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Track your Equick delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Are you anxiously waiting for a courier package to arrive?

The thrill of expectation is all part of the experience when you're waiting for something to arrive. Equick is here to eliminate all your worries if you are an online buyer. It is a leading eCommerce courier delivery service that handles large orders and delivers them worldwide.

With Equick tracking, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. You can follow your courier order every step of the way and know exactly where it is and when it's due to arrive.

This comprehensive guide contains everything you must know about tracking your package.

Equick tracking guide

Equick tracking lets you check your courier package's status in actual time. Whenever you buy something online or expect a courier package, eQuick Tracking gives you precise and up-to-date details on its position, projected arrival time, and possible disruptions.

You can follow your courier package with Equick from the minute it is taken up till it arrives at its intended destination, giving you worry and assurance in the arrival of your product.

Tracking an Equick courier package is easy.

The first step is to find your tracking number on your receipt. You can usually find it in email or outside of Delivery. It allows you to monitor your courier package from any part of the world. 

Add your Equick tracking number to the website page. Check the tracking results and the estimated arrival time for your courier package.

How to find your Equick tracking number

A tracking number is a unique number Equick assigns each package after booking. They issue this number after sending your package. 

It allows you to track the movement of packages between countries and even within a country.

If you have bought online and requested delivery, your tracking number is usually part of the confirmation email sent by Equick.

The sending label on your package also contains the eQuick tracking number. If you have your package, you can find your tracking number on the label.

Check your delivery receipt. If you have got a receipt or invoice for your Equick order, a tracking number will be printed on the receipt.

And suppose you have a partial tracking number or know the courier Equick uses. In that case, you can track the order directly on the courier’s website.

If you cannot find your tracking number using the above methods, you can contact eQuick customer support. They will ask for your order details and give you your tracking number. 

How to track your Equick location

Package tracking is very easy with an order tracker. You enter your tracking number on the field to track the courier package.

You use their website tool to find Tracking details. Their website shows the latest tracking details. It shows the current location and delivery dates and keeps you updated throughout the transit.

Lost Equick tracking number

If you have lost the tracking number of your courier, there are several ways to get it back.

You can contact Equick Customer Service to convey essential details about your order. 

This approach can be helpful when the sender is unable to give details. 

Equick will help you find your tracking number for you in their system.

To expedite the process, make sure you have the following information ready when you contact eQuick customer support:

  • Your full name
  • The date of order 
  • The destination address
  • The weight and dimensions of your package 
  • The service type

You can also check Your Equick Account. If you have an online account with Equick, you can always find your tracking number in your account information.

When you visit the Equick website, use the track order or track Order option, enter your order s current details, such as date, location, and estimated sending date, and find if Equick can find a tracking number.

How to track an Equick package without a tracking number

Depending on the courier service that delivers your package in your country, you may have a few options to track an Equick package without a tracking number.

Some major package delivery companies have free tools that allow you to track your package using other information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, or delivery date.

You can check the courier service website that delivers your package and find out if they offer such a tool.

Alternatively, you can contact the seller or the online platform where you bought your item and ask them for your tracking number or any other information to help you find your package.

You can also contact Equick customer service at +1 400 706 6078 or email them at [email protected], give them your order details, and find out if they can help you track your package.

Solving Equick tracking Issues

All couriers have tracking issues. Most problems are simply due to human error and hardly mean lost order during transit.

On the other hand, most Equick deliveries are international, with orders being sent to other countries from China. In that case, delays may happen at customs or due to logistical challenges in international tracking

Why can’t you track your Equick package?

If you can't monitor your Equick courier package, below are possible reasons for this setback.

You may have supplied inaccurate or partial tracking details. Verify that you have supplied the proper tracking code given by the courier. The package could be challenging to track when you put in an incorrect tracking number.

Secondly, based on the delivery system and the sender's choices, the tracking details may take a while before they are accessible. If you bought your order lately, the tracking details must be updated.

The Equick package may have already been dispatched in rare cases, yet the tracking data won’t be current. Don't hesitate to contact your lender for more help in such circumstances.

Why Your Equick package is not updating or moving

If you notice this happening, the tracking information for your item unexpectedly ceased appearing.

Courier-related real-time data transmission might cause this. Internal concerns such as technical malfunctions and operating obstacles can also hinder the courier package from updating.

Also, your order could have gotten held up due to customs clearance. Customs clearance is always mandatory for international cargo, which may get delayed for reasons like missing or incomplete documentation, checks, or regulatory compliance difficulties.

Another factor is incorrect or partial address or contact information. Wrong addresses cause inconveniences since the courier needs help to send your package or contact the receiver for more directions.

Transport delays could result in an order not updating. Delivering courier packages might also get delayed for weather problems, traffic, and so on. 

Equick tracking status explained

Whenever you send a courier package with Equick, you will get a tracking code that allows you to track the status and movement of your package as it travels throughout the delivery process.

Here's an overview of Equick monitoring status updates:

In transit

The In transit status informs you that the product is ready and on its way to its recipient.

As it journeys to the destination, it passes through multiple checkpoints such as processing facilities, screening centers, and pickup vehicles.

Why your Equick package is still in transit

Delays in transportation may cause your courier to spend more time in transit. Shipments, particularly those involving great distances or international transportation, need time to arrive at their destination.

Transit time varies based on the sending option selected, the distance your package must travel, and any regulatory authorization procedures that may be necessary for worldwide shipments.

