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Track your Greyhound Package Express delivery anywhere in the US in seconds.

Did you know that Greyhound, the well-known bus service in the United States, also offers a package-sending service? It's true!

Greyhound, also known as Greyhound Package Express, has more than 100 years of experience getting your packages from the facility to your home safely and promptly. 

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Greyhound operates 365 days a year to get packages to addresses across North America. 

If you're sending something with Greyhound or are waiting on a package from this courier service, being able to track Greyhound Express can ease your mind throughout the process. 

Here's everything you must know about Greyhound Package Express tracking. 

Greyhound tracking guide

The waiting period can be frustrating whether you're sending something to someone else or waiting on a package.

That's why tracking your Greyhound package is crucial, especially when it's a birthday, holiday gift, or something time-sensitive in some capacity.

Courier services like Greyhound Express give tracking numbers to senders and recipients. This allows them to track the product's status and location throughout the delivery process.

While waiting for a package with Greyhound Package Express, a tracking number helps you know your package is in good hands and on its way.

How to find your Greyhound tracking number

Before you can track where your package is, you'll need to find your tracking number. This combination of letters and numbers is your key to finding out where your package is. 

If you’re waiting for a package to arrive, you should get an email including your tracking number when Greyhound Express sets the shipping label for your package. 

Make sure you enter your email correctly to make sure you get your tracking number. Also, check your spam folder just in case it went there instead of in your inbox.

Keep in mind that you won't get a tracking number until the label for your package gets created and it's ready to ship, so it might not be available immediately after you make an order. 

How to track your Greyhound location

There are two ways to track your Greyhound package, but the easiest is using your tracking number with the search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Alternatively, you can use the Greyhound tracking tool.

Lost Greyhound tracking number

Whether you're tracking a package from Greyhound or another service, it's no secret that using your tracking number is the easiest way to find out where your package is. 

Sometimes people need their tracking number or get it in the first place. It can be frustrating when this happens, but not all hope is lost.

How to track a Greyhound package without a tracking number

If you don't have your Greyhound Package Express tracking number, the good news is that finding it is simple. You just need to take the following steps.

The first is to contact the person or company sending your package. They should have a record of your tracking number that they can give you or at least give you an update. 

The second option, although less promising, is to reach out to Greyhound customer service. They can find your package with your address and the start location.

Solving Greyhound tracking issues

Let’s look at some of the most common problems people face when tracking their Greyhound package and what you can do to resolve them.

Why you can't track your Greyhound package

There are a few reasons why it is not possible to track your Greyhound package. The first is that Greyhound still needs the tracking information for your package. 

You should get your tracking number once your package is ready to ship and a label has gotten created. So, if you still need one, it's ready to ship and still at its starting location. 

Another reason you cannot track your Greyhound package because you must enter your tracking number correctly in Circuit Package Tracker.

The best way to avoid entering the wrong tracking number is to copy and paste the number from your email into the tracking device to get all the digits in the correct order.

Why your Greyhound package is not updating or moving

You may be waiting for tracking updates for several reasons, and your Greyhound package has yet to move – including poor weather and busy periods, such as national holidays.

Greyhound Package Express also has rules allowing them to check any package they think is dangerous or against the law.

If Greyhound inspects your package, they'll tell you. When they do, it may take longer to get to you, making it harder to see your package or where it's going.

Greyhound tracking status explained

Regardless of which courier you're using, when your package is, the most common tracking statuses you'll find are in transit, pending, and delivered.

If you check your Greyhound tracking status and find it “in transit” or “pending”, here's what that they mean.

In transit

An in-transit tracking status means your package is on its way. In transit is positive and means it's left the original facility and is moving to you.

While this is good news, there is something you'll want to remember when you find this tracking status with Greyhound or another courier service. 

Just because you find the words "in transit" on the screen doesn't automatically mean it's on a boat, truck, or plane on its way to use. It's possible that your package is still at a Greyhound facility but has a label and is ready to go, which is why they classify it as in transit. 

While it could still be at a Greyhound facility, it can still mean that it's on a truck on its way to you, so it's not the time to panic. 

Why your Greyhound package is still in transit

Why your Greyhound package is still in transit will vary from package to package. It depends on where your package is coming from and its final destination. There can be sending delays, too, so it's hard to know 100% why your package is still in transit. 

How long a Greyhound package can stay in transit

How long your Greyhound package will stay in transit depends on several factors. It will be in transit longer when traveling farther distances if there are sending delays and if it gets stuck at a facility or in customs.

The good news is that your Greyhound package will be free of customs since they don't ship internationally. 

Another critical factor determining how long your package will stay in transit is what type of sending you to choose. If you paid for standard, it would be in transit longer than if you had paid for express or overnight sending. 


