Zinc tracking

Track your Zinc delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

About Zinc Tracking

Zinc is an international company that offers tracking for same-day, next-day, and standard eCommerce shipping and logistics services. They support 1500+ couriers and airlines worldwide.

This company emphasizes streamlined processes through customer-friendly eCommerce platform integration and various delivery options to meet customers' needs.

Zinc's services are notable due to various feature integrations, e.g., automated order fulfillment, custom delivery options, quality customer support, and, most crucially, real-time tracking.

Businesses like to partner with Zinc to upgrade their sending capabilities and enhance the overall customer experience, which leads to higher satisfaction and more business over time.

Overall, Zinc Tracking is a trusted global brand in the industry, giving reliable and efficient tracking services, and you can use Zinc tracking numbers through Circuit Package Tracker with ease. 

Zinc tracking

Zinc makes it easy to track packers worldwide, but you might be wondering exactly how the Zinc package tracker system works. 

How to find your Zinc tracking number

To track Zinc orders through Zinc or Circuit Package Tracker, you must first have your Zinc tracking number on hand. To find this, search for the email confirmation from your order.

You may also try to find this number on any digital receipt you have received post-order.

If, for some reason, you still want the tracking number once you've got the package, you may also find it on the outer package of the order.  

How to track your Zinc location

Zinc can process order delivery information from orders all over the globe, so you may be curious about where your Zinc package currently is.

Whoever is sending you a package through Zinc should give you Zinc order tracking information, including the Zinc package tracking number and location.

If you have the Zinc tracking number, you can put that number here on Circuit Package Tracker to determine your package's initial and current location.

In addition to the package's location, you can also identify the package's expected delivery date. 

Lost Zinc tracking number

Knowing your Zinc tracking number is essential, but if you've lost your Zinc tracking number, there's no need to worry. Here are a few steps you can take to retrieve the tracking number.

  1. Check your email. If you made an online order or received a shipping confirmation email from the sender, search your inbox for that email, as they often include the tracking number in these communications.
  2. Check your account. If you have an account with the sender's website or platform and made the order there, login and navigate to your order history or tracking section, as the tracking number may be listed there.
  3. Contact the sender. You can contact the company or individual sending you the package and share that you've misplaced the tracking number, as they might help you retrieve it from the records on their end. 
  4. Contact Zinc customer support: If you cannot retrieve the tracking number through the previous steps, contact Zinc's customer support. 

Give them relevant information, such as your name, address, and other details about the order. They can help you in retrieving the tracking number associated with your package.

How to track a Zinc package without a tracking number

If you've taken the steps mentioned in the section above and still cannot retrieve your tracking number, you may not have the ability to track Zinc orders.

A tracking number is required - both on Zinc's website and on Circuit Package Tracker.

However, it's quite rare that you won't have the means to retrieve the tracking number through some means, whether it's through email, customer service, or else.

Solving Zinc tracking issues

Now that we're clear about Zinc tracking numbers, it's time to discuss other potential tracking issues and get ahead of them. 

Why you can't track your Zinc package

As discussed, you might not be capable of tracking your Zinc package if you do not have access to the Zinc tracking number.

Additionally, you might have trouble tracking your Zinc package if:

The seller hasn't processed the order.

Some people try to track their packages before the order has been fully processed. You may get a confirmation email, but a confirmed order differs from a processed one.

If you just recently ordered and are wondering, "Why can't I track my Zinc package?" simply wait a day or two before trying to track your package again. 

The package hasn't shipped.

Depending on the sender, you may only be capable of tracking your package once it has sent from the original location, and there isn't future location information available just yet.

Again, you may need to wait a day or two to start tracking your package. 

The tracking number is incorrect.

Another seemingly obvious but reasonably common mistake is a user error. Tracking numbers tend to have a long series of numbers and letters, and it can be easy to miss one or two characters when typing in the number.

When using Circuit to track your Zinc orders, slowly and accurately type in your Zinc tracking number and double-check it before hitting the "Track Package" button.

Copying and pasting is an excellent method for ensuring tracking number accuracy. 

Why your Zinc package is not updating or moving

Perhaps you've been able to start tracking your Zinc package, but now when you go to find where it is, the package has not been updated or moved. Here are a few reasons why this could be the case:

Processing time

Sometimes you can start tracking your package, but it needs time for processing and handling every step of the way.

If your package is in a certain location one day, it may continue to be there for a few more days due to the time it takes to sort, scan, and add package information to the system. 

Zinc technical issues

There could also be technical issues, glitches, or delays in tracking updates on Zinc's platform. That's why using an all-in-one tracking platform like Circuit can be useful.

If problems still happen, you can try contacting Zinc's customer service for more support. 

Order delays

Sometimes a lack of movement in your order tracking has nothing to do with the online system but happens due to unexpected sending delays.

These unforeseen circumstances - e.g., weather conditions, customs clearance holds, high order volumes, logistical issues, etc. - can cause your tracking updates to halt temporarily. 

Change of courier

While this is not usually the case, a sender may put a package through two or more different couriers. That said, if the package starts with Zinc and the seller transfers it to a different courier, you likely won't find it through the initial tracking number.

In this case, it would be wise to check your email for tracking information updates or contact the sender to get updated tracking info. 

Zinc tracking status explained

Now, let's dive into the two different types of Zinc tracking status updates and what they both mean. 

In transit

The first tracking status is "in transit." If you're hoping to get your package in a timely manner, "in transit" is a nice thing to find as early as possible, as that means it's moving by air or ship. 

