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Nobody likes Thursday because the weekend is just out of reach. So we're giving you free access to our Premium Plan every Thursday until the end of 2022. Think of it as thanks from us to you.

Circuit Thursdays: Free ticket stub

Because delivery driving doesn't have to be this hard

We've been in your shoes. You've hundreds of stops to optimize and the free route-planning solutions don't give you enough. Finding the easiest app can be a hard choice. But it doesn't have to be this way. Introducing Circuit Thursdays:

1. Fire up the Circuit app on Thursday

2. Add all the stops you want. It’s quick and easy

3. Get the fastest routes and finish early

And that's it. Take the guesswork out of finding the best app and finish work an hour earlier. Because delivery should be easy.

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Enjoy unlimited stops and routes. Finish work an hour earlier.

You can already optimize up to 10 stops for free with Circuit any day of the week. Now, you can confidently do your whole route faster every Thursday until the end of 2022.

“Circuit makes your life infinitely easier”

Do you find the time it takes to plan a large number of stops is stressful? So did delivery driver, Alex, who now uses Circuit to help him easily manage hundreds of stops a day and save time.

Circuit Thursday gives you a free pass to finishing early

Take the stress out of planning your routes, avoid traffic, and stop spending too much time on the road.

Edit routes on the go

Add or re-optimize stops on the road. It's even easier than it sounds.

Set time windows and priorities

Arrive at exactly the right time.

Find and drop packages fast

Mark where packages are in your vehicle and get notified near your stop.

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