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Track your 4PX delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

4PX is China’s top cross-border eCommerce delivery service. Starting in 2004, they expanded their services into logistics, software, and consulting. 4PX assists 20,000 companies with their services to help them reach their customers and grow in the eCommerce field.

4PX has seven central warehouses and 50 different global locations, allowing them to ship wherever they need to. On top of this, they partner with groups like Amazon and eBay. So it’s no wonder they’re an awarding-winning group and China’s #1 for online sending 

About 4PX tracking

4PX offers a global tracking service on its site, where you can track up to 50 different orders. So whether you are sending or receiving packages, you can check their status and get updates. 

Because 4PX is a global cross-border sending and logistics company, you can almost always track your package from the seller to your doorstep.

Below are common questions about the process and solutions to help you should anything unfortunate happen during sending. 

How to find your 4PX tracking number

You may find your package tracking number differently depending on where your order comes from. Most of the time, it is emailed to you in a confirmation email, but some charges may need you to check in with the merchant site directly to retrieve it.

Amazon will send you a message informing you your order is being sent with 4PX. Your tracking number should be in that message as well.

These numbers are usually all digits or Lx123456789CN, Rx123456789HK, or Rx123456789SG formats. Those formats correspond with postal services in China, where 4PX has some of its warehouses.

4PX also works with FedEx for some deliveries. They move the package through China and export it to where the final destination is located before handing it off to FedEx.

Your tracking number won’t change in this case, but where you put it might change. 4PX works directly with Hong Kong’s FedEx branch to make sure your delivery is fast and safe.

How to track your 4px package location

Once you have your package’s tracking numbers, you can put or copy and paste them into the tracking box.

If you want to track more than one at a time, hit enter, and the box will ready you to the following line for the new number. This way, you can track all your packages at once, you’ll find their delivery history, and get updates.

Lost 4PX tracking number

Lost your tracking number and can’t find it again? Sometimes you miss the email or accidentally delete it. In cases like this, you should try to contact the merchant’s customer service to find out if they can resend the number.

You can also email them on their Contact Us page. Or, if you know which warehouse it was last at, you can contact the warehouse and find if they can find your package and tracking number.

How to track a 4PX package without a tracking number

 without a tracking number, it would be nearly impossible to find the order in thousands of others moving throughout the warehouses. 4PX uses an extensive and user-friendly service to help keep track of orders, but it needs the package’s tracking number to work.

Services like Circuit Package Tracker can offer some relief by helping you keep your tracking number.

Once you have a number, go to their site, enter your tracking number, and select 4PX from the courier list if it didn’t auto-detect it. And if you download their app and make an account, they’ll send you updates for your package and keep track of it.

Solving 4PX tracking issues

Even with a system as advanced and secure as 4PX’s, some snags may still occur during transit. Most of the time, these are nothing to worry about; minor delays during travel overseas are common due to conditions beyond anyone’s control.

However, if the issues persist, you should contact customer support as soon as possible for resolution.

Why you can’t track your 4PX package

Any number of external factors can cause this. So the first thing you’ll be asked to do is make sure you've put your tracking number is correct.

If the number is correct, it may be an issue on 4PX’s side. For example, the system may be down or updating. Try again after a few hours, and if it persists for more than a day, contact customer service or email a support ticket.

Another common reason depends on the merchant. For example, some companies print their sending labels and send the tracking info to the customer before handing it over to 4PX.

In this case, 4PX might not even have your package yet, or they might still be waiting to put the delivery information into their system.

You can contact the merchant to check with them, and if you know it’s still very early to when you placed the order, try giving the merchant and 4PX a few days to start the transit process.

Some companies will send you two messages for this, one giving you the info and another letting you know your package has been sent. 

Why your 4PX tracking is not updating or moving

Similar to the above reasons for why you can’t track your package, statuses that aren’t updating or show that your order hasn’t moved in a while can be caused by delays in transit and the tracking software being down for maintenance.

4PXsends across the globe, and air or sea travel for the post can take a while. In addition, these transit methods are subject to weather patterns outside what a truck driver would deal with, and the vehicles need more maintenance if something malfunctions.

Try to be mindful of where your package is and how long the estimated delivery is. The last thing anyone wants is for their delivery to get stolen. However, you must also extend some patience to the hard-working delivery crew.

Most delays are out of control, but they’re trained to handle problems best of their abilities.

4PX tracking status explained

The tracking process is relatively straightforward. Once the seller has handed over the package to 4PX for delivery, the order is processed in about 24 hours and then sent to a warehouse to be sent out.

The two statuses you might find before you reach the final delivered status are: in transit and pending.

In transit

For most companies, in transit and out for delivery are not the same thing. Out for delivery refers to the status of your package delivered that day. 

Commonly known as the last mile of delivery, your package might be handed off to FedEx or a local post service that 4PX works with to help make sure your package arrives safely and on time.

In transit means your package is moving from the warehouse to that last mile. This status is used when the package is still moving through air or water post or in a truck driving across countries.

Why your 4PX package is still in transit

Across the sea, sending can take a long time. Export and import laws must be followed, and safety rules and guidelines must be strictly adhered to. All for a good cause, but they can cause delays in the 4px tracking order 

Other issues, such as weather affecting transport or simply miscalculating the estimated arrival times, affect this.

