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Track your Expeditors delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you've ever thought about shipping a package domestically or internationally, you've probably heard of Expeditors. As a leading logistics service, Expeditors tracks packages to destinations worldwide.

With Expeditors tracking, you can easily keep tabs on your package. Simply choose the service you need, and you'll get real-time updates on its location and delivery status.

In this article, we'll explore what Expeditors tracking is and the different types of tracking updates you can get. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

About Expeditors

Expeditors help businesses send thousands of packages all over the world. They have offices in Shanghai, Dubai, London, and Singapore to offer safe and efficient global delivery services.

As a service-based company, Expeditors don’t own the aircraft, ships, or trucks they use daily. This means they can be highly flexible in their approach to supply chain management.

What sets them apart is their commitment to working with local courier companies to offer the best prices for their services.

With a delivery network spanning over 100 countries and more than 350 global locations, Expeditors has covered you no matter where your package is.

Expeditors tracking guide

Are you curious about how to track your shipment? Want to know what each Expeditors tracking status means? Look no further! Here’s your complete guide.

How to find your Expeditors tracking number

After you place an online order, it usually takes a few business days for the online seller to process and send your package to Expeditors.

You'll then get an email from the merchant with your Expeditors tracking number. The seller will also let you know that they have sent your package, and you can usually find this information on the website.

Contact the seller if you need help finding your Expeditors tracking number.

How to track your Expeditors package location

There are a few ways to trace your Expeditors shipment, but the easiest is using your Expeditors tracking number with the search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Alternatively, you can use the Expeditors tracking tool on their website.

Lost Expeditors tracking number 

If you need help finding your Expeditors tracking number, try looking through your recent emails, and remember to check your spam folder.

If you still need to receive your tracking number, contact the seller. If they can't help, try contacting Expeditors customer service. Be aware they may only be able to help the sender of the package.

Also, remember that your Expeditors tracking number may change as they transfer it from their country-specific delivery partners to your local courier, who should email you if this is the case.

How to track an Expeditors package without a tracking number 

It is only possible to find, follow and get updates about your package with your Expeditors tracking number.

Your tracking number is critical because Expeditors need it for their systems to identify and find your package as it moves from one courier partner to another.

If you lose your tracking number, contact the seller directly and be ready to give personal details such as an address, name, email address, and so on.

The seller will then use this information to find your tracking number. 

Solving Expeditors tracking issues

If you need help with your Expeditors shipment, it's crucial to use Circuit Package Tracker and figure out where the problem started. This will help you determine the cause and come up with a solution.

Remember, Expeditors are a go-between for retailers and carriers on global orders in all destination countries.

There are many reasons why you might have tracking problems with your package, but by finding the source of the issue, you'll be much closer to resolving it.

If the issue is local, it could be due to things like bad weather, a mistake in the delivery address, or you need to be home during the first delivery attempt.

Why you can't track your Expeditors package 

Have you tried tracking your package even with your tracking number and still can find it? Here's why you may be having this issue.

You may have a situation where a courier need to update your Expeditors tracking number. 

Sometimes, when the sender registers your package for a specific tracking number but has yet to give it to Expeditors, your tracking number may not update. In this case, wait 24 hours before trying to track your package again.

Consider the possibility that you have typos when trying to enter your tracking number. Check the numbers and letters a few times and enter the code again.

Why your Expeditors package is not updating or moving 

Some common issues can account for the lack of updates. 

When asking yourself, “How can I track my Expeditors package?" you might have to consider a few factors before you panic. 

Some of these reasons include incorrect addresses, an influx of packages, and inclement weather, which can all delay the natural progression of a package.

Often, a worker from the courier company still needs to get around to scanning your package into the system. 

These issues will usually resolve with patience without compromising your expected delivery date. Wait about two to three business days before contacting customer service to ask about any problems.

Expeditors tracking status explained 

When tracking your package using an online tracking system, there are a few statuses that you'll get used to observing.

In transit 

When your tracking status reads "In transit," this is a good status. It means your package is making its way to your country. 

Though your package will say "in transit," details are usually provided daily to let you know what's happening. 

For example, it may tell you that your order got picked up by one company, transported to another, and so on. 

As your package tracking status updates daily, the order is moving through the delivery process without issues. 

Why your Expeditors package is still in transit

If your Expeditors tracking continues to read in transit, these can mean several different things. 

For example, people who chose a more cost-effective method of transportation will experience more delays than someone who bought express sending.

Even though the sending method is often a factor in the estimated arrival date, it cannot predict challenges that may arise along the way; this is worse in countries far away from the country where your package originated.

If your package has been in transit for too long without any updates, contact the Expeditors customer service department for information.

How long an Expeditors package can stay in transit

An Expeditors package can remain in transit for about two weeks, which is respectable for a company that delivers internationally.

