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Yanwen was established and headquartered in 1998 in Beijing, China, and in the past 20 years has grown to service over 200,000 merchants and online storefronts. Yanwen ships packages for merchants and online storefronts to over 200 countries, making it one of the largest and most favored couriers in China.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track a Yanwen Package Without a Tracking Number?

To track your packages, you will need your Yanwen tracking number from the merchant or online storefront. There are a few places your tracking number might be found. Sometimes merchants and storefronts will send an order confirmation SMS to your mobile phone with the tracking information, check to see if you have an online account with the merchant or online storefronts, because the tracking information may be in your past purchase history.

Does Circuit Offer Better Tracking Than Yanwen?

Knowing your package’s location is important to know it is safe, Circuit understands this. That is why we make sure tracking your package is as easy as possible, even if you have multiple packages coming from different couriers on the way. All you need to do is enter in your tracking number on the Circuit Package Tracker and we do the rest, no need to even know your courier’s name. We also offer a Circuit Package Tracker app available in your mobile device’s app store, so you can track your package even while on the go.

How Late Does Yanwen Deliver?

Domestically, Yanwen delivery times vary region by region, because they are based in China and China is a large country. Delivery times may also vary on whether or not they are delivering to a rural address, a city or town address, or a commercial address.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Deliver an International Package with Yanwen?

Packages shipping international can take anywhere from 6 to 25 working days depending on the service chosen and proximity to the package’s country of origin, China. Yanwen has an express service to expedite the travel time to the package’s destination country, but part of the travel time depends on the speed of your local courier, as Yanwen only sees your package through customs once it reaches your country. Packages may also be delayed by weather events, operational backlogs, weekends, or national holidays in China.

How Long Will Yanwen Hold a Package?

The amount of time Yanwen will hold your package depends on the type of package and how much space they have, as they are one of the most popular couriers in China and may not have much space for holding large packages. This only applies domestically, however, because Yanwen hands your package off to a local courier once they have seen your package through customs in the destination country. It is best to contact your local courier to see how long they hold international packages, as the time may vary from how long they hold domestic packages.

How Do I Sign for a Yanwen Package?

Sometimes companies will request a signed package service when shipping valuable items or sensitive information, meaning you will have to sign for the package before it will be released to you. If your package requires a signature, the courier’s delivery driver will usually have a tablet for you to electronically sign on with an attached tablet pen. However, sometimes delivery drivers will have you sign with a physical pen and paper.

How Do I Track a Yanwen Package with Circuit?

To track your Yanwen package with the Circuit Package Tracker, you only need your package’s tracking number. Once you have your tracking number, you only need to enter it into the Circuit Package Tracker and we will do the rest for you, even if you do not know the courier carrying your package. You can also use the Circuit Package Tracker app on your mobile device to track your package from anywhere at any time.

What Do I Do If I Have Not Received My Package from Yanwen?

If your expected arrival date has passed and you have not received your package, use the Circuit Package Tracker to trace the last location your package was seen. Oftentimes, packages will get delayed by weather events or operational backlogs, meaning it may take a day or two extra to receive your package. If your expected arrival date was on a weekend or national holiday in your country, it may be that your courier does not run deliveries on those days.

If your package appears as delivered and you did not receive your package, liability usually sits with your local courier once it has been scanned into your local courier’s care. This means to report a loss or damage, you will have to contact your local courier for more information on what to do about your claim.

What Happens if Yanwen Loses My Package?

If Yanwen loses your package while your package is still in China or travelling to your destination country, the liability falls with them. You will have to submit a claim with Yanwen either by email or by phone, at which point they will either reimburse you or try to find your package for you. If your package had already reached its destination country, you will have to contact your local courier to see how to proceed with your loss or damage claim.

What Happens if I Miss My Yanwen Package Delivery?

If you miss your Yanwen package delivery, Yanwen will typically leave your package at your door. If your package required a signature or Yanwen could not reach your door, they will return the package to a Yanwen post office. Holding times once your package has been returned to a Yanwen post office will vary from a post office to a post office, but if you are not able to pick up your package within the time frame provided your package will be returned to the sender.

If your package was shipping internationally, your package will be delivered by your local courier. Most couriers will leave the package at your door unless a signature was required or they could not reach your door.

What Time Will My Yanwen Package Arrive?

Yanwen’s domestic delivery times vary from region to region, because China is such a large country spanning several time zones. Delivery times may also change with the type of address, whether it is residential or commercial. If your package was being shipped internationally, however, your package will arrive based on your local courier’s delivery times.

Where Is My Yanwen Package?

To find out where your Yanwen package is, enter your tracking number into the Circuit Package Tracker. Within seconds, you will know where your package is. If it is past your expected arrival date and you have not received your package yet, it may be that your package was delayed by weather or a national holiday in the country of origin. If your package appears as pending, it just means your package is either waiting to be picked up by Yanwen for delivery or Yanwen has not scanned it onto the ship, truck, or plane taking your package to you.

Where Is My Yanwen Package Tracking Number?

If you do not know your Yanwen tracking number, there are a few places you might find it. If you ordered in a physical storefront or merchant, it may be on the receipt they gave you after your purchase. If you ordered your package online, many merchants or online storefronts, even some physical ones, prefer to send a confirmation of order email with your tracking information in it. Other times they may send you an SMS to your mobile device. If your tracking number is not in these locations and you have an online account with the merchant or online storefront, check your recent purchase history, as your tracking information may be there.

If you cannot find your tracking information in any of these places, it may be they have not shipped your package yet. Orders that happen on the weekend, a national holiday in the country of origin, during a mass sale event, or a busy shipping season such as the winter holidays, may take longer for the merchant to process for shipment.

Why Is My Yanwen Package Not Moving?

Many couriers, especially ones that ship internationally, use milestone tracking for packages. This means your package may still be moving towards you but may show as still being in one spot in the country it last passed through. Packages may also sit still if there is a weather event, weekend, or national holiday happening in the country it is passing through.

Why Is My Yanwen Package Pending?

Packages may appear as pending if Yanwen has not been by to pick up the package for delivery or has yet to scan it on the ship, truck, or plane that will take it to you. Packages may appear as pending for longer if you ordered on a weekend, during a major weather event, or national holiday in the merchant or online storefront’s country of origin. If your package appears as pending for longer than necessary, contact the merchant or online storefront to see if Yanwen picked it up from them yet. If your package was picked up by Yanwen, call Yanwen’s customer service line to see if they can pinpoint why your package is not moving yet.

If you’re sending or waiting for a package with Yanwen and you want to know exactly where it is, try Circuit Package Tracker for free.

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