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Track your APC delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever ordered something within or from the United States, chances are you’ve used APC Postal Logistics. The leading package distributor to more than 200 countries worldwide.

(And not to be confused with UK courier company APC Overnight!)

So it’s critical to know where your APC package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery. 

Below, we’ll define APC tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

APC Postal Logistics tracking​​ guide

It’s easy to find your order with APC tracking.

APC offers delivery tracking with scannable bar codes and numbers, so package tracking should be easy once you know how—here’s how to do that!

How to find your APC tracking number

Like most delivery services, APC uses a barcode and tracking number system. The first thing you need to follow a package is an APC tracking number.

All APC tracking numbers combine letters and numbers from nine to thirteen characters and vary depending on where your order is going and the contents.

The seller will send your APC tracking number in a confirmation email when you place an order online. Contact the seller if they need to send you one.

After you get an APC tracking number, you can use it to stay updated throughout your package's journey—including where it is and at what status.

So how doe APC tracking work?

Depending on where it's going from and to, your package may travel through many checkpoints to its destination. APC will scan it at each scheduled stop.

When someone from APC scans your package, your tracking number will update Circuit Package Tracker with the location and status.

How to track your APC package location

There are a few ways to trace your APC package with your tracking number, but the easiest is to use the search at the top of this page.

You can also use the tracking tool on the APC website.

To use Circuit, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

Track a package without a tracking number

Lost tracking number? Finding an APC package is only possible if you have one.

If you've already gone through your emails and still need help finding the number, the fastest solution is to contact the sender and ask them for it before you contact APC.

You can also contact APC, but it’s usually a far slower process.

For this, you'll have to verify your identity, name, address, email, and phone number before APC can help find your tracking code.

Solving APC package tracking issues

No courier is perfect— you might have tracking issues for several reasons. Most are a simple human error, and a package is rarely lost forever.

However, there are several ways to diagnose and fix APC tracking issues.

Here’s why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve common tracking problems.

Why you can't track your APC package 

If the seller has sent you a confirmation with your tracking number, you may ask, "Why can't I track my APC package yet?" 

The answer is usually simple.

After the seller hands your package to APC, the delivery company may need up to 48 hours to enter it into their tracking system—usually caused by a larger daily volume of packages.

So wait 24 hours and try again.

If you've already double-checked that the tracking number from your confirmation email is correct, the fastest solution is to contact the sender for help before you contact APC.

Why your APC package is not updating or moving

If Circuit Package Tracker accepts your tracking number and APC last updated the status three days before, it doesn't mean anything's wrong.

Your package may be on an extended part of the journey, between checkpoints and without APC scanning it. 

However, customs may hold your APC package, or the postal worker may need to scan it at a checkpoint location.

Check your package in Circuit Package Tracker after three business days, and then contact the sender or APC for help if your status is the same.

APC package tracking status explained 

There are several tracking statuses for APC shipments. These include the regular status updates “In transit” and ”Pending.” Here’s what they mean.

In transit 

If your APC package is “in transit,” this is good news– it is on its way to your destination—if your package stays “in transit,” you can expect your package to arrive on time.

The status of “in transit” will update as workers at APX (or one of their partners) scan your package at checkpoint locations along the route.

Why your APC package is still in transit

For international deliveries, if your APC package is in transit for a week or more without an update, it might delay the route—such as at a customs check. 

However, a package with a consistent “In transit” status doesn’t necessarily mean something has happened.

Instead, it could simply mean that your package is in a freighter or airplane crossing the ocean, and it has been a while since anyone has scanned it.

If your status is the same after three business days, contact the sender or APC for help.

How long an APC package can stay in transit

Depending on the APC parcel service you or the sender choose, your package can stay in transit for up to five weeks—after which APC will contact the sender and declare it lost.

Contact the sender first or APC if you suspect your package is lost and the sender cannot help.


Another standard APC tracking status is “pending,” meaning that APC has paused your package on its route.

Usually, APC needs to scan your package into the system at a new location, or a new courier needs to register it in their tracking system.

However, “Pending” can mean that APC has lost your package. They will try to find it before letting you know that your package is missing and refund you.

