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Averitt Express is a North American logistics company that offers efficient and reliable domestic offshore, cross-border, and international delivery services for businesses and individuals.

When you're waiting for a package, it's crucial to understand the tracking status, when your package will arrive, and how to handle potential problems along the way — so you don’t miss it.

The good news is that with state-of-the-art technology, you can easily track your Averitt Express shipment from pickup to delivery with Circuit Package Tracker.

This article covers everything from tracking your Averitt Express shipment to understanding critical status updates. Get ready to take control of your Averitt tracking.

What type of delivery does Averitt offer?

Averitt Expres typically offers two types of global delivery services, less-than-truckload (LTL) and Special Cargo Services (SCS).

Less-than-truckload means that a shipment of goods needs to be bigger to fill an entire truck, so it's combined with other shipments to load the truck. Think of it like putting your things in a big box with other people's things to be shipped together.

Special Cargo Services refer to a shipping service where the goods need extra care or handling, such as fragile or valuable items or those that need to be kept at a specific temperature.

Need help with logistics and supply chain lingo? Expand your knowledge by checking out our full guide on Logistics and Supply Chain Abbreviations.

Averitt Express tracking guide

How do you track your Averitt shipment? What do you need to watch out for when package tracking? What do the different tracking statuses mean? Find out below.

How to find your Averitt tracking number

It's easy to track Averitt Express with your tracking number. You can find that code in a text message or the email you got from the merchant after your online transaction. 

Averitt Express tracking numbers are seven to ten digits long, based on what it contains and where it's going.

  • Less-than-truckload (LTL) Averitt Express tracking numbers are ten digits.
  • Special Cargo Services (SCS) are seven digits.

After the seller has scheduled a pickup for your order with Averitt, the courier will arrive to collect the package. The sender will email you the tracking number (ID) shortly after.

If you have it set up, you can also find your tracking number online through the seller's website. All the details of your order are online within your user account.

If you log in, you should have access to the order's contents, when it arrives, and the tracking number so you can stay in the know. 

How to track your Averitt shipment

IThere are a couple of ways to trace your Averitt Express package, but the easiest is to use your Averitt tracking number with the search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit Package Tracker, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Alternatively, use the Averitt Express tracking tool on their website.

Lost Averitt Express tracking number 

If you need help finding the tracking code, search your user account with the online retailer or your email inbox. 

If you're trying to find the confirmation email, you can also contact Averitt Express directly and ask for help finding the number because you misplaced it and would like to trace your package. 

How to track an Averitt package without a tracking number 

It's generally only possible to track a package if you have the tracking number to identify the order amongst millions that circulate the world daily.

You must contact the courier directly for help if you have yet to have success with any of the methods listed above to find the tracking number. 

If permissible by law to disclose this information, the courier will ask for your data like name, residence address, email address, phone number, and so on. 

If the courier or the merchant can give you the number, keep it safe for future reference.  

Solving Averitt Express tracking issues

Different problems can disrupt the delivery process. 

Some issues are more specific to international deliveries than domestic orders because of the longer distance, but there are some common ways to handle the delays. 

Why you can't track your Averitt Express package 

"I can't track my Averitt Express package; what should I do?"

The primary reasons for not having access to your tracking information include the following:

  • The courier needs to enter the order into their system
  • The package is in the destination country
  • Cases of loss or damage

While you may have gotten the email with the tracking number, you should wait 48 to 72 hours before using it. 

Before that, it won't be accessible because the courier did not scan the package into the database. 

Why your Averitt shipment is not updating or moving 

If your package is not moving and updating after you get regular notifications, it could be with the local delivery company. 

Also, the order might be between hubs and waiting for transference to the next depot. 

You can contact the courier directly for more information if it stays for an extended period.

Averitt Express tracking statuses explained 

When you search for your package, you'll find various statuses that tell you what's happening with the order. 

It's essential to know what they mean so that you know the correct way to handle the situation. 

In transit

"In transit" means your package is currently traveling to your door. It could be with the original or last-mile courier, but it is scheduled for the estimated delivery. 

This status could also mean that your package is between couriers yet registered into a new system or heading to a new depot for processing. 

Why your Averitt Express package is still in transit

It's okay if your Averitt Express package is still in transit because sometimes bad weather, like snow or thunderstorms, can cause delays.

Additionally, if your package gets stuck in customs, you can anticipate a long delay because of improper documentation, wrong address, or illegal contents. 

