Israel Post Tracking

Track your Israel Post delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Israel Post is amongst the most efficient on the continent and serves millions of people daily. 

Founded in 2006 and located in Jerusalem, Israel Post services Israel, as well as over 200 other countries worldwide. 

The company has over 700 post offices throughout Israel and 1,300 globally. They offer a variety of standard and express services to meet the needs of online merchants both locally and worldwide. 

About Israel Post tracking

Israel Post tracking will monitor your package from the merchant to the courier company to your door.

You must know what to expect when tracking a package with Israel Post. Such as learning when your order may arrive and the different Israel Post tracking statuses. 

After all, tracking packages when you make an online purchase should be smooth and simple, as long as you have your Israel Post tracking number.

There are a few issues that you might experience, such as a lost package, lack of updates, stuck in transit, stuck in customs, and more. 

With that in mind, here we’ll delve into what Israel Post does, explain Israel Post tracking, and ways to resolve common tracking issues that can happen during the sending process. 

Israel Post tracking

When you make a purchase and the retailer uses Israel Post, you'll get a unique tracking code from this courier. 

If you must track an international package, your tracking number should start with two uppercase letters, followed by eight numbers, and the letters "IL" (Israel's country code) at the end. 

The two letters at the beginning can vary depending on where the order goes. 

Example: US65385720IL

How to find your Israel Post tracking number

After you buy something online, the company you purchase from will confirm your payment and start processing your order. 

During this time, they're packing the product, filling out the proper documentation for the delivery company, and getting it ready to hand off to the Israel Post delivery driver. 

When the driver comes to collect your package, the merchant marks it as "sent" in their system, which generates an email to the recipient. 

This email likely contains your tracking number from Israel Post. 

If you don't find your tracking number in this email and the online store hasn't notified you of when they'd send the code, you can contact Israel Post customer service for more information. 

How to track your Israel Post package location

After you've got your tracking number, your next step is to choose a reputable tracking service that traces numerous couriers worldwide. 

You can use your tracking number with the Israel Post tracking website to find your order's status or Circuit Package Tracker

Circuit Package Tracker can find your Israel Post package anywhere in the world. Plus, you can get notified whenever your order is updated with the free Circuit Package Tracker app.

Lost Israel Post tracking number 

Check the trash folder in your email inbox just in case you deleted your confirmation email from the sender. 

If it's not there, contact the retailer directly to ask them if they can give it to you over the phone or forward the email to you again. 

You should also find these details if you have an online account with the retail company. 

By logging into your account and viewing your orders, there should be a record of your package sent out, along with your tracking number. 

How to track an Israel Post package without a tracking number 

Though you can't track Israel Post orders without your tracking number, there are a few other options to try.

First, try contacting Israel Post directly and explaining that you cannot access your tracking number. They might ask you for specific information that could help them find your package.

Israel Post might give you your tracking number to start following your package. In this case, make sure you keep the number in a safe spot for future reference. 

Solving Israel Post tracking issues

Israel Post delivers locally to all areas within the country, but they also serve as an intermediary in many cases when there's no office in your country or city. 

For local issues, it's probably something as simple as an incorrectly written address. If the postal worker doesn't know where to deliver the order, it can cause a delay. 

They'll need to gather the information from the previous courier or contact the number on file for your package. 

With a global delivery, Israel Post will transport the order to a local carrier in the area, and they'll be responsible for getting your package to your door from there. 

Knowing where something might have gone wrong with international deliveries is a bit more challenging. 

Why you can't track your Israel Post package 

If you've waited a few days but are still asking, "why can't I track my Israel Post package yet?" it's more than likely a problem within the system. 

While it's sometimes frustrating for the recipient, often, your package doesn't become traceable for up to four or five days after Israel Post has sent it. 

Sometimes, Israel Post will hand your package to a trusted delivery partner. In this case, you’ll have to wait for the carrier to enter your details into their system before you’ll get any updates. 

Why your Israel Post package is not updating or moving 

Your Israel Post tracking number stops tracking and recording updates at a certain point, depending on the delivery company they hand it off to. 

While that's not always the case, if your package was regularly updated only to stop once it reached the recipient’s country, this has likely happened. 

After Israel Post gives your package to the local postal office, you might not find any updates until they send it out for delivery. 

Aside from this, if it's still in transit, you're just waiting for the next branch or courier company to get your package and register it with their system. 

Israel Post tracking status explained 

Israel Post tracking changes statuses as your package moves along its route., Here are the two most common statuses you must know:

In transit 

"In transit" is a good status to find. It means your package is moving along in the delivery process and is on its way to you within the estimated delivery window. 

Why your Israel Post package is still in transit

Israel Post tracking may report that your package is in transit for many reasons.

Firstly, a slower sending method, especially for international sending, can keep your package in transit longer than expected. 

For instance, your item might come across bad weather, customs delays, and more. 

Secondly, if your package is imported and missing critical information, it could be held in transit for an extended period as the courier sorts it out on their end. 

If you believe it's been in transit too long and you have concerns, it’s best to contact Israel Post directly for help. 

How long an Israel Post package can stay in transit

An Israel Post tracking order can stay in transit for up to three and a half weeks for international delivery. For local orders, you should get your package within ten days. 


