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24 May, 2023
Edit routes and skip re-optimization if you lose internet connection in Circuit Route Planner

Edit routes and skip re-optimization when offline

Previously, changing a route then required re-optimizing it, which is not possible without an internet connection.

Now whenever drivers are in an area without internet coverage, they can make changes to a route, skip the re-optimization stage and return to complete that stage once they are online again.

How to make changes to a route when offline

  • Make a change to your route like adding a stop 
  • If you are offline you will be prompted to check your internet connection or skip re-optimization for now and try to complete that again later
  • Skipping re-optimization will add the new stop to the end of the route
  • The fact that your route has been edited and not reoptimized will be highlighted 
  • When your internet coverage is restored click the ‘optimization pending’ message to reoptimize your route