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What is FedEx Cross Border?

FedEx Cross Border is a natural extension of the widespread and long-running FedEx delivery company. This sub-division was formed in 2007 after the parent company realized the importance of international shipments and the enduring global desire for U.S. products.

As the name implies, FedEx Cross Border generally deals in shipping packages beyond the United States and Canada.

Essentially, their core focus is on offering a range of solutions for merchants that aid them in creating a seamless shopping experience for their customers, regardless of where they are on the globe.

This includes accepting local payment methods, converting currencies, and ultimately shipping packages.

Today, FedEx Cross Border delivers a wide range of items to over 200 countries across the globe, making it a critical service for U.S. merchants trying to ship items abroad.

FedEx Cross Border FAQs

Wondering how to track a package with FedEx? Here's your most common qustions answered!

Can I track a FedEx Cross Border package without a tracking number?

FedEx Cross Border offers two main ways to trace a package, which means that you don’t always need a tracking number to find where your item is. If you misplace your tracking number, then you can easily trace your package by supplying both your order number and email.

However, you must note that tracking international packages using your email can be quite unreliable. FedEx CrossBorder should have sent your tracking number to your email when you sent the package, so we recommend that you dig through your inbox history for it.

If you are unable to find your tracking number in your mail, we suggest that get in touch with customer support with your email and order number ready, they should be able to dig it out for you.

How late does FedEx Cross Border deliver?

Although FedEx generally delivers their packages between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, the time of arrival of your package will largely depend on the courier currently handling your package.

So, if the final delivery is being sent to a country in which FedEx does not operate, then it will likely be handed over to you by a local courier.

In such cases, we recommend that you use the Circuit App to find out the current courier that is handling your package. This should give you more of an idea of the time that your package should arrive.

On the other hand, you can simply type in your FedEx Cross Border tracking number on our website to find out the local courier.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with FedEx Cross Border?

Your FedEx Cross Border package should be delivered between 4-7 business days regardless of where it has been shipped to

 However, depending on the merchant, you may also need to clear the item with your local customs before they can hand the item over to you.

How long will FedEx Cross Border hold my package?

This will largely depend on the final-mile local courier that is handling the package.

In some cases, you may be able to arrange for somebody else to pick up your package from their depot or have it delivered to an alternative address.

How to sign for a FedEx Cross Border package?

As FedEx Cross Border only handles international deliveries, they delegate all signatures to the final-mile carrier of your package. So, signing for a package will depend on the system of the local courier handing you your package.

In some cases, either you or someone who lives within your residence must sign for the package before you can freely unbox it. However, in other situations, all your courier may need is either a neighbor or adult signature before the package is released.

What if I haven’t received my package from FedEx Cross Border?

Your delivery driver failing to show up on the estimated delivery date can be a highly frustrating experience, especially if you had replanned your schedule to pick up your package.

We suggest that you use Circuit Package Tracker to find out where it is on its journey.

If it says that it says that your package has been delivered, but it never showed up, contact the sender immediately to see if they have used the right address.

However, if the delivery details are correct, you will need to speak to either FedEx Cross Border or the last-mile courier to see who signed for your package.

What happens If FedEx Cross Border loses my package?

Unfortunately, packages can easily get misplaced during a global delivery.

This is mostly because packages often switch hands from one courier to another as the package gets shipped to you, and their different processing systems can lead to things getting lost.

If you are certain that your package has been lost, you must try and contact the sender as soon as possible. They should be able to use the tracking number to file a complaint with FedEx Cross Border, allowing you to get reimbursed for the item.

What happens if I miss my FedEx Cross Border delivery?

As most FedEx Cross Border deliveries are carried out by final-mile local couriers, this will largely depend on the company delivering your package. However, if you miss your delivery with most services, they may leave a card with the date that the driver would return.

What time will my FedEx Cross Border package arrive?

FedEx Cross Border will hand over your package to a final-mile local courier who will be in charge of giving your package to you.

Naturally, this means that the time your item arrives at your door would depend on the delivery times of the courier making the drop-off.

To find out who your final-mile courier is, simply put your tracking number into Circuit Package Tracker.

Circuit will give you peace of mind when tracing your packages by giving you all the information you need to know about the shipment of your item including, its current status, location, and its estimated delivery date.

Where is my FedEx Cross Border tracking number?

Your FedEx Cross Border tracking number should have been sent to whoever sent the package.

So, if you made the shipment personally, then this should have been delivered either to your email after you sent the package. You must store this email safely after receiving it as you will be unable to track your package without it.

You can contact the seller of your item if you are a customer, and they should be able to give you the details.

Why is my FedEx Cross Border Package not moving?

Unfortunately, delays remain a part of shipping packages, especially across borders.

Tracking a package to find that it has remained in the same state over several days can easily make you anxious, as you may believe that it has been lost.

If the status of your package has not changed over several days, then we recommend that you speak to the FedEx Cross Border team as soon as possible. They should be able to easily give more information about the current status of your item.

Why is my FedEx Cross Border package pending?

If you track your FedEx Cross Border package and it displays, “Pending”, don’t fret. This simply means that it is yet to be processed by the team and will likely be on the move in a few days. However, if it remains in this state for several days, then you may want to speak to the Cross Border team for updates.

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