CTT Tracking

Track your CTT delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

CTT Tracking

The origin of CTT tracking dates back to the 1500s when King Manuel created the Correio Público. Centuries later the department became autonomous and eventually morphed into a private company.

CTT became the giant they are today to meet greater demand to send packages outside Portugal. Eventually, CTT grew to deliver to over 150 countries including all of Europe.

How CTT tracking works

CTT package tracking works much like tracking with other couriers. You paste your tracking code in the given field and find the current status.

The best option for quickly and accurately tracking your CTT package is to download the Circuit Package Tracker app for free. Then all you have to do is enter your tracking number into the app and you'll find your CTT package instantly.

How to find your CTT tracking number

Alternatively, you can find your CTT Portugal tracking shipment codes in a few different places based on whether you are the sender or the receiver.

The sender will get the tracking code as part of the transaction in whichever way the booking happens, in person or online on a receipt. Another option for the sender is to copy the invoice tracking code found under the barcode.

The receiver will probably work with an online vendor from a site similar to Amazon or eBay. These sites have your email and phone number in the account information.

The sender will get the tracking code and update the order information and send the tracking code in an email and an SMS text message. That's the first place you need to look for your CTT tracking number.

The receiver should make sure to never delete any messages about an order, even if the message looks like a list of terms and conditions nobody ever reads. The tracking number might be in the message so keep everything.

How to track your CTT location

The track CTT shipment tool is easy to find and use. If you search for “CTT tracking” in your browser, the first-page result should be the tracking page.

If you land on the homepage, there are a couple of steps that might confuse you. First, the language will be Portuguese. When you scroll to the bottom, you will find an index of all the services.

Above the index, you will find an unlinked CTT logo. Next to the logo are the letters “PT” and “EN.” “EN” changes the language to English. However, the tracking section is still not in an obvious place.

The final step to get to the tracking page is to hover over an icon that resembles a “settings” symbol at the top-right of the page. The icon resembles a cross made by a wrench and screwdriver.

When you hover, a menu drops down, and “Track and Trace” is the fourth option. Needless to say, searching for tracking and letting your browser find the page is easier.

Lost CTT tracking number

CTT shipment tracking relies on the tracking code as the primary way of finding an order. One of the perks of the modern age is that you are unlikely to lose a tracking code as long as you keep your messages.

How to track a CTT package without a tracking number

When you think to yourself, I need to track my CTT package, but you cannot find the number, there are a couple of ways to fix the problem.

The first way, if you kept all correspondence about your order, is to find the tracking code in a message. You may have copies of the same messages in emails and SMS text messages.

There is a chance that the sender emailed the information and forgot to include the tracking code. The sender can give you the code if search and find nothing.

You can also contact support, but the sender should respond faster. The sender is usually a small business owner who gets the message and quickly responds with a personal touch.

For any problems that arise where you would normally contact support, with a courier order rely on the sender instead. The sender should have good customer service built into the business model.

In the modern era of downvotes and negative comments that can damage the success of anything online, the small business owner has to keep you happy. You might as well take advantage of this aspect of the relationship.

Solving CTT tracking issues

Tracking issues happen sometimes. One of the most important things to remember is that a tracking issue does not mean there is a sending issue. Regardless of the tracking status, the package will probably arrive on time.

Why you can't track your CTT package

Most of the time, you cannot track your package because of human error. Sometimes you are trying to track too early, and nobody has made a mistake.

Tracking too early is fairly common. The reason is that the sender sets everything up and sends you all the relevant information after you place an order. 

The catch is that the sender probably booked all orders online, but the packages are still with the sender. Delayed orders are common for online vendors because the easiest method is to collect orders one day and send them the next working day.

Usually, orders are coming in and going out, so processing all of the orders for one day without sending anything makes sense. Some senders book orders and wait for the courier to pick up packages.

Waiting for pickup saves time for the sender, but immediately taking every package to the courier’s office would be faster for the recipient.

Whatever the process is, you will find the first tracking status after CTT gets the package at a facility and scans the barcode. Always wait up to two business days for tracking statuses to start showing up.

Why your CTT package is not updating or moving

A package that stops moving probably does so for a similar reason to not being able to track a package. Whatever the reason is, the package probably has not gotten a scan.

Any time a package does not get scanned, the reasons could be human error or a normal delay that many orders experience. 

A human error could be anything from a person thinking they scanned a package that failed to register, to accidentally moving a package through a checkpoint and forgetting the scan.

The more likely reason is that a delay happens. Especially around big cities, delays happen all the time. Sometimes dozens of trucks pull into a facility that can unload only a few trucks at a time.

All the other trucks have to wait in line, which could take hours during extremely busy periods. Inside the facility, unloading trucks is only one step toward scanning the barcode so the tracking status updates.

Orders go through further sorting and organizing. Finally, a worker scans packages that other employees organized into stacks or groups.

The person frequently checking the tracking status hoping to find an update may think such a delay can only mean there is a problem. 

In reality, couriers know these delays happen and always give expected arrival times in a range of days in case multiple delays happen. Remember, unexpected events such as natural disasters or worker strikes also happen.

CTT tracking status explained

To read most CTT tracking statuses, you probably have to come from one of the nine countries that use Portuguese as an official language. Being a Romance language, some words make sense to English speakers.

In transit

CTT uses the status “transito” which is one of the words English speakers recognize as transit. For some of the others, using a service like Google Translate might be the way to go.

