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19 Jan, 2023
bulk upload stops with voice commands

Use voice commands to add multiple stops to a route quickly

Adding stops to a route while loading a delivery vehicle means holding packages and a phone, which can be time-consuming and awkward for drivers. It is now possible to add multiple stops to a route with voice commands whilst using a phone with just one hand.

How to use voice commands to upload multiple stops:

  • Go to add/find a stop
  • Tap the microphone icon on the far right of the search bar
  • On the pop-up, select the option to ‘add multiple stops’
  • Speak into your phone the stop address you want to add 
  • From the search results generated, select the correct stop address
  • Once you have added a stop, you will see the message ‘stop added’
  • You can then ‘speak to add another’ or click ‘done’ to finish adding stops