Other factors that may affect the arrival time of your package include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Technical difficulties in transportation
  • Overcrowding at ports or airports
  • Unanticipated custom situations

Shipments may also pass through many routes and screening stations as they travel from one site to another, particularly across borders.

Another reason is that your package may need to be recovered. Such instances are rare, and there is no need to worry because Equick is committed to making sure your package gets to you in the desired shape.

Further, courier companies may have unique rules and procedures affecting travel time. These include package approval of cut-off periods, transit timetables, or processing delays at their facilities.

How long an Equick package can stay in transit

Because Equick distributes both inside China and globally, delivery times are not constant. Times vary depending on how distant the destination is.

Overall, Equick deliveries throughout the globe comprise a transit period to the region of destination predicted to be from four to twelve workdays.

For example, Equick New Zealand delivers packages to New Zealand in four to seven business days. Every day, regular flights to Auckland are available.

Transportation dates may be prolonged owing to various variables, such as regulatory delays, holidays, public holidays, and changeable weather conditions.


Pending means that something happened with your package or item and interrupted your package s journey.

Why your [Courier] package may be pending

When your package is pending, it means it is waiting to be picked up by the courier or is in transit to the next sorting center. It does not necessarily imply a problem with your package, but it may take longer than expected.

Equick delivery times

The delivery schedule of Equick Tracking is flexible. It varies from one courier to another. If you wish to know where your package is at all times, you may track it.

Regarding fast delivery, you can have a delivery time frame of 2 to 5 business days.

Delays may be inevitable due to variables like national holidays, peak seasons, or remote places. That means your buy may take a few days to reach its destination.

For standard shipping, your package may arrive after a few days. Check with your courier order service for the exact time. There are certain situations where package delivery may need up to two weeks.

Equick delivery times: what time will your package arrive

Generally speaking, deliveries are completed within 2 to 5 working days.

How Late Equick Delivers

The timeline for Equick courier orders depends on the delivery destination, among other factors.

Equick tracking order is worldwide. Expect US-China deliveries to take between 4 and 8 business days.

A Courier package bound for Europe and New Zealand can take an estimated period of 5 to 10 working days. For Canada, the estimated delivery time is 4-8 working days.

International Equick delivery times

International delivery schedules might vary substantially based on a variety of factors. They include the target country, the means of transport chosen, regulatory processes, and any unexpected holdups, such as transit interruptions.

International sending timeframes can often vary from days to weeks or months.

The customs processes in the target country can occasionally create delays, particularly for your package's controlled commodities.

It is vital to highlight that worldwide occurrences that include pandemics, natural catastrophes, or political turmoil can all influence the speed of delivery.

It would be best to verify with the individual selling company or online seller you utilize for the Delivery to get precise and current information on foreign transit timeframes.

Lost and missed Equick deliveries

If you miss an Equick tracking delivery, the regulations and restrictions for collection and redelivery are usually different depending on the courier delivering your package.

Companies involved in Courier shipments often have two choices for missed deliveries—redelivery or storing your package for collection.

The courier service will send a letter detailing how to reschedule or pick up your package. 

Those that hold packages often offer a fixed time frame for obtaining the Delivery. However, courier companies attempting a second delivery may make several attempts before returning your package to the sender.

It's crucial to remember that if you're aware your items need a signature, you should be there or authorize somebody else to sign for the item to minimize delays.

What happens if you miss an Equick delivery

If you miss an Equick delivery, the courier that delivers your package may leave a notice card or contact you by phone or email to arrange a redelivery or a pickup at a local post office or depot. 

Suppose you do not get a notice card or contact from the courier service. In that case, you can contact Equick customer services with your tracking number and order details to help you arrange a redelivery or a pickup.

How Long Will Equick Hold Your Courier Package?

Understanding how various courier providers may have varied time frames for missing deliveries is critical. The most important thing to know is whether you can plan redelivery or pick up the order personally.

There is usually a set holding period until the courier order company returns the box to the sender. It's a good idea to double-check the courier's precise directions and regulations for missed deliveries.

Have you missed your order from Equick tracking?

Here’s what to do if you have missed an Equick package 

Verify your tracking status, and be to review all courier order information and customs clearance status.

If everything seems fine about the delivery, contact the sender for help. In most cases, the sender can help to communicate with the courier company and guarantee your order's safer and quicker arrival.

You can also contact Equick customer support for help 

Equick tracking FAQs

Here are some tips to help you better track your Equick package.

Is Equick delivery fast?

Equick delivery speed depends on the destination country and the transport line you chose when you ordered your item.

Generally speaking, deliveries are completed within 2 to 5 working days

Can I track an Equick package by address?

Modern technology makes tracking packages with just an address impossible. You need a tracking number or barcode.

How do I know if my Equick package is stuck in customs?

Customs will hold your package if it has missing declaration documents, unpaid taxes, and duties or contains prohibited goods. A customs official will contact you and make arrangements.

Customs duties and VAT (value-added taxes) for certain products from abroad are payable at customs or the post office. 

Equick tracking: wrapping up 

Equick order tracking has changed how people track and handle packages and deliveries.

Thanks to its real-time monitoring capacities and ease of use, it has become an indispensable tool for organizations and people.

Equick courier Tracking offers ease of mind for those who depend on punctual delivery for personal and business purposes.

Whether you are monitoring a critical item or tracking a valued individual package, Equick Tracking delivers real-time information and notifications.

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