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About Nexive

Nexive is an Italian delivery service founded in Milan in 1998. Nexive has close ties to its parent company TNT transport. Worldwide, Nexive is known for its efficient and reliable shipping.

Employing more than 7000 staff, Nexive has a vast logistics network that services over 1000 post outlets. Not limited to small packages, Nexive can accommodate large-size packages.

In 2014, Nexive ventured into e-business and is now a trusted delivery service for eCommerce on a national and international scale. 

Because of its reliability and massive network base, Nexive has a strong relationship with many institutions. Banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, digital and print media, and public sector domains trust Nexive to deliver.

Poste Italiane recently bought Nexive Group. So now you can manage any customer service issues through their sender and getr pages. English is available with Google Translate.

Nexive package tracking

Nexive (Poste Italiane) offers a package tracker in Italian. If you are English-speaking, Circuit Package Tracker offers an easy alternative option to track your Nexive packages from the store to your door.

To track your Nexive shipment, you need your Nexive package tracking number.

Use Circuit Package tracker to trace your Nexive package online. Enter your Nexive tracking code into the search to get detailed information.

How to find your Nexive package tracking number

Once you complete a Nexive delivery service request, you will get an email, receipt, or text with your tracking number. 

A typical Italian tracking number is an 8 to 13-character number. These tracking numbers also help identify the type of package. 

However, international tracking numbers for Nexive packages can be up to 40 digits long. They are often printed next to the barcode on the box or envelope. 

Here are a few sample tracking numbers:

RT98765432IT indicates a small package

EE98765432IT is an express shipment

CA98765432IT denotes a shipment

How to track your Nexive package location

If you want to check your package's shipment status, you can head to the Poste Italiane website. Go to Search Shipments and enter the code under the receipt's bar code. 

Make sure you enter all digits without any spaces or hyphens between them. 

If you're having trouble with the Nexive tracking shipment system, call the toll-free number at 803.160 between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday through Saturday. You must give them the sending code to track the package location.

Not knowing where your package is in transit in an overseas location can feel daunting. Circuit Package Tracker takes the strain off and makes the tracking process easy. 

Find your shipping or tracking number and paste it into the portal on the tracking page.

Within seconds, Circuit clients have access to their package and courier location. Regardless of which depot your delivery is processing at, Circuit can find it for you. 

Lost Nexive tracking number

Everyone loses essential information from time to time. It's important not to panic. Once your shipment is in the system, it's also traceable. Clients get a tracking number with their initial order via email, text, or transaction receipt. 

How to track a Nexive package without a tracking number

In case of lost tracking numbers, clients can call the customer service line at Poste Italiane (Nexive) to retrieve the code.

Another way to access your tracking number is to access the vendor if you bought goods through them. Log into your account and use your order history. Once you find the item, shipping and courier information also becomes available. 

Follow the vendor's shipping history from there and find the tracking number. This process is similar to how Amazon ships items and allows clients to track their purchases.

Clients can also contact the vendor through customer service phone lines, chat portals, or their contact page.

If you're still struggling to find your tracking number, it's possible to perform Nexive shipment tracking online with a reference number. Reference numbers are attached to any Nexive shipment as it travels through the shipment stages. 

Customers get a reference number at the time of purchase. With a reference number, you can still get insight into which stage your package is at in the delivery phase. 

It gives you an updated schedule of location and current delivery dates. Contact Post Italiane for more help.

Solving Nexive package tracking issues

Packages and document shipments can periodically experience hiccups within the vast network of delivery systems.

While courier systems have a massive logistics department ensuring package deliveries run smoothly—stuff happens.

Here are tips for solving these problematic hiccups.

Why you can't track your Nexive package

There are a few scenarios why you cannot track your Nexive Package. 

Perhaps you've taken all the necessary steps to track your package. You had an irate client on the phone demanding their package yesterday. Or you're the eager recipient of a vital component holding up the next stage of your business.

Dozens of reasons prevent you from tracking your Nexive package.

The shipping process is a complex system. It relies on leading technology, a transport hub, local sorting facilities, and hundreds of people who handle these fast-moving goods.