Why your Zinc package is still in transit

However, when it's been several days, and your package is still "in transit" or "delayed in transit," this can be a frustrating experience.

Your package may still be in transit due to unforeseen order delays, logistical issues, poor weather conditions, customs issues, or else.

Export and import laws with orders moving across the sea can also take longer than expected.

If your package is in transit for weeks longer than the sender's expected delivery date, don't hesitate to reach out to the sender for updated information and customer service. 

How long a Zinc package can stay in transit

How long a Zinc package can stay in transit is dependent on the starting location of the package. If the package is being sent domestically, it likely won't take a long time to get delivered.

Alternatively, if a package is being sent internationally, some may take longer than others. And if it needs to go through a warehouse, you might have to factor in 7-10 more business days. 


Pending is the second type of status update you might find on your order. Usually, this is one of the first updates showing that your order is still waiting to be delivered from the seller's original location—a completely normal part of the process.

Why your Zinc package may be pending

Pending is not a bad thing on its own. It's simply a part of the process of confirming, processing, and receiving your package in the initial stages of the order as the courier needs time to prepare the order for sending.

But if the status continues to say "pending" for a number of days, it might show that there's something wrong with the package or that the seller didn't package it in a safe or sustainable manner for the sending process.

This issue is not one you can usually do something about, so you can wait until the seller or Zinc reaches out to you with more information or the next steps.

Zinc delivery times

Being unsure of delivery times is one of the main reasons people are interested in tracking their orders. Let's discuss Zinc delivery times and what they might mean for you. 

Zinc delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

Zinc delivery times usually depend on the sending & handling option you selected while ordering the product or order.

In general, online shipping tries to account for both the seller's location and final destination to make the order process as fast and efficient as possible: around 1-3 business days domestically.

They may offer same-day delivery services for orders within a specific region or area, which is especially useful for time-sensitive deliveries where the package needs to reach its destination quickly.

Some sellers also offer next-day delivery, a popular option where they deliver the package to the recipient on the next business day after they are sent.

The most cost-effective option is the standard delivery, which usually involves longer delivery times compared to the aforementioned expedited services.

Standard or economy delivery may take several business days to deliver the package, depending on the distance between the origin and destination.

It will also depend on what type of package it is and the package's weight, volume, and size. The final delivery time also might be longer if the destination is further away. 

How late is Zinc delivery

You can expect a delayed or disrupted delivery time if you're ordering over certain public holidays or holiday periods.

Storms and other disruptive weather can also lead to longer delivery times, as well as logistical issues, customs issues, and so on. 

International Zinc delivery times

If you are ordering internationally, Zinc delivery times can go up to 5-14 business days or even longer if the order is delayed by customs.

How long your order will take ultimately depends on the contents of the order. 

Lost and missed Zinc deliveries

As Zinc is more of a tracking service than a delivery service, you may wonder what to do if you lose or miss a Zinc delivery. 

What happens if you miss a Zinc delivery

If you miss a Zinc delivery, you can use the tracking number to find out where the courier has placed the package for holding.

You may need to schedule a redelivery with the courier. Fortunately, most couriers these days will leave a note indicating that you missed the delivery and conveying what steps to take next. 

How long Zinc will hold a package

Zinc won't hold a package for you, but you can use your Zinc tracking number to find out where your package is, then either contact the seller or the courier who is holding your package for information on how to retrieve it. 

What to do if you haven't received your Zinc package

If you haven't gotten your Zinc package and there are no helpful updates through your tracking number, contact the seller for more information. 

Zinc tracking FAQs

Here is some additional Zinc tracking information to know before you go. 

Is Zinc delivery fast?

Fast is a subjective term, but Zinc tracking will make sure that you stay up-to-date with your order. Adding Zinc tracking does not, in itself, speed up the delivery time of your package.

What will impact the speed of your delivery are the sending options you select when ordering your item, as well as various factors that may be out of your control, including:

  • Weather conditions and natural disasters
  • Operational disruptions or delays within the logistics network
  • Customs procedures and clearance for international orders
  • Distance between the origin and destination

Can I track the Zinc package by address?

You need the Zinc tracking number to track your package through Zinc tracking or through Circuit Package Tracker.

If you don't know where your Zinc tracking number is, search for it through email confirmation or the online account of the website you made your order.

If those options don't work, you may again contact the seller and use the delivery address to retain the tracking number. 

How do I know if my Zinc package is stuck in customs?

Getting a package stuck in customs may feel confusing and frustrating. Here are some indications that your international package might be stuck in customs and what to do about it. 

Check the tracking information.

The first thing you should do if you haven't gotten your package and it's been a significant amount of time is to check the tracking information using the Zinc package number.

Here, you'll find if there are any helpful updates indicating where your package might be. If it has reached customs and has been there for a while, you can bet customs is holding it for clearance.

There may even be some customs-related notifications or clear messages showing your package is going through customs processing and may take some time to move forward. 

Customs tracking tools

Your delivery country might have specific customs tracking tools you can use to identify your package and find the status of its processing. 

Customs notification

Even if you decide not to find further information, customs might reach out to you requesting documentation or additional information to complete the clearance process.

In that case, you'll know that your package is at customs. 

Significant delay

Even without explicit customs messages on your tracking updates, a significant delay to an international package tends to suggest a customs-related delay, which can extend the delivery time. 

Reach out to the shipping courier or seller.

If you contact the courier or seller, you can receive more information about whether or not customs is holding your package for further review, especially if they can confirm that there were no other delays.

Now you know much more about how Zinc tracking works. You can follow your Zinc package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.