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Track your BONA delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

The BONA Group leads cross-border eCommerce in China specializing in global cargo and freight transportation, including warehousing and distribution for online merchants.

BONA partners with local country couriers to help deliver online orders to your doorstep, including China Post, PostNL, DHL, FedEx, US and Hong Kong Post.

With over 220 global courier partners, it can be challenging to follow your BONA tracking. So we put together this guide to make it easy to always know where your package is.

BONA tracking

BONA does not offer a comprehensive tracking system, so you must use a service like Circuit Route Planner to track BONA orders.

The process is very simple. After placing an order, the seller will send you a confirmation that they sent the items and a BONA tracking code. All you have to do is copy and paste this into the search above to know where your package is.

How to find your BONA tracking number  

The BONA tracking number is a seven to 15-digit number for your order added to the seller’s confirmation email.

If you have shipped a package, you can find your BONA tracking number on your sales receipt, self-service kiosk receipt, or mailing label record.

If you can't find your tracking number, the first thing you must do is contact the merchant for your order. They should have this information and it will be the fastest way to fix the issue.

You can also contact BONA customer services for help. However, this is likely to be a slower process for international orders.

How to find your package with BONA tracking  

Finding your order with Circuit Package Tracker is easy.

Just copy and paste your BONA tracking number into the search above and hit “Track package”. There, you'll find the latest information, including the location, status, and likely delivery time, along with a progress map.

Lost BONA tracking number  

Losing your tracking number can be frustrating but you must have one to track your order. The easiest way to find a lost tracking number is to contact the seller and ask. You can also contact BONA customer services, but this is likely the slowest option.

If your package has left China and is with one of BONA's courier partners, you must contact them. The partner will contact you if they are handling the final delivery of your package.

Solving BONA tracking issues    

One of the main issues with BONA tracking is the order statuses not changing. It is a common issue with many different causes.

Why your BONA package is not updating or moving   

There are a few causes why your tracking information might not be updating. It could be due to a delay in transit, an issue with the courier partner, or a problem with your BONA tracking number.

Depending on the time of year, poor weather can also cause delays. These conditions can cause your package to arrive late and leave you worrying about unchanging order statuses. With international packages, there can also be delays due to customs. 

Since BONA sends across China, delivery drivers must pass through different stations in regions and cities with different weather conditions. Bad weather can also damage barcodes, which stops them from being scanned.

If you recently placed the order, it's possible that the seller hasn’t yet processed your package. During this time, your package may sit in a “pending” status. BONA will update your tracking information once they scan the label.

Staffing can also serve as an issue at delivery facilities and post offices. For example, during the holiday season, there may be an influx of packages. This can lead to longer wait times for scanning and updating your BONA tracking information.

BONA tracking status explained 

The tracking status of “in transit” and “pending” commonly get confused. Pending means your package is ready to get sent out, while in transit means it's on its way. Find more detail below.

In transit      

Although an order update that says your package is "in transit" might sound helpful, it doesn't give you the whole story of where your package currently is.

"In transit" means that BONA has collected your package from the seller, scanned it and that it is on the way. “In transit” shows that your package is traveling, but not when it will be delivered.

When your BONA tracking status changes to "out for delivery," you can expect to get your package on that same business day.

Why your BONA package is still in transit

There are several reasons why your package may still be in transit. First, the courier might not have updated the BONA tracking information yet.

Second, there might be a delay in transit. This can happen for several reasons, including severe weather conditions or staffing issues at local warehouses and post offices.

How long a BONA package can stay in transit

How long your BONA package stays “in transit” depends on two factors; which sending method you chose and where the destination is.

For example, overnight sending in China should arrive in one business day. Whereas standard sending internationally can take 20 days or more.

Lastly, if you're sending a package cross-country, it will take longer to arrive than sending it to a neighboring state.


Usually, a “pending” status means that your package hasn't yet been sent out and is waiting for BONA to collect and scan it for transit.