Why your CTT package is still in transit

If you have a package that seems to be in transit for too long, the most likely reason is that there is a delay. The package is coming.

The other possibility is that the package got stopped at a security checkpoint. The most likely stop of this sort is at a customs department.

The best thing to do is to study the tracking status and find the last place an update happened. Sometimes an order arrives at an international airport and does not go to a facility. The reason is that customs may have the package.

Wait two business days for a status update. If nothing happens, contact the sender first, or support if the sender cannot help. Sometimes, you have to deal with customs directly.

Through the various sending options, CTT deliveries can take anywhere from 1-7 business days across the domestic and international range of options.

How long a CTT package can stay in transit

How long a package can stay in transit depends on the type of order and whether or not the delivery is domestic or international. Where an international package is going makes a difference too.

Within Portugal, which is a small country, deliveries only take between 1-3 days, depending on the service. Delivery to the islands takes an extra day or two.

International orders take between 3-7 business days to arrive. Most people will choose a regular delivery, so expect delivery within 5-7 working days. 

Nearby countries like Spain get deliveries quickly, but the farther east you go into Europe, deliveries take longer.

Remember that an estimate of 5-7 days goes out the window if customs or a security checkpoint stops and holds a package.


CTT only uses the word “pending” in one status for a network entry. This pending status does not represent a stop that should worry a recipient.

The status that nobody wants is “Incidência,” which means “Incidence.” This status update means that finding out if your package is okay is an answer that is pending.

Why your CTT package may be pending

There are a variety of reasons for pending and any number of incidents that may happen. The most likely is a security-related stop which usually means a customs department.

Customs can stop a package because the country prohibits the contents. Sometimes the country allows the contents but taxes such items, so you must pay a duty.

The best course of action if you think customs stopped an order is to verify that customs caused the delay either through the tracking status or by contacting the sender.

Contact the sender to find out the reason for the stop. CTT will prefer to talk to the sender because that person paid for the order and has the receipt.

CTT delivery times

CTT does not post delivery times in terms of the time of day customers can expect packages to arrive. They are fairly specific about how many days different types of orders travel.

CTT delivery times: What time will your package arrive

CTT divides its delivery types into four categories for both domestic and international orders. The four classifications are Regular Post, Blue Post, Registered Post, and Green Post.

Even though the four names are the same regardless of where the package is going, delivery times vary for domestic and international orders.

Regular Post domestic takes up to three working days on the Portuguese mainland. Internationally, Regular takes up to five working days in Europe and up to seven for points beyond.

Blue Post takes one day within Portugal and two days to the local islands. Allow up to three working days in Europe and five days worldwide.

Registered Post has the same delivery times as Blue Post but with extra service options. When booking the order you can choose between payment upon delivery, SMS alerts, confirmation of acceptance, and insurance.

Green Post has a fixed price for each package size regardless of weight and no stamp. Delivery times are one working day within Portugal, two days to the local islands, five days to Europe, and seven days worldwide.

How late CTT delivers

Since CTT does not announce a time of day to expect a package, the safe alternative is to assume most orders will arrive within the hours of the standard business day, about 8 am to 5 pm.

Some locations and delivery options have unusually late times, but these are exceptions to the rule. The reason is that sometimes couriers transfer packages between each other, so everybody needs to be on the same clock.

International CTT delivery times

The same applies as above, CTT does not announce specific times. Always assume a package will arrive within normal business hours. 

CTT is consistent with international delivery times in terms of days. Between all the options, international delivery times stay within 5-7 business days.

Always understand that if customs holds an order, the estimated delivery time probably no longer applies.

Lost and missed CTT deliveries

If lost deliveries were common, they would be a big deal, but successful couriers do not get repeat business by losing packages. Losses can still happen, but they are rare.

Missed deliveries are usually not a concern as long as the address is correct and somebody can sign for the package if needed.

What happens if you miss a CTT delivery

Two different policies may apply for CTT packages in Portugal and abroad. Internationally CTT is likely to hand the package off to a local courier who might have a different missed policy than CTT.

Check with your local courier to find which policy applies if you miss a delivery.

In Portugal, CTT only makes one delivery attempt. You should find a notification with instructions about where and when to pick up the package. Make sure to bring the note and ID with you for pickup.

How long CTT will hold a package

CTT does not state on its website how long packages get held. Part of the reason may be that packages outside of Portugal transfer to local couriers with different policies.

If you miss a delivery in Portugal, follow the instructions on the note as soon as possible to avoid a return-to-sender issue. Most couriers that hold packages for pickup only do so for about fifteen days.

What to do if you haven't received your CTT package

There are two steps: scrutinize the tracking status to find if you can deduce something like a customs stop, and contact the sender for help.

CTT tracking FAQs

If you have more questions, CTT has a contact page:

Is CTT delivery fast?

Yes, CTT delivers most packages within 3-5 days. The longest international journeys only take up to seven days.

Can I track a CTT package by address?

No, the tracking field only accepts a tracking code. If you do not have a functioning tracking number, contact the sender. The sender should give the fastest service.

How do I know if my CTT package is stuck in customs?

Customs should send a notification for any order they hold, but sometimes they do not adhere to modern efficiency standards.

Your best alternative is to follow the tracking status closely and find an arrival in a country without an update at a facility afterward.

Sometimes you have to pay a duty at customs, and you have to deal with the department directly. Otherwise, you should contact the sender to find out what is wrong as quickly as possible.

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