Check your package in Circuit Package Tracker after three business days. Contact the sender or APC for help if your pending status is the same.

APC tracking delivery times 

Domestic APC services should reach you within three business days, depending on the sender's chosen delivery service.

However, if your package has to travel to another country, you can expect to get it within six business days from when the APC courier collects it.

 Find out about the different APC services below.

Domestic APC delivery times

For deliveries within the US and Canada, APC offers the following services and delivery times:

  • Standard Mail: Delivery Monday to Friday (8 am to 6 pm)
  • Saturdays and Sundays (Special handling option)
  • Next Business Day (Overnight): Delivery by 3 pm except for rural areas
  • Priority Overnight and Next-Day Air: Next-day delivery before 10.30 am—apart from some remote areas. 

International APC delivery times

Outside of the United States and Canada, APC relies on international courier partners for the final delivery to your doorstep and completes most deliveries within 14 days.

However, one of the largest international APX partners is the USPS, helping APC to offer many services worldwide, including—

  • Expedited International delivery within five business days
  • Priority International within nine business days
  • Standard International within fourteen business days
  • International Express Freight within five business days
  • International Standard Freight within nine business days
  • International Courier within four business days

Whether it’s with the USPS or another courier company for the final delivery to your porch, Circuit Package Tracker will tell you who it is—and when to expect it.

Lost and missed APC deliveries

If you’ve waited for your APC delivery for several weeks, you might be worried about whether it got lost on the way.

Alternatively, the seller may have notified you that APC delivered it, and you can’t find it on your porch. 

Either way, these are issues you must address. Here is a guide on what to do if your APC package gets lost or you miss the delivery. 

What happens if you miss an APC delivery?

If you're waiting for domestic delivery, you'll want to ensure you're home during the APC estimated delivery time.

If you miss the delivery, the delivery driver will leave it on your porch saying they attempted delivery—and whether they will try again.

If you miss the delivery, the courier will let you know when to collect your package from the nearest APC depot—and how long. 

You must get your package by the specified date or risk APC returning it to the sender. 

If APC doesn't deliver in the destination country, they'll partner with a nearby company or local post office to deliver your package instead. In this case, that company will tell you what to do if you miss your delivery.

Need help determining who your courier is? Use your APC tracking number with Circuit Package Tracker to find out!

How long will APC hold a package?

If you miss a delivery in the US or Canada, APC will hold your package for a few days before shipping it back to the sender. Check your missed delivery note for more information.

APC relies on a network of courier companies to deliver international orders. The companies will each have terms for how long they will hold a package—so you must check with them directly.

After the package arrives in the country, you can use your APC tracking code with Circuit Package Tracker to find out which courier will deliver it.

What to do if you haven't got your APC package

If you think APC lost your package in transit, you must complete a claim to the local courier or with APC. 

Either the customer service department should help you resolve the issue, whether there were damages or your package is nowhere to be found. 

APC tracking FAQS

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions related to APC package tracking:

Is APC delivery fast? 

APC offers sending options for customers all around the world. They will usually get your package to you within two weeks. 

Many deliveries happen within one week to most destinations in the world. By partnering with the United States Postal Service, APC has access to more places worldwide. 

Can I track an APC package by address? 

You cannot track your APC package with the address directly; the search box on all tracking websites can only trace a tracking number. 

However, you can still contact the courier directly to supply alternate information in the hopes that a representative can help you. 

If you give them your address, phone number, email address, and other details that can help you verify your identity, they may give you your tracking number so that you can get updates. 

With APC, they allow tracking through the reference code as well. Once you retrieve your tracking number, you must jot it down for safekeeping. 

How do I know if my APC package is stuck in customs?

You will know if your package is stuck in customs because it will appear as a notification when you check the status on a tracking website such as Circuit Package Tracker. 

There are multiple reasons that your package can get stuck. For example:

  • Illegal contents
  • Unpaid duty fees
  • Insufficient documentation 
  • Wrong address

Your local customs office will contact you if they decide to hold your package. You can also contact the sender and ask if they have any more information.

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