Why your Nexive package is not updating or moving

If your package is traveling overseas, consider the time difference. A tracking system gets updated sometimes, but remember that the person making the delivery works on a different clock than at your location. 

This time difference will impact your delivery expectation.

A package also has a continuous cycle where it moves through automated machinery and human hands. A tracking number is susceptible to damage. It's also vulnerable to the improper recording within a barcode system.

Using a reliable tracking service, you can easily monitor your package and make the necessary arrangements to hurry the process (if possible) along.

If the handling process damages the label, the courier will still deliver the package to the readable address in a timely fashion. 

However, if the tracking number is damaged, clients will not be able to follow the delivery schedule online and get updates.

If the handling process destroys the entire label, the package will stall. The courier then waits to get notification of a missing package through the claims process. Packages may return to the place of origin if that information is available. 

Tip: If you're shipping any goods, print the delivery address in more than one location. 

Nexive package tracking status explained

Shipping, tracking, and delivering packages and documents is a simple yet complicated process. Automation has improved efficiency greatly, but problems can still occur because of the sheer volume.

Here are the stages a package undergoes in the shipping process.

  • In processing
  • At the postal/distribution sorting complex
  • In transition
  • Customs verification
  • Waiting for clearance
  • Delivery

Here, a package may get redirected and returned to sender or held for problems:

  • Leaving the international distribution center
  • Delivered to a postal service provider
  • Managed by a postal service provider
  • Preparing for delivery and sorted into home or digital delivery
  • Prepared for courier pickup at the distribution center
  • Separated for delivery issues like processing problems, missing recipients, and insufficient data.
  • Available for collection
  • Verifying customs documents/return to sender if incomplete
  • Departing for logistics destinations
  • Arriving at the destination warehouse
  • Customs verification completed
  • Prepared for home delivery
  • Recipient and shipper notified of delivery

Many more complicated steps are involved, and a package can get delayed at any of these stops.

In transit

The term in transit is associated with the delivery's route to the designated address. Before a package gets delivered, it undergoes many stages in a long list of procedures before reaching the recipient.

Why your Nexive package is still in transit

In transit says that the delivery has left one distribution center and is moving either by air, train, or vehicle to the next stop in the distribution channel. At each checkpoint, the tracking system will update the location.

A package stays in transit until the courier delivers the package to the proper destination. Many factors can influence the delivery process, including bad weather, distribution center delays, and delivery personnel availability.

However, packages sometimes get a new tracking number if items get combined into one shipment.

How long a Nexive package can stay in transit

Courier companies, aim to get shipments from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. These companies also stick to a tight delivery schedule. Generally, Nexive delivers goods within their exact express or standard timelines.

If a problem occurs along the delivery passage, a package can stay in transit for several days and sometimes weeks until it is flagged and rerouted to the correct destination.

The actual length of how long a Nexive package depends on the nature of the problem should one arise.

Typically, Nexive delivers on time to most of its Italian population. Their efficiency makes them a proven choice by over 30,000 customers.


Pending in courier lingo means an unforeseen event with your package. Couriers work quickly to resolve this delay in the delivery of your package. However, this depends on the nature of the delay.

A pending status usually resolves itself without having to call the courier. But if clients wish to do so, they can contact the shipper or courier in the hopes of getting the delay resolved. However, those attempts are often a course of frustration. 

Keeping an eye on your package status is a great way to monitor movement and access information about its current location.

Why your Nexive package may be pending

Unusual circumstances impact your package's pending status. As discussed earlier, weather, delays in third-party shipping, damages, loss, or other unforeseen circumstances can affect the arrival of your delivery.

Nexive delivery times

Nexive, now under Poste Italiane, has a solid reputation in the industry. A package may stay in transit for many reasons.

