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Track your RL Carriers delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

RL Carriers is a leader in the transportation and logistics space, offering a range of services to manage shipping needs. But tracking can be confusing.

This RL Carriers tracking guide is for you, simplifying the process so you can track shipments with ease and confidence. You'll learn about tracking options and the latest tools to stay on top of deliveries. Whether for business or personal use, this guide has everything you need to know.

RL Carriers tracking guide

RL Carriers is a family-owned and operated trucking company with a legacy of over 50 years and based in Lafayette, Louisiana. They offer top-notch transportation and logistics solutions across the United States.

Their fleet of over 21,000 tractor-trailers gives them the resources to meet all your shipping needs.

But their true strength lies in their commitment to customer service. Professional drivers take great care in delivering your shipments on time, always going the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied.

How to find your RL Carriers tracking number

Finding your RL Carriers tracking number is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Check your shipping confirmation email for the RL Carriers tracking number.
  2. Look for the RL Carriers tracking number on the order confirmation page if you made an online purchase.
  3. Contact the seller or shipping company if the RL Carriers tracking number is unavailable.
  4. Enter the RL Carriers tracking number on the RL Carriers website to track the shipment.

Alternatively, you can check your online RL Carriers account if you are the sender. Enter your username and password, which will direct you to your current shipments.

How to track your RL Carriers location

There are a few ways to trace your RL Carriers package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

The second way to track your RL Carriers shipment is to contact the Customer Support team.

This is the fastest method if you still need to get your tracking number or you think there is a problem with the delivery. Fill out an online contact form, and the team will get back to you.  

Lost RL Carriers tracking number

Don't worry if you need help finding your RL Carriers tracking number. Mistakes happen, and there are simple solutions if you need help. You can easily find your tracking number and get back on track with a few quick steps.

How to track an RL Carriers package without a tracking number

The easiest way to track an RL Carriers package without a tracking number is to contact the sender, as they can contact the company for you. 

They may need to give information such as their name, destination country, and pick-up time to prove they are the sender of your package.

Solving RL Carriers tracking issues

Don't let RL Carriers tracking issues delay your package or keep you in the dark. If you're having trouble tracking your package, it's likely due to one of the common reasons.

Why you can’t track your RL Carriers package

Don't be concerned if your RL Carriers shipment is facing disruption. It could be due to circumstances beyond their control, such as rough weather or special events.

You can check if your area is affected by visiting the RL Carriers Freight Service Delay page and entering your zip code.

Another reason for tracking issues could be an incorrect number if you accidentally entered or misspelled the wrong number. A simple solution is to double-check the number and try again.

Lastly, you can’t track your RL Carriers package if the courier has not registered your package as “collected.” In this case, your package will not yet be in the system. 

You should wait a few hours before checking again. If the problem persists, contact RL Carriers customer support to find out why. 

Why your RL Carriers package is not updating or moving

There are a few explanations why your RL Carriers package is stuck in transit.

Firstly, the courier may still need to update the system. If the courier has tagged the collection as ‘collected’ but then forgot to add the next step, it will appear stuck in the transit process.

Secondly, a package could be stuck at customs. In this case, the sender usually has to pay a customs fee so your package can continue to the destination country. 

Lastly, there could be a glitch in the tracking system, causing site-wide issues for all shipments. If this is the case, the best thing to do is for RL Carriers to contact customer services. 

RL Carriers tracking status explained

Those thinking of using RL Carriers should know the other status updates that happen while sending and tracking a package. 

In transit

An ‘in transit’ status means your package has been collected at the sender’s address and is currently moving to the destination country and address. Any package currently with the courier and out for delivery is ‘in transit’ as it moves from the pickup address to the destination address. 

Why your RL Carriers package is still in transit

There are a few reasons why your RL Carriers package could take longer than initially thought and is still in transit.

Firstly, there could be unavoidable delays in the process, such as national disasters, weather issues, road closures, or unexplainable events.

Secondly, your RL Carriers package could still be in transit due to driver or courier error. If the driver took the wrong route, did not log a package, or misplaced a package, this could lead to delays in the delivery.

Lastly, your package could still be in transit if there were issues with the order itself, such as your package falling apart, an incorrect delivery address, or prohibited items. The order may be confiscated or returned to the sender in this case. 

How long an RL Carriers package can stay in transit

RL Carriers delivery times depend on various factors, such as the pickup and delivery location, country, and product type. However, you can expect your shipment to arrive between one and three days, depending on how far it must travel.

