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15 May, 2023
Plan breaks into your route with Circuit Route Planner

Add break time to a route

Not being able to consider break periods during a route can lead to inaccurate ETAs and missed time windows because break time is not accounted for. 

Drivers can now add breaks to a route, giving them the chance to plan rest periods and keep expected delivery times accurate.

How to add a break to a route

  • Create a route
  • Tap the option to add a break
  • Set a time window during which to take a break eg 12-2pm
  • Set how long a break period should be eg 30 mins
  • Optimize the route, and the break will be added
  • The break is visible on the map as a coffee cup icon and in the stops list
  • Choose to take or skip a break when arriving at that point in a route