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Track your Bahrain Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Bahrain Post Tracking

Bahrain Post is a reputable company that's renowned for its timely deliveries of the domestic and international variety.

If you experience any problems while waiting for your package to get delivered, you should know who to contact and how to handle them. Continue reading to discover more information about Bahrain Post tracking. 

About Bahrain Post

Bahrain Post tracking gives their customers the ability to follow both their domestic and international packages anywhere in the world, thanks to a unique tracking code.

Bahrain Post operates in Bahrain and is a government-run organization. This company was launched in 1884, becoming the first postal office in Manama—the capital of Bahrain.

It was in the 20th century that the Bahrain Post expanded its services by opening offices throughout the entire national territory.

After Bahrain gained independence from the British Crown, Bahrain became a member of the Arab Post Union and the UPU.

Additionally, the organization is a part of the Postal Affairs of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications and the Department of Land Transport.

Bahrain Post has a vast network of 17 offices stationed in different cities. The company offers customers services, including driver's licenses, renewal of passports, vehicle registration, and bill payment.

Bahrain Post package tracking

Before delivering the package, Bahrain Post will register all necessary information concerning your package, which includes the following:

  • Final price
  • Size and weight of the item
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Additional details
  • Identification of the customer
  • Destination address

Usually, the tracking number of Bahrain Post is 13 digits—a combination of numbers and letters.

For example:


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How to find your Bahrain Post package tracking number

"You may ask yourself—where exactly do I find my tracking number to track my Bahrain Post package?" Sellers can locate the tracking number on the printed receipt after they've sent the package. You can find it next to the barcode.

If you're the recipient, the seller has to give this information to you so that you will have the code to track your package from the start to the end of its journey.

Most likely, they'll send you an email so that you can have the tracking number for safekeeping. The email also includes the estimated delivery date.

How to track your Bahrain Post package location

Bahrain Post package tracking follows a straightforward procedure that starts when the client gives the package to one of the Bahrain Post offices.

Here is where the company will create a serial code for every package. This code will serve as the official Bahrain Post office tracking number.

This setup allows the company to keep track of every package that Bahrain Post delivers around the world.

Moreover, the tracking numbers keep track of the GPS data of the vehicle delivering your package. Whether traveling by airplane or car, the tracking number gives an accurate real-time location of your package when you visit the official website.

Use Circuit Package Tracker

However, we suggest using Circuit Package Tracker for immediate updates and the most accurate results.

Just type in your Bahrain Post shipment tracking number, and the tracker will recognize your courier immediately and display all the pertinent details.

What's more, you don't have to log in to find the information or sign up for an account. Also, if you're using the same browser, CPT will save the tracking number to our system.

If you log in and offer your name, phone number, and email address, you'll get updates sent directly to your phone whenever your package moves.

Lost Bahrain Post tracking number 

Trying to find your package without your tracking number is very difficult to do. However, you should start by looking through your emails to rule out whether your tracking number is in your confirmation email from the seller.

You should also check the Spam folder because emails can end up there, and you'll believe that you never got the confirmation email, to start with.

If you're still unsuccessful, you can contact the seller or Bahrain Post directly to assist you in finding your tracking number in their database.

How to track a Bahrain Post package without a tracking number 

It's virtually impossible to track a Bahrain Post package if you lose your tracking number. If you can't find it—contact your courier to ask if they can assist you if you give them your name, phone number, address, and email address.

The seller will likely have your information, making it easier for them to email you the information again or give you the number over the phone.

Once you get the tracking number again, make sure you keep it in a safe place for future reference. Sometimes international packages are trickier to find, depending on the courier that has the package.

If it isn't the original courier, the last-mile courier may hesitate to give out sensitive details over the phone or through email.

Nonetheless, you should be fine if you're comfortable giving them any details they need to know to release specific information about the order. 

Solving Bahrain Post package tracking issues

Since Bahrain sends packages internationally and domestically, it is easier to solve a tracking issue problem the closer it is to its destination country.

