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Are you eagerly waiting for your package to arrive from CDL Last Mile Solutions but feeling frustrated and left in the dark about its whereabouts?

The anxiety of not knowing when your CDL Last Mile package will arrive or where it is in the delivery process can be stressful.

Tracking CDL can be a complicated and confusing process. You may be left wondering when your CDL package will arrive or how to get updates on its delivery status.

Here, we'll discuss how to track your package from CDL Last Mile Solutions, then give you step-by-step instructions on what each package status means.

CDL tracking guide

CDL tracking allows you to find your package during the delivery cycle. The family-owned company, CDL, launched its operations in 1955. 

The courier began as a messenger and trucking service that served the Tri-State area; now, it's a leading regional courier from serving the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic. CDL is a premier company in last-mile distribution.

The CDL headquarters are in NYC; CDL operates from seven distribution centers across the US. The company serves more than 50 million consumers every day.

CDL Last Mile Solutions delivers various products for various industries, including automotive aftermarkets, medical supplies, healthcare, energy management systems (EMS), appliances, adhesives, and more directly to the end-user.

CDL gives timely last-mile delivery services, whether same-day, next-day, or overnight. They even have an impressive 98 percent on-time delivery rate; this supply chain company offers services to more than 55 countries globally.

CDL tracking number

The tracking number for CDL usually includes numbers and letters. The number usually begins with numeric characters. The tracking number commonly starts with “1CL” and is followed by a combination of letters and numbers.

How to find your CDL tracking number

You can find and track your package using your CDL tracking number on the eCommerce website, the order information pages, or through the order confirmation.

If you need help finding your tracking number, try calling the eCommerce customer support department and asking them if they have it on file.

After you've checked out the eCommerce store, you'll get an order ID. Long after that, the company will send your package to you, and you'll get another email to notify you of this.

The delivery ID and CDL package tracking number will be inside the email.

How to track your CDL package location

There are a few ways to trace your Pitt Ohio package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

You can also use the CDL tracking tool on their website.

Lost CDL tracking number 

Did you lose your tracking number? Try searching your emails for your order confirmation.

If you still need to find your code, contact CDL customer service and ask for their help.

How to track a CDL package without a tracking number 

It's nearly impossible to track your package if you lose your tracking number.

Also, your tracking number is integral to getting essential information about the whereabouts of your package and its status as it goes from warehouse to warehouse.

Suppose you can't find your tracking number. In that case, you should contact CDL directly and be ready to disclose personal details such as name, email address, address, and so on. 

CDL may have your tracking number on the file that they can give you.

Solving CDL tracking issues

Since CDL sends packages domestically and internationally, it's much easier to solve your tracking issues the closer it is to the city or country it came from.

For example, if your problem happens at the local level, it may be due to a wrong address, inclement weather, and so on. 

With International package delivery, there are service areas where packages get handed off to other CDL employees in different countries. 

This CDL employee will deliver your package unless there's a service center nearby. The employee will deliver your package to the local post office if there's a service center.

Why you can't track your CDL package 

Why can't I track my CDL package? 

There may be a minor problem even if the system cannot track the number.

Such complications can happen if the information you have on file at the CDL needs to be corrected or completed, making it impossible to track your package.  

For example, the address could be wrong, so they'll need you to produce extra information to verify your package at its current location.

Contact CDL customer service to solve this problem quickly.

Why your CDL package is not updating or moving 

Suppose the courier handed your CDL package off to the local post office for final delivery. In that case, the courier may still need to update the tracking information. It is typical for the CDL tracking to freeze during the locations where hand-offs happen. 

CDL tracking status explained 

Using the CDL tracking number, you can check on the status of your package at any stage of the process.

Below you'll find the two main statuses you're likely to find explained:

In transit 

A package that says that it's "in transit" is saying that it's on its way to getting delivered to its intended destination.

Why your CDL package is still in transit

A package may be in transit because of the inherent challenges of processing many packages, holidays, incorrect address details, inclement weather, slower delivery methods, and so on.

Contact CDL customer support for help if it takes too long for your package to arrive.

How long a CDL package can stay in transit

While in transit, your package shouldn't be for more than a week without you getting updates because systems are updated within three days.

Contact CDL customer service for help if your package is in transit beyond your estimated delivery date.


"Pending" is a status that can mean a few things, such as it hasn't reached the next branch for processing or delivery.

It may also be a sign of a delay that the courier wants to resolve before fully processing your package.

Why your CDL package may be pending

Your CDL package may be pending because your delivery address needs to be corrected or completed. In this case, you may have to verify your identity before getting your package. 

You can confirm your identity by completing an ID verification form on CDL's site. You'll have access to this once your order has gotten delivered.

 So if your information needs to be corrected, contact customer support, or open a claim once your package gets delivered.

All CDL packages get tracked in real-time. If you are worried about your package's progress, try and track your package on CDL's website for updates.

It usually takes one or two days for CDL to scan your package into their system.

Your package can be waiting for a week or more, especially during the holidays.