You'll get a “Package Acceptance Pending Notification" status when BONA has accepted your package but it is not yet at a sorting facility.

You will get a new BONA tracking status each time your order reaches another checkpoint or facility.

Why your BONA package may be pending

Your package may be “pending” for up to 48 hours. Many possible causes include a backlog at a local sorting facility or a delay in the sender processing your order.

If you haven't heard from your service in more than 15 days, contact the seller to find out if they know why or can get BONA to investigate. You can also contact BONA customer services, but this will likely be slower.

BONA tracking delivery times  

BONA tracking offers different services for different types of mail.

BONA tracking delivery times: What time will your package arrive

The time BONA delivers your package will depend on if it is domestic or international, what service you choose and other factors.

BONA will deliver your package in one to three business days for most domestic services.

For international services, your delivery could take between five and 20 days. This depends on how fast customs clear your order, and the traffic and weather conditions in the destination country.

It also depends on the courier partner responsible for delivering the package to your doorstep.

For example, The UPS Store offers customers UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Select, and UPS Ground for domestic orders. FedEx offers ground overnight, same-day delivery, and three-day delivery.

How late BONA deliver         

The specific time your package will arrive depends on the mail you are sending and the chosen service.

In most cases, the latest BONA delivers packages is 8 pm. If your tracking data shows that your package is out for delivery on that day, you will most likely get it by that time.

International BONA tracking delivery times  

International orders with BONA can take between 15 days and 90 days.

The seller should send a confirmation email with your estimated delivery time when they arrange collection. Sellers can choose standard, expedited, or urgent deliveries, all of which will impact the number of days it will take for your package to arrive.

Lost and missed BONA tracking deliveries       

Lost and missed deliveries are not common with BONA, but they can happen. Let's find out how they handle these situations.

What happens if you miss a BONA tracking delivery?

For domestic deliveries. the courier driver will leave a redelivery notice if you miss a package and try to redeliver it on the next business day.

If you aren't home to get the delivery, you can also schedule redelivery for a more convenient time or pick up your package at your local post office.

If you miss the first redelivery attempt, the courier driver will try again on the next business day. Your package will get returned to the nearest post office after three failed attempts.

When you order internationally, it's likely your courier partner will follow a similar process if they miss a delivery. But each company has its own guidelines, so make sure you check.

How long will BONA hold a package?

For domestic BONA deliveries, if you are unable to collect your package will get held at a post office for up to 30 days. The post office will return it to the sender after this time.

If you have a package at the post office, you can usually pick it up the next day. If you need your package sooner, you can try to contact the post office and find out if they can hold it for you.

You can also try to arrange for someone else to pick it up if you know you won't be available.

When you order internationally, each courier partner will have its own guidelines on how long they hold a package, so make sure you check.

What to do if you haven't got your BONA tracking package?

There are two things you can do if you think your package is lost:

First, check your tracking information using the search above to find any further updates. If your package has already been delivered but you can't find it, check with your family, roommates, or neighbors to find out if they collected it for you.

If you still can't find your package, contact the seller for them to start the process of filing a claim with BONA. You can also contact BONA customer services, but this will likely be slower.

BONA tracking FAQs                  

Below are some frequent questions answered about BONA tracking.

Is BONA delivery fast?   

BONA offers dependable service and will deliver your package in one to three business days for most domestic China services.

For international services, your delivery could take between five and 90 days. This depends on factors such as how fast customs clear your order and the traffic and weather conditions in the destination country.

Can I track my BONA package by address?  

You cannot track a BONA package by the address. Contact the online seller where you placed an order if you have lost your tracking number.

How do I know if my BONA tracking package is stuck in customs?

Packages held at customs are common, so don't panic. Customs officials should contact you within a few days, stating the reason for the delay.

It’s important to remember that customs delays are often out of BONA’s control, so be patient while customs process your package. They will contact you if they need any information from you or the sender.

Contact your local customs office if your package is held there and you are unsure of the reason.

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