Czech Post Tracking

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Czech Post Tracking

Tracing its roots back to the formation of the Czechoslovak state in 1918, the Czech Post has weathered significant historical events, including global conflicts and socio-political upheavals. Through it all, it has emerged resilient, consistently restoring its services and adapting to changing times. Today, it stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to connect people, making package tracking an essential feature of its modern evolution

About Czech Post

Today Czech Post Tracking has enjoyed a long period of peace and has grown substantially and can serve all of its people and deliver to over 200 countries worldwide.

The Czech Post is vital to the survival of local eCommerce.

Czech Post tracking

Using Czech Post package tracking will feel familiar if you have ever used tracking tools with other couriers. The tool only has the option to use a tracking number, so you will have to get a working number if needed.

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How to find your Czech Post tracking number

Finding your Czech Post tracking shipment number will be different for senders and receivers. Both methods are easy, and the most important step is to never delete any messages about the order.

The sender is the first person to get the tracking number since this person creates and pays for the order. Being the person with the receipt also means that the sender can more easily investigate problems.

The Czech Post would rather talk to the person who created the order, paid the money, and has the receipt.

The sender will find the tracking number on the receipt, on an invoice, or in an online confirmation. Some senders print sending labels before having their package picked up and can find the tracking number under the barcode.

The receiver usually cannot get the tracking number until the seller sends a message or confirmation containing the number. Usually, the sender uses contact details that the receiver has already loaded into their online account.

Sometimes senders and receivers use social media messaging, but most of the time, the receiver gets an email and an SMS text message. Never delete any messages because you may lose your tracking number.

How to track your Czech Post location

The tool to track a Czech Post shipment is easy to find. Every page on the website has a large yellow banner across the top that says Pošta Online in the upper-left corner. Below the banner is a row of eight buttons/drop-down menus.

The first button says “Favourite Tools.” Whether you use the drop-down menu or use the button, the first option is “Track & Trace,” which leads to the dedicated tracking page.

There are a few more options on the page that may be of use. The instructions on the side also explain that you can separate multiple tracking numbers with a comma and search all at once.

Lost Czech Post tracking number

Losing a Czech Post shipment tracking number happens sometimes but is unlikely because online services automatically save messages. 

The sender is more likely to forget to include the number in your order confirmation. Contact the sender to resend the number if you accidentally delete your message.

How to track a Czech Post package without a tracking number

One or two days after placing an order, you will probably think, ‘I need to track my Czech Post package today.’ You will find your number in an online message confirmation, most of the time, as long as you did not delete anything.

If you did not delete any messages and have no working number, the most likely reason is that your number is invalid or the sender forgot to give you the number.

Whatever the case, you will need the number if you want to use the tracking tool. The tool has a “My consignments” option that only works for account holders after logging in.

A package receiver without an account will have to use the regular tracking tool, which has no option to track with anything other than a valid tracking number.

Contact the sender to get the tracking number if you cannot find the number in your messages. Needing another tracking number is not the only reason to contact the sender. This person can help with almost any problem that arises.

The sender is usually running a small business alone or with minimal staff. The business relies on positive feedback about its service in the online merchant account.

Giving bad service concerning courier issues after a sale is a great way to get negative comments and downvotes. The business will be hard to build back up with a low rating.

Support at Czech Post will not cause the same problems because of some dissatisfied customers. You may as well rely on the great customer service the seller has to give to fix any problems.

Solving Czech Post tracking issues

Most people start wondering if Czech Post lost their package if they paste their tracking number into the tool and nothing comes up. Losing packages is rare, and the problem is usually human error or a misunderstanding about scheduling.

Why you can't track your Czech Post package

Before getting into why you cannot track your package, ensure you do not copy/paste the number with extra spaces, which may cause a malfunction. You can check the number format for accuracy.

Remember that if your tracking number is invalid, you will need to get a new number for tracking to work. Contact the sender if you think you need a new number.

The most likely reason you cannot track your package is that no one at Czech Post has scanned the barcode yet. There are many reasons you may have to wait for the first scan.

The sender may have used the pickup service and is still waiting for a Czech Post driver to arrive. Similarly, the sender may still be organizing incoming and outgoing orders and has not yet taken your package to a Czech Post office.

Your package could be traveling to a facility or has just arrived, and the barcode will get the first scan soon. You may have to wait two business days for tracking and transit to start, so do not worry about not finding a tracking status yet.

You can contact the sender to find out what is going on if more than two business days pass and tracking still does not work.

Why your Czech Post package is not updating or moving

When tracking starts and a package stops updating during transit, the reason is probably that the barcode did not get scanned, just like the above explanation. The difference is that a delay happens on the road, at a facility, or both.

The driver might have an accident or travel slowly in heavy traffic. Natural disasters regularly make travel difficult in many countries worldwide. Facilities also get busy, causing packages to sit and wait for the next action.

Sometimes drivers arrive at busy facilities and wait outside to get unloaded. Then orders wait inside to get organized before getting scanned. Most couriers can schedule around these delays and deliver on time.

The most important thing to be aware of is that most problems are just delays. Lost, damaged, and stolen packages are rare. Waiting a few hours or an extra day should confirm that transit has resumed.

Czech Post tracking status explained

The Czech Post has a fairly long list of tracking statuses that are mostly easy to understand. They like to use the words “delivery, outgoing,” and “incoming.” Outgoing and incoming are interchangeable with arrival and departure statuses.