How long a 4PX package can stay in transit

This duration depends on where the package is coming from. For example, within China, 4PX can get the package delivered very quickly. However, on a global scale, some deliveries may take longer than others.

If the package needs to be sent to an overseas warehouse, it can take 7-10 working days, plus the time it will take to leave the warehouse and start making its way to the delivery location.

If your package has been in transit for longer than a month, you should contact and send a query to either 4PX or the seller to find out if there have been any complications.


Pending is a status you should find before you find the order in transit status. If your package is pending, it’s waiting to be delivered from the seller to 4PX. Or 4PX verifies the package while they put the info into their system.

Pending status is good; it means 4PX is aware of your package and probably has it or will soon.

Why your 4PX tracking may be pending

The only reason to worry about a pending status is if it stays there for more than a few days, which could mean something is potentially wrong with your package, the contents might not be legal to ship, or it wasn’t packaged correctly for its weight. 

4PX will contact the seller about this, and they should contact you if there are further delays. If not, you need to reach out to them to get answers.

4PX Delivery times

Ultimately, this depends on where the order is being sent to. Locally within China, sending will happen relatively quickly.

International can take much longer, though. The average time for any overseas sending is about 15-17 days. But for some countries, it can take 30 days or more to arrive.

Another factor will be if 4PX hands the delivery off to anyone when they reach their destination country and closer to their last mile. Then the times are dependent on that courier group.

4PX delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

This timing, again, depends on if and to whom the package was handed off. Courier groups have their times of delivery listed on their sites, and some tracking statuses will update you with estimated arrival times.

For FedEx, a partner to 4PX and often the third party delivery service, their delivery times are between 9 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday, with only residential deliveries being done on Saturday and Sunday during the same time frame. 

So if your status says the package will be delivered by the end of the day, you can expect it sometime before 8 pm.

How late 4PX delivers

It’s unlikely to get a package after 8 pm as most drivers should have wrapped by then and be heading back to end their shift.

If your status says out for delivery and you should expect it by the end of the day, yet it still has not arrived, recheck the tracking number to find if there was an update or if it’s checked off as delivered.

International 4PX delivery times

Delivery time for international sending will vary on the size and weight of the package and where it’s going. Handling in the destination country and moving through customs will also depend on where the order is being sent to.

From China to the United States takes about 11 days from when 4PX lets you know the order has been got. 

Delivery to The United Kingdom, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal, and Taiwan can be as little as four days to 2 weeks.

Other European countries such as France, Italy, Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Morocco will have their deliveries in about 12 to 25 days.

For Brazil, Russia, Salvador, Serbia, and most African countries, it can take over 30 days for your delivery to arrive.

Lost and missed 4PX deliveries

With busy and changing schedules, you might miss your delivery. Depending on your package and preferences, it may not have been left at your door or post box.

While theft is also an unfortunate reality, you should check your tracking status to find if a delivery was attempted and if the courier group left you any messages.

What happens if you miss a 4PX delivery

4PX and FedEx will make two more attempts to redeliver the package to the address. They should contact you to let you know an attempt was made, but either no one was home to accept the delivery, or there wasn’t anywhere safe to place it.

Depending on the third-party courier and where you live, you may be able to arrange for the package to be left at their office or the local post office for in-person pick-up.

How long will 4PX hold a package?

You have about a week before the package gets returned to the sender.

You should try contacting the courier and reschedule delivery during that time. If you can’t get it delivered or picked up, and the package needs to be returned, you should also contact the merchant to inform them of the issue.

What to do if you haven't got your 4PX package

First, check to find out what your tracking status is. Is it delivered, out for delivery, or is there a message saying the delivery failed?

If there is a message addressing the latter, then, as discussed above, you’ll need to reschedule a delivery date or find a way to pick up the package yourself.

If it’s out for delivery and hasn’t arrived, give the delivery drivers some more time until the end of the day. Then, keep an eye on the status of your order, so you’ll know when it’s delivered and if there was an issue.

If your package says it’s been delivered, but you don’t have it, you need to contact 4PX or the third-party courier to find out what happened. The sooner you catch this, the better. It may have been delivered to the wrong address, and the courier might be able to fix that mistake quicker than you or the merchant.

And if you believe the package was stolen, it’s essential to contact the merchant to find out what can be done to resolve this issue.


Before you go, here are a few more FAQS to help you out.

Is 4PX delivery fast?

4PX is number one in China for a reason. They have a strong reputation for being fast and safe. Of course, overseas sending takes longer for reasons beyond anyone’s immediate control, but 4PX does everything possible to make sure your package gets to you as quickly as possible.

Can I track 4PX packages by address?

At this time, no, you cannot track 4px shipments by address. Instead, you need your package's assigned 4pxorder tracking number to follow it through 4PX’s services.

How do I know if my 4PX package is stuck in customs?

4PX will let you know when you check the status of your order. During transit, you may find its location or status that informs you the package is in customs. How long it will be there depends on the country, but 4PX will keep you updated.

Now that you know a little about 4PX and its extensive global reach, you can keep an eye on any of your packages sent by them. And if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of swapping where to find your tracking number, use Circuit Package Tracker and their app.

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