If it's because of unpaid fees, you can pay them, and they should release your package within 24 to 48 hours. 

How long an Averitt Express shipment can stay in transit

With Averitt Express, your package may be in transit for as long as four weeks. It depends on if it's a domestic or international delivery, but overall, there should be a manageable gap between the estimated delivery and the actual delivery date. 

While some factors outside the company's control could affect the delivery timeframe, you should contact the courier if it's been too long without a status update. 


If you check the status of your package, it reads "pending," this usually shows that your package hasn't gotten scanned in the database of the most recent destination.

Your package likely got handed off to another courier, and the new courier still needs to enter it into their system. In these situations, packages usually register as pending.

Why your Averitt Express shipment may be pending

Your package might be pending and take longer to get to you if there's information the sender needs to supply to Averitt Express. They need to have all the information before they can send your package on its way.

However your shipment might have all the correct information, but it is still showing as “pending.” If you haven't had any updates in a couple of days, you should check with the sender and your local post office to see if it's arrived in your country.

You can contact Averitt Express customer service for further help if you need it.

Averitt Express delivery times 

Delivery times with Averitt Express can vary based on the distance the shipment travels, and the service you chose.

If the delivery address is within 600 miles of the start location, you can expect your package within one to two working days.

If the delivery address is between 600 and 1,500 miles, you can expect your Averetti shipment within two to three working days.

Pro tip! Use the Averitt Express' transit calculator for a free delivery estimate.

How late does Averitt Express deliver?

Averitt Express delivery is Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm. The company works on weekends also.

They also work in a limited capacity, even on days before the holidays. Usually, they only work on a public holiday if it gets pre-arranged. 

International Averitt Express delivery times 

International packages take longer due to longer distances and customs in each destination country. It can take five or more days, depending on the distance.

Lost and missed Averitt Express deliveries

If your package gets delayed or lost while in transit, here are a few things you can do to resolve the problem.

What happens if you miss an Averitt Express delivery?

In case of local delivery, if you miss the first delivery attempt, Averitt Express will leave you a note telling you that they tried to give you the package.

If the first attempt gets missed, the company will attempt to deliver the package a second time, whether because you were away or the premise was inaccessible during home delivery.

However, when you ask for the package to get delivered for a second time, you must make sure that it's within the allotted time that they give to store your package.

After a failed second attempt, they will email you that they're returning the package to the original sender. 

At this point, your only recourse is to wait for the sender to get the package before you can ask them to send it to you again. It will take a month or more before the package gets delivered again.

You can collect your package from one of Averitt Express' outlets if you miss your package. Remember that you can contact them through their social media platforms or by phone.  

You can collect your package from the most convenient outlet.

How long will Averitt Express hold a package?

Averitt Express does not say that they hold packages for local deliveries. At any rate, standard procedure in such situations varies according to the courier's local post.

Suppose you're unavailable for delivery and know the package is almost out for delivery. In that case, you can contact the company and ask them to hold your package until you return.

Averitt Express will only hold packages when the retailer asks at the time of the order.

What to do if you haven't gotten your Averitt Express package 

Contact the local courier partner and ask for help if you feel your Averitt Express package takes too long to arrive.

If you are almost sure your package got lost in transit, open a claim with the post office immediately and ask for a reimbursement.

It's a good idea to buy insurance to cover your packages if something unfortunate should happen to them.

However, this is where having your tracking number comes in handy; it allows you to find your package quickly and easily.

Averitt Express tracking FAQs

Do you still have questions about Averitt Express tracking? Here are answers to the most commonly asked queries.

Is Averitt Express delivery fast? 

This company is a reputable global logistics solution that offers speedy delivery service. Whether your package is domestic or international, you can expect top-tier service.

Most domestic deliveries take a week, and international deliveries take about two weeks to complete.

Can I track an Averitt Express package by address? 

You can't track your package without your tracking number with Averitt Express.

If you need to find your tracking number, contact the sender or Averitt customer support.

How do I know if my Averitt Express package is stuck in customs?

If your package gets stuck in customs, you'll get a notification. The status of your package will reflect this when you go to check for an update.

This can happen for a few reasons: unpaid fees, an item not permissible for import, an incorrect delivery address, and so on.

If this is the case, contact your local customs office and ask them if you can do anything to get your package moving. If you still need help, contact the sender, then Averitt customer support.

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