There are multiple reasons a package can be in transit for longer than you thought. Some of the most popular reasons:

  • Higher amount of packages during a specific period
  • Loss
  • Damaged contents
  • Tracking system failure
  • Your package didn't get scanned into the distribution depot.

Once two weeks have passed, you can contact an Expeditors representative and ask for information about your package.


A package will read as "Pending" when the Expeditors courier needs to scan it into a new database. This usually happens when a package gets transferred from courier to courier. 

Why your Expeditors package may be pending

The reason that your package could still be pending is similar to the reasons it's stuck in transit. 

Your package could be pending for a few days because the new courier takes time to register all the packages they get in one day. 

Depending on the sender, they can scan the packages in a particular order.

It can wait a few days before reaching out to customer service to allow the new courier to enter your tracking number information into their database.

Expeditors delivery times 

The exact estimated time of delivery to get an Expeditors tracking order can vary depending on where you live and which sending service you choose. In general, domestic packages take between one to three days.

It may take four to five days for those living in remote locations. International sending is more challenging to calculate precisely because the proximity to the country of origin is a significant factor.

Expeditors delivery times

As a service company, Expeditors doesn't own the planes, ships, or trucks they use daily. So you won't find specific delivery hours on their website. However, Expeditors’ hours are from 7 am to 6 pm.

For international deliveries, Expeditors will bring your package to the destination company. After that, it's up to the local courier to deliver the order.

Typically, courier businesses work regular business hours, but this can vary depending on the location and specific courier.

Some couriers may have extended hours or offer weekend delivery, while others may have more limited hours. It's best to check with the specific courier for more information on their delivery hours.

How late Expeditors delivers 

Expeditors usually deliver at 6 pm for domestic packages and offer next-day delivery by 10 am.  

For Expeditors' Express services, you can expect your package to arrive by 4 pm. However, these are estimated times and may not be possible if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather.

It's also important to note that international deliveries are subject to the operating hours of the local post office or courier. So, the delivery times may vary depending on the location and specific courier.

If you have questions about delivery times for a specific shipment, it's best to check with Expeditors or the local courier for more information.

.International Expeditors' delivery times 

International delivery takes seven to 15 days on average to any destination worldwide. This figure may be longer or shorter, depending on the type of package you're getting. 

More information is available on the Expeditors' website about the various sending methods worldwide. There, you'll find an overview of the expected delivery times for every country. 

Lost and missed Expeditors deliveries

If you miss an Expeditors delivery, it may eventually be sent back to the original sender if you continue to miss the deliveries. To avoid this, it's important to make arrangements ahead of time if you know you won't be available to receive the package.

For international deliveries, it's also important to coordinate with the local post office or courier to make sure you can receive your package as smoothly as possible.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your Expeditors shipment arrives safely and on time.

What happens if you miss an Expeditors delivery?

Expeditors will likely contact the recipient after the first attempt to tell them of a second delivery attempt the following business day. 

After a second unsuccessful delivery attempt, the company will need a pickup. 

Expeditors will only hold international packages. Once your package reaches the destination country, Expeditors gives it to local carriers, and the order is out of their hands. 

Your local post office may be more willing to hold a package for you for an extended period. 

Since they usually handle your packages, they might keep your package secure for an agreed-upon timeframe if you're away for a holiday or at work.

How long will Expeditors hold a package?

Expeditors don't hold local packages. It's worth asking your local courier service about holding your package if you're aware you won't be available to collect it on the delivery date. 

What to do if you haven't got your Expeditors package 

If your estimated delivery date has passed and you’re still waiting for your package, here's what you can do.

  1. Check your Expeditors tracking information to find out if there are any updates. 
  2. Contact your local courier to ask if they can help. 

Still waiting for your package? Contact the merchant directly and ask if they can help you figure out if your package was lost in transit. There might be options for reimbursement available.

Expeditors tracking FAQs

Here are the responses to a few questions that recipients usually ask related to Expeditors order tracking:

Is Expeditors delivery fast? 

With Expeditors, you can generally expect packages within two weeks. The average delivery time is between four and ten days worldwide, depending on the merchant's chosen service.

Can I track an Expeditors package by address?

It's not possible to track your Expeditors package with your address. The tracking code uniquely identifies your order anywhere in the world, and it is essential to find your package. 

However, it might be possible to retrieve your tracking number if the merchant is willing to help.

How do I know if my Expeditors package is stuck in customs?

The standard protocol is that your tracking number displays when the order reaches customs. 

At that point, it should take one to two days for your package to clear customs. If there is a problem, you can usually find the reason once you enter your tracking number. 

There's only so much more processing beyond verifying that you have the proper documentation and have paid the necessary fees. 

There is a chance that this could take longer if:

It's around the holidays or a hectic season. The influx of packages will need more time for the workers to get through. 

If you notice that your package is in customs and haven't got any updates or notifications of any issues, it’s best to try contacting the customs office. If it's a quick fix, your package should get released within a day.

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