Delivery offer next-day delivery. If you haven’t received your shipment within the expected time frame, you may want to check your package tracker to confirm the delivery date.

Contact customer support for assistance finding your missing delivery. The customer support staff may require you to show proof of your order in the form of a confirmation or delivery code as well as a receipt of purchase.

DX Delivery Tracking FAQs

Let’s answer some FAQs about DX Delivery’s outstanding service:

Is DX Delivery delivery fast?

Yes! DX Delivery has several shipping options with next-day delivery. Many of these services allow you to schedule a time that fits easily with your schedule, including before noon and Saturday deliveries.

Additionally, international delivery options provide 3-5 business day shipping via land, air, and sea. DX Delivery is fast, affordable, and reliable.

Can I track my DX Delivery package by address?

No. However, each DX-tracked delivery option includes a unique tracking number allowing you to monitor your shipment right to your door.

Contact customer service if you lose your package tracking number or if an error occurs while tracking. The customer support staff may be able to locate your shipment using other information provided for the shipment, including name, address, or phone number.

How do I know if my DX Delivery package is stuck in customs?

Occasionally, when shipping internationally, deliveries can get caught up when processing through the country's customs department. If you suspect a delay in customs, contact DX delivery’s customer service helpdesk. The customer support staff can help you locate your shipment.

Alternatively, consider contacting the customs department in the destination country. The staff in the customs department may have information regarding the delay that DX Delivery doesn’t.

What's the quickest method of DX Delivery tracking?

Follow your DX Delivery package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.

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