  • It depends on the chosen delivery option (express or standard)
  • Typical deliveries take three to five business days (within Italy)
  • Deliveries inside Europe take two to seven business days
  • Deliveries outside of Europe take two weeks
  • Express to the USA or Canada two to three business days (not the final destination)
  • Express to other destinations two to four business days
  • Delayed at customs
  • Problems with delivery information
  • Damages
  • Weather
  • Airport delays

Larger packages may require additional in-transit times. Global (175 non-Euro destinations) delivery times for packages weighing 30 kilograms (66 pounds) need five to six days for door-to-door service. European destinations take approximately three days.

Web delivery for online goods from Italy to abroad requires one to two business days in the express class. Allow four days within Italy and three to five days outside the country's destination (as if shipping directly from a local post office).

Nexive delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

Nexive and its complex delivery logistics team do everything to ensure that packages arrive roughly at the promised delivery times outlined above. Using a tracking system will indicate an approximate time of delivery.

Typically, postal service deliveries happen between 8 am and 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays or during regular business hours.

Items shipping through third-party couriers fall within those hours. However, larger courier outfits might deliver past those regular business hours. Some companies deliver as late as 8 pm to residences and 6 pm to businesses.

Nexive deliveries in Europe fall within regular business hours, usually between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday deliveries are available through the Saturday Special Delivery service.

How late Nexive delivers

For Italian and European destination deliveries, Nexive courier staff makes every effort to deliver packages by 6 pm. Exceptions apply.

International Nexive delivery times

Nexive relies on third-party international courier providers to make their deliveries. Therefore, different regions impact Nexive delivery times. International shipment arrival times depend on which courier companies have local routes. 

The delivery times will fall within that region's delivery schedule.

Lost and missed Nexive deliveries

Sometimes, deliveries become delayed, lost, stolen, and damaged. Statistics suggest that eCommerce sales figures will reach a staggering $7 trillion by 2025.

Package theft is a massive problem, but it doesn't necessarily mean the client will suffer the loss.

Nexive stands behind its delivery system and strives to continually upgrade its customer service and safeguard the products in its care.

To combat existing and evolving problems concerning theft and losses, Nexive developed highly efficient logistics. These methods make sure that the packages reach their destination and protect each customer's personal information.

Nexive also provides its delivery personnel with the tools to help prevent loss and implements procedures to keep deliveries on schedule.

What happens if you miss a Nexive delivery

If you miss a delivery, Nexive will send you a notification via email or text to alert you. Sometimes, the courier will leave an "attempted delivery" slip with pertinent information to reschedule the delivery. 

To find out how your package gets redirected, plug your tracking number into the tracking portal and get an updated status. You may need to contact the courier provider to return the box to you at a convenient time.

Depending on the third-party carrier, the driver may leave the package in a disguised location at your home.

How long Nexive will hold a package

The industry standard for holding undeliverable packages is roughly five to seven business days. Make sure you contact your courier immediately for a delivery schedule. Or, as an alternative, contact the supplier.

What to do if you haven't got your Nexive package

If your package didn't arrive at the confirmed delivery time, use your tracking number to get an update on the delivery status.

If your courier texted saying the package was delivered, confirm with members of your business or family about its delivery. Even ask your neighbor if they removed it for safekeeping.

Often couriers include a photo of where they've hidden the package. In some cases, couriers use the local post office or designated corner store as a drop-off for remote areas.

As a final step, contact the courier to instigate a trace if you ordered merchandise from the vendor. If your package is permanently lost, issue a claim. Customers have the right to expect refunds or compensation.

Nexive FAQs

Nexive provides affordable shipping options at various price points. Consult their fee page here.

Is Nexive delivery fast?  

Nexive (Poste Italiane) is a fast and efficient service. Using the express service can speed up delivery timelines. Express deliveries under 30 kilograms take one to four days to Italy.

Can I track my Nexive package by address?

No. You need a tracking number to track a Nexive package.

How do I know if my Nexive package is stuck in customs?

Packages stuck at customs may have outstanding taxes. A courier or customs officer will contact you shortly. In some cases, the customs office can take up to 45 days. However, correctly designated packages move through the system within 24 hours.

Nexive final thoughts

Shipping and delivery is a massive industry that never sleeps, and some steps can help you with Nexive package tracking.

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