For instance, if a problem develops at a local level, it may have something to do with bad weather, a wrong address, etc.

On the other hand, international package delivery has services where packages get handed off to other employees in different countries.

The Bahrain Post employee will most likely deliver your package directly to you. However, if there's a service center nearby, if there's a service center, the employee will give your package to the local post office, and they'll deliver it to you.

Why you can't track your Bahrain Post package 

There are several reasons why you may be unable to track your package. One likely explanation is that the package is in the middle of getting delivered from one warehouse to the next.

Additionally, if your package gets sent outside Bahrain and a new courier is responsible for the last-mile delivery, their tracking system may not display updates.

Fortunately, Circuit Package Tracker can track your package even after it gets handed off.

Other reasons include the following:

Invalid tracking number: Outside of the package going to a different courier, make sure that you didn't type it in incorrectly or miss any numbers or letters. 

Customs Delay: You will have to intervene to determine why your package isn't moving if customs seize it for various reasons. Bahrain Post is not responsible once the package goes to another courier.

Why your Bahrain Post package is not updating or moving 

There are a few reasons your Bahrain Post tracking number may not update as expected. For example, the courier may have issued a tracking number but hasn't gotten around to picking up the actual package.

Or, perhaps the courier has the package in their possession but hasn't scanned it yet. For this reason, you should wait two days before contacting the courier.

Inclement weather can always slow down the delivery process, and it's possible that your package got lost while it was on its way to you.

Contact Bahrain Post customer service if your package fails to update after a few days.

Bahrain Post tracking status explained 

Familiarizing yourself with certain statuses you may see is a great way to avoid confusion and panic in unnecessary situations.

Most times, it's the normal process of delivery, and other times it's a legitimate red flag; we'll help you discern the difference.

In transit

For example, in the instance your Bahrain Post tracking shipment says "in transit," this is a great sign that tells you that everything is going according to plan.

In this case, the order is being picked up and delivered to the designated drop-off location.

Why your Bahrain Post package is still in transit

When your package is still in transit, and you're worried something may be wrong, consider the factors at play. Many times, it's not within the courier's control.

For example, there are instances where your package is experiencing delays because of bad weather, you live in a remote area that's challenging to find, or the address is incorrect.

Any of these circumstances can easily delay the package by a few days, if not more.

Additionally, if your package got lost or damaged while in transit, it could take a few days for the courier to update the system to let you know what's happening.

For international deliveries, you have to consider other problems specific to overseas packages, like getting stuck in the customs office.

If you live far from the origin country and choose an economical delivery method, it could take weeks beyond your estimated delivery date.

Contact Bahrain Post customer service if you think your package has been in transit for too long and you want to find out what's going on.

How long a Bahrain Post package can stay in transit

Usually, domestic packages won't stay in transit longer than a few days if it's just a simple issue like correcting the address or bad weather for a day or so.

Contact the local post office branch in your city if you have questions about your package because it's been longer than 72 hours.

As mentioned, international packages will take a bit longer to get to you. You can't control for some factors like busy seasons where there's an influx of packages getting delivered.

In these cases, the drivers are usually making their rounds as quickly as possible, and a little patience is necessary for them to sort things out.

If it's a customs issue, contact the local customs office immediately to see what you must do to get it released. 


A package status that says it's "pending" isn't in a courier's system for one of two primary reasons; it's not registered or it's with the last-mile courier. 

Why your Bahrain Post package may be pending

First, the Bahrain Post worker hasn't had a chance to scan your package into the database yet and register your details, or the order has gone to another courier in the destination country.

In that case, it continues to say pending until the new courier sends the package out for delivery.

It usually doesn't take more than a few days to resolve these issues either way. 

Bahrain Post delivery times 

Delivery times can vary from company to company depending on the transportation options available, the size and weight of the package, the distance to the recipient, and more.