CDL delivery times

CDL is a trustworthy company that has earned a reputation for sticking to the established delivery period. However, these times can fluctuate for several reasons. 

For example, proximity between the destination country and the origin country is a crucial factor, as well as the type of package sent. Fragile items, sensitive materials, and urgent documents will arrive quicker than a standard package. 

Nonetheless, you can count on CDL as a premier partner for accelerated delivery solutions at affordable rates. The company also offers flexible options for pick-up and competitive prices for special delivery.

CDL delivery times: What time will your package arrive 

Whether you're counting down the minutes until your new item arrives or just curious about delivery times, here, you'll find all the information you need to know about when you can expect your CDL package to arrive.

Same-Day Delivery

CDL Last Mile Delivery's Same Day Delivery service means you can get your package the day you order it. The cost will depend on your package size, how far it needs to be delivered, and if you want any extra services.

If you want to know precisely how much Same-Day Delivery with CDL will cost, it's best to ask them directly. They'll be able to give you all the details and make sure you understand everything.

Overnight and Next-Day Delivery by Regions

CDL offers guaranteed overnight and next-day delivery to those who live in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC). They deliver these packages within regular business hours, at least 6 pm. 

White-Glove Service

CDL offers a unique "white glove delivery" service where they deliver items such as flat-pack furniture to your house and unpack it.

Not only this, but they also carefully unpack and assemble it for you. This means you don't have to worry about putting together complicated furniture or figuring out instructions.

CDL's "white glove delivery" service is like helpers making sure your new items are set up just the way you want them.

How late CDL delivers

CDL has different business hours depending on your region; however, you can usually expect your package to arrive between 8 am and 9 pm on Monday through Friday. 

This timeframe does not include Sundays or holidays. However, Sunday delivery may be available in certain states. Check with your local CDL branch for more information.

Lost and missed CDL deliveries

It's no fun when a package gets lost, but you must know what to do if you think you've waited excessively for your order. 

Also, sometimes a person's delivery goes unclaimed because the individual was absent to collect the order. In this case, the responsibility is on that person, and they must make the proper arrangements to get their package. 

Large items don't usually get lost in transit. Still, it's easy for smaller packages, such as jewelry, to become misplaced at some point. 

CDL does a great job of taking care of the packages entrusted to them, so it's less of a concern. However, they have a procedure you can follow if things go awry. 

What happens if you miss a CDL delivery?

While you should do everything you can to be home when the CDL worker attempts to deliver your package, sometimes life happens.

Suppose you will be available on the day of the delivery. In that case, you can contact the courier to let them know, and they can leave your package in a safe spot.

Or, ask them to give it to a neighbor who can sign for it, as a signature will be necessary if someone other than you collects your package. If none of those options work, they reschedule the delivery for the following day. 

CDL will hold your package for two business days after a failed delivery attempt and re-attempt. At that point, they'll return it to the sender. 

How long will CDL hold a package?

CDL has the right to leave any package in a reasonably safe place near your home or ask an adult to sign for your package  

If you prefer that they don't leave your package outside, and you don't want someone other than you to get the order, you can arrange for them to hold it for up to three weeks. 

They'll keep it at a nearby hub if you aren't available for an extended period. To explain this preference, contact the customer support team, tell them the CDL tracking order number, and give them the day you'll be available.

What to do if you haven't got your CDL package

If you still need your CDL package, contact the courier to ask for help. Since there are no international deliveries with CDL, it should be easier to resolve since they would have handled it locally. 

There are some instances where you ordered something from abroad, and it has to come into the possession of a CDL worker. 

In this case, you can check with the original courier to make sure that they transported your package to CDL before you follow up. 

If you have to file a claim with CDL, the customer service team will help you resolve the matter.

If they cannot find your package in question, they'll issue a credit for the item amount, and you can reorder it. 

Always have your CDL order tracking number available to trace your products from start to finish. 

CDL tracking FAQs

More questions? Get answers to common CDL tracking questions, including delivery speed and delay information, to make the most of the delivery services.

Is CDL delivery fast? 

CDL is a last-mile courier with optimized tracking technology and excellent customer service to simplify the delivery process for all parties involved.

They feature dynamic routing, a tool that helps them monitor the best routes to deliver packages, anticipate bad traffic, extensive delays, and more.  

Can I track a CDL package by address? 

You cannot track CDL shipments with your address if you're using the online system. Whether you use their design or the Circuit Package Tracker platform, it's only possible to retrieve the information you need with the unique tracking code. 

Couriers usually have policies to help those who have misplaced their tracking numbers. They can help you find your tracking number and the package's whereabouts if you give identification details.

How do I know if my CDL package is stuck in customs?

The only way that a CDL package can get stuck in customs is if it comes from overseas. If it gets held by the US customs office, they'll tell you what you must do to get it released. Otherwise, local CDL packages don't go through customs. 

Make sure you've paid all the importation fees for your package, have the correct documentation, and don't contain any illegal items.

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