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If you’ve ever considered sending a package to or within Australia, chances are you’ve thought about Toll. The leading delivery service offers a wide range of maritime, air, and land freight services worldwide.

The company is a Japan Post subsidiary helping companies manage their supply chain, offering services for businesses and individuals, including package tracking.

All you need to do is select the type of service you need, and you’ll get Toll tracking information on your package, so you’ll always know where it is.

Below, I’ll define what Toll tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

Toll tracking

Toll tracking gives real-time information about the location and status of your packages. The tracking service is available for all deliveries in Australia and New Zealand and shows your package's journey from pick-up to delivery.

You can find your package information and tracking updates anytime with Circuit Package Tracker. Use the search above with your Toll tracking number to find exactly where your order is, including an estimated arrival time.         

How to find your Toll tracking number

There are several ways to find your Toll tracking number:

  1. If registered with MyToll, go to your account dashboard and find your recent orders.
  2. Check your inbox and spam folders for the seller’s confirmation email if you bought something online. This should include your Toll tracking number; or
  3. If you cannot find the confirmation email, you can contact the seller and ask for your tracking number.

How to track your Toll location 

Tracking a package with Toll is easy with Circuit Package Tracker! Either use the search above or download the free app to find your Toll package worldwide.

You can also find this information if you have registered with MyToll from your dashboard.

Lost Toll tracking number

It’s not easy to lose a tracking number, but sometimes it happens—and you need your tracking code to know where your Toll package is and when to expect delivery.

How to track a Toll package without a tracking number  

You cannot follow a Toll package without a tracking number. The good news is that if you're registered with MyToll, you can log in and find the order. 

In any case, if you're not registered with MyToll, finding your tracking number is simple! Just message the sender and ask them for it since that's likely your fastest option.

You can also contact Toll customer support and ask them for help finding your tracking number.

Solving Toll tracking issues               

Like all technology, package tracking can sometimes fail. Luckily, there are some things you can do to determine and fix any issues.

Why you can't track your Toll package          

There may be a few reasons why you struggle with Toll tracking. Common causes include spelling mistakes in the search or temporary system issues. Here’s what to do:

  1. Double-check that you have entered your Toll tracking code correctly into Circuit Package Tracker.
  2. If you find an error message or "no results found,” the Toll tracking system may have a temporary fault. So wait and recheck Circuit Package Tracker later.
  3. If you still have a tracking issue after 24 hours, contact Toll customer support for help.

Why your Toll package is not updating or moving 

Toll tracking could be a few reasons for not updating your package location or status. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Customs is holding it for checks in the destination country.
  • The package was lost or damaged in transit.
  • Traffic jams or bad weather caused a delay at the delivery destination.
  • The recipient's address is wrong.

Circuit Package Tracker can help you find the location and status of your package and tell you if customs hold it.

Contact Toll customer support for help if your package is not in customs.

Toll tracking status explained

Every courier company has its understanding of tracking status terms. For example, UPS will use one set of terms while Fedex uses another. Sometimes, courier companies like to be creative by creating status updates.

To help, here is a brief guide to help you understand what each Toll tracking status means.

Order Created

Toll has created a record of your shipment in their tracking system.

Order Picked Up

Toll has collected your package from the sender and can now give you an estimated delivery date.

Order In Transit

Your Toll package is on its way to its destination! Your package may pass through one or more Toll facilities, depending on the distance it must travel and the type of service you choose.

Your tracking may show many “in transit” statuses, such as if you have multiple loads to collect or if Toll is unloading your package at a facility.

Out For Delivery

Toll will deliver your order today, and the delivery driver is on the way to the destination.


Toll has successfully delivered your package. If you find a status of “delivered” and do not have the package, check with a neighbor and in safe places.

In transit

Your Toll package is “in transit” when a courier has collected it and is on the way.

Why your Toll package is still in transit

Check Circuit Package Tracker to find any delays during transit, as you should find more information on any issues.

How long a Toll package can stay in transit

Toll packages usually stay in transit for seven business days before reaching their final destination. After this period, they will notify you by email and update your toll tracking status to show any delays or complications with your order.


Pending shows that a Toll courier has collected your order but has not yet picked it up. Your package may also be pending due to Toll tracking system issues. In either case, wait for 24 hours, and your package should move on.

Why your Toll package may be pending

Your package is most likely shown as “pending” because Toll has not yet collected it. This can happen for several reasons:

  1. The courier may be running late or have had a delay in their office. 
  2. Your package is in an area affected by poor weather.
  3. Customs may be holding your package for checks. This can be due to several reasons, including taxes, tariffs, regulations, or other legal issues. 

Toll delivery times             

Toll delivery will vary depending on the type of service you choose and the delivery location. Toll your delivery time from when the package leaves a facility and not on collection from the sender.

Toll delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Delivery times by Toll vary depending on the service speed, weather conditions, and other factors. Typically, you can expect the following:

  • Two to seven business days — for orders that do not include express sending.
  • Five to ten business days — for orders that include express sending. 

How late Toll delivers     

Toll will deliver your order by 5 pm on the scheduled day.

International Toll delivery times

International deliveries can take anywhere from Two to Six days to arrive.

You must also be aware of the country you're sending to, what time of year it is, and whether your customs need to check your package. Generally, the further away from the warehouse Toll sends your package, the longer it will take.

Lost and missed Toll deliveries  

It is essential to distinguish between a missed and lost package. This way, you can avoid wasting time looking for an item Toll did not deliver in the first place.

A missed package was delivered but not left at the address, which can happen for various reasons. For example, if you don't answer the door when Toll tries to deliver your package. 

Or, if there's no one home to get it on the day of delivery, Toll will leave a notice saying that they tried but couldn't make the delivery.

A lost package happens when Toll loses your package on its route or if they mark it as delivered but you do not have it.

What happens if you miss a Toll delivery

If you miss a Toll delivery, they will leave a notice at your door and try to contact you to reschedule it. 

How long will Toll will hold a package?

Toll will hold your package at a depot and then return it to the sender seven days after trying to deliver it more than once.

What to do if you haven't received your Toll package      

If you haven't gotten your Toll package, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your tracking number on the website to make sure it was delivered.
  2. Check with neighbors who may have gotten it by mistake and ask them to return it. 
  3. If you still can't find your package, contact their customer support.

Toll tracking FAQs    

When you're waiting for a delivery, the last thing you want to do is wait for answers. Here are common questions about toll tracking. 

Is Toll delivery fast?         

Toll is a company that offers fast and reliable delivery, offering same-day and next-day services. They have a fleet of vehicles, so you can be sure your package will reach its destination on time. You can find your Toll deliveries with Circuit Package Tracker.

Can I track the Toll package by address?  

You cannot track your Toll package by the address. However, you can contact Toll customer support to find your reference or tracking number.

How do I know if my Toll package is stuck in customs?

If you're wondering whether customs is holding your Toll package, there are a few things to check.

First, use your Toll tracking number With Circuit Package Tracker. Your package is likely stuck in customs if it's been more than five days since you placed the order.

In most cases, customs will let you know if and why they are holding your Toll package. You also can contact the sender or your local customs office for help.

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