It also depends on which service you choose, as it'll reach the intended use more quickly for urgent services such as same-day, –next-day, EMS, and overnight.

Bahrain Post usually delivers to all cities and distances within the national territory.

Through International expansion, they've succeeded through the Bahrain National Government and the Universal Postal Union.

These two agencies dictate the conditions and rules to make the turnaround time and service quality better for international deliveries to any country worldwide.

Bahrain Post delivery times: What time your package will arrive 

It takes around three business days to get a local package from Bahrain Post, but according to consumer reviews, often you'll get it within two days.

International deliveries differ, depending on how far the package travels and whether it gets stopped by customs. You should expect weeks to pass before you get your Bahrain Post package from overseas.

How late does Bahrain Post deliver

The courier's working hours for delivery can vary based on the city you live in. The post office itself is open from 7 am to 11 pm.

They deliver packages between 7 and 7 pm every day of the week except Fridays. Bahrain Post does not deliver packages on national holidays.

International Bahrain Post delivery times 

Since there are so many drawbacks that you can experience with an international package, customers are encouraged to use the browser to get an accurate estimated arrival time.

This system separates the most popular countries into a zone, and long deliveries to that area usually take.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Zone A (GCC): Three to six business days
  • Zone B (Other Arabian territories): Six to ten business days
  • Zone C (India, Europe, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh): Six to ten business days
  • Zone D (Canada, Japan, Australia, Americas, South East Asia, Africa, New Zealand): Six to ten business days 

Lost and missed Bahrain Post deliveries

It's not unusual for a package to get lost in transit or for someone unavailable to accept it when the courier arrives.

That's why the recipient needs to understand what to do in these situations.

It's more problematic for international deliveries instead of local deliveries, just because the courier usually only has the package for a few days at the max.

What happens if you miss a Bahrain Post delivery

If you know your package is scheduled to arrive, you should make sure you're going to be home to accept it. If there was an unforeseen situation, they might try to accommodate you.

However, if the issue seems chronic, it's causing delays for other customers and unnecessary delivery attempts by the driver.

For recipients that miss the delivery, here are the two actions that the company will take:

  • Leave the customer a note to tell them that there was a delivery attempt and to expect the next attempt the following business day
  • Give the package to a neighbor or someone who lives nearby that can sign for the package. 
  • Leave the package in a discreet location near the home (porch, back door, mailbox, etc.)

If they don't succeed with these strategies, they'll like to return the package to the sender.

Contact your local branch for more information on how they handle these situations and if you don't want them to leave your package near the home.  

How long Bahrain Post will hold a package

Bahrain Post doesn't advertise on its website that they hold packages. However, you might want to contact the company directly, as there may be special delivery arrangements services that you can ask for.

At best, they might be willing to transport your package to the nearest hub for pickup safety after multiple failed delivery attempts.

What to do if you haven't received your Bahrain Post package 

For those who never got their Bahrain Post order, contact customer service immediately to find out what's happening and if they can help. 

Bahrain Post tracking frequently asked questions

Here are a few short answers to questions about Bahrain Post shipment tracking:

Is Bahrain Post delivery fast? 

Bahrain Post offers speedy delivery services to domestic and international customers.

Most local customers report getting their package within two days, while international customers have to wait a few weeks. 

Can I track a Bahrain Post package by address? 

It's impossible to track your Bahrain Post order with only an address. You need your tracking number to identify your package.

If you contact the courier, they might help you if you give them personal details like your address, name, phone number, and other relevant information to help them prove it's your property. 

How do I know if my Bahrain Post package is stuck in customs?

Your chosen tracking system should tell you whether your package got stuck in Bahrain customs.

The most common reasons this happens are illegal package content, unpaid customs fees, an incorrect address, and so on.

Contact the customs office directly to ask what information they need to proceed with sending the package to your home or business. 

Are there faster ways for Bahrain Post tracking?

Follow your Bahrain Post tracking details with consistent updates when downloading Circuit Package Tracker for free.