A status that reads "Pending" generally indicates that your package has not been scanned at its most recent stop. 

If your package is pending for more than a few days, it could be that there's a problem that the system has not yet identified. 

Why your Israel Post package may be pending

Major carriers during the holidays, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, and others, cannot pick up every package. 

When the holidays impact your Israel Post delivery, they indicate this by posting the " Pending " status. Such a status usually suggests that your package is in a queue for a label scan.

Scanning packages into the logistics system takes one to two days. 

In some instances, your package could be waiting for more than a week. It depends on the time of year since companies usually deal with an influx of holiday packages.

Additionally, many more packages are processed during special shopping days, such as Black Friday.

If the status of your package reads pending for ten days or more, contact the Israel Post delivery partner and ask them if there's a general delay that will work itself out. 

Also, ask if there's anything that you can do to get the ball rolling. If a package is pending too long, it might be lost.

Israel Post Delivery times 

Israel Post's delivery time is subject to your package's final destination. 

Your package has to travel from one city to another, and it might take one or two business days to reach its destination.

Once your package arrives at an Israel Post branch, it will stay there for 14 days. After 14 days, if you haven't collected your package, they'll return your package to the sender.

Delivery times vary and depend on your package size, destination, weight, and sending option you choose.

Remember that several factors will influence an item's arrival, such as public holidays, customs delays, inclement weather, and holy days.

Israel Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

The Israel Post company sends mail to residents twice a week—every other workday except Fridays, Saturdays, and Holy days.

How late Israel Post delivers

Israel Post and their Germany Europe branch deliver packages from Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday. 

There's a special handling option for Saturdays called the Israel Post Standard Overnight.

With next business day deliveries, you can expect it by 3 pm to most residences, by 4.30 pm in the rural area, and by 8 pm in urban areas—Monday to Friday. 

If you choose next-day air or priority Overnight Next business day, you can expect delivery by 10.30 am to most addresses anywhere from 12 pm to 5 pm in rural areas.

International Israel Post delivery times 

Standard delivery times for international express service (EMS) packages are between three to nine business days. 

Several factors can affect the time a package takes to reach its destination, such as the country of origin, type of service, and country of destination. 

For instance, packages originating from Israel take approximately 11 to 25 days to reach most countries through registered airmail. 

However, express mail only takes five or six days on average in comparison.

Express Mail Services is more expensive than Registered airmail, so if you're not rushing to get a pack, it's best to go with the cheaper option.

Remember that during major holidays, such as Hanukkah or Christmas, there might be delays in order confirmation due to an influx of packages.

Lost and missed Israel Post deliveries

If your package gets held up or lost while in transit from the Israel Post Office, here are a few options you can use to remedy the issue.

What happens if you miss an Israel Post delivery?

Missing your delivery means your package will come from a local carrier rather than Israel Post. 

If something comes up and you miss the delivery, you can call the postal center and ask them to deliver your package again the next day.

Chances are the postal worker left a message telling you they attempted to deliver your package.

When the worker leaves a message, they may mention the date and time when they will try to deliver your package again.

After several failed attempts to deliver your package to the recipient, the local carrier will return it to the sender. It will likely take up to a month before you get your package again.

How long will Israel Post hold a package?

For International packages, Israel Post won't keep any packages since they aim to deliver them as quickly as possible. 

Their job is to get your package to your local carrier, at which point your package might be held for multiple reasons.

If you believe the last mile carrier holds your package, contact the local office immediately for more information. 

What to do if you haven't got your Israel Post package 

Israel Post order tracking is a long process that includes sorting, service, localizing packages, transporting, and prompt deliveries.

Due to various factors such as local regulations, poor weather conditions, and so on., your package can be delayed. 

So, it's vital to use Israel Post tracking to make sure of your package's status. 

When you give your tracking number to the post office, they may give you information not listed on the site when you try to check the status of your package alone.

Israel Post FAQs

Here are a few quick answers to commonly asked questions regarding Israel Post tracking:

Is Israel Post tracking fast? 

Israel Post delivery is fast in general. You can also choose their fastest service, called Extra fast. 

The order can't be heavier than 44 pounds (20 kilograms) with this sending option, but it will get delivered within one day to qualified areas. 

Can I track an Israel Post package by address? 

You can't track your order from Israel Post with an address. Instead, you need your tracking number because it's a unique identifier that can trace your package anywhere at any time. 

In this situation, you can only contact Israel Post customer services to ask if they can help you find your package. 

They might find the order in their system records if you give them the address. 

How do I know if my Israel Post package is stuck in customs?

You'll know that your package is stuck in customs by using a tracking system that confirms such details. 

When you enter your tracking number, if your package did not clear customs, it'll show the reason why. 

At that point, you should call the customs office to ask if there are any fees for your package you have not paid or if any documentation is missing. 

Customs usually hold a package for 48 hours or less when there aren't any problems. If you do not resolve the issues, they can keep your items for about one week or more. 

If nothing gets done to push your package forward, customs will return it to the sender. 

Israel Post tracking conclusion

The Israel Post tracking service gives you consistent updates on your order. 

You must copy and paste it to get all the information regarding where your package has been and the specific hours that it went from one carrier to the next. 

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