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If you've ever needed quick delivery in India as a business, chances are you’ve thought about TCI Express. As the fastest B2B delivery service in India, TCI offers both domestic and international delivery services domestically and worldwide.

However, it’s critical to know where your TCI Express order is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, You’ll learn what TCI Express tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then how to find any issues and resolve them.

TCI Express tracking

As you expect from an express cargo carrier, you can use a TCI Express tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker at any time for updates on your package location and status.

How to find your TCI Express tracking number

When you place an online order, the seller will send you a tracking number in a confirmation email after TCI Express collects your package.

Check your inbox and junk folders and contact the sender for help if you cannot find your TCI Express tracking number.

How to track your TCI Express location

The easiest way to track your package is by using your TCI Express tracking number with the Circuit Package Tracker search above.

Alternatively, you can track your shipment on the TCI Express website.

Lost TCI Express tracking number

Not knowing where your TCI Express package is or when it will arrive can be challenging. Don't worry; whether you lose your tracking number or the seller fails to send you one, there are several ways to retrieve it. The steps below will help you fix most tracking issues.

How to track a TCI Express package without a tracking number

You cannot use TCI Express tracking without a tracking number.

However, shippers can trace your TCI Express cargo by logging into their online account. So contacting the sender is the best way to find your package without a tracking number.

Contacting TCI Express by phone, email, or online chat is another option—however, they will likely take longer to respond if you are not the sender.

Solving TCI Express tracking issues

Because the delivery process involves so many parts, it's not unusual to experience some tracking issues—especially if the start and end locations are far apart.

To complicate things, tracking can also be challenging to understand. Here are some of the most common problems you may have with TCI Express tracking and how to fix them.

Why you can’t track your TCI Express package

The most common reason you cannot use your tracking number is that TCI Express must scan your package, either when they collect it, or between scheduled facilities in the journey. If TCI Express fails to scan your package or there is a delay, this can cause tracking issues.

Something else to consider is the time of year when you place an order. For example, the holidays are generally busy, so TCI may take longer to process your package.

Why your TCI Express package is not updating or moving

Two main things can cause a delay with TCI Express tracking:

  1. Poor weather and road traffic at the destination. Your package may arrive a few days late when this happens.
  2. An internal issue with TCI Express’s tracking.

The good news is that neither is usually a cause for concern. Contact TCI Express for help if your delivery has more than five days delay.

TCI Express status explained

TCI Express cargo goes through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different status in Circuit Package Tracker.

Below, we will explain the most common tracking statuses used by TCI Express and how to fix any potential issues.

In transit

When all the steps of your order go smoothly, “in transit” is a standard status. “In transit” shows that TCI Express has your package, and it is traveling between scheduled locations. 

Why your TCI Express package is still in transit

Every order you make with TCI Express comes with an estimated delivery date for when you can expect your package to arrive.

However, several factors can cause an order to arrive after the estimated delivery date, so your cargo will stay “in transit” until TCI delivers it.

How long a TCI Express package can stay in transit

TCI Express tracking can stay “in transit” until TCI delivers your package. So you must closely follow any changes to your tracking status.

Allow 48 hours after the estimated delivery date to arrive before contacting the sender for more information or TCI Express to find out if they lost your cargo.


When the Circuit Package Tracker says your package is “pending,” TCI has your cargo, but needed to pause the route.

Why your TCI Express package may be pending

Your TCI Express package may have a pending status for longer than expected. Typical reasons include customs needing to clear your package or TCI Express having concerns about its contents and holding it at a facility to check.

In this case, your order will stay “pending” until the cargo leaves the warehouse where TCI Express is holding the cargo. Your tracking status will change to “in transit” when TCI Express releases your cargo to deliver it, or travel to the next facility on its route.

A pending status duration is usually not longer than 24 hours. Contact TCI Express for help if your delivery is pending for more than three days.

TCI Express delivery times

You can expect fast delivery times with TCI Express—even for international deliveries—and reliably track your packages at every step with Circuit Package Tracker.

International TCI Express delivery times

International TCI Express shipping includes land, air, and sea delivery. Meaning Toll Global Express can deliver within two to four days worldwide to over 200 countries.

Exact delivery times vary depending on the distance your cargo must travel and the speed of the TCI service the seller has chosen

Also, be aware that TCI Express may pass your package to another courier service to make the final delivery depending on the destination. In any case, you can expect most deliveries from 9 am to 5 pm on working days.

Lost and missed TCI Express deliveries

So you missed the delivery window for your package. Now what? Luckily, TCI Express has steps you can take to help find lost and missed packages.

What happens if you miss a TCI Express delivery

Within India, TCI Express will usually leave a note if you miss the delivery with instructions on what to do. 

For international orders, you can expect most couriers to try and redeliver your package one or two times before holding it at a facility near you to collect it.

How long will TCI Express hold a package?

TCI Express will hold your order for up to seven days, or you can schedule a pickup on a specific day and time.

What to do if you haven’t got your TCI Express package

Sometimes, TCI Express may fail to deliver your cargo by its estimated date. If this case, wait 48 hours and then contact the sender or TCI Express for help.

There’s no guarantee that TCI Express’s customer services will recover your package, but making them aware of the situation sooner is your best option.

Be ready to give your order information and tracking number, as TCI Express’s customer services will need both to determine why your package is missing.

TCI Express tracking FAQs

Now that you know all the basics of TCI Express’s tracking function and various other aspects of its services, let’s go over a few questions you may still have about the TCI Express experience.

Is TCI Express delivery fast?

TCI Express can deliver within 24 hours in India.

As a part of the Toll Group, TCI Express can deliver between one and four days worldwide for all international services.

Can I track the TCI Express package by address?

You cannot track a TCI Express package by the address. You can only follow a TCI Express package by using the tracking number in your order confirmation email.

However, shippers can trace your TCI Express cargo by logging into their online account. So contacting the sender is the best way to find your package without a tracking number.

Contacting TCI Express by phone, email, or online chat is another option—however, they will likely take longer to respond if you are not the sender.

How do I know if my TCI Express package is stuck in customs?

Customs can hold your cargo for indefinite amounts of time for international deliveries. However, you can check its location with your tracking number and Circuit Package Tracker.

Usually, you can expect customs to clear your package within a few hours and not hold cargo for longer than 24 hours. Customs will contact you if this is the case.

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