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Track your Ontrac delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever considered sending a package within the Western United States, chances are you’ve thought about OnTrac. One of the region’s fastest package delivery companies.

Partnered with USPS, OnTrac delivers to all of California and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

With such a vast area to cover, it’s critical to know where your OnTrac package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll define OnTrac tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

OnTrac tracking guide

If you’re expecting an OnTrac package, you might wonder how to track it. Like most other couriers, OnTrac uses tracking numbers and bar codes—so finding your order should be easy once you know how.

How to find your OnTrac tracking number​

OnTrac will give the sender a tracking number after they have collected the package and scanned it to start the delivery process. Contact the sender if you need the tracking number.

If you have ordered an item online, the sender should send you a confirmation email. After this, you will likely get a second email with tracking confirmation and your OnTrac tracking number. 

​​How to track your OnTrac location​

There are several ways to trace your OnTrac package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit, copy and paste the tracking number from the sender into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

You can also use the OnTrac tracking tool.

Solving OnTrac tracking issues​​

Need help tracking your OnTrac package? Here is a guide to help you figure out what's happening and troubleshoot any OnTrac tracking issues.

​Lost OnTrac tracking number​​

If you've lost your tracking number or accidentally deleted the email, don't worry. You can contact your sender, as they should have a copy.

Pro tip: If you've already put the number in an app or website like the Circuit Package Tracker app, it’s always worth checking to find out if you saved it there​​. 

​​Why you can't track your OnTrac package​

If you cannot track your OnTrac package, the most common reason is simple human error.

Double-check your tracking number and make sure you copied it correctly from your email. If you've done that, email your seller and make sure they sent you the correct number.

Why you can’t track your OnTrac package

Since OnTrac offers fast deliveries, including next-day delivery on thousands of routes in North America, a package that is not updated or moving is unusual.

However, there are a few reasons this could happen—and lack of an update doesn't always mean your package got lost or stuck somewhere.

There are a few issues that could prevent you from OnTrac tracking:

Wrong tracking number

Double-check the number you’re using and make sure you have selected the correct type of number from the drop-down menu.

Tracking status delays

There is also a delay between when a driver picks up your package and when the tracking information becomes available, which could explain why your tracking number isn’t working.

Tech issues

OnTrac relies on a modern digital platform to track real-time orders. While this tool is reliable, tech issues can happen. 

If you need help tracking a package, try again in a few hours. Clearing your browser’s cache can also resolve some tech issues.

If you still need help tracking your package after 72 hours, contact OnTrac.

OnTrac tracking status explained

When you use the OnTrac tracking order tool or log into your My OnTrac account, you’ll find the current status of your order.

The status will either say ‘in transit’ or ‘pending.’ Here is what these different statuses mean.

In transit

A package is in transit if it’s moving along its route. You’ll find the status as ‘in transit’ while your package is on a truck or through different terminals along its journey. 

You should also find an estimated delivery date for your order and the latest terminal or node it reached.

Why your OnTrac package is still in transit

Your OnTrac package will stay in transit until it reaches its destination. It’s the default tracking status as your package travels and shows it is following its planned route.

Note that transit can take longer than anticipated if the courier runs into delays or has to make changes to the route your order is following.


A ‘pending’ status shows that your order isn’t moving or that the courier is waiting for more information.

Why your OnTrac package may be pending

A ‘pending’ status doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue with your order. Several scenarios can cause the track OnTrac order tool to show a ‘pending’ status:

  • You will find a ‘pending’ status while you wait for the courier to pick up your package or before you drop off your package at the courier's location after creating an order online.
  • It’s common to find a ‘pending’ status early in your package’s journey while the courier figures out the best route.
  • You can also find a ‘pending’ status if the courier has to make changes to your package’s route.
  • The status can show as ‘pending’ if the courier cannot deliver your package and is rescheduling the delivery or attempting to contact you.

OnTrac delivery times

OnTrac will send you an estimated delivery time as your package gets closer to its destination and delivers most packages between 8 am and 5 pm.

However, delivery times can vary based on the route and how many packages the driver has to deliver.

OnTrac tracking FAQs

What are OnTrac restricted items?

OnTrac does not deliver illegal items.

Other restricted items include cash, some musical instruments, stamps, coins, jewelry, precious metals, original artwork, antiques, one-of-a-kind items, furs, live animals, alcohol, fuel, tobacco, hazardous goods, bodily fluids, medical marijuana, or anything fragile.

Can I track OnTrac without a tracking number?

You cannot track OnTrac without your tracking number. If you lose your OnTrac tracking number, contact the sender first before OnTrac customer services.

How late does OnTrac deliver?

OnTrac only delivers during the week. Your package will arrive by the end of the business day of your scheduled delivery day.

Shipments from California to other states can take up to two days. Commercial letter-post packages are delivered within four to nine days.

How long will OnTrac hold a package?

OnTrac will make an additional three delivery attempts if you miss your delivery and will not hold packages for collection.

Instead, OnTrac will contact the sender or return the package to them. Additional fees may then be applied for re-deliveries and returns.

What do I do if I still need to receive my package from OnTrac?

If your tracking says "delivered," but you haven't got your package, there might be a few reasons for this.

The first is that your package got put on the incorrect doorstep or in the wrong mailbox.

In the unlikely event that your package got lost in the mail, you should report it to OnTrac and the sender for a replacement or refund.

The least likely reason you haven’t got your OnTrac package is that porch pirates stole it off your doorstep. If you think this has happened to you, report it to the courier for reimbursement.

What happens if OnTrac loses my package?

Sometimes, packages need to be found. Several things can happen to your package from transit to the airport and then from the airport to the final destination.

Contact the sender or OnTrac customer services if your tracking status says “pending” for longer than your estimated delivery date.

What time will my OnTrac package arrive?

The time your package arrives depends on the service selected. OnTrac Ground shipments can be delivered by the end of the day or within two to three days.

Packages sent using the Sunrise service are delivered by noon or 2 pm on Saturdays.

DirectPost by OnTrac is a cost-effective service for small, lightweight packages and can take between three and five days.

The delivery time for all the other services varies, and OnTrac cannot schedule a specific delivery window for day-definite deliveries. Use Circuit Package Tracker for the latest updates.

Where is my OnTrac package?

You can get an updated location of your package by entering the tracking number into the OnTrac package tracker and selecting ‘track my package.’

Each time your package moves through a tracker event, a worker at OnTrac will scan it and update the location in the tracker. This way, you can know where your package is and when its last movement was updated.

Where is my OnTrac tracking number?

Your tracking number can be found on the receipt in your email from the sender or manufacturer. It may also be found on the manifest, the waybill, or the shipping report.

Why is my OnTrac package pending?

Your package is awaiting an update from the sender or courier. Check with the sender to see if they have any information on why your package is pending.

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