For instance, a large shipment traveling 1,000 to 1,500 miles may take longer than a nearby location.


A ‘pending’ status for your package means it is not moving for some reason. For example, one of the most common reasons your RL Carriers package is ‘pending’ could be due to customs or border issues.

For some shipments, especially if you are sending to a country with import tax, you may need to pay ahead of time — or when your package reaches the border — to allow your package to continue to the destination. 

RL Carriers delivery times

Customers considering using RL Carriers should first understand the RL Carriers package tracking details to find the average delivery times, estimated delivery time, and the logistics of learning how to track an RL Carriers order.  

RL Carriers delivery times: What time will your package arrive

RL Carriers delivers packages the next day within 500 miles.

If the delivery is between 1000-1500 miles, the package arrives in two days. If the package travels more than 1500 miles, RL Carriers delivers it in three days or less.

How late do RL Carriers deliver?

RL Carriers offers a Guaranteed LTL Service that makes sure s packages will arrive before 5 pm on the scheduled delivery date.

For example, an order sent on Tuesday traveling at least 1,000 miles will be delivered by Thursday at 5 pm. Customers who wish to have this guaranteed service should choose the Guaranteed Standard Delivery Service on the Pickup form. 

Similarly, those who are using freight transport should use the Guaranteed LTL Service, so your RL Carriers deliver your package by 5 pm on the delivery date. 

International RL Carriers' delivery times 

RL Carriers guarantees that an order will arrive before noon the next day if customers use the Guaranteed am service. 

Customers can also use the Guaranteed Hourly Window service if they need delivery at a specific time.

This service makes sure you’re home during the delivery hour, and they can be there to collect and sign for the package  The Guaranteed Hourly Window on the Pickup form ensures delivery within the predetermined time slot. 

Lost and missed RL Carriers deliveries

If your RL Carriers delivery or order is missing, lost in transit, or simply misplaced, for the time being, this can be frustrating and confusing. Avoid any issues by figuring out why your package may be missing and what you can do to find it ASAP.

What happens if you miss an RL Carriers delivery

One of the main ways to avoid missing an RL Carriers delivery is by using a particular service — the Delivery with No Signature service. 

This makes it possible for users, especially those who live in residential homes or apartment buildings, to get shipments without having to be at home to sign for their packages. 

In this instance, the delivery driver will leave your package in a predetermined location (i.e., a trusted neighbor, package delivery slot, front desk, and so on ), and you can collect your package at home. 

If you missed a delivery and still need to schedule a Delivery With No Signature, you can contact your nearest service center to pick up a package at a depot.

Another option is to fill out an online pickup form to find your area's most recent delivery times (if you are still determining when your package will be delivered).

How long will RL carriers hold a package?

If you are away from collecting a package, RL Carriers will hold your package at one of the local service centers for pickup.

For shipments where the cargo is too big to deliver to a house or the destination address does not have a liftgate or dock, RL Carriers can deliver your package or order to a storage location for the customer to collect at a predetermined time. 

What to do if you haven't got your RL Carriers package

One of the best things to do if you still need to get your RL Carriers package, which is way beyond the due date, is to contact the company as soon as possible. 

If your package was scheduled for delivery — or states that it was ‘delivered’ according to the Shipment Tracing — and you do not have it, you must contact the company immediately.

They will tell you more information about who has it, where it is, or where it went missing during the delivery process. The fastest way to contact RL Carriers is to use their Customer Support number on their home page. 

RL Carriers tracking FAQs

Do you still need to figure out how the RL Carriers tracking order works? Check out users' most commonly asked questions about the RL Carriers order monitoring for private and corporate sending.

Is RL Carriers delivery fast?

RL Carriers offers various services that can meet customers’ pricing and timing needs. For example, the Dry Van delivery service offers short and long-haul deliveries for products.

In contrast, the Expedited service offers a faster-sending alternative for those who need a quick delivery. 

The average delivery time is next-day delivery for shipments under 500 miles, two-day delivery for shipments under 1000 miles, and three-day delivery for shipments under 1500 miles. 

Can I track the RL Carriers package by address?

If you do not have your RL Carriers tracking information, you must contact customer support to retrieve it.

How do I know if my RL Carriers package is stuck in customs?

If your package is stuck in customs, you may get a ‘pending’ notification in the status update. Some customers with a package stuck at customs may get an email or piece of mail stating they must pay an import tax for the specific destination country.

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