Finding a pending tracking update is one of the most frustrating statuses because it's a little confusing and can mean a few different things. While there can be a few reasons why your package is showing pending, there's usually only one legitimate reason. 

Why your Greyhound package may be pending

When your Greyhound package tracking status is pending, that means it arrived at a Greyhound facility before initially being sent. Even though it's there, some delays can prevent your package from leaving the facility. 

They've created the label, which is why you have your tracking number in the first place, but something's preventing your package from leaving the facility and updating to an in-transit status. Usually, you'll only find this status for a day, maybe two, but it can vary depending on the situation.   

Greyhound delivery times

Everyone knows you have to wait for your package to get delivered to your door, but how long are you generally expected to leave it when ordering something that's coming by Greyhound?

Here's a description of the delivery times associated with Greyhound. Remember, delivery times can vary depending on where you are and if there are any sending delays.

Greyhound delivery times: What time will your package arrive

Depending on where you live and the type of items inside your package, your Greyhound package will arrive at different times. For those who order with standard sending domestically, you can expect your package within five to seven business days on average. 

When you order an express or priority package, it can come in as little as one to three business days, depending on sending delays and other factors.

How late Greyhound delivers

The Greyhound website needs more information on when they deliver packages to customers. Since they follow many procedures of other United States-based courier services, they deliver weekly as late as 9 pm to domestic locations.

Depending on the driver's route to your site, you might get your package earlier in the day.

International Greyhound delivery times

Unlike other courier services, Greyhound does not deliver internationally. They only deliver throughout the continental United States and in Canada, but they don't do deliveries from the United States to Canada and vice versa. 

Lost and missed Greyhound deliveries

Thousands of people deal with their packages needing to be recovered or missing the delivery window for their items. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot be home for the delivery of your Greyhound package or your package seems to be lost, here's how you can handle the situation.

What happens if you miss a Greyhound delivery

It can be devastating to miss the delivery window for those expecting a delivery with Greyhound and have to be home to sign for it or at least be there to get it. Usually, courier services are good at letting you know the window in which they'll drop your package off. 

If you know, you cannot be home during that window, or they come outside the window when you're not there, and you miss your package, there are two things you can do.

First, you can ask for a specific delivery window; they should have no problem accommodating this. Second, you can request that your package get left without someone being home. 

Both options are great, but remember that they can only leave your package with someone to bring it inside if they deem it necessary.

How long will Greyhound hold a package?

According to their website, it needs to be clarified how long Greyhound will hold your package for you at one of their facilities.

If we want to base it off of similar courier services, they'll likely hold it up to 30 days but could likely hold it longer if you contact the specific Greyhound facility it's at and ask for it.    

If you know you will be unable to be home to claim your package within the window, you can ask that the delivery be taken to a Greyhound facility for safekeeping until you can pick it up. That is very handy, but you'll need to make arrangements sooner rather than later. 

What to do if you haven't got your Greyhound package

Only some are lost if you have yet to get your Greyhound package. You'll want to check the tracking status of your package before proceeding.

If your package still says pending or in transit, there's little you can do as it is still making its way to you. If you paid for express sending and it's past the window, you can ask for a refund on the sending costs.

On the other hand, if you check the tracking status and it says delivered, but you don't have it, then you'll need to contact the courier. You'll want to make sure they have the correct address and then find out where your package is. You can file a claim if they cannot find your package. 

Greyhound tracking FAQs

While we've covered a lot about Greyhound tracking, it's understandable if you still have questions. To help you out, let's explore a few other questions that Greyhound customers commonly ask.

Is Greyhound delivery fast?

Yes. Since Greyhound only sends domestically throughout the United States, most customers would say that the service is fast.

For standard sending, you should have your package within five to seven business days and as little as one to three when you pay for express or priority sending, pending any sending delays.

Can I track Greyhound packages by address? 

You cannot track your Greyhound packages by the address you put as the delivery destination.

You'll need to use your tracking number, and if you don't have that, contact the one sending the items to find out if they have a tracking number you can use to find where your package is.

How can I track my Greyhound package?

To track your Greyhound package, you can visit the Greyhound Package Express website and click on the "Track a Package" link. You'll then be prompted to enter your package number and the shipper's zip code to view the current status of your package.

What should I do if my Greyhound package is delayed or lost?

If your Greyhound package is delayed or lost, you should contact Greyhound Package Express customer service by phone or email. They will be able to investigate the issue and give you information on the status of your package.

Can I change the delivery address of my Greyhound package?

Yes, you can change the delivery address of your Greyhound package, but you'll need to contact Greyhound Package Express customer service to do so. They may charge an additional fee for changing the delivery address, and the delivery date may also be affected.

How long does it take for a Greyhound package to be delivered?

The delivery time for a Greyhound package can vary depending on the destination, shipping method, and other factors. Typically, packages are delivered within one and five business days within the continental United States.

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