Delivery Driver Training Academy

Take the stress out of running your first route. Get practical advice you can use now—and learn how to skyrocket your delivery rates.

Complete your first route

In course 1, you'll learn how to become a faster driver in less than 30 minutes.

Make the most money

Course 2 gives you all the tips and tricks to max your money from day one.

Start thinking like a pro

In Course 3, get the critical prep skills you need to succeed from industry experts.

Driver safety training

Course 4 walks you through the basic health and safety you need to know.
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Complete your first route on time

Without the skills you need to deliver quickly, it will cost you. Don’t struggle alone. Work through our four quick lessons to learn everything you need to become a faster driver.

LESSON 1: Deliver faster in 5 minutes

Delivery drivers with both speed and knowledge do well at beating their route. Learn our expert's secrets so you can be confident from your first run.

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Make money from day one

Delivery driving is stressful. So you want to be compensated properly for your hard work. Learn the expert tips and tricks to maximize your money from day one.

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Start thinking like a pro

How do you avoid your first day feeling like the Wild West? Plan ahead—just like the pros! Work through these lessons from seasoned drivers to help defeat nerves and boost delivery rates.

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Delivery driver safety training

Being a courier is not easy; sometimes, it can be downright dangerous. Learn the essential safety tips to pay attention to and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Read the inside scoop!

Still not sure if you can do delivery driving? Make an informed choice, avoid rookie pitfalls, and uncover the highs and lows of the job from other drivers themselves.


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