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Track your ABX delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever shopped online from Malaysia, chances are you’ve used ABX Express. One of the leading eCommerce delivery services in the country—responsible for transporting packages worldwide.

So it’s critical to know where your ABX package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll define how ABX Express works, how long they take to deliver domestically and internationally, and what to do if something goes wrong.

ABX tracking guide

ABX tracking numbers are a set of 15 numerical digits used to trace packages internationally and locally—so you’ll always know where your package is and at what status.

How to find your ABX tracking number

The seller will send you the tracking number in a confirmation email or SMS after they hand your package over to ABX Express for delivery.

The sender is responsible for giving you the tracking information, so check your inbox and junk folders, and contact the merchant if you are still looking for it. 

How to track your ABX package location

When you get your ABX tracking number, you can use it to find your package.

There are a couple of methods you can use to trace your ABX Express order, and the easiest is to use the search at the top of this page.

You can also go to the ABX website and type your tracking number into the search box.

Lost ABX tracking number

If you need help finding your tracking number, search your emails or contact the seller to ask them to resend it. 

How to track an ABX package without a tracking number 

It's nearly impossible to track an ABX order if you don't have your tracking number.

If you've already gone through your emails and still need help finding the number, the fastest solution is to contact the sender and ask them for it.

You can also contact ABX Express, but it’s usually a far slower process.

You'll have to verify your identity, name, address, email, and phone number for ABX customer services to help find your tracking code.

Solving ABX tracking issues

There are several ways to fix ABX tracking issues. Here’s why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve it. 

Why your ABX package is not updating or moving 

"Why can't I track my ABX package?" It's a common question if you've been waiting a while for Circuit Package Tracker to update.

The merchant should send you a confirmation email with your tracking information after ABX Express collects the package.

This shows that ABX has your package but may need to start the delivery process. It usually takes around 48 hours for this to happen after the seller confirms ABX has the order.

Domestic reasons for tracking not updating include missed delivery attempts, poor weather, or heavy traffic—especially in a large and congested country like Malaysia.

With international deliveries, ABX Express may transfer a package to another courier once it reaches the destination country. In this case, you might not find any updates during that time. 

Other common problems are incorrect delivery addresses, customs holding the package for checks, and poor weather conditions delaying delivery.

Also, if you're waiting for a package during the holiday season or at a time of year when there are a lot of orders and gift-giving, you can expect a longer wait time. 

ABX tracking status explained 

ABX packages go through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different status in Circuit Package Tracker.

Below are the most common ABX tracking statuses and how to resolve any issues.

In transit

There are several reasons why your tracking status is “in transit.”

Firstly, "in transit” can mean that it has left the courier's warehouse and is on the way to your home or business.

It might also mean that your package has reached one of the collection depots, and ABX is about to hand it over to another courier for final delivery.

Lastly, if another courier has registered your package in their system, the status might state “in transit” the day before they deliver it.

Why your ABX package is still in transit

Sometimes, a package can be “in transit” longer than expected or past the estimated delivery date. There are a few reasons for this.

The most likely is the time of year. If ABX Express deals with many more packages than usual, your package can stay in transit longer. This happens during the holidays and other peak times.

The estimated delivery date has usually accounted for these delays, but unforeseen circumstances like a flood or snowstorm could cause even more problems.

If you live in a remote area that's hard to reach, your package can stay in transit longer because the driver has difficulty locating your address.

Packages in transit are usually more of a problem for global orders than domestic deliveries, mainly because of the distances involved. 

How long an ABX package can stay in transit

With ABX, your package should only be in transit for three weeks or fewer. However, the time frame is an estimate.

Sometimes your package may be in transit for up to a month, usually caused by poor weather, traffic, and customs causing a delay.


A "pending" tracking status means ABX Express needs to scan your package into the system at its new location—or if a new courier needs to register it in their tracking system. 

In these cases, your ABX package will state “pending.”

Why your ABX package may be pending

There are several reasons why your ABX Express package may be pending.

For international deliveries, customs may need the seller to give them more information before they can clear it, such as the contents or the correct shipping address.

For domestic deliveries, poor weather, traffic, and the number of packages can all impact the delivery time.

So if two or three days pass and you still need to get a single update, contact the local post office if you know your package has arrived in your country.

If the local post office says, they do not have your package, contact ABX customer service and ask for help.

ABX delivery times

Since ABX mostly delivers domestic packages, your order should reach you within one to two days if the destination is in the same state.

However, if your package has to cross state lines, you can expect to get it within three to four business days from when ABX Express collects it.

Suppose you need your products to arrive in a hurry. In that case, ABX Transport has options to get your packages sent overnight or two-day delivery in most major cities throughout Malaysia.

How late does ABX deliver 

ABX opens from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm. ABX does not deliver on Sundays or during holidays.

International ABX delivery times 

International deliveries can take between 7 and 21 working days as ABX works with courier companies such as FedEx, DHL, and more to complete the deliveries.

Lost and missed ABX deliveries

If your package gets lost or delayed while it's on its way to you, here are a few actions that you can take to fix the problem.

What happens if you miss a domestic ABX delivery?

If you miss the first delivery attempt delivered locally, ABX will leave a note telling you they tried to deliver your package ABX.

There will be a second attempt at delivering your package should the attempt be unsuccessful because the premise is closed or you were away.

After ABX Express has tried to deliver your package unsuccessfully twice, they will email you to say they're sending your package back to the sender.

During this time, you have to wait until the sender gets your package before you can ask them to send your package again. It could take up to a month or more before your package gets delivered again.

You can also collect your package from an ABX ParcelShop or Premium Service Point. Contact ABX to arrange a collection.

How long will ABX hold a package?

ABX does not explicitly say that they hold packages for local deliveries. The standard procedure will vary according to the local post and courier.

If you know you won’t be home to collect it, you can contact ABX and ask them to hold your package.

What to do if your international ABX package is still in transit

If your international ABX package is still in transit past your estimated delivery date, contact your local courier and ask them for more information.

If you are reasonably sure your package is lost, open a claim with the post office immediately and ask for a reimbursement.

ABX Express FAQs

Below, you'll find the responses to commonly asked questions concerning ABX packages and tracking.

Is ABX delivery fast? 

Whether your package is international or domestic, you can expect your ABX Expres package within three weeks.

The company offers many delivery options, including priority, next-day, second-day, and express delivery services.

Can I track an ABX package by address? 

The only option is to track your ABX package is with a tracking number.

However, you can contact ABX Express with your personal information to try and find the tracking number in their records.

How do I know if my ABX package is stuck in customs?

Does Circuit Package Tracker say customs are holding your package? In this case, Customs will send you a letter with more information.

Generally, customs can hold your package for several reasons, including an incorrect delivery address, unpaid fees, an item not permissible for import, and more.

If customs hold your package for more than 72 hours, contact your local customs office for information or ask ABX Express for help.

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