The whole transit time of the order contains various outgoings and incomings, with final delivery at the end.

In transit

Transit, in terms of physical travel, appears in Czech Post tracking statuses as “outgoing” and “incoming.” Outgoing means transit starts, and incoming means a leg of transit ends.

Why your Czech Post package is still in transit

Study your tracking statuses to understand why your package is still in transit. For example, you might find an incoming status to a new country that could or could not include a status about entering customs.

Maybe a few days have passed without further movement. You can safely infer that your package has not left the customs office because the order reached a new country and stopped moving.

Another scenario could be that your package got an outgoing status on a domestic order which probably means your package is in a courier truck. You can safely suspect something might have happened to the truck if a new status does not appear.

The truck might have had an accident that caused a one or two-day delay. A natural disaster could have happened. Heavy traffic mixed with a busy facility can cause a one-day delay.

Always wait at least two business days for a new tracking status to appear. Then, contact the seller if nothing changes during that time.

How long a Czech Post package can stay in transit

Most domestic orders take only a day but can take a couple more days with delays. So unless you live in a remote area where delivery is difficult, contact the sender to investigate the problem after five business days.

International orders are more tricky. First, use your tracking status to determine whether your order is in a customs office or a facility.

The situation might be the same as a domestic order if your package left a facility in a truck that has not checked into a new facility for a few days. Again, you can get the sender to investigate immediately.

However, when your package gets stopped or delayed in a customs office, many days or sometimes weeks can pass. Make sure to find out if you must pay duty (tax) because your order will not clear until you pay.

Customs office stops have caused international packages to take up to 40 days in worst-case scenarios. A more realistic long delay is about seven business days, after which you can contact the sender for help.

Pay any duties or fees as quickly as possible because most customs offices destroy, keep, or return orders to senders after about 30 days.


The Czech Post only has one pending status, which is entering customs.

Why your Czech Post package may be pending

Every package that enters a customs department is pending clearance until the customs office completes the inspection. The three main scenarios are taking time to clear a package, stopping an order to collect duty, and rejecting banned items.

Rejected items might get destroyed or returned to the sender. The decision depends on the policy of the customs office in each country.

Taking time to clear varies by country as well because some customs offices are fast and others are slow. Also, having to pay duty means you cannot get your order out until you pay the office.

Czech Post delivery times

There is a noticeable difference between domestic and international delivery times when using the Czech Post. The only indication the Czech Post gives about a time of day is 8 am to 4 pm, and it only applies to domestic orders.

Czech Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Domestic orders move extremely fast and usually get delivered the next working day. A drop-off time after 3 pm can extend the delivery time beyond the next day.

International orders are completely different and depend on whether or not the destination is in the EU. EU deliveries will be quick—within a few days. Beyond the EU, deliveries can take up to ten working days.

East Asia is the most distant location in the northern hemisphere from central Europe. Everything in the southern hemisphere is far away. Destination countries that meet these criteria could take at least ten days.

The most unlucky delays at customs offices could extend the ten days to as long as 40 days. Extremely long stops are uncommon. Most orders will arrive in ten days or less.

How late Czech Post delivers

Domestically, the Czech Post should complete all deliveries by 4 pm. The rules change for international orders because an international courier may take over, and a local courier can handle last-mile delivery inside the country.

The safe assumption is to expect delivery times to coincide with business hours. Deliveries from the morning until 4-6 pm are the most common.

Some regions have much later delivery times that residents are aware exist due to congestion and heavy traffic.

International Czech Post delivery times

As stated above, most international delivery times will depend on the hours the local courier keeps. The normal business hours in the area should roughly match courier delivery times.

Lost and missed Czech Post deliveries

If you cannot read the Czech language, you will have to use a translator to understand all of the applicable policies.

Lost packages can be infuriating, but successful couriers rarely fail to deliver intact packages. Missing a delivery is usually nothing to worry about. You should get the package on the next working day.

What happens if you miss a Czech Post delivery

Unlike most couriers, the Czech Post will make a redelivery attempt and store a package for pickup. You can even contact the office and extend the storage time if needed.

You can schedule another delivery or pick up your package during storage. After a missed delivery, you will find a card with instructions and contact details for scheduling purposes.

How long Czech Post will hold a package

The Czech Post does not go into details about how long they will hold a package since you can contact the office and extend the holding time. They only mention that the holding period depends on the order type.

What to do if you haven't received your Czech Post package

The first two steps are checking your tracking statuses and estimated delivery time. Make sure you have calculated the delivery time in terms of business days, not total days.

In your tracking statuses, make sure that your package did not stop in a customs office. Identify the last place a status came in. A departure with no arrival could mean your package is still in a truck.

An arrival at a facility with no departure means something happened in the facility. Contact the sender to launch an investigation into the matter.

Czech Post tracking FAQs

People may have many questions about the Czech Post, so the website has extensive answers.

Is Czech Post delivery fast?

Yes, especially for domestic deliveries in the country that arrive by the next day. International orders usually arrive within ten days.

Can I track a Czech Post package by address?

No, not if you want to use the online tracking tool. The tool only works if you put in a valid tracking number. Contact the sender for a working number if needed.

How do I know if my Czech Post package is stuck in customs?

An efficient customs department should send a notification shortly after holding the package. Monitor your tracking statuses and contact the sender after seven days if your package does not clear.

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